Golden Glow


Author’s note: After looking back at my work, I realize that I don’t typically write about traditional intercourse. I write a lot about cheating and escaping sexual repression because it’s something I’d want for myself if only I were brave enough, but my scenes usually focus on oral and anal. Traditional P in V intercourse is far too… romantic. I’m glad to finally have a couple that deserves it. Don’t forget to comment or write me a message – I love it when you describe how my stories make you feel…

Love, Coppa

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I don’t care how gentlemanly you are or how chill you try to be, when you’re standing in a lake with a woman on your shoulders, there isn’t one second – not one fucking second – that you aren’t keenly aware of her pussy pressing warmly into the back of your neck. The truth is, both of you are laughing, doing your best to knock the other combatants into the water, and there’s not really much of a chance that she is in a mood to be sexually stimulated. Even with her clit grinding at your hairline. But dude, you still think she is. You AND the dude across from you. In fact, neither you nor that dude will lock eyes with each other as the women on your shoulders are locked in giggling, screeching, slap-fighting combat, women you’re certain are perpetually about five seconds from cumming. And this is why you’re grateful that the water is hiding your half-stalk.

This is about the place I’m in, Nicole’s pussy against my neck, trying to assure myself that my erection will dissipate before it’s time to get out of the water, when IT happens.

In all the giggling and shouting, I (and everyone around me) have not taken seriously Nicole’s warnings that she has to pee. In fact, everyone else thinks it’s hilarious. They jab and taunt, while she laughs and shrieks. I yell at her to hold on, not to let them win.

No one but me really notices when she goes quiet, her arms wrapped around my crown. No one but me could possibly notice the liquid warmth spreading over my neck and shoulders, flowing down my back.

I could let her down. I could toss her into the water right now and not even mention it. I’m sure she would appreciate one or both of those things. But I just stand there in the water, my erection now at three salutes, as Nicole’s posture deflates.

She knows I know. How could she not? Nicole just pissed on my neck.

“Actually,” says Tammy from Bert’s shoulders. “I DO have to go.”

“But we’re winning!” says Bert, Nicole’s ex.

Tammy, Bert’s newish girlfriend, smacks him hard on the forehead. “Do I sound like I’m fucking around? Put me down, asshole!”

“Jesus, yes ma’am,” says Bert, chucking Tammy into the water.

Now why didn’t I do that?

Because Nicole is too nice to slap me. Just sweet little Nicole who never stands up for herself, who was never a match for Bert’s salty demeanor. She didn’t even want him coming to this camp out. I could tell. But she didn’t say. And even though I knew, I didn’t stop him.

She doesn’t say anything as Bert and Tammy swim-run back to the shore. “I’ll be right behind you, babe!” shouts Bert. “I just need to uh, adjust something.” Nicole sits quietly on my shoulders. I can feel her pulse racing through her femoral artery.

Slowly, because I really don’t want her to think I’m upset with her while also terrified that she’s upset with me, I sink to my knees and lower her into the water. She says nothing as she pushes through to the shore. And I sink further into the water to wait for my erection to fade.

It takes way longer than it should.


I’ve had a crush on Nicole for as long as I can remember, long before she got boobs and all the way through high school. I followed her to college, for God’s sake. Bert followed me, of course. That idiot and I ended up rooming together.

I remember the night I asked him what he thought of Nicole. “Nicole?” he said. “Nicole who?”

It was a basic conversation. In passing really. I remember telling him, “She’s nice nerdy girl from our fucking high school. No? Long hair, perfect ass?”

“Oh, THAT Nicole,” he said.

They were dating by the end of the week.

Sitting here next to the fire, roasting this hot dog that I’m too sick to my stomach to eat, watching Bert and Tammy make out with zero regard for Nicole’s feelings, I silently curse myself and the bro-code. Nicole is exactly as far from both Bert and me as possible without leaving the fire circle. She’s not eating either. Her hair is still wet, but she’s changed into her cotton shorts and a hoodie. It gets cold along the lake in early summer, before the water has had a chance to take on summer heat.

Pete and Dani are sitting way up the hill in the truck bed, already through a 12-pack and on their way to puking up their share of the hot dogs. Even that won’t stop them from fucking tonight. Loudly. I’ve been camping with them before. I knew what I was signing up for. But they invited me, and I invited Nicole, and Bert invited himself and Tammy. What? I couldn’t not tell him I was going.

That’s içel seks hikayeleri Bert. He’s as coarse as sandpaper and about as sensitive as bounty hunter. But he’s there for me when it counts. Mostly.

I don’t know what I was thinking, moving in on his ex.

But let’s face it. I’ve not been moving in on Nicole as much as I’ve been backing into her. I don’t have trouble talking to women. I’ve had one girlfriend or another most of my post-pubescent life. But for some reason, I just can’t talk to Nicole. Not about how I feel. Maybe there’s too much on the line.

And now, I’m sitting here, practically staring at her. And the memory of her pee spreading over my neck has me pressing my knees together, hoping that the precum spot doesn’t show through the crotch of my linen shorts.

I can hear Pete and Dani stumbling into the woods, a sound soon overtaken by the crackling of the fire and the lake lapping at the pebbly beach. A minute more, the sound of vomiting. The fucking is going to start soon, and horizon is still pink and amber.

“So,” I say. “Anyone know any good ghost stories?”

Nicole stands up, steps over her log and out the fire circle. I look over at Bert with his hand up Tammy’s shirt, fondling what must be the longest nipples in the world as I can see one protruding through the shape of Bert’s spayed fingers. “I’ll just take a walk,” I say. They continue slurp-kissing without comment.

I walk past the tents and head up the hill to catch Nicole by the truck. She’s getting a bottle of water out of the cooler.

“Hey,” I say.

“Hey,” she says.

I thumb over my shoulder. “Don’t mind Bert. He’s an ass.”

“I don’t care,” she says. “He can’t hurt me anymore.”

“That’s a healthy attitude,” I say.

“Don’t patronize me, Andrew,” she says.

“I’m not. I wouldn’t. I’m just….” I sigh. “Everyone else is fucking. Or like, they will be.”

“So, you want to fuck me?” she says.

“WHAT?!” I gasp. “No! No, that’s not what…! I mean, I’m not trying to…”

“I’m fucking with you,” Nicole says, deadpan.

My shoulders slump, my heart still racing. “Yeah, no. I knew that. Er, I figured.”

“Not literally fucking, though,” she says.

“Right, because… we don’t have a condom.” I mentally punch myself in the face.

“Exactly,” she says with a half-smile. “Safety first.”

I blow air through my lips.

“I’m going to go walk down by the lake,” she says. “And then maybe I’ll turn in.”

“Want some company?” I say.

“No,” she says. “I just need some quiet time.”

I swallow. “Um, sure. Yeah, okay. Well, I saw something back by the trail head I wanted to take a look at before it’s completely dark.”

She gives me a tight smile and walks off.



When I get back from my face-saving walk to nowhere, twilight has fully set in. I almost killed myself several times on hidden roots or rocks or whatever.

While I was up there by the trail head, which is more like a wide break in the bushes next to the railroad tracks rather than a marked trail, I found myself a good place to sit and drop my pants. Leaning against a tree, it was pretty easy to get myself hard just thinking about Nicole on my shoulders. Not that I’m into watersports or anything. Well, I mean, maybe I’m surprised by how sexy I found having my neck pissed on, but fuck if I could tell you why.

I don’t know if was the forest noises or just crushing guilt, but I jerked my cock for thirty-plus minutes and almost couldn’t keep it hard. I tried everything. Thinking about kissing Nicole, her mouth, her tits, about slipping my cock into her pussy, about her begging me to fuck her asshole… And that last one almost got me there, but then I remembered we were supposed to share a tent tonight. After the rush of anxiety, there was no point in trying to cum.

Now back at camp, I note the extreme lack of people around the fire. Yes, the fire that is still burning. Bunch of assholes are going to get us all killed. I grab the now empty beer bucket and make the dark, hazardous walk down to the lake for water. The clouds have rolled in, and the darkness is heavier than usual. But I manage to collect a bucket of water and return to dump it on the fire. I pick my way carefully to my tent – MY tent, the one I’ve had since ninth grade – and I find my sleeping bag bunched up out front, the sound of vigorous fucking coming from inside.

Gritting my teeth, I grab my sleeping bag and head over to Pete and Dani’s tent. I poke my head inside for about two seconds before I hiss and pull it out again. It wreaks of vomit.

There’s no point in going over to Bert’s tent. He and Tammy are even louder than Pete and Dani. It’s like a fucking competition.

I should be furious as I march up to the truck, but something about this feels like my own damned fault. It only occurs to me when I see a figure in the flatbed that Nicole was displaced as well. Shit. Shit shit shit.

“Mind if I pull up a little corrugated bed liner?” I ask, not waiting for an answer before I hop up into the truck bed.

She doesn’t bother to sit up. “Fucking animals, those two,” says Nicole.

“Sorry,” I say, laying out my sleeping bag. “This isn’t entirely out of character.”

“Well, you did try to warn me,” says Nicole.

A bright flash cuts across the sky, and thunder cracks with a decay that rattles my chest. “That’s not ideal,” I say, looking up.

Nicole hums. I can practically hear her 4.0 GPA mind at work. She says, “Are you tired?”

“Not really at all,” I say.

“We should put one of these sleeping bags in the cab,” she says. “Just in case.”

“Mine probably,” I say. “It’s down-lined anyway. It doesn’t do wet.” After a minute, I’ve got my sleeping bag wadded in the driver’s seat, and I’m climbing back into the truck bed. “At least it seems to have warmed up,” I say, taking a seat next to Nicole.

“That’s probably why there’s so much lightning,” she says, pointing to the flashes appearing in the cloud cover with increasing frequency. “If it storms, it’s gonna’ be bad.”

“Well,” I say, “the keys are in the truck, if we need to head home.”

Nicole is quiet for a second. “You going to go down there and break up that orgy?”

“We could just leave them,” I say.

She chuckles at that. “Now that would feel amazing. But it’s not very nice.”

“Because they’re all so considerate,” I say.

She removes her hoodie, scoots down to lay flat in the bed upon her sleeping bag, which she’s unzipped and opened double, and balls up her hoodie behind her head. I am immediately aware of her firm nipples beneath her tee shirt. The shape of her breasts is something I have memorized. Yes, okay? I have jerked off with an imaginary hand on those breasts more times than I can count.

“You know what else is interesting…?”

“Sssshhh,” she hushes. “Just watch.”

She means the sky, of course. But in the new, strobing ambient light, my eyes devour her body. The swell of her braless bust, the mound of her sex in her high-cut cotton shorts. If she turned her head and rolled just a bit, her mouth would be right on top of my aching cock.

But none of it matters. I would shoot myself in the dick right now if I could only hold her against me. Okay, after I said it, I know that’s not true, but you get the idea.

I scoot down next to her, hoping it’s too dark to see my boner, which it’s probably not, but she’s looking up so I take my chances. Side by side, Nicole and I lay in the truck bed watching the lightning dance erratically through the swiftly moving storm clouds. The breeze is warm on my skin, and the air tacky with moisture. The question of rain is not if, but when.

I’m aware of her arm touching mine, from our forearms down to the backs of our hands. My fingers flit nervously, and I pretend I’m rubbing her hand on purpose, as if it were acceptable. Nicole remains deadly still.

I stop and roll to the side. I mean to prop myself up on my elbow, but I remain fully on my side. In profile, her lips contain over a decade of unrequited desire. I’m old enough to know that I haven’t truly loved any of my girlfriends, but if she would let me, I know I could love Nicole better than anyone.

“I’m sorry about the lake,” she says, staring at the sky.

“What? Why?”

“Well… um…” She does not continue.

“It was my fault. I should have listened.”

“Okay, that’s true. Actually, yeah. Fuck you.” She shifts up onto her elbow and I match her posture. “Why didn’t you put me down?”

“I don’t know,” I say. I think for a moment, my heart racing. “I guess I just… liked you being close to me. I…” I swallow hard. “…I didn’t want to let you go.”

The trees along the shoreline are rustling loudly in the breeze now, Nicole’s hair tossing about. But she remains silent. Keeps looking at me.

“And…,” she says, “that was worth getting peed on?”

“Oh, I’ve fantasized much worse.” The words are out of my mouth before I can stop them. I feel my face flush.

But Nicole doesn’t laugh. She doesn’t blink.

“I’ve fantasized worse, too,” she says.

I don’t know where this is going, but my cock is shoving up again my zipper, and not even that could compel me to get my erection under control.

“Well this got interesting,” I say.

“Is that bad?” she says.

“Uh nope. No, no. That’s good. Extremely, magnificently good. But like, what’s the timing on this? When did you start thinking it?”

She purses her lips to suppress a smile. “Don’t laugh.”

“I would never.”

“Senior year?”

My mouth drops open. I can’t even.

“But… but… but you never said!”

“It’s not the kind of thing you talk about,” she says.

“What? Of course you do! You just walk up to someone and say it!”

“Oh right, like you’ve told so many people you have a pee fetish!”

“What?” I say. “A pee fetish?”

Nicole’s face goes blank. “Wait, what are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about having a crush on you. What are you talking about?”

Nicole’s face slowly falls into her hand, and the she rolls face down. “Oh God,” sounds her muffled voice.

“You have a pee fetish?” I ask.

“Just kill me,” she says.

“That’s… kind of hot.”

She tilts her head a bit. “Really?”

I sit up cross legged. “Now that we’re being brutally honest, I guess… yeah, it’s kind of hot. I didn’t know you were into anything. I figured, you know, you were all missionary or whatever.”

“Missionary?!” she sits up sharply.

“I mean, Bert never talked about… you know… and he talks about everything.”

“Did Bert tell you why we broke up?” says Nicole.

“Yeah. Maybe. No.”

“He told me that I was pushing him too hard,” says Nicole. “That he wasn’t comfortable with my pace. He didn’t want to tie me up. He didn’t want to try anal. Ever time I mentioned having my asshole reamed he would lose wood.”

I can’t seem to close my mouth. Or find words. Until I lick dry lips and say, “So you’re uh, pretty liberated then?”

A coy smile reaches her lips. “My undergrad was psychology and I’m going for my masters in sexual behavior. Did you not know that?”

“Not the second part.”

“You’ve had sex,right?” she asks.

“Yes! Many times. Mostly with myself. Exclusively with myself.”

The Nicole I knew is gone. In her place is a predator crawling forward over me, and I find that I’m backing up until the truck impedes my retreat.

“You’ve had girlfriends, Andrew,” she says, her voice sultry. “Surely you’ve fucked them.”

My cock jumps when she says ‘fuck’. “Uh no, actually. I’ve always been waiting for something.”

“And that is?” she says.

I swallow hard. “You.”

A giant grin spreads across Nicole’s face, like a tigress smiling before a meal. She sits on her heels and rolls her shoulders back. “Well, Andrew. Here I am.”

I look around rapidly, but she remains statuesque. “Oh right now, huh?”

“Do you want me to make it easy for you?” she asks, a giggle in her voice.

“Am I am asshole if I say yes?”

She grins again. “And to be clear,” she says, “we’re about to have sex.”

“Yes, please.” I can the feel precum in my shorts chilling my dick.

She leans forward and places her mouth on mine. Her tongue gently nudges my lips apart, and her warm wetness fills my mouth. She smells like lake water and sweat and vanilla. I breathe through her kisses, matching her move for move. I place my hand on the back of her head and crush her lips into mine, press my body against her and move up to my knees so that she’s the one pressed against the cab.

She breaks away breathless. “Jesus, Andrew,” she says. “How did you learn to kiss like that?”

“You just showed me,” I say.

“I knew you were a good listener, but…”

“Kidding. I’ve had a LOT of practice kissing. But forewarning, that’s about all I’m good at.”

“Good with your mouth is good with your mouth,” she says. “You just keep listening, and this is going to be a good night.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I say with vigor. “I await your instructions.”

She firmly but slowly presses me off her. “Okay, I just need a minute. You take your clothes off. I want you naked when I come back.” She stands and heads for the tailgate.

“Where are you going?”

“I just have to pee real quick.”

“Why? I thought you were into pee stuff?”

Nicole gives me an incredulous look. “I don’t think you’re ready for that. Do you?”

“Let me tell you something about Bert,” I say, standing up. “He’s a coward. Always has been.”

“Says the guy that hasn’t told me how he felt since…?”

“Third grade,” I say.

“No shit?” she says in a small voice.

“That’s right,” I say, “but only because I was putting too much pressure on it. Probably. Well, I’m done with that shit. I like you Nicole. I always have. And no woman has ever tied up my brain the way you have, and I know we’d be good together. And if that starts with a little experimentation, then I’m all in.”

“Big words.”

“You think that’s big? You should have seen the size of my boner when you peed on me.”

“Really?” she says with a crazy grin.

“I won’t pretend to know why I think it’s hot. Probably some kind of potty training repression.”

“I can tell you a dozen reasons why it’s hot,” she says smartly, “and it’s not even that uncommon. But it’s more exciting to think you’re a deviant.”

“Awesome. Pee stuff. So what do we do?”

“Okay, first,” she says, kneeling back down, “we’re not going crazy. I’ve only done stuff by myself, so I’m not ready to get all up in it just yet. But as erotic moments go, I have an idea.”

“Sounds great,” I say.

“We’re going to need to get naked.”

“Yes, please.”

In one fluid motion, Nicole removes her tee shirt and her boobs drop with a little jiggle as her dark hair blows out behind her. I feel a bead of precum climb up and out my urethra. I’m pretty sure there’s a wet spot on my shorts. My shirt joins hers over the side of the truck.

When she lowers her shorts, I take a moment to appreciate the trimmed pubic hair adorning her mound. I, too, groom with scissors. Just because I’m not having sex doesn’t mean I don’t want to be ready to have sex.

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