Don’t Tease


I’m at the gym working out and my phone vibrates, breaking the song I’m listening to. I check it and see a picture of you in that dress curled up on our sofa. I was definitely admiring a few very fit girls  but looking at your picture I know that I’d much, much, much prefer to be fucking you than any of them. Steadily I finish my workout, my heart pounding, definitely feeling testosterone coursing through my body. As I finish my final set my phone goes again and it’s you, legs otele gelen escort spread with a message: get home soon or i’ll finish without you and little pouty face.I actually laugh out loud and draw a few looks even as I feel my cock throb to a semi in my loose thin shorts. Grabbing my towel I head downstairs and snatch my bag from my locker and send you a text: I’m coming, don’t you dare finish my little fucktoy.I balgat escort get home to you wearing that dress curled up on the sofa. I’m sweaty from the gym and I see you giggling. You know your teasing has been driving me mad. The sight of you there puts a wicked grin on my face as I walk towards you. “Get up!”As you stand I walk towards you and wrap my hand around your throat and kiss you hard, my tongue battling elvankent escort yours as I feel you press your body to mine, your hand rubbing up my chest. My free hand is on your ass, squeezing it firmly and lifting you onto your toes. I whisper in your ear, “You’re fucking mine now, you little tease.”I push you down onto your knees on the sofa, facing away from me; you wiggle your ass at me and I struggle not to chuckle at how fucking obvious you are. Instead, I lift your dress over your ass and spank you hard, grunting with the effort, “You’ve been a naughty little fucktoy and I’m going to fuck some better behaviour into you.”You feel me settle behind you and the head of my thick hard cock press against your pussy. Grabbing your ass and spreading your cheeks I groan, “Now fucking beg for my thick cock, my little slut.”

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