Annie and Her Trees


August 4, 2019I hear a knock at my door. I open it and am shocked at who stands there – Edward!Before I can speak, he takes my hand and leads me out the door.”What are you doing?” I yell, trying to escape his grip.”I am taking you somewhere,” he says, increasing his pace. “And you will come quietly or you will promptly learn about one of my fetishes. I allowed you your temper tantrum the other day and now you will allow me this.”I am caught off guard and quietly climb into his truck. We ride in silence for a while before I speak.”Where are you taking me?””I am taking you to my family farm. It is very private. And we need privacy for this,” he says.We reach a forested area and despite my unease about this unexpected situation with Edward, my body aches as I take in all the trees. He stops the truck, comes around to my side, opens my door, and pulls me out. He grabs a blanket from the back and pulls me into the forest. I can’t speak. I have no idea what he is doing or thinking.Edward stops among a particularly large grouping of trees, with very thick trunks. He bends down and spreads out his blanket and stands back up and cups my face in his hands.”Annie, I spent the last two days researching dendrophilia, or arbophilia as it is sometimes called. And no, I don’t understand why trees make you so damn horny. But, you know what? I don’t need to understand. All you need to know is I accept you – all of you. You are a beautiful, sexy, amazing woman who I want to be with. But, I need to have sex. And you obviously need sex too, or I wouldn’t have found you masturbating in your car.”~~Many years beforeI know from the beginning Side Escort this is not normal. And I immediately feel shame at the effects these trees have on me. I was raised in a conservative town where people are ridiculed and excluded for far less sexual abnormalities. As I grew up, my girlfriends got aroused around boys. I eventually feel aroused around boys too, but it is never to the intensity I feel around my trees.I am a very passionate woman, so I find relief in masturbation after walking among trees in parks, arboretums, and forests. I love for my fingers to trace the different bark patterns. I delight in the feel of the different textures. But, mostly, the trunks excite me. My wetness soaks my panties during every walk among trees … every single time. At one point, I see a man’s penis and it reminds me of a tree trunk. And the tree trunks remind me of a man’s penis. Like trees, penises come in all shapes and sizes. My preference for both is a thick one. And rough bark excites me too. I have always found men with facial hair more attractive. I don’t think this is a coincidence.You know, shame is a very damaging thing to a person. When younger, I wanted a relationship with a boy. Now I want one with a man. I really do. I try dating, but it ends when things get physical. It is a repeated scene with each man. Things get heated, I feel something, but not the same arousal as with my trees. I grow self-conscious. I think he thinks something is wrong with me. I shut down. He leaves. I masturbate to take care of my sexual needs. I live with an emptiness inside though. Of course, I miss manavgat escort bayan that skin-to-skin contact with a man.~~August 2, 2019I kiss Edward goodbye and walk down the trail to my car, parked in a vacant area of the park. I see that look of disappointment in his eyes as I walk off. He is ready for more and disappointed I am not. There is something different about him; I can’t give him up yet but know I will have to soon. I will never be able to give him what he wants sexually. But, I really like him! I feel the wetness in my panties from my walk with my trees. God, I am so aroused and need to release.I quickly open the car door and climb in. My usual routine starts of pulling down my panties and stroking my clit. God, it feels good! This one will be a strong one, I can tell. My head is back and eyes are closed when I hear a tap on my window. God! Oh God! I frantically pull up my panties and shorts and look to see Edward staring in the window with his mouth agape. “What are you doing?” I scream at him through the window, praying he didn’t see.He doesn’t speak for a minute, but his face says it all. He saw.He opens my door and says, “Annie, I don’t understand. I will gladly help you with that.”I am dying inside of embarrassment and shame as to why he can’t ever help me with this.”I have wanted to move past kissing for weeks and just thought you maybe weren’t feeling it,” he continues. “We need to break up. Just go away,” I scream in frustration.Once again his mouth drops open.”You want to break up? But, you are so aroused after being with me you can’t wait to get home Escort alanya to masturbate! This makes no sense. You kiss me with passion but always pull away. You seem so alive out here on our walks. I see your erect nipples. Do you think I don’t see the wet spots soaked through your shorts when you bend over?”I start crying and say, “Please, just go away. You won’t understand. You can’t help me.”Edward pulls me out of the car and into his arms. “Tell me, Annie. For the life of me, I don’t understand. It can’t be that bad. Just tell me.”I don’t know what makes me tell him. Maybe I am so damn tired of hiding. I blurt out, “I love trees!”Edward shakes his head in utter confusion. “What the….? I love trees too. What the hell does that have to do with anything?”I can tell he thinks I am crazy now. His eyes are wide and his face shaking in disbelief.”I am sexually aroused by trees,” I mumble while sobbing uncontrollably. “That is why I am so happy walking the parks with you.”What seems like an eternity of silence follows.”You… want to fuck trees?” he finally asks.”No, Edward! I do not want to fuck trees!” I scream. “They just arouse me. I don’t really know why. Their trunks remind me of your penis and your penis reminds me of their trunks. And I like tall trees and skinny trees and short trees, but especially trees with thick trunks. Those especially excite me I get excited to the point of orgasm just walking among them. I am a dendrophiliac, OK.  Google it!”And with that outburst I break away, climb back into the car and speed off, leaving him dumbfounded.~~August 4, 2019 (continued)I am beyond shocked by his words. And really can’t speak.  “Now, I want to try something. Trust me, please. I would never hurt you.”He pulls me to the oak with the thickest trunk and pushes me up against it. I wrap my arms around my tree for comfort. I am sure my pussy has leaked its juices through my panties and shorts again.

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