E041:Pearl Twenty-three

Big Tits

Donald leaves the room but is back in moments with a bottle of wine and glasses. “Emma, I want you to be totally relaxed for us to do this for the first time,” he tells her as he hands her a glass of wine.“Perhaps, something more than wine would be helpful,” he continues.  He opens a drawer and pulls out an ashtray, lighter and a rolled joint.Emma has never, ever, even considered using drugs, even if it is just marijuana and now actually legal in the state.  But the new side of her is suddenly curious about it and just stares as Donald lights it and takes a puff.He hands it to Emma and tells her to draw in slowly as much as she can.  He knows Emma has never smoked anything in her life, so her first puff might bring on coughs, so he takes her glass from her as she lifts ankara escort the joint to her lips.As expected, Emma does cough a bit on the first puff, but she then takes another and hold it in her throat for seconds before letting it out.  She smiles as she hands the joint back to Donald.He chuckles at her, and after he draws a great deal in himself, he leans to Emma and kissing her, shotguns the smoke into her.  She giggles as she realizes what is happening.  They finish the joint, between sips of wine, in this way.  One would draw the smoke in, then lean to the other to share as they kiss.After the joint is finished, they lean back against the headboard sipping the rest of their wine, close together as the joint and wine relaxes them both completely.Emma’s fingers ankara escort bayan easily find their way to Donald’s cock and she caresses it and his balls, jerking him some as he hardens more and more.  He can tell by her touch that she is ready, willing and wanting.  But he needs to be sure. Suddenly, while this is what needs to happen, he does not want to take her someplace she is not ready to go.  ‘What is coming over him?’“Emma are you sure you are ready to experience this?” he asks her with concern.“Oh yes sir, if you think I am, I am sure this is the right time,” she replies humbly. Then leans and kisses him deeply to let him know she is accepting of all this.“Well, then, perhaps it is time for you to first learn how to put a condom on me.  When we do escort ankara this, I do want to be very safe for you,” Donald says as he brings out a condom.He hands it to her to open the package. She watched when he put one on the paddle when he had used it on her at the hotel, so she knows basically what to do.  She takes the condom out and moves the tip of the condom to his hard glans.  She slowly rolls it down over his shaft covering him fully.Donald reaches for some lubricant and hands it to her to cover the head of the condom.  After she does, he tells her to roll on her stomach and lift her ass up.  She does as he instructs.She feels him adding more lube to her back hole and pressing some up in her a bit.  Just his fingers up in her feel so nice.  Then she fills his other hand’s fingers running up and down her slit, feeling her wetness, giving away how hot she is right now.  He plays up in her cunt for a bit and then begins to rub her clit to marble condition.  She moans in pleasure.

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