Erotic Dancer


Lights dimmed so low Your body aglow A dance for me Awaited with glee Pulsating beat Turns up the heat As you draw near I raise a cheer You twist and turn That body I yearn Sexy wee thong Turning me on Incredibly cute Forbidden fruit Sensuous skin Let me please win Provocative moves All Ankara Escort that you choose Such a fine treat Wanton eyes meet Hearts a pounding You’re astounding Feeling so tingly Senses jingly Each move is bliss Not to be missed Sincan Escort You’re erotic Wow you’ve got it Your lips so fine Move close to mine When they do meet I lose a beat You don’t stop there I’m so aware Stooping you touch Etlik Escort I want you so much Pulses a racing You I’m chasing Wishing for more All I adore My own lap dancer Total entrancer Take my number Sensual wonder So perfect by name She is so game Magical spell Teasing so well Ultimate end As you descend Bodies aglow Love juices flow Much more to do Just me and you Your dance is done Now comes true fun I know it’s for real True sex appeal The music might stop Feelings do not Who will be next? I am so vexed Another punter Dirty old grunter! Let’s rush off now After your bow Each to entrance After your dance. 

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