fun in the forest


fun in the forestWe had been busy the night of your arrival and were now preparing for another night of fun. It was a warm night and I had been making plans and arrangements while we were in the club last night. This was all unknown to you and as my sub cum slut you were there to do as I ordered you. You had spent the day around the house naked doing various chores and making me food as I planned your night of pleasure.I had let you suck my cock while I ate the food you prepared and as a treat I had cum in your mouth you had thanked me and as you sucked my cock clean I ordered you to lay on your back and finger yourself for me to watch. Without hesitation you went on to your back and began playing with your pussy, I could see it getting nice and creamy and told you to cum for me which you did by pinching your clit hard as you forced your new dildo that I had got you in to your soaking pussy.You lay there breathing hard as the climax rolled through your body and as you caught your breath I stood up and walked out of the room to get dressed for the evening. I came back in to the room you were where I had left you like a good slut on your back pussy lips wide and glistening with creamy juice from your pussy. I threw you a long coat and a pair of high leather boots and told you to put it on, and as you did I fitted your choker chain and led you from the house by the lead.In to the car you went still soaking and I could smell the creamy cum from your pussy as we drove along the country lanes. I slid my finger in to your wet pussy as we drove and told you to open your coat and play with your nipples as we drove. You did straight away exposing them to anyone driving close by as you twisted the nipples between your finger and thumb hard the way you knew I liked you too and I could see you digging your nails in to the soft flesh around them too this made me hard again.After 30 mins we pulled off the road and drove along a lane to a car park in the Windsor Great Park. I got out of the car and went to the boot grabbing a bag I came around to your door and opened it your coat was still open and I could see where you had punished your nipples and breasts for me I grabbed your lead and pulled you coat undone from the car and without a word led you along a path, your coat open in the breeze flashing your sexy tits and wet pussy to the trees and anyone that might be there?.As we got to a clearing you saw a picnic table in the middle bahis siteleri of it and I led you to it. As I stood you there I removed your coat so you only had your boots on and then went in to my bag and produced several pairs of leather cuffs for ankles and wrists. You looked at me with lust in your eyes as I fitted them to you and then I grabbed a long piece of rope. I tied the rope to the four corners of the table and then with you positioned face first across the table I tied you down to it arms stretched hard so your tits were pressed into the table and then I went to your legs and pulled each one as wide as it could possibly go before binding it to a table leg.I stood back and pleased with my work I began to rub my hands over your exposed pussy and ass slowly sliding fingers in and out of both your holes the juice from your pussy lubing my finger so it went deep in to your tight ass. I moved around to the front of you once your pussy was soaking wet and as your legs were forced so wide the hole stayed open where my fingers had been. I unzipped my pants and slid my cock in to your hungry moth and I started to fuck your mouth and throat hard, I had hold of the choke chain and as I thrust in I pulled on it restricting your breathing as I fucked your face.You were gasping for air as I slid my cock out just how I wanted you, with the choker restricting your air and as I fucked your face I looked around the area for anyone else around. I reached in to my pocket and pulled out a plug with a ring on the end of it and as I leant forward forcing my rock hard cock deep in to your throat choking you I slid the plug in to your tight wet ass and watched as it eased in to your hole slowly stretching it as it slid in and enjoying it suck it all the way to the hilt.You gasped and I eased my cock back out slowly allowing you to breath and as I did I saw someone coming along the path I looked and smiled as I saw who it was and waved them over without a word. The guy came over you heard the footfall but could not look around as I had you stuck where you were with my cock in your mouth and the chain around your neck. I saw your eyes rise to meet mine I smiled and then waved to the guy to come forward he did so right behind you and I said to him that this slut wants to be filled with cum would you like to help.He smiled at me without speaking you heard him unzip his trousers and could feel him close behind you, right then you realised canlı bahis siteleri what was about to happen and before you could do anything the guy plunged his considerable meat deep in to your freshly teased pussy and as it was so wet he went all the way in till his balls slapped against your clit. As he did I removed my cock from your mouth and stood to one side so I could see his fat cock stretch your pussy as he fucked you. It was a fantastic sight as your soaking pussy looked ready to tear apart you were moaning like a whore as he thrust in to you and I was stroking my cock as he did it harder and harder I moved around to stand by his side and as I wanked my hard cock I removed the plug from your ass and as it slid out it left your ass gaping and that was all I needed I shot my hot spunk deep in to your open ass as he ploughed in to your pussy. You felt the hot cum shoot in to your ass and moaned louder as I then slid the plug back in to you to keep my cum deep inside you.The guy seeing this pumped one or two times more, before burying his cock as deep as possible in to you and shooting a bucket of cum in to your slut pussy. He stayed there buried deep in you while he shot the last drops in to you before withdrawing his cock and walking calmly around to your face I pulled on your chain and this made your head raise up I ordered you to open your mouth and suck him like a good slut and as you opened your mouth he fed his monster in to you and I watched as your tongue licked and sucked all the cream from his cock. As I watched I slid my cock next to his and you sucked us both clean, But it was then that you almost jumped and if you had not been tied down I am sure you would have done. As Right then with both our cocks in your mouth You felt another cock slide in to your cum filled pussy and begin to pump very slowly in long firm strokes in and out of you, you had not known this person was there and the first you knew was a cock fucking your cum slut pussy hard. The two of us now stood there watching this guy fuck you hard as we had done and I could see from your face that you were close to Cumming I whispered in to your ear to go ahead and climax, for the nice stranger in your pussy and as I said it you came all over his belly and cock as he slammed it in to you, as you had been holding it in like a good slut and now when you exploded you let yourself go and as we watched a gush of golden pee came from your canlı bahis pussy spraying the guy who was fucking you hard as he slammed his cock in to you enjoying it as much as we did.The guy did not last much longer in you cum and piss filled pussy and was soon shooting his cum in to you along with the stuff from before and I was sure that your pussy was nice and creamy right now along with your ass that I had cum in earlier.As we stood there the guy who had just cum in your pussy walked around and without having to be told slid his cock in to your hungry mouth and as you licked and sucked his cum coated cock we started to undo the rope thinking this was the end you hungrily sucked on his cock. Then the flash of the camera started your mouth full of cock and cum your open pussy dripping piss and cum and as I removed the plug your gaping ass with cum full to the top all pictures we would fuck over later.As the man withdrew his cock from your mouth we all picked you up and flipped you on to your back laying you on the damp grass and we then hammered the pegs from my bag in to the ground and lashed your arms and legs to them again naked and spread eagled as three men tied you to the floor, not speaking knowing what they were doing.Once you were restrained we all crammed over you and the two strangers started to suck and bite your hard nipples making you cry out as they let their teeth sink in I was at your pussy and my mouth was licking and biting your sexy clit as I sucked on your lips. All the time we were wanking our cocks as we sucked and played with you.It wasn’t long before with the three of us playing you could not help yourself and you climaxed again harder this time and I was able to suck the juice from your pussy. As soon as you did this the two next to you stood up and while still wanking their cocks spunked all over your body coating it with warm cum I did the same covering your smooth and by now sore and swollen pussy with my cum. We stood away from you and looked at the cum covered body tied to the grass and I said What a shame you came without permission slut now you will be defiled and as if in unison we all held our cocks forward and started to piss all over you on your tits your pussy your face and I pulled your chain hard so you opened your mouth and all three of us aimed a hot stream of piss in to your open mouth.Now drink it down slut for Cumming without permission. You swallowed like the dirty slut you are and once we finished we zipped our trousers and began to walk away. You wanted to cry out but knew you were not allowed and as I walked I turned and said I may be back later but if not I am sure some lucky guy will find you.

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