Girls Night Out Ch. 02


“Wow, Donna, I guess I was mistaken about you being upset. Yeah, that would be great if you could do that to a couple of the strippers and tell me about it when—”

Just as quickly as she took me in her mouth, she spit me out and stood up leaving me hanging there. Fuck! I knew I was in trouble, then.

“You pig! Mistaken about me? Apparently you don’t even know me. You think I’m a slut? Is that how you perceive me…as a slut? You must for you to think that I would put some strangers cock in my mouth.”


She gave me that look that she gives me when she is really pissed.

“Is that what you think of me?”

“Donna—” I said stuffing my hard cock back in my pants and zipping up.

“Don’t.” She put her hand up like a crossing guard holding up a stop sign. “You disgust me. You’ve watched one too many porn videos, Freddie.”

Bad day at work, Donna, or are you pissed that you are turning 30? I wanted to say that to her, but I didn’t. So what if I watch porn videos sometimes…okay…all the time. Porn videos are a stress release helping me to relax from my high tuzla eve gelen escort powered profession. Besides, she’s been a cold bitch lately and has not been taking care of my sexual needs. Also, it was a turn on for me to think of her with another man but I didn’t dare say that to her either. Donna is a tall, curvaceous redhead and she had just made me so hot that I was going to be left sexually frustrated. I wanted to kick something.

“I only want you to have—”

She gave me that scolding look that made me feel like I was a bad little boy caught with my hand in the cookie jar and, even though I had crumbs all over my face, I was trying to make her believe that I did not eat cookies.

“Yes, I know the kind of good time you want me to have.”

She took her hand and moved it back in forth in front of her mouth mimicking that action of stroking a cock while blowing someone.

“Honey, it’s part of the show. It means nothing. It’s all in fun. I just want you to—”

“Not on your life, buster.” She stuck a pointed index finger hard in my chest and with tuzla otele gelen escort each enunciated word pounded me with it. “I don’t know where their cocks have been. That’s disgusting. You’re disgusting.”

She threw back her red hair with a toss of her head. I love it when she does that. Her blue eyes flashed like Maureen O’Hara’s eyes flashed when she played Mary Kate Danaher in the ‘Quiet Man’ opposite John Wayne. Irish women are as beautiful as their tempers are hot.

“I don’t want you to do anything that—”

She whipped the stack of dollar bills from me that I had hanging from my hand and turned for the door.

“We’re just going to have a couple of drinks, watch the show like well-mannered, mature adult ladies,” she said stressing the word ladies, “and head home before the crowd leaves. I have to work tomorrow.”

“Okay, well, have a good time, sweetie.”

I went to give her a kiss on the lips but she turned her head and allowed me to kiss her on the cheek. Suddenly, with the chill of her, she made me feel cold.

I had always tuzla sınırsız escort wanted to experience a threesome and I was hoping to live vicariously through her evening’s sexual experience. It would have been nearly as good if Donna got drunk enough to enjoy herself. I was hoping for some hot pillow talk when she got home but it didn’t appear that she was in the party mood. Actually, she was never in the party mood. She was the opposite of me in that regard.

Fortunately, opposites attract and we connected in other ways that weren’t sexual. We were more a cerebral couple I guess. Although, I wished we were more sexual. When having sex with her, I swear, I couldn’t help but feel that she was timing it in the way that she times her daily run. Donna has a really hot body and I would have loved to enjoy it more often than our twice monthly scheduled sexual routine allowed. Then maybe I wouldn’t have jerked off to porn videos so often. If she knew how often I’d never hear the end of it. I could just hear her.

“Freddie! Is that cum on the remote? Ewww!”

“Cum, don’t be silly. It’s, uhm, spilled cheese dip. Yeah, that’s what it is, cheese dip.”

“Oh, yeah,” she said holding the remote out to me with two fingers as if it is diseased, “eat it, then.”

“I’m not going eat that. It’s old cheese, been sitting there for days, no doubt. Give it to me and I’ll wipe it off.”

To be continued…

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