Brian and Tyler


My first time happened when I was 16 with Tyler Davis. I’d known Tyler ever since we were kids. Back then, we were best friends, but around middle school we kind of grew apart. Or Tyler grew apart from me and started hanging out with the kids who skipped class, smoked and sold weed, vandalized property, and were just all around asses. That didn’t stop me from liking Tyler though. No matter how much he tried to fit in with those deadbeats, I could always see a piece of good left in him. It was a Friday in March, meaning it was the aftermath of a test day in Physics and we were getting our papers back. Dr. O’Connell walked down the aisles, handing the each student their test with the score written and circled in red ink. “Do you want to hear who got the highest score?” Dr. O’Connell asked the class like he always did. isvecbahis “Jack got a perfect score.” We all rolled our eyes because that always happened. “Diane got the next highest score and after her, Brian.” I grinned, looking at my paper. I always took pride in my academics. “What’d you get?” Tyler leaned forward from behind me to ask. A shiver went up my spine and my crotch throbbed when I felt his breath on my neck. I turned to see his beautiful golden haired head leaning over my shoulder. “A 98,” I said, barely getting the words out. I gave the paper to him to inspect, watching his jade green eyes skim over the packet. “You want to know who got the lowest score?” Dr. O’Connell teased. The class pleaded with him to know, but Tyler scowled, throwing the paper back on my desk and leaning back. “What’d you get?” isveçbahis giriş I asked him, but he didn’t respond. I peered over my shoulder to see the 33 circled on his test. I felt kind of bad for him, but how did he expect to pass when he never studied and spent all his time getting high? “I could help you, you know. I’m free after school on Mondays, and you could come by on the weekend. I could tutor you-” “I don’t need you help!” he snapped. He looked away and remained silent for the rest of the class. I didn’t see Tyler again until after school when baseball practice was over. He’d been standing by the fence, watching, which I thought was odd since Tyler had cussed out the baseball team when he didn’t make it because of his low G.P.A. “Hey, Brian,” he said, grinning mischievously. “How was practice?” I isveçbahis yeni giriş froze, wondering what he was doing here and why he looked so good with his powder blue uniform shirt slightly unbuttoned, showing more of his smooth tan skin. “Good. It was good. Why are you here?” He grabbed his chest in mock hurt. “I though we were buddies, Brian.” “We haven’t been ‘buddies’ since you ditched me to hang out with the future dropouts of America.” His face hardened. “I’m gonna graduate, thank you.” “You’re going to fail Physics.” He didn’t say anything, but stepped aside for me to pass through the gate. As I did, he put one firm hand to my back and guided me away from the direction of the locker room. “What are you doing?” I asked. “We’re going to talk.” “There’s not much to talk about, Tyler. I want to help you, but you don’t want to be helped. By anybody.” We were approaching the woods at the far end of campus. “Oh, there you go again,” Tyler said angrily. “You’re so much better than everybody else, huh Brian? A wholesome all American boy.

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