Can I Validate My Hall Pass? Pt. 03


This story is a continuation of the second part. The reader might want to check out the previous stories for context.


I stepped inside, and locked the front door behind me. Turning around, Jer was sitting on the loveseat he was in a few hours ago, when the three of us shared a drink. I looked to see if he was upset, but Jeremy broke the silence. “Well, was your hall pass worth it?” he asked.

“I won’t know until you tell me how you feel about it.” I stood in front of him, my panties sopping wet from the remains of Ron’s insemination. “Do you want to talk about this in bed?”

Jer got up and replied, “Yes. I’d like that.” His quiet calm didn’t help me figure out what he was thinking. He followed me up the stairs and, halfway up, I replayed those lurid moments on Ron’s stairs, hoping my husband would do the very same to me, right now. But, that wouldn’t be something I could expect from my Jeremy… not tonight, anyway.

“Maybe I should shower,” I offered, but Jeremy quickly countered.

“No, I want you just the way you are. Can we talk about it and then maybe play?”

I turned to him just before we entered our bedroom and said, “You can have anything at all right now. Just tell me what you want.” I kissed his lips softly, and he moved his tongue into my mouth. Could Jeremy smell Ron’s cock on my breath, or taste Ron on me? We Frenched right there for some time, before he took my hand and led me into our room.

Jeremy reached behind me and unclasped my necklace, setting it on the vanity. When I saw myself in the mirror, I noticed my unkempt hair, still asunder from rolling around in Ron’s bed. Jer began to unbutton my blouse and slid the sleeves down my arms, tossing it on a chair next to the bedside table. I stayed still, letting him play this anyway he wanted.

Next, Jer’s hands lifted the hem of my chemise up, and I raised my arms to allow him to remove it, and toss it on top of the blouse. Jeremy looked closely at my breasts, maybe checking for bruises or hickeys. Then his hands landed on my skirt, and as he shucked it from my hips, he fell to his knees, and eyed my wet thong while I stepped out of the skirt.

Jeremy pulled me to him, his face turned sideways and rested on my slightly round belly. His arms held me close, not in a hurry to go further. I combed both hands through his hair, caressing his neck and nape. It was good to be home. He drew back slightly and hooked his thumbs beneath the string rounding each hip, and eased my thong to the floor. He picked the soggy garment up, cupped it in his hands, and drew it to his nose; no doubt taking in both my pheromones as well as the manly, saline smells of my hall pass lover.

“I want to fuck you, Sam. But I need to hear what happened. Will you tell me?”

I looked down at my loving husband, and as he stared up at me, awaiting an answer. “Yes,” I said softly. I walked to our bed and pulled down the blankets on my side, and climbed under them. “Of course, baby. What do you want to know?” Jeremy had rounded the bed and slid in beside me, resting on his side and propped up on his left elbow.

“How was dinner?” he asked.

“Well, it was good, but I thought that Ron was making supper, and instead their maid had prepared it while he picked me up.”

“Oh,” Jer said, inquisitively. “So she was there too?”

“No, she was just leaving when we got there.”

“Was Ronny home?”

“No, Baby, it was just Ron and me.” He relaxed some, dodging what he thought might have been some sneaky planning on Ron’s part. I continued, “We had dinner and then he moved on me as we were putting dishes in the sink.” Jeremy just listened intently so I went on. “Jer, Ronny had told me that her husband is bisexual, and based on some of what happened tonight, I’m sure that he is.”

“Why? What happened, Sam?”

I told him about Ron rimming me before we even got into bed, and how he wanted me to sit on his face, so he could eat my pussy right after he came inside me. Jer’s eyes widened, and he asked, “Really, Sam? He did that?”

“Yes, he really went to town on my pussy, baby. His face was covered in our juices when he finished licking me.”

Jeremy asked, “Did he fuck you good?”

I responded, “Yes, Jer. He is a very confident man in bed. He knew exactly what to say and do to excite me.”

And then the most obvious question came out. “Is he, um, bigger than me, Sam?” I thought to myself that guys seem to be worried as much about their dick size as women are about their weight. I thought for a moment and said, “Yes, he is. A little bit. But he isn’t circumcised. That was something quite different for me. I’ve never touched a hard cock that still had its head hidden under foreskin.” I noticed my husband’s right hand moving under the blankets, my details getting him worked up.

“Can I ask? How many times did he fuck you, Sam?”

“Well,” I explained, “we only fucked once. We tried two positions, but I think we were both too worked up for it to gerçek seks hikayeleri last.”

“Did he make you cum?”

I nodded. I didn’t think I needed to tell him how agonizingly delicious it was when I came like that. Nor did I think it was a good idea to tell him how I had squirted with this well endowed man, for the first time in my life. That could come later, when he might be less sensitive as he was in this moment.

“So, he went down on you as well?”

“Just after we fucked, like I said, just to eat his cum from me. Ron didn’t go down on me before he entered me, Jer. He did lick my butt, although he didn’t use his mouth on my clitoris, at all.”

“So… you were able to cum when Ron was inside you?” So much for being careful. I saw the defeat in his reaction.

“Yes, baby, I did.” In all our time together, I had never cum with Jeremy’s dick inside me. He can only make me cum orally or through masturbating me. And in all my life, I had never squirted, but had only seen something like that in some porn scenes we had watched together.

“Sam, what way was Ron fucking you, when he made you cum?”

He paused, but his hand began moving faster beneath the sheets. “I sat on his cock, Jer.”

The next words from my husband were clearly hard for him to say, “Ron’s a LOT bigger, isn’t he?” I could see in his face that he could picture me atop my white-haired lover, my face in sweet agony as my orgasm erupted.

“Baby, he’s only maybe an inch longer than you. But, I love your cock just the way it is.” I didn’t want to tell my husband that I think it was because Ron’s cock had so much more girth, that he was able to make me feel literally stuffed.

“I NEED you to tell me, Sam.” Jeremy’s hand was almost a flurry under the sheets, so I slid my hand under and shared my fist over his to slow him down.

“I don’t want you to cum this way, baby. I need you inside me.” I threw off the covers and he moved over me, pushing my legs aside to get his cock near my pussy.

Jeremy fumbled to get his rigid dick in place and pushed himself deep inside my sopping pussy. “Ohhhh… Sammmmm, you’re fucking soaked!” he cooed in my ear as his cock slid easily into the pussy that Ron had spread so wide earlier tonight. His cock felt as though it was bathed in oil, sliding in and out of me oh, so easily.

“Ron fucked me, just like you are now, baby,” I teased.

Jer raised up on his toes, and pounded me, wanting to take me back. I made groaning sounds despite my pussy feeling numb inside, not deliciously full as I normally feel when Jeremy fucks me hard like that. A dozen thrusts later, he whispered as he pulled himself out from me, “Will you sit on my cock, Sam?”

Jeremy shuffled onto his back and I slung one leg over his torso and squatted over him exactly as I had over Ron just an hour ago. My husband stared between our bodies while I lowered myself onto his hardness, my pussy lips enveloping his shaft, as I took him in easily on the first go. His slender but lengthy cock still reached my cervix, and as I began my first ride up and down, I knew he couldn’t punish it as my previous lover had. But, tonight, he would think he could.

“Oh, fuck, Jer, you’re so fucking hard!” I moaned, bouncing heavily onto his cock. “Cum inside, baby. Fill me up!” I begged, as I pounded my pussy to the root each time I landed on his crotch. “Take me back. I want to be yours again.” My dirty words took my husband to the edge and past, and once again I heard a man grunt as a cock dumped one more load into my now very sore pussy. I slowed my pace to allow him to fully empty his seed inside me. As I slowly rose to the top of my next thrust, I saw his gooey jizz glazing his cock, like a buttered corn cob. It oozed down his softening shaft and mingled in Jer’s dark curly pubes. When I next lowered myself, Jeremy’s hands held me midway down his cock.

As he held me still, Jer’s softening shaft flopped from my dripping pussy, plopping onto his belly, and we shared a smile. “Fuck, that was so hot, baby,” I told him. His breathing began to normalize and I slung my leg back over to my side. I took his flaccid cock into my mouth and tasted the heady mixture of our bodily fluids, with just a hint of Ron’s as well. For the first time ever, I licked jizz off a second dick in the same day.

Jer looked a bit concerned. “You haven’t cum yet, Sam. Do you want me to finger you? Or, we could go shower.” My husband really is so different from Ron, and not in a bad way, just different. And I liked how both men made me feel so desirable.

“Baby, I’m too sore. I don’t think I could cum again. You can take care of me in the morning, if you want. But, let’s go shower.” We got up and languished for twenty minutes of hugs and caresses as we washed ourselves clean. Loofas, fingers and tender kisses calmed us both down from our erotic highs.

My next work shift was Monday, and when I got in, I checked the schedule, finding that Ron hadn’t picked up any shifts there until the following week. I decided that I wouldn’t text Ron, just in case Jeremy were to find out, and think that I had feelings for him. I didn’t want to cause Jer any worry at all. I was more than satisfied with my one amazing night with Ron’s big dick.

On Tuesday, I sat at in the cafeteria on my lunch, playing a game on my phone, when I looked up to see Ronny standing at my table, a tray in her hand. “May I,” she asked. I pointed to the chair across from me and she sat down and picked away at her food. I put my phone down, wondering what she had in mind.

“Well, Sam, did Ron perform well for you?”

“Ronny, your husband is a very capable lover. I’m so glad that Jeremy and you were good with us playing last week.” There was no sense in lying, or going into how exhilarating sex with her husband was.

“Yes, he is blessed with that fat cock of his. Ron told me that you squirted for the first time in your life with him. That must have been quite a thrill for you.” I instantly went beet red, feeling that sexual rush tear through me for an instant. I leaned in closely.

“I know! I didn’t know squirting was a thing, until recently, when watching Jer’s porn stash with him. But the high I got when it happened to me was fucking crazy. I’ve never experienced anything like it before.”

“I remember my first time too, Sam… that was long ago. Tell me, how did Jeremy react when you told him that you had your first g-spot orgasm with my husband?”

I paused, choosing my words. “Well, I didn’t tell Jeremy about that. I didn’t want to cause him any anxiety after allowing me the chance to be with Ron on my own.”

“Exactly. Because you recognized Jeremy’s fear of the loss of control, and being seen as a lesser man than Ron. Guys can become very insecure. That just comes from this lifestyle.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. I didn’t want him to feel less of a man.”

“Sam, do you know what MY husband did, when he got home after dropping you off the other night?”

“Um, I guess, he asked you fuck him too?”

“God, no! Ron will be lucky to fuck me once in the next 3 months. Fucking me is a privilege for him. When Ron got home he went directly to our bedroom and retrieved his cock cage, and brought it to me in the hot tub, so that I could lock him up again.”

“You what? Why?”

“I also know exactly what happened at your house when Ron dropped you off last week. Your husband was waiting at the door and begged you to tell him all about your evening in great detail. You relinquished all of your power to him by doing that, and, of course by letting him fuck you right after.”

My jaw was agape. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Yes,” I said, nodding, “I did. How did you know that?”

Ronny continued, “You know how all women worry about their looks? We see crow feet, bags under our eyes, or an extra ten pounds on our hips, and worry that our man won’t want us anymore. Men don’t fuss over any of that. What they do fuss over is their sexual prowess, which is why Jeremy HAD to put his dick inside you when you got home from fucking Ron. He needed to feel that Ron didn’t have power over you anymore, and when you fucked your husband, you made him feel better… for the time being anyway.”

“You see,” Ronny added, “I gave Ron permission to put his dick into another woman and fill her full of cum, and had to repay me for allowing him the gift of your sweet pussy. Ron won’t be allowed to orgasm until I decide that he may have that privilege. That’s what keeps me in the power I’ve always had over my husband.”

I had to ask, “So, I should not have let Jeremy fuck me when I got home?”

“You’re missing the point, Sam. You HAD to let him do that to maintain the power dynamic in your marriage. My husband has a very stressful job, and I relieve his stress by taking full control of both of our sexual exploits. He submits to anything I ask, and I can play with whomever I like. By submitting to my every sexual whim, Ron finds his life is very much stress free. Relinquishing his power to me gives him great comfort. And I’m happy to do that for him.”

I sat there quietly taking all of this information in.

“Now,” she said, “I have an idea to help you to give Jeremy his mojo back. Do you want to hear it?”

“Maybe. What are you thinking?”

“I wonder what you would say about offering Jeremy a hall pass of his own.”

I got it. She wanted to get some too. “So you want to fuck my husband as well?”

“Sam, it’s a little more complicated than that. I want to fuck Jeremy in front of the man who just fucked you silly; the man that gave you an orgasm that poor Jeremy will never be able to. And better yet, your husband will see that your once, very masculine, and well-endowed lover is just a submissive little cuck to me. Jeremy will leave my bed with a sense of power and control that he hasn’t experience in a long time. He won’t fear Ron, because I will show him how more alpha Jeremy is than my obedient little man. Which, ultimately means that Jeremy wouldn’t think twice about giving you one more night with the only man you know who rocks your world like Ron can. So, we give Jeremy what he wants, and you’ll get what you want.”

Ronny showed me right then how ingenious she is; no action taken without thought. Yet, I was confused, so I asked, “My husband isn’t bisexual. Don’t you think that Jeremy would be really intimidated trying to have sex with you while your husband is there too?

“Well, I won’t be telling Jeremy about Ron being there, in advance. I was planning to surprise him with that other side of Ron, once I get Jeremy into my space.”

Ronny leaned in and said in a lower voice, as someone sat a few seats down from us, “I do need some exhaust work on my Lexus, and I thought I might give your husband the business, if you know what I mean.”

“Ahh, okay. So you plan to flirt some and see if Jer is interested?”

“Exactly. I’m sure that if I can get him to ask you for his own hall pass, I can take it from there.”

I was silent as I thought that I would be much more comfortable if I wasn’t in on Ronny’s sneaky plan. But I realized how good it would be for Jeremy to get over his worry about Ron’s ability to satisfy me. And, in all honesty, the thought of another round with Ron had already begun soaking my panties. I said, “Alright, Ronny, this is how its going to work. If you can get Jeremy to ask me for a hall pass, I’ll give it. But he can never know that I knew anything about your plan. If you’re good with that, then I’m in.

Ronny said, “That’s sounds good to me. Here’s my cell number.” She stood and gathered her scraps onto her tray, and added, “I can promise you this. If I can get your husband into our bed, he will have the time of his life.” She turned to walk away, then looked over her shoulder, saying, “I’ll keep you updated.”

Ronny didn’t wait for my response, and marched off in her own confident stride, very satisfied with the results of our discussion.

Life went normally until Friday night when Jeremy got in from work, a boyish smile on his face. He said, “You’ll never guess who brought their car into the shop today?”

I paused and then answered, “I give up, who?”

“Ronny Jenkins. She looks like she could be your older sister!”

I ignored the comment, and asked, “That’s nice. Did you fix her up?” I giggled to myself at my double entendre.

“Yeah, her car needed a lot of work, so she was there for a few hours, waiting.”

“Well,” I offered, “good. Did you two chat much?”

“Yes,” he replied, “Things were slow so we talked in my office. Apparently Ron told her that he really liked us both, and that she should get her car fixed at my shop.”

I said, “See, I told you Ron is a great guy, and he seems to think very highly of you.”

Jeremy was clearly excited at whatever transpired today. I’m sure he didn’t even hear what I said before he continued, “And, she is quite the flirt. She said they think you and I make a very attractive couple. I think she might have her eye on you. You did say that she’s bisexual, too, didn’t you?”

“I’m not surprised Jer. It sounds like the two of them are very sexually adventurous. And, yes, both of them are bisexual. But I expect that Ronny finds you much more sexually attractive than she does me. Her and I look too much alike.”

I served up supper and we watched some TV. I noticed how jittery Jer was, like he wanted to say something further, but I wasn’t going to ask. Later, Jer stretched his arms overhead, and gave a half-hearted yawn. “Well, are you ready for bed, Sam?”

“Yeah, sure,” I said, figuring he wanted to be more intimate before popping the question.

We got into bed and I brought my tablet with me, so he could take whatever time he needed to approach me. Soon after settling in, Jeremy turned on his side, propped on his elbow and said, “Sam, if Ron asked you to go to bed with him again, would you be interested?

I set the tablet on the night table and rolled onto my side so we could talk face to face. “That would depend on what you thought about that. What makes you ask, Baby?”

“Well, Ronny did say how enamoured Ron was with you. I know that I trust you so much, and if you wanted to do it again, I would be okay with it.”

“Did Ronny tell you that he wants to fuck me again?”

“Oh, no. No, she didn’t. I just wondered if once was enough for you, or if you enjoyed it enough to do it again. What do you think?”

I waited a moment and then said, “I would not have asked you for a second night with Ron, Jer. Most husbands would never allow his wife do what you allowed me to do.”

“I know, Sam. But since you didn’t ask, and I am, what do you think of the idea?”

I began panic thinking. This isn’t how I thought this would go. Did Ronny tell him that Ron wanted me? Jeremy’s next comment put that thought to rest.

Jeremy added, “Because, Ronny is showing interest in me, but I would never ask you for a hall pass, just to get even. So, if you wanted, maybe they might want a night where the husbands go to the other home for the evening.”

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