… for her ART’s sake Ch. 05-06


Chapter 5

Although the light streaming into the studio was filtered by the intervening kitchen area, there was still more than enough reaching the bedroom for us to see each other clearly – and although right then nothing would have satisfied my cock better than for me to tip Annabelle backwards on to the waiting bed, I didn’t. Instead, I took her face gently between my hands and bent to lightly brush my lips across that waiting cupid’s bow mouth of hers.

But, if I’d thought she preferred to be slowly and lovingly kissed and caressed towards her own arousal, I couldn’t have been more wrong – she responded instantly, pressing herself hard up against the straining length of me, her lips and mouth opening wide, and her tongue immediately pushing urgently forward.

Of course I responded, curling my arms around her – and it was perhaps only then that I truly realised just how much woman I really had. I had always been used to my arms being able to overlap behind my lovers, and when the time called for it, being able to literally hold them in a bear-like hug – but not Annabelle. In her case not even the tips of my fingers could meet.

But although I faintly registered the additional size of her, the passion her body and kisses were transmitting more than over-loaded any doubts that might have raised for me. And when – while her kisses and tonguing missed not a single beat – she dropped one hand down to continue fondling my cock – my mind became incapable of thinking any thoughts at all. I just wanted her – desperately needed her.

‘I’ve been wanting you for the last hour or so Phillip!’ She gasped breathlessly when we finally broke for air. ‘Well actually – and to be truthful – ever since last Sunday!’ she added self-consciously.

‘That’s very flattering Annabelle – and you were concerned about me being frustrated after only an hour or so!’ I replied with what I hoped was a reassuring grin.

‘Oh I think I was actually more concerned that you might – well, go off the boil!’ she replied, grinning mischievously up at me. ‘Now I think that’s more than enough chit-chat.’ she added, turning to strip the cover off the bed, then tugging the caftan up over her head.

Of course I took my first good look at her as I stripped off my own things – and there was certainly plenty of her to look at. Yet, although this was my first encounter with a very much larger than usual woman – and no doubt my idea of what such a woman might look like had been coloured by the images one frequently sees of truly obese men and women, with many pendulously hanging folds of decidedly unsightly fat – Annabelle was nothing at all like that.

She was of course, undoubtedly large – but her flesh was firm, and the extra fullness seemed to give her skin a silky sheen that many much smaller women might definitely envy. And the additional fullness of her curves were both balanced and in proportion – giving her a shape that men of earlier ages would have deemed sheer perfection.

In fact, she was precisely what was meant by the term ‘Rubinesque’ – the femininely voluptuous shape that is still in many parts of the world – and which was also true in the West until only the last century – that of the very most desirable of women

Full breasted – a still definite waist – then wide and full, but still gracefully curving, hips – encompassing a pronounced, but still firm belly – before leading down to rounded, and no doubt strong thighs. And high up between them, a darker, and more neatly trimmed mass of the uncontrollably curly hair that covered her head.

Having let my eyes drift slowly and appreciatively up and down her, I looked up, to find her staring at me, or to be more precise, at my cock – which, once free of restraint, was twitching and jerking at the prospect of what was soon to come.

‘I don’t know about you Annabelle, but I think that now is not the time for exploration or experimentation – though I certainly look forward to that – I think that right now what we both need is something much more basic.’ I said, questioningly.

‘Oh I do so agree Phillip – and I too hope there will other times for us.’ she replied as she turned and scrambled on to the bed.

I slid in beside her, her legs spreading as I lifted myself above her, isvecbahis and as I bent to kiss her waiting lips, felt her hand reach down to guide my cock into herself.

Now, no doubt like many other men, I had perhaps – even sub-consciously – thought that a larger woman might well have a larger pussy, one that would provide very little of the friction that makes sex so electrifying – but if so, Annabelle’s quickly dispelled all such foolish notions. Even though she was clearly already well lubricated, her pussy was still deliciously tight – so much so that I heard myself give a low grunting gasp of pleasure as I pushed the throbbing length deep inside her.

Annabelle’s sudden gasp, then the feel of her pushing herself up to compliment my down-thrust, let me know that she too was more than satisfied with what I had to offer – and we quickly gave ourselves up to the mutual passion that had been simmering between us.

So, as sexual couplings go, that first one was – as I suspect many lovers find – not all that dramatic, but at the end of it – after we had both climaxed – we lay, more than satisfied, curled up against each other.

I think it was then – during that post-coital, and semi-drowsy contentment – that I first realised the undoubted pleasures of a larger woman’s body. Not only were there so many firmly soft parts of her to hold and slowly caress, but snuggling into her was like being enveloped in a series of warm and silky-smooth pillows. It was – she was – utterly delightful. And having discovered the pleasures available, I admit I made the most of them.

Sometimes just lying there – allowing my hands and fingers to wander where they had a mind to – sometimes seeking a particularly warm or soft and silky part to stroke a little more purposefully – sometimes nuzzling into some part of her with my mouth, nipping a small fold of flesh between my teeth – only some time later, finally, heading for the parts I had really been wanting to pay attention to – to her breasts.

At first she lay – sighing softly – as my fingers, then my lips, stroked, licked and kissed them, at that stage being careful to avoid the nipples, that I could see were by then slowly re-engorging. But, as my caresses grew just that much more insistent, Annabelle rolled herself sideways, then moved up over me, so that her breasts hung down above my face.

‘Other than my pussy, these are by far the most sensitive parts of me, Phillip. I’ll warn you that if you get me just too excited, I might well end up raping you – but I’d still love it if you’d squeeze and suck them for me.’

Of course I needed no excuse to do exactly that.

Like virtually all men, I loved the feel of having a woman’s breasts in my hands – the weight, the roundness, their silky softness, all combined to always be a definite source of excited arousal – but until that very moment I would have always said that a handful was more than enough to satisfy me. But Annabelle’s were decidedly more than a ‘handful’, in fact if I was to give them the full attention she had said she wanted, I found it would be best if I used both on just one breast. In that way I could firmly but gently, knead its fullness, and while doing that, use my thumbs to reach around and lightly stroke up and over the rapidly stiffening nipple – grazingly tease and further stimulate it.

Her response was both immediate and strong – ‘Oh yes Phillip – that’s exactly right! – Oh – OH! – I really can’t tell you how good that feels! she gasped as my fingers and thumbs continued their activity.

It was only once I thought I had stimulated her to the point that her nipple seemed close to bursting point, that I changed tactics – taking it, and as much of the surrounding flesh as I could cope with, into my mouth, and as I began sucking hard, moved my hands across to take hold of her other breast. Then, while I vigorously suckled her, I began giving it the treatment I had given the first one.

Annabelle’s gasps immediately changed to much more deeply reverberating grunting sounds – and the way her nipple swelled within my mouth made me think that if I continued suckling her, she might very well reward me with a burst of breast milk.

Of course that was nonsense, but the mere idea of it further excited me – adding isveçbahis giriş to the thrills I was already getting from having so much sensuous flesh to handle. Thrills that both grew and even seemed to strengthen the longer I continued fondling and sucking her – giving each breast its share of either oral or manual attention – just occasionally, pausing, pressing them both firmly against my face as I buried it deep between them, inhaling the almost milky scent of her.

Now normally, when making love to a woman, I always remain attuned to her reactions; her movements, and especially her sounds – using those as clues to just what she finds especially pleasurable. But that time – with my hands so full of that firm and silky flesh, and my mouth with one or other of her grossly swollen, and by then almost leathery nipples – although I was vaguely conscious of her throaty mewlings, it was the excitement that I myself was experiencing that was all consuming.

So as all that was such a powerful experience, it probably wasn’t too surprising that when I felt her reaching around behind herself – although it really wasn’t that long since I had climaxed – we both found I already developed another erection.

Clearly she was too aroused from what I was continuing to do for her, to waste that – and without risking her breast slipping from my mouth, she somehow managed to lift and position herself so that when she sank down again, my strainingly re-invigorated cock slid smoothly straight up into the clutching wetness of her.

Then, while my hands and mouth maintained their stimulation, she rode me – at first doing so slowly, somehow squeezing it as she took my cock deep into the very heart of herself – only sometime later, gradually speeding-up and, when she began to ride me ever more vigorously and purposefully, eventually taking us both to yet another pair of explosive, and intensely satisfying orgasms.

Chapter 6

It was only later, when we had both calmed down a little, that I asked her if she treated all her sitters in that way. ‘You mean, take them to my bed?’


‘Oh no – some, but by no means all. It all depends on the chemistry I feel there is between us – and I thought that was particularly strong with you and me, even on the first night we met.’

‘Oh I felt that too.’ I replied truthfully.

‘Yes, I thought so – and of course your physical response during the sitting definitely seemed to confirm that.’ she added, grinning.

‘You’re a remarkable woman Annabelle, there’s definitely a sexual aura about you.’

She chuckled, then responded. ‘So it wasn’t just my tits then!’

‘Not just, no.’ I replied equally light-heartedly. ‘Though they most definitely helped.’

‘Do you normally go for women as large as I am Phillip?’

‘No – but why do you ask that?’

‘I thought not – it was what you did with my breasts. I’ve found that it’s men who haven’t been with a woman as well endowed as I am who are those more likely to pay special attention to them.’

‘Well I also thought that was what you asked for.’

‘True – and I’m certainly not complaining Phillip, I absolutely loved the way you did that for me.’

‘So, we can do it again?’

‘I most certainly hope so – you seem to be a remarkably considerate lover, and even more happily, a most potent one too.’ she added. ‘But I should warn you, I am likely to ask something rather unusual of you, some time.’

‘If it involves licking pussy – count me in, I love that too.’

‘Well, that’s equally nice to hear – for some reason many men seem to find that too distasteful. But, delightful though it’s been, I think that’s enough sexy talk for now, I really must get back to work, I’ve a painting to start.’ She said unnecessarily as she slid herself down and off the bed.


When I arrived the following Sunday, Annabelle was already painting. ‘I began almost immediately after you left last week, and I’ve been working at it on and off, ever since.’ she said by way of greeting. ‘In fact this is the third attempt, and second canvas, I’m trying to make this one rather special.’ she added, almost apologetically.

I knew better than ask if I might see how she was progressing – few artists appreciate isveçbahis yeni giriş their ‘work-in-progress’ being examined – so merely said. ‘So what do you want me to do, sit or stand?’

‘Today – neither Phillip. Given I’ve missed out on a fair bit of bed-time in the last few days, I thought I’d give it another hour or so, and by then I’ll be in the need of something to relax me.’

‘Well I’ll just have to see if I can think of something we can do about that.’

‘Oh I’m sure you’ll have no trouble – but in the meantime, have a wander around the studio if you like, see if there’s anything else of mine – other than my tits, I mean – that takes your fancy. Then you could be a sweetie and make us some coffee.’

Her reference to her fulsome breasts reminded me – for the umpteenth time – of the powerful effect they’d had on me, and immediately prompted the sight, the feel and, even more surprisingly, even the smell of them – and I felt the first signs of a stirring down between my legs. But I did my best to push those delightful but rather disturbingly intrusive thoughts aside as I did as she’d suggested.

I soon found that the various corners of her studio contained a large number of finished or partially-finished paintings, innumerable sketches and some of her pottery – and it was whilst poking about that I saw something that gave me an idea. Annabelle had said she wanted to be ‘relaxed’ and although having sex with her would, I hoped, ultimately do that, what I saw gave me an idea of how I might relax her even before we got around to serious love-making.

I pocketed it, then moved on.

The studio was so large, and Annabelle’s various art-works so eclectic that I probably spent the best part of an hour browsing – and even found one more of her paintings, a much smaller and less complex one, I thought I might purchase. Having done so I went over to the small kitchen area and did as she had asked me to, started brewing a pot of coffee for us.

Once done I carried the two mugs over to where she had apparently just finished painting; the canvas was draped with its cover and she was assiduously cleaning her brushes. ‘Ah, excellent timing Phillip – as you see, I have in fact only just finished. The smell of the coffee convinced me I’d done enough for now.’

‘So, are you pleased with how it’s going now?’ I asked.

‘Indeed yes, this one is working more the way I imagined. Painting can be tricky sometimes; some times they do seem to have a mind of their own – head off in quite a different direction to the one you start with. Of course occasionally the painting’s proved right, the end result is a very much better one. But this time I was determined to paint the image I myself developed – and that’s proved rather difficult. But I think I’ve cracked it now!’ she added as she came to sit beside me.

At first we talked about the painting I’d selected – which she agreed to sell for what seemed a very reasonable price – when and why she’d painted it, what her thoughts were as she’d worked on it, then chatted more generally about the range and subject matter for her various types of art-work. But of course – as we both very well knew where we’d soon find ourselves – after some little time we moved on to more intimately personal things.

‘You’ve no regrets about what happened between us last Sunday?’ I asked her.

‘Regrets? Good heavens no Phillip. Why on earth would I regret having such a very good time?’

‘Oh, just wondering. Sometimes women do.’ I added rather lamely.

‘Not this one! In fact I loved every single moment – as I think I said, you were not only a considerate lover, but also a highly satisfyingly potent one.’

‘I’m glad I came up to your no doubt very high standards Annabelle – but a little earlier you said you needed to relax and I think I may have thought of something that might just do that for you. But only if you still feel that way.’

‘Oh I think you’ll find I’m usually ready to try anything – well at least once – but as I’m hoping for something similar to what we shared last week, so long as you promise not to put me to sleep, you can try anything.’

‘OK – so have you had enough coffee?’

‘Mmm – I’m all yours now.’ she replied as she stood and headed for the more personal area of the studio.

To be continued –


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