Halloween with the Boss


Halloween was fast approaching. Bryan had told the staff that they could wear costumes and Jodi couldn’t wait. She had a special one picked out to wear. She knew the other people at work might talk, but she didn’t care. All she wanted to do was get Bryan’s attention and maybe torture him a little.

The day to dress up was actually a week before Halloween because there was a special event happening at the store. Jodi got up extra early to make sure she looked just right. She parted her hair in the middle and put it in pigtails. She then put on her favorite thong and a strapless push-up bra. Finally she pulled on the skirt and buttoned up the skirt she had chosen. She checked herself in the mirror. Something was missing. She looked down and saw her stockings still laying on the bed. She quickly pulled them on, white thigh-highs, and found her shoes. One last look in the mirror and she was done. Perfect.

“Bryan will go crazy watching me all day in this!” she thought.

Jodi arrived at work right on time, as usual. None of her coworkers really commented on her outfit, although a few did give her some dirty looks. She didn’t care. She wasn’t wearing the outfit for them. She also didn’t care that she was supposed to work all day dressed as she was. Maybe she’d help sales out a bit in the process.

Jodi began her day and went about her work. Bryan hadn’t seen her yet and she couldn’t wait for him to get a good look at her. She heard his voice a few aisles over, and she quickly climbed the ladder and began busily moving things around on the top shelf. Bryan came around the corner and stopped dead in his tracks.

“Hi Jodi! I just wanted to….”

He seemed to get lost in thought as his position on the floor gave him a perfect view of her thong as she reached for something on the shelf. She turned around and gave him a coy smile.

“Hey, Big Daddy! I was going to ask if you like the view, but I think I can kartal escort guess the answer.”

He smiled back and walked away, giving her a wink as he did so. The outfit definitely had the effect that she had planned.

A little while later she was working elsewhere on the floor when Bryan walked by again. She smiled at him and turned around. He came up behind her and gave her a light pat on the ass. She dropped something on the floor and bent over to pick it up, rubbing her bare ass against his crotch as she did so. She could feel his response as she wiggled against him. She stood up and leaned back in to him.

“Nice outfit. Very nice.”

That was all he could get out as he whispered in her ear and simultaneously ran a hand up her leg.

“Thank you. I’d hoped you’d like it,” she replied, grabbing his hand with hers. “Now you know that you can’t do this on the floor. All those cameras and people around. Later, ok?”

She pushed her ass into him one last time and he reluctantly pulled away. She could see the effect she’d had on him as he straightened out his pants and tried to hid the bulge. He walked away, and she smiled to herself as she watched him. The crotch on her panties was soaked just knowing that she had that effect on him clothed, and what might happen later.

The day seemed to fly by and Jodi had very little time to think about how to take advantage of the effect she’d had on Bryan. Suddenly a thought entered her mind. There is one stockroom that has no cameras in it and no one would wonder if she were to page Bryan there. She grinned to herself and almost ran to that side of the store. She picked up a phone and paged him.

Now it was Bryan’s turn to almost run across the store. He had been going nuts all day, first wondering what costume Jodi had chosen, then seeing her in it. She had told him it would either be a dominatrix or the naughty schoolgirl. He was so glad she went with kartal otele gelen escort the latter. Now he had an idea of what she wanted by paging him to that stockroom. He knew there were no cameras and it would raise little suspicion among the others what they were up to. He arrived at the stockroom to find her perched on top of a couple of TV boxes, spread eagle.

“Trick or Treat?” she asked, seductively.

“Well, it seems that you’re quite the naughty girl, but I think that maybe you deserve a treat.”

He moved over to her and grabbed her in a full embrace. He moved his mouth roughly onto hers, engaging her in a long, deep kiss. Their tongues intertwined as their desire grew more fervent. She scooted to the edge of the boxes and wrapped her legs around him, rubbing her pussy against his hardening cock. She broke the kiss after a few minutes and hopped off the boxes.

“I think I’ve got a treat for you first.”

She smiled and crouched down, taking his zipper in her teeth and pulling it down. She reached in and freed his hard cock from its confines. She began giving him his treat the way she knew he liked it. First, she held on to the base with one hand while she licked only around the head. Then slowly she took on the head in her mouth and sucked on it while her other hand began massaging his balls. She worked her way down his cock until she had the whole length in her mouth and down her throat. She stayed there for a few moments, enjoying his moans of pleasure. Then she took him totally out of her mouth and started the whole process over again. Soon, Bryan’s hands were tangled in her hair, urging her to move faster on his cock. She obliged, sucking and licking up and down his hard cock faster, one had still massaging his balls. She stopped sucking on his cock and moved to sucking on his balls while using one hand to jack his rock hard cock.

“If you don’t stop kartal eve gelen escort soon, you won’t get your treat,” he moaned.

Jodi looked up at him and smiled. She hopped back on the TV boxes and spread her legs wide. Bryan moved closer and pulled her thong aside. While enjoying his view, he began slowly teasing her clit with one finger. Jodi leaned back and just enjoyed the sensations. Soon she felt his cock pushing at the entrance to her pussy. She had been so wet all day that he slid in easily. He moved slowly, teasing her a bit. Every time she tried to move to get him in her further, he would back almost all the way out. Jodi moaned and cried out in frustration but Bryan just smiled. Suddenly in one quick thrust he buried himself all the way and held there. She leaned her head back and moaned deeply.

“Your cock feels so good. Fuck me with it. Fuck me now!”

Bryan began fucking her slowly, holding both of her legs straight up in the air, one finger still teasing her clit. With being so aroused all day, it didn’t take Judo long to begin writhing in pleasure underneath him. Her first orgasm came so suddenly it caught both of them by surprise when she cried out. Bryan just kept pounding away at her pussy, spreading her legs wide apart now. Jodi felt like she was in one continuous orgasm. His cock was sending waves of pleasure through her like it was their first time together.

Bryan was enjoying watching Jodi through her multiple orgasms, her pussy getting even wetter. She was getting so hot now that she had her hands on her own breasts, pinching and pulling at the nipples. This brought on another hard orgasm, with Jodi screaming his name. Bryan was getting close now and started really slamming his cock into her pussy. He came soon after she erupted into her fifth screaming orgasm, her pussy milking the cum out of his cock. He put her legs down and began kissing and nuzzling at her neck.

“That was quite a treat, you naughty girl.”

Jodi just smiled.

“I told you I’d have you anywhere, anytime, didn’t I?”

Bryan pulled his softening cock out of her sopping pussy and laughed. They made themselves look as presentable as possible, and headed back out to finish the day at work.

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