Daddy’s PlaythingThe BeginningPart 1


Daddy’s Plaything. Part One I had finally broken his resistance and Daddy now accepted that I was his, body and soul, to use anyway he wanted and to act out his deepest sexual fantasies for him. I can not even imagine how frustrating it must have been for him, living all those years with a wife who considered sex as a duty, the price she had to pay for the security of marriage. We had sat down together, me sat cuddled on his knee with his strong hands gently caressing me, and discussed the whole issue of sex with each other. I had told him my limits, no pain, nothing in public that might cause gossip or scandal to either of us, no bodily marking, but that bondage and spankings were not only acceptable to me, they were enjoyable to me. In return he told me some of the fantasies which aroused him, the unfulfilled fantasies which he dreamed of so often but never expected to achieve. It was kind of sad in a way, almost all of the things he thought were kinky or perverted were actually pretty basic. Things like threesomes, şişli escort bayan oral sex, anal sex, bondage, watching girl-on-girl sex, Master-Slave role play, all of which I consider normal healthy fun. Eventually we agreed on a threesome for our first play date. Well, I say, “Agreed”. “Jane, Darling,” he said tentatively. “Would it be alright if I brought another man with me next time to join in with us? I really would like to experience a threesome if you are sure you do not mind.”  “Daddy,“ I replied. “Masters do not ask their sex slave for permission to do anything. They just do it, or at most notify the slave what will be happening.” He just smiled sheepishly and I knew I still had a long way to go in building his confidence. Although before leaving he did turn to me and say, ”I would like you to wear the handcuffs, and something sexy but easy to remove.“ I bowed my head to him. “Your sex slave will obey, Master.“ He laughed at that, before kissing me and leaving. The day for mecidiyeköy escort bayan our sex date finally arrived. I did my hair the way he liked it, just curling under at the shoulders with a hair band holding it away from my face. I bathed, using my favourite white tea and ginger soap, shaved armpits, legs, and of course , pussy, leaving me completely smooth for his hands and mouth. A shopping trip to the mall had yielded a gorgeous pink nightdress, short, almost see-through, and with thin ribbon straps tied at the shoulders. A simple tug at the ribbon ends would allow it to fall to the floor. I was wearing nothing under it. That should please him, as it could be removed easily without having to take off the handcuffs. As I waited for his arrival, I started wondering who he would bring to join in with us. Some old work colleague? A friend from his club? Ah well, it would not be long before I found out. Idly, I toyed with the open handcuffs. They were ready to put on as soon as I escort şişli had opened the door for the two of them. Even though I was expecting it, the knock at the door startled me. I got up and opened it, kissing Daddy deeply as I reached behind me and snapped the cuffs into place. I stepped back for him to admire, and only then did I see who was with him. Uncle Dave? He had brought his brother, the black sheep of the family, the womaniser, the “Bad Example”, my Uncle Dave. Oh God, Uncle Dave! He had known me since I was a baby, seen me in my nappies. I could feel my face blushing scarlet as he looked at me in a way that was not the way an Uncle looks at his niece. He moved around Dad and hugged me to him, his hand going round the cheeks of my bum and squeezing. “Well, George,” he laughed. “Looks like our little girl is all grown up.” Then he smacked my bottom hard as he moved away from me and went on into the living room. “Dad,” I said, almost whispering. “Why did you bring him of all people?” “I thought you would be happier with someone you knew, sdweetheart,” he explained. I just shrugged at his innocence, and followed him into the living room. He was here now, and it might even make Dad more relaxed having his brother sharing me, rather than some stranger. Uncle Dave was sat on the sofa.

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