Hot Dinner Date


You were coming to town for work so we agreed to meet at a nice restaurant downtown for dinner. Neither of us had much time so it was just supposed to be a quick meal to finally meet one another face to face.We met in the front lobby and the greeter showed us to our seats. We ended up in a booth on the side of the room and you seemed surprised when I scooted into the booth next to you instead of across from you. The greeter handed us our menus and headed off quickly.We both immediately turned our attention to the menus and there was a little bit of awkward silence for a few seconds.Since I don’t like awkward silences I leaned towards you and whispered, “We should have met in a park or just got a hotel room.”As I whispered those words to you I moved my hand to the bulge in your pants and started gently rubbing, feeling your cock grow hard under the material separating your dick from my hand.You leaned toward me, kissed me, and then whispered, “You’re right, but this could be just as much fun.”Then I felt your hand on my thigh and I felt it slide up my thigh under my skirt. I spread my legs to allow your hand easy access and my fingers started working on your zipper. I felt you slide your body down a little in the booth making it easier for me to free your now incredibly hard cock. It also helped hide our activity better should the waiter arrive.I felt your fingers slip under my panties and I was a bit shocked when you started pulling on them. I was even more shocked with myself when I lifted up off the booth seat so you could pull my panties down over my ass under my skirt. I moved my knees closer and raised my feet together as you isvecbahis slid my panties down my legs and then worked them around my high heels and pulled them completely off.Then I noticed you stuffed them into your pocket but I didn’t object because I was too busy concentrating on my fingers wrapped around your big incredibly hard marvelous piece of man meat. I could barely get my fingers all the way around it but it felt so good in my hand. So soft in my hand yet so very hard at the same time.My hand began slowly moving up and down your shaft when I felt your fingers first rub up against my pussy. I felt your fingertip rubbing along my pussy lips and then find my hole.You slipped your finger inside me and whispered to me, “God you’re so wet already!”Your finger began sliding in and out of my wet pussy which increased my arousal considerably and made my hand move faster over your big hard cock under the table. Just as we were on the verge of taking it way too far the waitress walked up asking for our drink order. We both immediately stopped but neither one of us pulled our hand away. I ordered a vodka cranberry and you ordered a beer and she headed off.“She’ll be back sooner than we are ready for her. Maybe we should wait for her to come back,” you suggested.“What’s the fun in that?” I replied, returning to stroking your still quite hard cock, your finger not wasting any time providing your response.I squeezed my fingers tight around your cock and felt the soft skin move up and down under my hand, feeling every bump from the veins and meaty muscle textures of your cock.While my hand was busy stroking your cock and I was trying isveçbahis giriş to keep my focus on all the feelings my fingers were busy with, but I couldn’t help but get distracted by your finger sliding in and out of my wet pussy. You were using your left hand, sliding your middle finger into my pussy and it felt amazing, but then you started using your thumb to rub my clit at the same time.As the excitement grew ever so close to the breaking point the waitress returned again. She handed us our drinks and asked if we had decided what we wanted to eat.You were about to say something but I interrupted you by saying, “Actually we’re just going to do the drinks after all. Can you please bring the check?”The look on the waiter’s face gave away she was completely aware of the situation. She said she would be back with the check and turned and walked away. We wasted no time returning to pleasuring one another with our fingers. As I was watching the waitress walk away I noticed a man at a table a few tables down was watching us.We made eye contact and I was instantly sure he knew I was stroking your cock under the table. As your finger started working its way in and out of my pussy again I didn’t try to hide the pleasure I was feeling anymore. I opened my mouth and let out a deep breath with a nearly silent moan, all while looking him in the eyes, confirming what I believe he already suspected.The waitress returned with the check, so we had to once again put our activity on hold momentarily, although this time neither one of us completely stopped moving our fingers.  She set the little black folder on the edge of the table and quickly isveçbahis yeni giriş walked away again.I never looked away from the observant man a few tables away, not even when the waitress returned with the check. I just continued to stroke your cock and concentrate on how good your finger felt inside my pussy.Perhaps because I knew we were being observed I no longer felt like I needed to try to hide it so much. I started stroking your cock faster in my hand. I noticed as my hand moved faster so did your finger sliding inside my pussy and your thumb rubbing my clit. I started moving my hips slightly moving my pussy up and down over your finger and thumb.I couldn’t keep my moaning completely silent any longer but I fought to stay as quiet as I possibly could. I threw my head back slightly and opened my mouth wide and it took all my willpower to remain quiet as my orgasm flowed over my body. My thighs shook uncontrollably on each side of your hand.Just as I started to calm back down but well before I got there I felt your cock throb in my hand. I noticed quick movement out of the corner of my eye and I looked over to see you quickly move your napkin under the table. Just then I felt the warm sensation of your hot cum slide down over the back of my hand. I gripped your hard cock tight and milked out every last drop, hearing you breathe heavily in my ear throughout your orgasm.We just sat there for a moment both savoring the tingling sensations of post-orgasmic bliss. Then we began to collect ourselves and get everything put back in order. I pulled my skirt down and tried to straighten it all out the best I could while sitting down. I noticed you put the napkin on the edge of the table and then subtly zipped up and buttoned up everything. You pulled out your wallet and slipped your card in the black folder and before too long the waitress collected it.

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