Bait a Hook Ch. 06


Chapter 6: Homecoming

Thursday I noticed Rob waited until my sister and I pulled into the parking lot before jumping out of his truck. He walked in with the two of us as we entered the school. He patted my back saying “see you around Bobby,” as he started passing my locker to head to his own.

“Rob, Rob, hey come here Rob” I winced as I saw Becky pulling Rob back to stand by her locker. She made a show of pushing out her chest, and bending over a little more than necessary to pick up a book from the bottom of her locker. “I was wondering if you wanted to go to homecoming with me?”

“Sorry Becky, I’m not going, I have plans out of town.” He replied while cutting his eyes at me with the quickest of glances. He headed off down to his locker as Becky slammed her locker and stomped off. I smiled inwardly as I got ready to head to class.

At lunch we sat in our usual spots, but Katie nudged somebody out of the way and sat next to me. Rob chuckled across from me as I kicked him under the table.

“Hey Bobby,” She said batting her brown eyes at me, “I heard you haven’t asked anybody do the dance and was wondering if you wanted to go with me.” She said as she leaned a little closer so I could get a look down her top.

“Sorry Katie, I can’t, I have a date.” I heard Rob snort the milk he was drinking and I’m sure it was close to coming out of his nose as I continued, “Yeah it’s one of my best friends from home and it’s the only time we can hang out for a while.” It really wasn’t a lie as Rob was my best friend, we were going on a date, and I was starting to consider this as my home.

“Must be a lucky girl,” Katie shrugged as she sat straight up and ate while looking for the next guy on her list.

“Oh she is.” I chuckled as Rob kicked me in the shin and tried not to react. We had another track meet after lunch and our relay team won again. I also managed to get 2nd in two events and 1st in another. I caught Rob trying to sneak glimpse of the meet when he had a break in practice.

I spent most of the night texting him before I got tired and took a picture of my face on my pillow. He sent me a picture of him under the covers with just his arms, neck, and face showing, a little bit of his chest hair was peeking out. I smiled contented and drifted off to sleep.

After my Friday morning shower I decided that I had to wear Rob’s shirt. I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror smiling before buttoning up an orange and blue flannel shirt to hide Rob’s t-shirt. Emily and I pulled into the parking lot and Rob was conveniently getting out of his pickup at the same time. After exchanging pleasantries Emily excused herself to go catch up to a group of friends some 30 yards in front of us. Rob glanced at me as if thinking something, but didn’t say anything until I got to my locker and took off my backpack.

“You’re brave,” Rob almost whispered, smiling as his hand traced over his name on my back through kaçak iddaa the flannel shirt. I shivered at his touch and turned around grinning.

“How’d you know?” I asked grabbing my book and closing the locker.

He smirked at me as he started walking away, “I wasn’t sure, but I was hoping.” He disappeared around the corner heading to our English class; I shook my head and followed his steps through the classroom door.

At the start of the class our English teacher passed around ballots for homecoming king and queen. I smiled at him as I turned around to pass the rest of ballots back. I had no trouble deciding who to choose for king. I couldn’t bring myself to vote Becky for queen, so I voted for Katie. I wondered if Rob would vote himself as I handed our completed ballots to the teacher.

On my way to lunch I was grabbed and pulled into the handicap bathroom. Rob locked the door and ravaged my mouth. His tongue wrestled with mine until I was breathless. Regaining some composure, panting I pushed him back. “Rob that was awesome, but we’re going to get caught.”

He licked his lips in response and leaned back while straightening out some wrinkles that had formed on my shirt. “I know, sorry, I was staring at your back first period, knowing that you had my shirt on under this flannel got me so hot. All I’ve been thinking about is kissing you. His eyes went to my jeans and he noticed they were tighter than usual.

“Let’s skip lunch” he said as he pressed his steamy lips against mine and took his hand to slide down my zipper. Lust filled my brain as his scent overwhelmed me trapped in the confines of the small bathroom. He pushed me back against the wall as he fished my trapped cock from its cotton confines. He broke the kiss and looked down at me, my body was on edge and he could tell as he ghosted his fingers across my now aching cock. The electricity coursing my body was almost unbearable. I felt as if I would catch on fire as he slowly rubbed up and down the silky skin on my shaft. The fact that neither of us had an experience like this combined with the worry of being caught, it was almost too much to bear.

“I’ve only touched myself.” Rob admitted, “let me know if you want me to do something else.” I grabbed him behind the head and forced my tongue into his mouth. Passion coming out of my ears like a teapot ready to explode. “It’s perfect, “I said before attacking his mouth again. He started unbuttoning my shirt and I threw my backpack down so he could get it off me. He grinned and turned me around so he could see the back of the shirt, admiring his name and number as he rubbed his hands across my shoulders. My jeans hit the floor next as I reached out to undo his. I have seen his perfect ass framed in a jockstrap, but I wanted to see what was filling out the front so nicely.

He helped me push his jeans and tight boxer briefs down while I stared open mouthed. It was just perfect. Almost 8 inches long, hard, thick, I almost drooled kaçak bahis at the dew drop that was hanging on to the tip like honeysuckle. I couldn’t contain myself; I took my thumb and rubbed it off before bringing the delicate string with a drop at the end to my tongue. We both moaned as I licked it and he ravaged my mouth. We were slowly jerking each other off, moaning into each others’ open mouths. I tried to break the kiss to let him know I was about to shoot, but he held me still jerking me faster. I exploded on the bathroom floor as I felt his cock somehow get even harder before he started shooting jet after jet onto the tiled floor. We slumped against each other for what felt like hours trying to catch our breath.

“That was” I started but couldn’t find the breath or words to finish “amazing.” He chimed in. He quickly grabbed some damp paper towels to mop up our joint mess before pulling up his pants. He helped me button my flannel shirt and straightened it out again before kissing me on the nose.

“When the bell rings we need to sneak out separately and blend in with crowd.” I nodded as he kissed me again lightly pressing his lips to mine. “You’re so cute when you blush.” I felt my cheeks get warmer as the bell sounded.

I know I had a dazed grin on my face as I was walking around. Everyone headed out to the bleachers after lunch for the start of the pep rally. I sat next to some friends on the bleachers and was in a blissful daze staring at the field while the team and cheerleaders did silly stunts. A kid from my relay track team nudged me “What’s got you grinning so much?” I shook my head to clear the lust filled haze that was filling my brain more and more frequently. “Just glad it’s Friday, and I don’t have to sit through Calculus.” I managed to say. He just patted my back and shook his head.

All of the seniors on the team were put in seats facing the bleachers. The cheerleaders lined up behind them with shaving cream pies. They darted around to slam the shaving cream on the guys’ faces. Rob and another guy rolled out of their seats before getting pied but there was shaving cream everywhere. Becky was the one trying to pie Rob and fell down getting herself covered in the shaving cream.

After everyone was cleaned up the top three candidates for Homecoming King were announced, they were: Rob, the quarterback, and one of the receivers. Rob should definitely be crowned as he was the most handsome of the bunch. He also got along with seemingly everyone. I applauded with vigor as the crown was placed over his head and he grinned and waved to the gathered crowd. Becky was crowned queen and promptly glued herself to Rob’s side. He had a Mona Lisa smile on his face while the pictures were taken.

The crowd headed towards the parking lot as the homecoming parade would be downtown in about an hour. I wanted to wait for Rob and congratulate him, but didn’t want to look suspicious. I reached my Jeep just as I felt my phone vibrate and saw him illegal bahis Emily approaching. ‘Can I hang at your house before the parade?’ I read Rob’s message and quickly gave him an agreeing response as I hopped into the Jeep.

“Looks like you’re all smiles today.” Emily said as she climbed in the passenger seat.

“Can’t complain.” I responded as we headed home.

Rob showed up 5 minutes later and sat near enough to me on the couch to be close, but not too close as to arouse suspicion. Emily sat in the chair and just watched TV as we just lounged, Rob and I just enjoyed being near one another. He put his arm on the sofa and gently rubbed my neck every chance he could. His phone beeped and he looked at the screen, giving my neck a final squeeze before standing up. “Gotta go meet the team. See y’all later” he said before heading out the door.

The parade was everything a small town would be proud of. They had the marching band lead a rousing rendition of the fight song down Main Street, the fire trucks flashing their lights with every siren blaring; a large diesel pickup pulled a trailer that held all of the football team. I noticed Rob wasn’t on it and wondered if he had been late because he was at my house. I started to feel bad until a little blue corvette pulled up that housed Rob and Becky wearing their crowns and waving to the crowd. The sight of Becky holding on to Rob, and that perfect smile on her face made me cringe. I knew he wasn’t interested, but I couldn’t control my jealousy at the fact that she could hold him. Rob’s false smile turned real, and his face lit up when he picked me out of the crowd, time stood still as we gazed at each other, him even turned his head back a little, before facing forward realizing we had been lost in each others’ eyes. I felt a pinch on my arm and turned around to see Emily mouth the words ‘What was that?’ I shrugged and looked confused before saying “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She just shook her head as she scooped up a lollipop that was thrown by the cheerleaders as they danced by.

The game was great. The crowd really roared as we stomped our neighboring county 31 — 7. The game was over kind of late; Rob texted me about a party but I told him just to go ahead and have fun, I was beat. He texted me an hour later ‘it’s not a party without you there’ with a picture attached. I almost licked the screen he was in bed again, but this time the covers were down to his waste and one of his muscled arms was behind his head. The gorgeous muscles on his stomach and chest stood out and the soft layer of hair was captured beautifully. I suddenly had to urge to lick his armpit and breathe in the intoxicating scent.

I was surprised to find that he was in bed thinking of me and not out celebrating the victory, and being crowned king. I copied his pose and took a picture to send him. Glancing at it first to make sure it was flattering and captured my slim but firm and smooth body before sending it to him with a message ‘Can’t wait for tomorrow Robbie.’ Within seconds my phone vibrated ‘Me either babe.’ I smiled at the term of endearment and drifted off to sleep.

*The story continues in Chapter 7*

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