Fifty Shades of Brown Pt. 31


Renate part 8

So Renate had saved a lot of her shit from the past weeks in boxes in a freezer. We walked to the utility room together to collect them.

There were 5 large boxes each containing at least 2 liters of her frozen poo.

So what we did was put all the (still closed) boxes in the bathtub and filled the tub with hot water. Every now and then we refreshed the water with new hot water and we waited patiently for the poo to thaw. It took a few hours but then we felt the boxes and squeezed them and were sure the poo was ready for usage.

We drained the bath tub and I asked her if she had a large bucket. I guessed there should at least be enough shit to fill a bucket almost to the rim.

I put the bucket in the tub and one by one I emptied the boxes in the bucket. I was nice and soft poo now that is wasn’t frozen anymore and the smell was nothing like I ever experienced before. It was a mild earthy smell mixed with a little sharp tone of shit or even manure.

The bucket was almost full now and could hardly resist sticking my head in it. I asked her if she had some cotton wool to put up our nostrils so when our heads were upside down in the bucket we wouldn’t get everything in our noses.

When we both were ready we both got in the tub. Since it was a large corner tub we both fitted easily in it. I ordered her to scoop a handful of shit and smear her face with it. Eagerly she yalova seks hikayeleri did and rubbed the whole of her face with a thick layer of crap.

Then I told her to sit in front of the bucket and put her head in it and submerge her whole head till she couldn’t sink any lower and reached the bottom of the bucket.

She got on her knees, bent forward slowly and put her head in. When the shit was up to her nose she took a big breath and pushed her head in fast and completely.

She now was in it up to her neck. Before she was out of breath she stirred the soft shit with her head. Surely there would not be one blank and uncovered spot on her face, ears and hair.

Then she emerged herself from the shit again and as she sat up thick blobs of poo oozed from her head onto her shoulders and breasts. I couldn’t control myself and started to smear everything over her boobs and belly and also into her cunt and ass crack.

I was so horny and said I would do exactly the same so I did. When I reached the bottom of the bucket with the top of my head it felt so fantastic. The idea of being submerged in a woman’s shit was so hot. I opened my mouth and started to wiggle my head in the poo ferociously thus getting a lot of her crap in my mouth as well.

While I lifted my head again I kept the poo in my mouth and bent towards her and forced her to open her mouth and take over the shit in my mouth. With my tongue I forced it all out into her wide open dirty mouth.

Then I told her to lie down in the tub. I picked up the still heavy bucket and slowly poured the contents over her body. Started on her feet and slowly worked my way towards her pussy, then boobs and face. She was completely cover in her shit.

Sitting beside the tub I enjoyed that view for a while and told her that she would have to lay there for at least an hour. That way she could marinate in her own filth and would probably smell like shit for days. Especially hair is something you can smell shit in for a long time even when shampooing it a few times.

I stepped into the shower to clean up a bit so I could read a book for a while and make coffee.

Then it was time to resume the shit play.

I went into the shower room and climbed on top of her in the tub. We started smearing each other from head to toe. There now was no blank spot on our bodies left.

Then I told her to sit up and I got on my feet and stood in front of her, my cock dangling in her face. I scooped up a handful of shit and shoved it into her mouth and told her not to swallow. In wanted her to give me a shitty blow job with her mouth full of crap and cock.

Her sucking like that was unbelievable. Never felt better in my life. I had a hard time cumming like this so I took my cock out and started jerking of over her face while she had to keep her mouth wide open.

Minutes later, gasping for air, I came and shot my cum over her face and into her mouth and told her to smear my cum over her face and into her mouth and swallow everything. She did and that was amazing.

I bent over and gave her a French kiss even though I just had an orgasm. I still liked it so much!

Then I felt it was time for her to climax too. She reached down to her clit and began rubbing it while I kept pouring near liquid shit in her crotch. The stinky lubricant made her come very fast and very heavily. She was almost screaming.

Exhausted we both cuddled in the tub, still fully covered in shit.

After a while we showered and cleaned each other up very well, examining each other’s bodies for any leftover shit stains.

Afterwards we got dressed and I knew our meeting was almost over. I had a few hours left before my transport home.

We talked some more and decided to see each other again next spring. We would have a couple of these meetings again before I decided it was enough. By that time I was in the process of my divorce and wanted to think about my future.

Renate did not want this to become an actual relationship so I hoped someone would come along that would be open for more commitment.

My readers know that I succeeded. I am very lucky to have found Mieke who has grown into liking all of the depraved sexual desires I have and we really love each other and our relationship is getting deeper and deeper.

Couldn’t be more happy.

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