Happy Birthday

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My husband’s birthday was coming up and I had been racking my brain trying to think of what to get him. He is not an easy man to buy for. When he needs something, he buys it. And he’s not one to have one-time-only stuff around. For Christmas last year, I had bought him a satellite dish so he could get all his football games. Now, I was stuck with how to top that for him.

Asking him what he wanted had done me no good. All I had gotten for an answer was ‘whatever you think best’ and ‘I don’t really need anything this year.’ Big help!

Well, the weekend of his birthday had finally arrived and I was no closer to a gift than I was six months ago. My husband, Andy, had gone out with his brothers to play golf that Saturday. I decided to haul myself to the mall and try some last minute shopping. Hopefully a brilliant idea would strike when I least expected it.

Walking around the mall, I looked at various stores, going from the high end Brookstones to the low end novelty shops. Nothing! I was sitting on one of the benches still racking my brain when I looked up and saw the lingerie shop. An idea was taking root. If I couldn’t think of something to buy him, I could at least think of something to give him.

For the next hour, I wandered the mall again. This time, I was actually buying things. Delighted, and feeling very excited, I drove home. I knew I’d be there before Andy. He never came home before 6:00 in the evening when he played golf with his brothers.

I hurried to ready the house for my big idea. It was the middle of fall and it was a bit chilly, so I built a fire in the living room fireplace. Turning the lights low, I lit a few candles around the room. Pushing the couch back, I laid a warm blanket down in front of the fireplace and tossed a couple of pillows down with it. Turning on some light jazz on the stereo, I figured the mood was about set.

In the bedroom, I started on the next phase… me! For the next thirty minutes, I dressed me for the little adventure I had planned. Looking in the mirror, I was more than impressed.

I knew Andy would be home soon, so I went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of wine, two glasses and the plate of cream puffs I had bought at the bakery. Andy hates cake, so I always buy him cream puffs for his birthday.

Setting the food and drink on the coffee table in the living room, I went into the bedroom to make sure everything was ready. After about 15 minutes, I heard the front door open.

“Honey, you here?” I heard Andy call out. “Hey, what’s up with the living room?”

“Just a little something I threw together for your birthday.” I stood in the doorway of the bedroom and waited for Andy to look up. When he did, I knew I had him.

Andy’s eyes started at the top of my head. I had left my hair down the way he likes it, the brown curls flowing loosely around my face. My lips were escort kartal a dark red, full and luscious. My large, round breasts pushed up and nearly out of the black lace corset I had bought today at the lingerie shop. The waist shaped me in an hourglass, accentuating my 42DD chest. Matching black lace thong panties cut high on my thigh making my legs go on forever. The sheer black stockings met the garter at the bottom of the corset. Four inch black spiked heels finished the look.

“Happy birthday, baby.” I whispered seductively. I walked towards him slowly. He still hadn’t moved. “For your birthday this year, I thought I’d give you something extra special. Come here.”

I grabbed his hand and slowly guided him to the blanket area in front of the fireplace. Looking him in the eyes, I stated to undress him.

“Tonight, I am going to massage you, spoil you and make love to you. Whatever you want, I’ll do tonight. I’m completely yours.”

I threw his golf shirt to the couch. Kneeling in front of him, I lifted his foot and removed first one shoe then the other. Running my hands up his legs and over his growing groin, I slowly unzipped his pants. Pulling them down, I looked up at him, “Step out of your pants, baby.” He did.

His growing cock was forming a tent in his boxers. I slid my hands up his thighs and inside the legs of his boxers. My fingers stroked around his groin but never actually touched it. I pulled the boxers down.

One of Andy’s best features is his cock. I fell in love with him the first time I saw it. Nearly 8 inches long, he is thick and round. Staring at him, I watched as his cock throbbed and grew even harder.

“Lay down, Andy.” He slowly laid down on the blanket, resting his arms on the pillow behind him.

I stood and walked over to the coffee table. Lifting the platter with the wine and cream puffs, I walked back to the blanket. Kneeling, I set the platter on the floor. I poured two glasses of wine and handed one to him.

“Relax and enjoy. Roll over and lay on your stomach.”

Andy rolled over slowly, positioning himself gingerly.

“Close your eyes.”

He did.

Grabbing a bottle of almond massage oil, I poured some into my hands. Firmly, I massaged Andy’s back, rubbing the oil into his skin with my hands. Rubbing my hands over his shoulders and then down his back, I massaged his skin. Pouring more oil onto his lower back, I rubbed it into his back and then moved lower.

My hands caressed his ass, squeezing and pushing gently. I rubbed his thighs and his calves. Pouring more oil, I rubbed his feet and then worked back up again. My hands and skin glistened from the oil.

“Roll over.”

He rolled slowly over, laying on his back.

Pouring oil straight from the bottle onto his chest, I drew a line from his upper chest to his groin. His cock was standing straight uğur mumcu escort up, hard and ready. I rubbed the oil into his chest, my fingers teasing his nipples. He moaned softly.

My hands kneaded his abdomen, working the oil in. Moving down, I avoided his groin again and instead rubbed the oil into his legs.

I leaned back and took a sip of wine, licking my lips. I took up one of the cream puffs and held it to his lips. His mouth bit into it, cream on his lips. I leaned over and licked his lips clean.

“Mmm, that’s good whipping cream.”

Taking the cream puff, I scooped out a finger-full of cream and licked it slowly. My tongue swirled around my finger. Andy’s breathing was getting harder.

“I bet I know what would taste even better.” I eyed his hard cock.

Taking a finger and again scooping out some of the cream, I dropped the fresh cream onto the tip of Andy’s towering cock. I rubbed a little down the sides and then licked my finger clean.

Leaning over so Andy could watch me, I slowly licked the cream from the shaft of his cock, licking my way up to the tip. Flicking my tongue out, I cleaned the tip. Sliding my mouth over his head, I took his cock in my mouth and sucked.

Andy moaned and thrust his hips up, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. I sucked slow and hard, my tongue swirling around him. I moved my mouth up and down slowly, red lipstick marking his cock.

Using only my mouth, I sucked Andy’s cock, bringing him to the brink and then stopping. I sucked the head tight in my mouth and then pushed down until he touched the back of my throat.

“Oh baby! Oh fuck ya!”

Andy pushed his hips up. I sucked hard and then pulled him from my mouth.

“Not yet, baby. I have much more planned.”

Standing up over him, I licked my lips. Hooking my fingers in the top of my panties, I slowly pushed them down. Andy’s eyes shot to my mound.

“Oh baby!”

My pussy lips pushed out at him, wet and naked. That afternoon, I had shaved my pussy for him. I smiled at his reaction.

I rubbed my fingers over my lips. “It feels so good, so tingly. I couldn’t help but play with myself this afternoon when I did it. It’s so sensitive.” I slipped a finger inside me slowly and then pulled it out.

Andy sat up, grabbing my hips and pulling me towards him. I moaned as I felt his tongue lick my lips. Using his fingers, he parted me and found my hard clit. His mouth closed around it and he sucked hard. Between the fire and my arousal, I was burning up.

“It feels so good, Andy. Mmmm oh yes. My clit is so hard.”

Andy sucked and tongued my wet pussy. Rubbing his nose into me, I pushed my mound down onto his face. My hips pumped back and forth. Moaning, I came hard and fast. Andy stayed between my legs and licked me clean.

Laying back, his cock was still çavuşoğlu escort standing at attention. I sat on his legs and leaned over to take his cock in my mouth again. Wrapping my hand around his shaft, I moved up and slowly lifted myself onto his cock.

His moans filled the room as my tight pussy closed around his hard member. His hands grabbed my hips and he lifted me up and down on his cock, fucking me hard. I moaned and ground my hips down onto him. Up and down, I bounced on his cock. I felt his cock getting bigger inside of me. I knew he would explode soon.

“Come for me, baby. Come deep inside me.” I moaned.

He lifted me faster and harder, pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside me.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” I felt his hot cum shoot up inside me, filling me. My own orgasm tore through me. I ground my hips down, wanting to get everything I could.

I sat on him, not letting his cock leave me. Reaching back, I grabbed a cream puff and licked it. Smiling, I lifted my breasts out of the corset. Covering my hard nipples in cream, I leaned over and held my breast to his mouth. Andy loves my breasts and suckled my nipple into his mouth.

I moaned and moved my hips in a small circle. I grabbed a glass of wine and slowly dribbled some on my chest. Andy caught the wine soaked nipple in his mouth and sucked.

Another thing I love about Andy is his recovery time. I could feel his cock getting hard inside my pussy already.

I leaned over and whispered in his ear, “I want you to fuck me again. I want you to fuck my ass.”

His cock jumped to attention at that. I lifted myself up and off of his cock. Wet from our combined juices, I leaned over and took his swollen member in my mouth and sucked him hard again.

Getting on all fours in front of the fire, I turned to Andy, “Fuck me now.”

Kneeling behind me, Andy rubbed my ass with his hands. I felt his tongue dive between my legs and lick up to circle my hole. I moaned and closed my eyes. I felt the warm almond oil as he poured it over my ass. His finger slowly entered my ass, opening me for his cock. I looked back and watched as his other hand lubed his cock with the almond oil.

I moaned as I felt his cock slowly push into my ass, opening me wide.

“Oh fuck! Oh yea baby, fuck me! I love your fucking cock!” I yelled

Pushed all the way in, Andy slowly started to pump my ass. His hands reached round and played with my hanging breasts, squeezing. I reached down between my legs and fingered my clit as his cock fucked my ass. In and out his cock pumped, filling my tight ass.

I moaned as my orgasm ripped through me and then I felt his cock throb even bigger and harder.

“Here I come! Shit!”

Andy’s cock exploded in my ass. He pulled out and pumped his cum over my ass. I could feel it dripping down into my hole. I moaned.

Rolling over, I pulled Andy to me. We kissed deeply and passionately, our tongues fighting with one another.

“Happy birthday, baby.”

We slept and then we took a long shower and had a replay of the night. I think I may make this a birthday tradition. For both of us.

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