Carl to Carla


Note:I didn’t write this.

“Yea I thought the singing was OK but I don’t really go for that style too much”

“And the girls?” Brian prompted me.

“Oh come on Brian leave him alone we all know he’s not really interested in girls.”

“Give him a chance, people can change! Perhaps Carl’s developing an eye for them now eh Carl?? I mean they weren’t bad looking. So, apart from their style what did you think of them?”

I was together with Mike and Bryan and a number amongst many of my old school friends. The local pub had got in this group of country style singers.

I think in sexual relations it is sometimes hard to define the difference between consent and coercion. The reader will have no doubt that in the events which follow I was not always in full consent to what was happening, but I say this most passionately; if I had not been pushed that evening I may never have discovered my true self, sexuality and gender. It was the turning point of my life. I now know my body needed what was done to me even if I didn’t realise it at the time.

So back to the events that evening. I had developed a knack of turning their teasing about my effeminate physique into light hearted banter but they never got tired of it and that evening they had pestered me to go out with them although I had planned to stay home.

“I sort of … Yea they were OK.” I replied then trying to be more forthcoming I added, “They almost seemed a bit masculine somehow!”

“‘Takes one to spot one’ that’s what they say!” interrupted Jamie who had been facing the other way sipping his beer.

“What do you mean?” I protested. “I’m not a girl! OK I don’t have big muscles and hulking great shoulders like you but surely I’m still male!”

Jamie leant over towards me and said in a low voice. “And so are they!!”

“Jamie that beer’s going to your head!” said Bryan. “I’d fuck that lot any time, even the fat one!”

“Well you’d be fucking ass-holes and not cunts cos they’ve all got cocks.” They looked at him in disbelieve. “No I’m telling you it’s true! A mate of mine dated one a couple of months back and got a hell of a surprise!”

“Well whatever the case I’m not female or she-male.” I said half hoping to prolong this line of conversation.

“Aren’t you now? But you might get fucked like one!” said Jamie looking me squarely in the eye.

In all the years none of them had ever done or even suggested anything like that to me. The ‘in’ rule at school was homophobic so no one wanted to be seen as gay. I had felt that many of them would like to have fucked me but were terrified of being discovered. I liked being teased about my looks and my body as it made me feel good but this time
I had gone very red in the face and I noticed the others were all looking at me intently. I found myself getting thrilled by what Jamie had said. Then I began to wonder if he had really said it. So when the conversation veered away I felt disappointed.

“So who’s going to prove it?” said Mike to Jamie amid a lot of laughter.

“I don’t believe it. If that was true it would be common knowledge” said Bryan.

“Better follow them when they go to the toilets!” suggested Nick, who had just joined our circle.

“If you’d been reading your tabloids mate, you’d know there’s been a hell of a lot of speculation about them. They say they’re all feminist fanatics too. Nobody had heard of them a couple of months ago and this has helped them get publicity.”

“Yea well that’s what it is then, just a publicity rumour. Till they get found out.”

“Now’s the time then! They’re staying up at the Guest House. Who’s going to play detective?”

I had kept very quiet since my earlier protests. But I leapt at this challenge perhaps because of a desperation to draw attention to myself. So was already thinking hard about how to get in there and take some pics. I could prove myself to the others. The more I thought about it the more I was gripped with the idea.

It was a wet night so I had the added cover of a raincoat. My digital camera was safely in my pocket. I thought how fantastic it would be to get a good full frontal shot of one of them.

The first stage was to get into the guesthouse un-noticed. I had been there before and I knew the interior roughly. I also knew that they did not have en-suite facilities in every room so I guessed some of them would have to make use of the communal bathroom.

I had made an excuse and slipped away from the pub early so I knew I had a little time before the group got back to their rooms. I was ready with excuses as to why I was there but fortunately there seemed to be no-one around. I went up the stairs with a feeling of gathering excitement and wary of any sounds around me.

I was half way up when suddenly a door opened in the corridor below. It was out of sight so I hurried on up and across the landing to what I thought was the bathroom.

I was right but it was smaller than I expected. Where was I going to hide? There was no easy cupboard. There were only shelves and I didn’t fancy trying to conceal myself on one in amongst the towels. What if she went to choose a new towel?

Then I noticed an extra curtain next to the shower. It covered a little recess, which housed some cleaning materials. I went in, pulled the curtain across and realised that my feet and ankles were still easily visible below the curtain so I stood on a plastic bucket. Luckily I am quite light!

About half an hour later I heard voices at first far away downstairs then getting nearer. They were laughing and giggling and sounded quite drunk. Soon their voices were very plain and near.

“Hey what did you tell them? How long have we got? Shit I’ve got to get showered before they get here.”

“Don’t worry Suzy they’ll fuck you anyway!” More shrieks and laughter.

Suddenly the door burst open. I froze as I stood on the bucket, but I could just see through a crack in the curtains. My heart was pounding. This was Mandy, a big girl, I recognized as the lead singer. In a second she flung off all her clothes in a heap on the floor and I could see her large brown body from behind. She had big female buttocks but then she turned to reveal a pair of large firm breasts then I almost gasped. I had caught sight of her cock. It was huge and massively erect! She must have been excited after the conversation on the stairs.

As well as trying to keep still I had to control my emotions, which were in turmoil. Her large body was very big and somehow intimidating. Her brown shoulders were so close to me now I could see every pore of her shiny brown skin. I felt really scared, she was twice my size and had a very determined air about her; not that manly feeling I had back at the pub, this time I stood there petrified and almost afraid to breath.

Presently she stepped into the shower cubicle right next to me and I got another good look at her cock and balls just before she drew the curtain. I remember thinking how big they were. But then I had not had much chance to see many erect penises apart from my own and this one was over twice my size!

Then a new fear gripped me. What if I was so scared about moving that she left before I got a shot of her? That would be a disaster! So I got my camera all ready while there was plenty of noise coming from the shower.

She soon finished and the curtain was flung back as she threw out a long bare arm to grab a towel. I had to be very quick. My heart was thumping so hard I was afraid she would hear it.

I was just trying to work out which way she would turn and where to hold the camera when suddenly there she was facing me presenting a perfect full frontal view of the most fantastic set of male genitals you could imagine on a smooth curvaceous female body. She was too near to get a good shot of all of her but I managed to point the camera through a crack in the curtain at about the height of her genitals and carefully pressed the trigger.

The camera flashed! I had forgotten to turn it off. She screamed and came straight at me where I was standing. My only thought was to try to get away. I made a dash for the door but she had grabbed my clothing and was shouting abuse at me.

“You fucking filthy rotten bastard!! Come on hand it over!” She had hold of my camera now and my wrist with her other hand. This girl was strong and making a hell of a commotion.

Soon there were people outside hammering on the door and for some reason I pushed back the catch so it opened. I think in my panic I thought they might help me but it was the rest of them.

“He hid and tried to photo me! The fucking swine! You’re going pay for this you bastard! No one treats us like that and gets away with it! Get him in the room girls!”

Mandy and the other six transsexual girls were all over me now and I had no hope of getting away. I was bungled into one of the bedrooms and flung me on a bed.

Mandy had a wild expression on her face and flashing eyes. The excitement had caused her cock to soften a little but it still hung like a thick piece of hose.

“Right first things first; get that film out of the camera.”

“What do mean you can’t open it you dunce!” She shouted to Suzy who was trying desperately to do as she was told.

“It’s a digital one, you have to delete it,” I said trying to be helpful.

“You fucking shut your mouth or I’ll stuff it full. Yea delete it Suzy! Oh give it here then and I’ll do it!”

But Mandy was no more technically minded herself.

“If just give it me I’ll delete it for you,” I said.

“You fucking men you always know best. But you didn’t remember to turn off the flash! No you forgot that you plonker!” Did I detect her manner cooling off a little? I deleted the pic and showed her it was gone.

“It wasn’t much good anyway it was out of focus” I said

“Well we’re going to get a good close look at you and in sharp focus! Come on girls. Off with his pants!!”

Two of them pulled off my jeans and pants together as the others crowded to get a good look at me. I felt cool air about my privates and my bare bum.

“Not much of a man are you? No wonder you couldn’t get away from me. Your muscles are puny and your cock’s … well .. pathetic!!” They were all laughing now and Mandy was enjoying her moment of triumph.

“Turn him over, lets have a look at his ass.”

“Wow!! Now that’s quite something. Nice big and smooth, I like it.” She said running her hand over my buttocks. “You’re nearly one of us you know! All you need is a bit of a helping hand.”

There were several hands now all feeling my buttocks but Mandy was already exploring my crack. I felt her finger on my anus.

“Hey you’re all creamy here! Here! Feel this he’s all creamy!!” I felt several fingers exploring my ass-hole now and some were pushing their fingers up inside.

It was just something I always did after showering. It made me feel good with the Ankara bayan escort lads when I knew my hole was lubed.

Mandy’s cock was hard again and the other were pulling their pants down. They all had stiff dicks and some looked really long.

“Perhaps the guys have fucked him. He’s definitely gay.”

“Hey what have you been up to? You go into a girl’s bathroom with a lubed ass-hole!”

“It smells like baby oil. I reckon he’s ready for it,” said a big blond girl. Mandy put her face close to mine and looked me straight in the eyes. “Do you know what we’re going to do to you?” she said.

“We’re going to fuck you up your bottom!”

“Aren’t we girls!”

“Yeeeaaahhh!!” they all screamed.

It was a bizarre situation. I was surrounded by seven big full breasted she-males all with erect cocks much bigger than mine.

As I lay on the bed on my stomach I felt Mandy’s naked body coming down on top of me from behind They had stripped me completely nude by now and all I could do was to lie there and wait for what ever was coming.

It didn’t take long! I felt Mandy’s big firm cock probing my asshole. I tried to resist by squeezing my buns together and concentrated on keeping my anus tight. But I couldn’t hold out. The feeling I got as her long hairs brushed the back of my neck and the scent if the other girl’s perfumes was too much for me. I felt my sphincter yielding as she plunged her long she-male prick into me then I just felt this great presence welling up inside me as her drove her rigid dick right up my rectum.

The others were all standing around watching in a circle and sporting massive erections. They could see every detail as Mandy thrust her thick shining shaft in and out of my bum hole. Her whole body was bounding my ass and her hair was thrashing all over my face as her thrust into me more and more vigorously with her whole body. I felt almost crushed by her weight and completely powerless to resist.

Then she started squealing with joy and excitement as she got to climax and all the others were squealing too as she suddenly shot her cum load straight up me. I felt her hot ejaculations squirting up my ass-hole as she pumped her cum up my bum.

But then at that very moment I heard the bedroom door open and a familiar deep male voice said:

“Hello! What have we got here?”

“Hey it’s you Carl! Got yourself well and truly shafted at last, haven’t you?”

“Well not a moment too soon really.” He pushed forward to take a close look at the action just as Mandy withdrew a hard slimy dick. Then Suzy, who was determined not to let the interruption cause her to miss her turn, stuffed her king-sized pole straight up my gaping bum hole.

“Not trying to resist much are we?” Brian remarked observing my predicament while ruefully stroking his chin.

“Fancy loosing your virginity to a bunch of girl with dicks!! Where’s all that manhood you were on about?”

Brian, Mike Jamie and Ian had all arrived and were watching me getting fucked by Suzy who seemed to want to show off in front of the lads.

She was even more vigorous that Mandy and rammed my hole with big long strokes as everyone admired her virile shiny ram-rod she pumped my ass with all she’d got. The guys were naked now too as Suzy shot her hot load up my bottom. I could feel my bum being filled up. I was being humiliated and dominated in front of the guys but they didn’t need telling that I was too effeminate to be a real man.

“Hey not you! This is for us! You keep your dick for us. Don’t fuck him, you’ll be no good to us!” protested Cindy a blond girl as Brian came down on top of me to give me first real gay male fucking.

“Steady on darling” Brian reassured her, “the night is young yet. I thought you’d know a virile rugby player can fuck at least four times a night.”

“Come on get on your back I’ve got to do you properly.” Brain said to me. The other two guys assisted by some of the girls turned me over on my back and pulled my legs right back and held my ankles on either side of my shoulders.
I had never seen Brian naked before. He had stocky, muscular body and fair skin with freckles on his upper arms and shoulders. His stiff dick was slightly curved but very thick and substantial. He drove it deep into me with forceful determination. I lay back and savoured every thrust of his strong penis and admired his flexing arm muscles as he fucked my ass harder and harder. I had always longed to get it from my male friends and now it was happening to me in full view of them all!

Another six guys had arrived now and were watching the action intently as Brian probed my prostate making me wince with pain and my little cock was forced to exude some cum on my belly button. Then without warning he suddenly exploded into me with massive ejaculations. This made me realise what it was like to fucked by a real man at last. Brian seemed to know what to do to me inside my bottom me and how provoke my internal genitals. I was getting wildly excited. My little cock was up and down but then I felt a huge rectal orgasm overtaking everything. It came sweeping up my spine from my bum until I was in a frenzy of spasms. I had never experienced anything nearly so intense before as usually I masturbated myself only with dildos.

“That’s finished with your virginity then! You don’t have to play at being a man any more Carl you see because you’re just going to get your ass fucked!”

“Thanks!” I said and I really meant it.

The other guys all wanted to get up me. Every one of them was in the nude and pushing round me with their huge dicks probing my body and positioning themselves to be next to get on top of me.

Somehow one of the she-males Sara beat them all to it. She was ginger haired with big buttocks and very lively. Her dick was up me in a flash and my bum was soon being pounded as she threw every ounce of energy into driving her rock hard pole with her forceful ass action.

But Jamie wasn’t going to be outdone. He came down on top of Sara and judging by the expression on her face he must have plunged his manly dick into her voluptuous bottom. I was almost flattened by the combined weight of the two and Jamie wasted no time getting to work on Sara’s ass. In seconds he had her yelling with delight, as he pumped copious amounts of cum up her bum and provoked her cock into pumping mine. I felt something hot shooting up inside me but nothing to what Jamie would have shot up her as I was later to experience from Jamie first hand.

Soon it got to the stage when my asshole was almost continually occupied by at least one cock and sometimes two at once. There were she-males and guys fucking each other all over the place.

It got totally out of hand as bodies piled on top of one another. Everyone felt so sexy they just couldn’t wait. I noticed several of the guys getting it up their asses from the girls after while they were preoccupied fucking one themselves. But I was the only male who was
ass-fucked by other males.

Meanwhile Gina, a blonde she-male was attending to my cock. She and another girl were sucking me hard and groping my balls. She kept saying she was going to ‘milk me dry’. My production was not very great when she did eventually orgasm me. I think I only came because one of the bigger guys had given me such a hell of a fucking that nothing inside me could do anything but orgasm madly.

Bradley was really huge with massive biceps and hefty thigh muscles. He worked as a garage service engineer and was nicknamed ‘The Jack-up Man’. When he jacked off inside you it was like being tanked up at a fuel pump or being serviced by a high-powered grease gun!

There were a lot of naked bodies in the room by now and everyone had cum at least once and many had done so up my bum. I was so full inside that it was oozing out of my anus ass crack so I felt slimy and sticky if I stood up and walked about. It felt very sexy as the slimy insides of my thighs rubbed together…

The guys were drinking beer they had brought with them and the she males were drinking vodka. Mandy was getting a bit aggressive again as she got more intoxicated.

“What are you drinking or haven’t you had time? You’ve got some catching up to do. Come on!” She said. I felt she was still angry with me about what had happened earlier but it turned out she now had more reason to be angry.

“You come here, you Dandy! Try to take sneaky pics of my cock then steal the men who we invited up here to fuck us. Look at you you’ve got half their cum up your ass instead of ours!!.”

“Drink this or I’ll put it up you!” she said handing me a large glass of vodka.

“I’m not too keen on Vodka” I protested “And what do mean, you’ll ‘put it up me’?”

“Perhaps you are too innocent, although I don’t believe all that stuff about your virgin ass. Huh!! What a load of rubbish!!” then she said in a whisper “If I put this in a syringe and stuffed it up your bum hole you’d be roaring drunk in seconds!”

“But … Hang on… I’ve just had a much better idea!”

Mandy had thought of something. Presumably an even more intrusive plan, which she would like to inflict on me.

I had noticed that she commanded some authority with the others and even the guys seemed more inclined to listen to her.

She rushed over to where a group of girls were lying together comparing their bodies and having their cocks sucked by the guys. I couldn’t catch what she was saying but she was gesticulating passionately to make some point.

It looked like a ‘half cock’ situation with most of the guys who were recharging themselves on beer while keeping their balls cool for a rapid return to action.

The discussion looked quite animated at first but then they seemed to be reaching some agreement. There was little doubt it was about me and I couldn’t help noticing that all their cocks were getting erect as the discussion was brought to a conclusion.

Brian came over and looked as if he wanted to explain something to me.

“You’ve … er … given us a hell of a good fuck. You are fucking sexy and I don’t know how any of us are … well … it’s going to be different isn’t it? I mean to be frank we’re not going to be able to stay out of you. You know!!”

“It’s just that it’s embarrassing you being a guy or officially if you see what I mean.” He was having difficulty getting to the point.

“I mean you’re not far off anyway are you? As Jamie said earlier you’re nearly one of them and for us fucking them isn’t a problem but well you know I’ve not got anything against gays at all but you know most of us are from the rugby club and we’ve never fucked a guy apart from you.”

“So it’s all fixed then is it?” says Mandy. “Or at least you got the drift. So let’s get to work!”

“Get him on the bed. I wanted him lying on his side with his knees well forward so we have good access to him.”

I had no idea what they had in mind. I thought perhaps Escort bayan Ankara Mandy had some novel anal sex position she wanted to demonstrate on me. But then one of the other girls handed her a large stainless steal syringe with a long plastic tube attached with a rounded bulbous end. She opened a packet of large green tablets. I realised these were suppositories and she was about to put one up my bottom but how far? This tube was really long.

“I told you, you were nearly one of us? Well this is just to get rid of the ‘nearly’ bit!”

“Look I’m a guy! I’m male right? Why should I let you stuff female hormones up me or whatever it is you are planning?” I protested.

“This is past the planning stage,” said Mandy calmly and I saw her put a tablet in the bulb and then she started trying to prize my buttocks apart. I did try to prevent her getting the syringe up my bum hole although another side of me was half wanting it. It was useless anyway; I soon felt sphincter stretch momentarily as the bulb slipped in. My bum seemed to be drawing it in and helping them as they fed the long tube deep up inside me.

Why didn’t the guys help? No of course it was what they wanted this too.

With about six of them holding me down Mandy finally got the bulb and tube up my bottom. I could see in a wall mirror the tube disappearing up my bum.

“You must lie still,” Ian said.

He had come to help Mandy being a medical student he knew what had to be done.

“You need this in deep. We have go through your rectum and right up into your colon. It’s a slow release estrogen tablet so you won’t feel the effects immediately.”

Ian was manipulating the tube now and I could feel it getting deeper into me then suddenly I couldn’t feel much but I saw in the mirror he had fed the whole length into my anus until only the syringe part remained.

At this point Mandy took hold of the syringe and with her thumb poised on the plunger said:

“Goodbye Carl!” She announced dramatically then pushed the plunger.

“Hello Carla!!!”

There were cheers and clapping all round. They were feminising me and I couldn’t stop them.

“The first thing you’ll notice is, your nipples getting more sensitive.” Ian started to explain what would happen and made it clear he and the lads intended to see it through.

“Then we’ll get your breasts growing and your bum too probably. We’ll need to reduce your body hair a bit but that’s easy with creams.”

“Then it’s just a matter of a visit to the women’s department of the local store to get you kitted out with tights, miniskirts and all the other things you are going to need!” Ian spoke with finality and an air of a job well done.

But Mandy hadn’t quite finished with me.

“You need this up you it’s more quick acting. We find it makes you more anally amenable! I know you like it anyway but you’ll like it even more with this up you” And with that she plunged a small syringe up my bum and infused some liquid.

Ian shrugged his shoulders and laughed.

“What a girl!” he said.

“She’s the girl now.” She said pointing to me. “It’s getting late so who’s going to walk her home?”

“Can I have my jeans back then?” I asked.

“No you can not,” replied Mandy firmly. You can start getting used to having the lower half of your body accessible to interested males as females have had to do for centuries. Here’s your camera though. I don’t think you’ll be trying that one again!”

Jamie volunteered to walk me home. Most of the others seemed to be staying presumably to supply the girls with any cum and fucking they missed out on because of me.

“Here better put this up” said Cindy as she pushed an anal plug up me. “Can’t have you leaking all over the street!” They all laughed at that.

My shirt covered only the top half of my buttocks and I felt my genitals were very exposed. They laughed more as they watched me going down the stairs with Jamie. Half way down the stairs a door opened near me. I think it was the proprietor taking a look to see what was going on. He took a look at me, gasped and quickly shut it again.

This just made me feel everything was going to be embarrassing from now on. I recovered my raincoat from the hallway so at least my privates were not exposed to the view of any late night revellers.

Walking with an anal plug is a very sexy experience as it teases your prostate and I was still very sticky between my thighs.

But unfortunately the plug was not quite large enough and just when we were crossing the street I felt it working its way out and it fell in the street. I bent down to pick it up despite Jamie’s protests that we should just walk on.

“You can’t put it back in! It’s filthy now we’ll have to wash it.”

“But it’s running down my legs!” I said but I noticed people nearby were staring at us. I could feel semen trickling down my thighs to behind my knees. I was trying to keep my asshole tight but that last shot Mandy put up me seemed to have dilated me.

We didn’t have far to go but my crack was oozing heavily now and I could feel it running right down to my ankles by the time we reached the door.

Jamie was very good to me that night. He got me cleaned up. Came to bed with and fucked me nicely.

It was the start of many heavy sessions with me up at the rugby club, but that is another story!


So if you think being feminized is a sort of intimate experience? Believe me it’s more than that! In fact I don’t know how I can say everything about how I feel now or then when it started happening to me. But that’s how my life goes. Things tend to get done to me. However much I try to regain control of my life I find others dominate me.

For those of you who haven’t read my story so far it is basically this:
I was an effeminate schoolboy and all my friends knew I was not cut out for macho things. Then one evening I lost my virginity to a bunch of transsexuals in full view of my old school mates.

It was early afternoon and I was feeling a bit more in control of things. I planned to take my own car to be independent so I could leave whenever I liked. This was the big day! In some ways I was dreading it and in others… Well!

Ian is one of the many from the local Rugby club who has taken a keen interest in me. But few people could miss noticing the changes I had been experiencing. At first my nipples got very sensitive and contact with my clothing made me feel extremely excited. But now he was making my breasts swell.

It was not only Ian who was checking progress under my shirt every day. There were lots of others, mates of Ian, old school friends and Rugby guys who regularly groped my tiny little boobs, which seemed to grow by the day. But they were not even the main attraction. I have always had big and rounded buns but my feminised buttocks were ripening like peaches for these virile guys who don’t need any prompting about what I really need.

I can make any resolution I like about being independent but once someone slips his hand under my pants I go all passive and just wait for it to happen, which it always does. I love it so much I can’t resist any of them once I feel they are going to do me.

Even on week days at least two or three guys often come round in the evening so the first thing I have to do after work is to shower and prepare myself. This is easy enough done as I can unscrew shower the head and slip the bare hose up me and get well cleaned out inside before my guests arrive.

A typical evening is when five or six come round to watch football as well as visiting me. They don’t like me wearing too much below the waist so I don’t put on jeans, as they’ll just rip them off me.

I find I have more control over things when I take the lead. If I get my shirt so it just covers my ass and put on skimpy panties I find it intimidates them a bit at first. But they always do me anyway before the match starts, and they like to give me a ‘Fill up’ during half time. After the game they take it in turns to give me a good fuck in my bed.

But it’s during play when I have fun trying to distract them. It’s no good for the first 20 minutes but then they get more responsive. Usually they cram on to two settees and I sit curled up on an armchair to one side with only a long shirt or bathgown on. This is where I find I can get some sort of control over them for a change! I let my shirt ride up a bit to show more of my legs by mistake! Then as I see them glancing my way I will casually run my hand up my thighs briefly exposing my crutch and then covering it again. By this time they are constantly taking their eyes off the match. But I keep them in suspense while they pretend not to notice. Then comes the stage where I run my hand over my bare bum and start feeling my crack. Then you can see them adjusting themselves under their jeans. Sometimes I don’t have to go any further as someone says something like: “Go on Andy give it him just to keep him quiet”.

Sometimes I would just go straight for their cocks. None of them could resist this even in full view of the others. Unzipping them, pulled their pants aside and getting intimate with their genitals never fails to provoke! Their cocks would be soft at first but I liked to feel them swell in my mouth as I began sucking liking and squeezing. Usually they would let go and drench my throat with their lovely salty sticky cum juices. Other times if I really needed a more physical response I would have to get a bit more explicit.

I love it when I know they are all looking at my bare bum! It thrills me to tease them by fingering my hole and I feel so sexy it’s easy to let it dilate a bit so some cum starts to ooze out of me. It’s a nice position to be fucked in as well because I can push my bum out over the edge of the chair. It gets quite funny if a goal is scored while one of them is fucking me.

Anyway to return to the goings on this particular afternoon. Ian and three others were not my first visitors that day. Mandy and two other trannies had called earlier. [See Part One previous story for info on her]. They had been shopping and had brought round a miniskirt they had found for me to try on. By the way, you do not refuse presents from Mandy!

“Come on get your pants off and lets try this on you” she said unpacking what looked more like a kilt except that as well as the tartan there were shiny leather hems. It was very brief too and when she put it on me I realised it had some extra pleats like one straight down the back which gave anyone easy access to my bum slit.

“It looks perfect on you,” she announced, “So now all we need do is complete the inauguration! Isn’t it girls! So bend down and get ready for some tranny juice!” Mandy was rather keen on syringes especially when it came to using them to service my bottom. I assumed it was some extra hormone to speed up my feminising.

“Unfortunately some of us couldn’t be here Bayan escort Ankara this afternoon but they have sent their contributions anyway.” It was quite a large syringe half full of cum on to which she had attached a slim tube, which she fed straight up my bum hole. “This is from Sally, Judith, Marion and Paula with love” she said as she depressed the plunger. It felt really nice and warm inside. Mandy was meticulous about details and had warmed it in the microwave after taking it out of a cold flask. “There was some of ours in it too,” she said as an afterthought but now you’re going to get it raw and natural as we say!”

Mandy was big with large boobs and a powerful cock. She was a fanatical feminist and loved dominating men. “Bend over that chair then and pull your new skirt right up over your back. That’s right now we’re going to fuck you up your bottom. Let’s do him girls!” Mandy drive a point home mentally as well as literally. She rammed me roughly so that I winced as my sphincter was forced to accept her rigid cock. Then she banged me really hard for several minutes before releasing a gush of hot spunk, which I felt spurting deep inside my rectum. The other girls who had been watching at close quarters were quick to follow Mandy’s lead and both gave me this same wild effeminate tranny fucking.

“So what are you up to today? I hope Ian is servicing you as arranged.”

“Yea they’ll be around soon” I said and then added, “It’s a big day down at the club.”

“Really!” said Mandy “Now that’s interesting! Big evening too then?”

“Oh yea” I said and then realised that perhaps I should have kept my mouth shut.

But I am digressing again!

Ian had arrived with three of his mates to take me out. First things first of course and after he had stuffed my daily hormone dose up my asshole he and the others gave me a good fucking on the bed. By this I mean they held my legs up and got their cocks in amongst my internal genitals and gave my prostate a good massage as well as delivering loads of really thick virile masculine spunk up my bottom. They didn’t suck my cock off this time as Ian explained he wanted to keep me at a high level of enthusiasm for after the match.

In this condition I was not really able even to think of getting back in control of things. They had parked two cars in my driveway blocking the entrance to the garage so it was silly for me to suggest taking my car. In the event I didn’t even mention it.

This ‘big day’ was the annual House Team Match. It was an end of season game between the two teams based at the local club. They usually did not one another but teams from other clubs. The ‘A’ Team were the older more experienced and stronger whereas the ‘B’ Team consisted of a younger players recently out of school. It was a tradition that after the match there was a big party at the club, which tended to get out of hand.

I had never been any good at Rugby at school, as I didn’t have the necessary strong muscles and manly physique. I am quite good at gymnastics, which keeps my body fit, and my slim muscles nice and firm. But I love watching the players and I even take some interest in the game. Knowing quite a few of them intimately, as it were, I feel part of the team in a special way. I didn’t know the ‘B’ team so well then but I could see they were strong and fit enough and a nice looking guys bunch of guys.

I stood near the reservists and watched the full 80 minutes of the game. It was a sunny spring day but with a cold wind so I could not wear anything revealing. Anyway it might have distracted the players. I did have the mini-kilt on under my jacket and Ian had persuaded me not to wear any pants. ‘True Scotsman don’t wear anything under their kilts’ he had announced. When I replied that I had no Scottish blood in me he told me not to be tedious.

It was a hard game and the pitch was quite soft. In Rugby the means of tackling is to bring a player down so they were getting very muddy. I have to admit I got a thrill out of watching them play. I love to see these strong guys run. Their big muscular thighs and strong arms. Sometime I felt myself near to orgasm. I had experienced the strength of many of them individually and as they tussled physically I felt drawn into it with my whole body in a way that is hard to describe. I wanted to be in amongst them and the unfamiliar younger players just made me feel all the more excited.

Some came over and welcomed me at half time and it was made quite clear that I would be coming along with the reservists to join them all in the showers after the game. It was this thought that made me even more excited during the second half. I kept looking at my watch and willing the time on but in another way I was a bit anxious because I know it is all or nothing with these guys and after a match their testosterone levels are very high. Would some be homophobic and give me a hard time?

But that was all about the process, which Mandy had started. So long as I had an effeminate body with boobs and a big curvaceous bottom it was OK to fuck me. With that skirt on I felt very vulnerable and effeminate so my excitement was easily getting the better of my fears.

Eventually the final whistle went and I was swept along with the others towards the shower block. As I said at the very beginning any personal control I had over this situation like so many others had been completely lost!

I suppose there was some slight hesitation at first in the showers as the players got accustomed to the light and staked their claim on one of the communal showers. The guys I knew were very good and introduced me as a loyal supporter ‘in more ways than one’. This produced lots of raucous laughter so when I took off my kilt there was a deafening chorus of wolf whistles and everyone trying to get me into their shower group.

To be honest I don’t think I have ever felt such a thrill as I did stripping off in front of 36 big strong men with stiff cocks. I had been thinking of it all through the game. How would I do it? In the end I just stripped off like the rest of them. I didn’t realise how effeminate my whole body chemistry had got. Apparently I wobbled my bottom in the most sexy way as I walked over to the shower. Guys were going crazy all around me. Everyone was offering to soap me all at once and there were already quarrels starting.

“If you lost the game you can’t expect to win the girl!” I heard one say to another as he pushed him away and stabbed his cock straight into my soapy crack. He was so impatient he was jerking off before he got into my hole. I had to guide him in with my hand but by the time he was up me he had spurted most his cum load over my buttocks and in my slit.
The next guy was in me in seconds. I don’t know who he was but he came from behind and he fucked a huge load of spunk up my bum. This time I really felt it like a hot flush flooding into me. It was getting more and more hot bending slightly forwards and steadying myself on a rail while my ass was being repeatedly rammed from behind, as every dick in the place was primed to dose my ass cunt with dollops of hot cum.

All I could see was hairy bodies and muscles. Most guys were still muddy from the pitch and preferred to wait and watch me being fucked rather than get showered. Some were going almost berserk! “Get your fucking cum pump going mate or someone’ll fuck yours!” was one remark from a guy beside me as my latest lover buried his cock up my bottom. He hardly had time to get going.

Then just to my side I saw the sexiest thing happen. This guy who had shouted at the one who was up me was a black guy was called Stewart and I knew him well as one of the “A” team prop forwards. He was massively strong and very well endowed. It was a special pleasure to get fucked by him and at that moment he couldn’t wait to give it me.

Suddenly I felt something very warm against the back of my knee and looked down to see the beautiful pink cock of Andy a young winger from the “B” team sporting this lovely horizontal erection. I told to him to put his knob near my mouth, as I wanted to suck him off. I was getting very excited at the idea of getting lots of young hot sticky cum down my throat.

My cock had been limp as I tend go passive when my ass is being fucked but this made me hard as hell. Andy didn’t oblige me with his cock although he was clearly desperate to shoot. Nicky, another young guy, saw my erection and started sucking me just as I witnessed Andy place his lengthy pole firmly between Stewart’s strong buttocks. I never thought I would be so wildly excited at the sight as he pushed his hard prick further into Stewarts hairy bum slit. It hesitated a second but then I saw it surge right in and his lovely pink pole disappeared up Stewarts big black ass. Let me tell you Stewart’s ass is a powerhouse of muscles at the top of the best running legs at the club! It was more than I could take. I saw Andy’s whole body go into orgasm. Stewart didn’t put any slightest resistance to having Andy’s spunk shot up his bum hole. He drew his head back and closed his eyes as if he was loving the feel of it. I went wildly out of control. Nicky was working his tongue on my knob as I felt a spasm of emotion focus on my little cock and I shot my load straight down Nicky’s throat.

No one else seemed to notice the incident. I don’t know if any other players had fucked one another out of frustration. A couple of days later when Stewart was in bed with me, I quizzed him about it and he said it all happened so quickly he didn’t get time to protest. He said once he felt Andy’s hot cock in his crack somehow he just couldn’t bring himself to resist. Not long after that I got my chance up Stewart’s bum and quite a few other bums too but that’s another story!

All of a sudden I noticed the queue was getting much shorter as they were now stuffing me faster than ever. It was because the guys had got so hot watching my ass being fucked and seeing increasing amounts of slimy cum oozing form my hole and running down the insides of my thighs. It made them jack off as soon as their cocks slipped inside my anus.

Then all of a sudden I was in the showers alone. The ones who had done me had been showering and dressing so I hadn’t noticed till the last one how suddenly they had all evaporated!

‘So what now?’ I thought then I remembered that the party had still to begin! In my state having just orgasmed and feeling more fucked than ever before in my life I thought I might just get dressed and walk away.

Well first problem: No clothes! I don’t know to this day where they had been put but after I had showered I put on the only thing I could find which was a players rugby shirt. It hardly covered my bottom. I had a notion that someone had put my clothes in the guest room to keep them safe. This was down a corridor and so I set off in this state with cum oozing from my barely covered bum hoping to get past the door behind which I could here the noise of the party.

Ever heard of Murphy’s Law? Well it says that if something can go wrong it will! What happened next make my earlier experiences seem tame. Watch this space!

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