Gay Diploma Pt. 03: It Takes All Sorts

Double Penetration

So, on Saturday night I was pretty exhausted from all the sex with two very exciting men. First it had been Dili, otherwise known as Professor Homo, who was the organizer of this bank holiday weekend event at his house in the country. Then I had encountered the orgasmically thrilling experience that was Ivan, with whom I had shared some robust sex play – which is another way of saying that he had done exactly what he wanted with me, which was exactly what I wanted him to do. Licking the guy’s arse and having him shoot his spunk into my mouth are just highlights of a session that had changed my life even more than the 69 with Dili and his hairy Asian body.

Everyone had gone out for the evening but Dili and me, so we sat together drinking wine and watching TV.

“So how’s it going so far?” Dili asked.

“Great,” I said. “You could tell I enjoyed the induction with you, and the afternoon was… quite something too.”

“Yes, what happened with Ivan?” Dili said with concern.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, he’s not here. Disappeared,” Dili explained.

“We had a great time,” I said. “He’s a wonderful guy. Doesn’t say much, but…”

“He said the same about you,” Dili said. “Told me how much he liked you and shook his head and left. He can speak English, actually. He’s just a bit hesitant with it.”

I was very disappointed. I had been hoping to get together with Ivan again and if he didn’t show up on Sunday I would have to ask Dili for his contact details.

“Anyway, so tomorrow you’ve got rimming with the BC’s and also the little guy, and the watersports. And the gang in the evening. Just as well Monday’s a holiday too. You’re going to need a rest.”

In bed that night, in a small but nice room up in the attic, I was sorely tempted to to have a wank, but managed to summon the common sense and willpower to save it I had to banish the dirty thoughts from my mind just to get to sleep.

I woke early and went down for breakfast, a big plate of scrambled eggs which something subconscious told me was what I needed.

At 10, Dili took me to a chalet in the grounds, where two men in overalls were working in the garden.

“Come on, guys, you’ve got an appointment,” Dili chided them, and they quickly went into the chalet. Dili and I followed and sat in the living area making small talk until two men came out of the bathroom, wearing the standard white bathrobes. The same men. Fat black men. My morning class. Dili introduced us and left.

“You want to get undressed?” Phil said to me as izmit escort bayan he and Jay eyed me up. He had an American accent.

In a way, this was the most thrilling part for me: the shedding of clothes and being naked with another naked man, or in this case two men wearing nothing under their bathrobes. By the time my socks were off, my cock was advertising my desire.

As if co-ordinated, Phil and Jay both opened their robes. Hairy chests. Big bellies. Half-erect cocks below.

“This is rimming, right?” said Phil. “You going to rim some black ass today.” I smiled bashfully.

“Down here,” said Phil, pointing to the carpet in front of him. I knelt obediently.

“Touch our cocks,” Phil ordered. “You ever been skiing with black poles?” I took a black cock in each hand and wanked them a little, before Jay put his in my face. I sucked it. I sucked a black man’s cock while my left hand was holding another black man’s erect penis.

I felt like a slut, which was obviously the intention. Phil climbed onto the bed. The two of them were built like sumo wrestlers and their cocks weren’t actually huge, but you do hear that they don’t get longer, just fatter and harder as they get excited.

Phil knelt on the bed and pulled his cheeks apart.

“I want you to lick my ass,” he said, in that slightly threatening way that people do when they think you’re reluctant to perform this most taboo of acts. I left Jay’s cock swaying in the air as I mounted the bed and licked Phil’s anus. There was something about his skin,, the smooth texture and a firmness, that made it extra exciting. Was his ethnicity part of it? Was I atoning for the sins of my fathers by serving him in this way?

I don’t know. All I know is that I loved it. I licked him happily, joyfully, drawing pleasure from what was supposed to be my humiliation.

Jay was filming it on his phone – I had signed a permission for that in advance, on the condition that I could have a copy, and I was glad that I would be able to watch myself abased and primitive in this way.

After a few minutes, with Phil’s cock now rock hard and his wicked dark grey ball sack swinging, he grunted, “Okay. Now I want you to lick my friend’s black ass.”

Jay got into doggy position and passed Phil the phone. Jay’s skin was even darker than Phil’s. He knelt there like a smooth black bear. It was his arsehole that was exposed, but in his mind, and in his friend’s mind, I was the servant and they were the masters.

Before I got to Jay’s anus I licked his big black balls izmit eve gelen escort and felt all the way up his cock to the tip, where a film of precum told me how happy he was to be there. Then I once again committed what is widely regarded as the most shameful act in the human sexual repertoire: a white man licking a black man’s arse.

I loved it loved it loved it. I had two men’s ass smells all over my face, smeared there with my own saliva.

“You getting ganged tomorrow?” Phil said, his breath on the back of my thigh as he licked it.

“Yeah,” I said. “That’s the plan.”

“I’ll be there,” Phil said with the unspoken promise of further degradation.

After a quick shower with my two big friends, during which I licked them both as they bent over, I found my way to the big shower room in the main house. In the wet room sat a young, skinny man, drinking bottled water.

“Hi,” he said. “You must be my 11 o’clock.”

I wasn’t into younger men, but this one, who said his name was Carl, was less cocky than some.

I undressed and awaited instructions.

“Lie down,” Carl said, so I lay on my back on the non-slip floor. He stood above me, one leg either side of my hips so I was looking at his cock, his scrotum and the beginning of his arse. He adjusted his feet and his urine flowed from his tip. Into my navel, up my chest and onto my face. I think he expected me to open my mouth, but I didn’t really want to do that, not for him.

I turned over and said, “In my crack.”

Carl knelt behind me and gave me the rest of his piss as requested, tickling my anus and running down all over my balls. Just when I thought he was finished he stood up again and released a stream onto my back and then my shoulders until he was soaking my hair and squeezing out with the last drops there. Then he turned on the shower and I cleansed myself of him.

“Maxi,” he called as he opened the door. “He’s coming,” he told me as he left.

I was drying myself with a towel when the door opened again and a brown-skinned dwarf walked in. Normal head, small body and legs, big bush of pubic hair and a large cock. He stood on the wooden bench and looked at me.

“I’m Maxi,” he said. “Busy this afternoon but I’ve got half an hour now if that’s okay.” I nodded and he nodded back. “Come here.”

He was smiling and had a twinkle in his eye. I walked towards him and he said “Come on.” I walked forwards until I was right in front of him and his head was slightly above mine. He took my izmit otele gelen escort head in his hands and kissed me on the lips.

“It’s your lucky day,” Maxi said. “You’re going to suck, lick and be pissed on by a physical specimen most of your friends will never know.”

With that I became aware of a stream of hot water on my cock. Maxi kissed me and I found myself putting my arms around him. He lifted his penis and pissed up my body and then pulled us together again so our adjacent bodies squeezed his urine.

“Kneel down,” he said. I got on my knees and he finished his business aiming at my face. I opened my mouth and accepted his stream, spitting some back into his pubes.

When his flow stopped he had another idea. “Suck my midget’s mixed-race cock,” he said with a happy sigh. He was becoming hard as I obliged. He had a nice cock and I liked sucking it. He stroked my hair.

“And another thing,” he said. “You can lick my arse. You can lick a dwarf’s arse. That will be something to tell your grandchildren”.

He turned around, placed his hands against the wall and pushed his bottom out. I licked him briefly but I was uncomfortable.

“Is there a bedroom next door?’ I asked.

We dried quickly and headed through the door. Carl lay down, confident that I was going to suck him. And he was right. I took his full-size cock in my mouth and sucked it happily.

Then he lifted his legs right over his head and said, “Rim me.” I got my tongue into his crack and found an affectionate feeling creeping over me as I licked his arse.

“I think you’re enjoying that,” he said. “You can do it some more tonight. I’m looking forward to fucking you. Sorry this is a bit rushed but Dili kind of sprang it on me and I’ve got stuff to do.”

With that, he headed in for quick shower and left.

I got myself decent and went into the kitchen, where Dili was making a sandwich.

“Everything okay?” he asked casually. He made me a sandwich too and we sat and talked.

“So is it what you expected?” Dili asked.

“I’m enjoying it,” I said. “Just a bit confused about the cast of characters. I thought gay sex was all about slim guys and physical perfection.”

“That’s the general truth,” Dili said. “But real life is full of unexpected things. I want you to be a credit to the Academy of Professor Homo. From tomorrow onwards you can have all the pretty boys and muscle hunks you like. But you will also be aware that men of all shapes, sizes and colours are worthy of your attention too. So you’re not going to be high and mighty. You’ve 69ed with and been buggered by an Indian guy, you’ve done fuck knows what with a middle-aged Latvian slob, you’ve licked a black guy’s arse – three in fact, and one of them was a dwarf. That makes you a pretty rounded character. And after tonight, well…”

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