Bahama Mama, Chapter 2


“Me?” he asked.”Terry you know about my husband James and what happened. Well, I haven’t… been with a man since the accident. And I don’t want you to think I came down here looking for some tropical fling. “Finding someone to fool around with was the furthest thing from my mind, you have to believe me. I’m not the type of girl who likes one night stands and I don’t just sleep with the first guy who catches my eye,” she said.”I know that, Emily. I never took you for one of those types,” he said.”Yes, and you were wonderful, you never pressed for anything, and you didn’t even try to kiss me good night. That was very special to me,” she said.”Well, I just…” he began.”Please let me finish. It was very special that you didn’t try to ‘make a move on me’ but the problem is I really like you. When I went into the bathroom at the restaurant, it wasn’t because I had to go, it’s because I needed to get away; I needed to clear my head. “And I have been in my room since we got back trying to do the same thing. Terry, I have never met anyone like you since my James, and you have my head swimming. I don’t know what to do or what to feel. Part of me wants to run and hide from you, and part of me…”Terry knew what was next. But to spare her the awkwardness of having to come out and say it, he simply stood up without saying a word. He pulled her up to him and wrapped her in his arms. He leaned in and kissed her long and deep, pulling her into him.Emily melted. “Oh God” she moaned into his waiting mouth. She felt his probing tongue at her lips and she parted them, opening her mouth and inviting him in. Emily felt safe and secure in Terry’s arms and she yielded herself to his embrace. She ran her hands over his strong arms, feeling the rippling power that lay under his warm skin. She could also feel something else, a bulge growing in a very particular place and it made her even more wet as she felt the power of this “muscle” growing larger and harder. Her pulse began to race and her breathing increased as he devoured her with his kiss.Terry’s hands were doing their own reconnaissance. As he kissed her, his hands slowly wandered down Emily’s back, eventually settling on her well-rounded ass. He gently squeezed it, feeling the supple flesh under her dress as his fingers dug in. Emily moaned again as she felt his hands on her rump and she moved closer. Terry took this as an invitation to continue so he caressed her round, firm ass cheeks; sometimes softly and gently, sometimes rougher. Emily loved how he switched back and forth, sighing when he was gentle and then gasping as his hands got rougher.She was moaning louder now, her apprehension now replaced with a growing burning desire. While the misgivings over whether she should be doing this and if she was cheating on her husband still remained, they had quieted considerably and taken a back seat to her own lustful need.”Oh Terry,” she gasped as she broke their kiss momentarily. That was the cue he needed to move ahead to the next level. Without any warning, he pulled back from Emily and then bent her over so that her hands were placed on the bed. His hands slid down her sides to her hips and then down to her thighs. Emily expected him to move lower and caress her nylon-encased legs, but he surprised her by moving his hands back up, pushing her dress up with them!”Ohhh, Gaaawd!” Emily escort beylikdüzü moaned, knowing now what he was doing.Terry pushed the tight slinky dress up over her hips to the small of her back where it stayed. He smiled when he saw her skimpy panties, red to match her dress. With his index finger, he traced the edge of the garment, so softly she could barely feel it. She shuddered as he moved down the side of the panties, closer to her smoldering core. She knew she was wet and she knew he knew as well. Her aroma wafted up to both of their nostrils, inflaming her and enticing him.Terry leaned forward and kissed the backs of her thighs, just under her panties, his lips brushing softly against her skin. Emily moaned again–this man was driving her crazy with his teasing!”Please Terry…” she whimpered.”Please what? Tell me what you want,” he said.”Please… I want you… inside me,” she said softly.”No. Not yet Emily,” he said. He slid his hands up her ass and hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties, pulling them down slowly. Emily felt a flood of juices fill her pussy as she felt her panties coming down. She clenched two handfuls of the bedspread in anticipation of whatever would come next.Terry wasted no time in showing her, either. As soon as Emily’s panties were at her ankles, he put a hand on each of her ass cheeks, spreading them apart and revealing her glistening pussy and her tight, crinkled asshole. He dove in without a moment’s hesitation, pushing his face deep between those creamy cheeks and his tongue shot out in search of her delectable delights.”OHMYGOD!!” Emily squealed as she felt his tongue part her swollen pussy lips and dive into her warm, wet depths. Instinctively she pushed back, trying to get his squirming tongue deeper inside her as she moaned in pleasure at what he was doing to her.Terry ate her pussy like he was starving and she was a T-bone steak. He licked and lapped at her juicy peach, his tongue searching out every sweet drop of nectar she had to offer. She squirmed and writhed as his tongue touched her most special spots, each one driving her further and further out of her mind.Emily was enjoying the heavenly bliss that Terry’s tongue provided but she was about to enter a whole new realm of erogenous excitement. Terry pulled back a bit and introduced two fingers into her sopping hole, pushing them deep into her and wiggling the tips around inside her. With his thumb, he rubbed her protruding clit adding even more stimulation while his tongue moved back to rim her puckered asshole.Emily went nuts with these added distractions. She clawed at the bed, squirming and twisting, trying to get away from the relentless tormenting. She climbed further up onto the bed, but that only served to raise her ass to a better, easier to access, level. Terry threw his free arm around her thighs, trapping her in place and pulling her towards him. Emily was a captive and helpless to avoid or prevent Terry’s tongue from its diabolical work.”Oh, Terry! Oh, I’m gonna cum! Please make me cum! Please, please make me cum!” Emily cried.Hearing Emily’s pleas spurred him on and he renewed his feasting on her with even more vigor. Emily thrashed about, twisting and turning frantically, but it was no use. Within moments of her pleading, she reached the precipice of her orgasm and plunged over escort akbatı it into the void.”OHHHFUUUCCCKK!! I’M CUUMMMINNNGGG!!” she shrieked and poured her juices out onto the bed and the carpeted floor of the hotel room. She bucked and pitched and writhed as a tremendous orgasm took control of her body, wringing her out like a wet mop. For several long moments, she acted like a woman possessed until finally, she collapsed in a heaving, sweat-drenched pile on the bed, panting like an overheated dog and moaning unintelligible words.Terry took advantage of Emily’s weakened condition to remove the rest of his clothes. Emily watched him through lust-fogged eyes although she was in no condition to stop him even if she wanted to. He kicked off his shoes and removed his pants and then his boxers. As he removed his boxers, Emily got the first look at what was causing the bulge in his pants earlier. Terry sported an admirable sized cock, not porn star size, but one which would definitely get a girl’s attention! Emily smiled weakly as he displayed his manhood for her, knowing that very soon she would feel it deep inside her.Terry gave her a couple more minutes to recover until he saw that she was back with him again. He didn’t want to wait too long and have her lust fire die down too much, but he wanted her sensible enough to enjoy things. When he thought the time was right, he helped her up, steadying her as he removed her dress completely, kissing and caressing her newly bared-skin as he went. He carefully laid the dress on the unused bed so it wouldn’t get too wrinkled, then turned back to her.Emily watched, biting her lip as he unfastened the front hook of her bra and peeled it apart, revealing her luscious D-cup breasts, their nipples hard as pencil erasers and eager to be sucked and licked. Terry licked his lips as he took a breast in each hand marveling at how the creamy pale flesh molded between his fingers as he squeezed them. He licked first one nipple then the other and Emily moaned again.She put her fingers on either side of his head, guiding him to her hard, aching nipples, longing to be sucked and he took one into his mouth. He sucked on the tender morsel nibbling at it with his teeth, gently biting it and trapping it for his tongue to tease it.Emily swayed as once again he sent her mind reeling it erotic bliss. She could feel her pussy dripping and her juices running down her legs as he made a meal of her sweet breasts. Terry was doing everything right and Emily knew that she would soon be standing on the edge of forever again.Terry was perfectly happy chewing on her tender nipples and could have stayed there all day, but another part of him wanted in on the action as well. His cock, which had been hard and ready to play, was now screaming to get in the game. He wanted to feel her wrapped around his cock just as much. So with a parting nibble to each of her hard buds, laid her on the bed and climbed onto the bed himself, positioning himself over her.Terry knelt there between her splayed legs rubbing his hard cock in the slit of her drooling pussy. He ran it up and down the slit, getting the shaft slick with her juices as well as teasing her with his hardness. Emily moaned and whimpered as he showed her just what was in store for her. When he felt he was lubricated enough, he pointed the head escort beylikdüzü of his cock at her eager hole.He pushed her pussy lips apart, stopping just at the entrance to her tunnel. “Do you want this?” he asked playfully.”Yesss,” she moaned.”Ask me,” he said.”Please… please give me your cock,” she whimpered.”You don’t sound very convincing. I think you can beg better than that!” he said. He reached down and fingered her clit for a moment to encourage her. “Now show me how much you want this cock!” he growled.”Please Terry! Please! I need you I need your cock inside me, please!” Emily said, more urgently.”I don’t know… I’m still not sure you want it bad enough. That was better, but I think you can plead more persuasively. C’mon, tell me how badly you want this cock!” he said, using his hard cock to spank her pussy and clit.”Oh God, Terry! Please please fuck me! I want your cock in my pussy now! Please please fuck me! Oh God, pleeeease!” Emily cried, near to tears by now. She humped up at him showing him how badly she needed him.Terry smiled, now she was ready. He moved over her and took both her wrists, pinning them to the bed over her head. He moved his hips until he was in line with her opening and then pushed forward. He stopped just as the head of his cock touched the rim of her tunnel and then he pushed fully into her in one slick thrust.”FUUUCK!!” Emily gasped as she felt him opening her flower. He slid deeper and deeper as she stretched to accommodate his size. He was bigger than she remembered James as being, but it had been so long she couldn’t really compare them. All she knew was that it felt wonderful to be filled again. Emily arched her back as he plowed into her, her hands grasping at she searched for something to hang on to as her world spun away.Terry didn’t stop pushing into her until he felt himself bottom out against her cervix. He didn’t pause there either, but instead began immediately withdrawing himself. When he pulled completely out of her, Emily felt a strange emptiness and loneliness, as if he had left her in the room by herself. Her loneliness was short-lived, however, as he quickly returned and began pushing back into her once more.Terry then began pumping in and out of her, slowly at first, letting her feel every bump and every inch of his hard throbbing cock.Then, as the tempo between them built, he moved faster until he was fucking her with an almost maniacal frenzy. He pumped in and out of her as fast as he could and her moans had run together into an almost constant wail.Emily could feel her orgasm building and she knew that if Terry kept up this pace she would soon plunge into that abyss again. Terry could sense her urgency as well and it encouraged him to increase his efforts. Before long he heard the words he was waiting to hear from her.OHHH, GOD! I’M CUUUMMMINGGG!! she cried out just as her dam broke and she poured pussy juices out again, making the wet spot she had made before even larger. This time Terry was determined to make her orgasm one to remember and he kept up the pace, plunging in and out of her as she came. With the thumb of one hand, he rubbed her throbbing clit vigorously, sending even more information to her lust-addled brain.Terry kept up the pressure on Emily, drawing out this orgasm to maddening lengths. Emily came over and over again and she was getting exhausted from the strain.”Please! Please, Terry, I need… I need to rest!” she said. He made her cum one last time and then he pulled out, letting Emily rest, panting and covered in a sheen of sweat. He watched over her as she recovered a bit. 

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