Hott, Sticky, and Wetttttttttttttttttttttttttttt


Hott, Sticky, and WettttttttttttttttttttttttttttHott, Sticky, and Wetttttttttttttttttttttttttttt I was glad that we had finally met, because after several weeks of chatting on the internet and talking on the phone, I was ready to find out if you were really as sexually charged as you said you were. As for me, I knew I was ready and had a lot of dreams of how I was wanting serve you and have you serve me. So, when I called you and let you know what hotel I was staying at, I couldn’t help but notice the joy in your voice, which enticed me even more. As I waited for your arrival put a bottle of Merlot on ice to chill and did something I hadn’t done in quite some years. You see I had bought some weed back in NC that was supposed to be for you, but I decided to hit about half a joint to see how it would feel after not smoking any for so many years. After I rolled one and lit an incense, I began to feel very mellow and hot (horny would be a better way to put it) and my dick began to harden. As I took another hit and slowly released the smoke I began to slowly slide my hand along the length of my dick on the outside of my pants. Taking another toke and continuing to rub my peter more and more, I unzipped my pants and freed my dick to let it get some air. I then put out the joint and began to slowly jack on it up and down. As it began to feel real good I heard a knock at the door, so I put my dick back into pants and answered the door and there you stood with the most beautiful on your face, and I grinningly invited you to come on in. Once you stepped into the room your eyes seemed magically drawn to the bulging dick that was being constricted in my pants. Then you walked up to me and planted a hot, wet kiss on lips while you hand grasped my now rock hard dick. I pulled you closer and sent tongue searching down the valley of your throat and as our tongues did a tantalizing dance with each other I began to rub and massage your shoulders while your hand continued to massage my swollen and hot rod. As we broke away from our kiss as asked if you wanted to fire up the rest of the joint I had been smoking and you did. I opened the Merlot and poured us both a glass and sit back and let you enjoy the smoke because I knew it was bad. As you snorted the smoke from the roach and took a few of your wine, I notice that the horny fixation that had settled in your eyes. I then stepped over to where you sitting and took you by the hand and guided grandbetting yeni giriş you towards the bed but then thought of another plan. I had brought my bong along with me (I guess I knew I was going to smoke some weed too) and decided to have some fun, so I suggest to you that we take a shower together and smoke another joint while we are doing it, because the bong will keep the joint lit and won’t let the water put it out. You agreed and as we both began to get undressed I had to stop and admire all that fine brown sexy that I was going to having as mine (all mine) in just a little while, so I began to roll a joint and take the entire show in. After you had stripped I also finished undressing; and as we started towards the shower you reached down and grabbed my dick and led me to the shower. I lit the joint and screwed the bong back together and after it had filled with smoke I passed it to you. While you was taking a hit I turned on the shower but you took noticed that it was a Jacuzzi tub which was even better. As the water began to rise in the tub and we sit back in each other’s arms I laid the bong to the side pulled you on over to me. I had you straddle me and position yourself so the waves from the water would keep my dick flapping back and forth against the crevice of your ass. As we began to slowly kiss and flick the tips of tongues against each other’s kissed your chin and kissed continually down to the crevice of your beautiful brown charcoal-capped nipple titties. I began to move my mouth from mound to mound while gingerly pressing those nipples between my lips; you let a gasp of breath signaling me that you are really getting into. I move my mouth back up to yours and we began kissing again, but this start to part your asscheeks so that the warm water can splash your anal hole. I slide you back a little and place my hand between us, and then I take two fingers and open your quivering pussy lips and insert my middle into that hot moist slot. As I start to rub on your clit your hips began a slow grinding movement and you let your head rest on my shoulder and began to start licking and kissing my ear. Right now is when I pick up the bong again offering you a hit and right when you take a drag I intentionally flick your clit again. You began to rock a little more and tell me baby let’s stopping playing and go get busy, but I insist that we stay here for a little while longer because I grandbetting giriş want to have your pussy gushing as strong as the water jets in this Jacuzzi. After some more foreplay and smoking some weed, we get out of the Jacuzzi and decide that it is time to take it to the bed. Once we have lain back on the bed and rise up to climb on top, you stop and tell me to continue to lie back because you now want to get me satisfied. You then raise up and get between my legs, but instead of climbing on top of me you begin to give some marvelous head. You grab my dick at the base with your right hand and flick your tongue all over the head; and then you begin kissing the underside of it and all long the shaft. As you take the head between your lips into you hot and waiting mouth, I can feel sinking deeper into your throat inch-by-inch. As you sucking mouth grips my dick tighter and tighter, your head is also bobbing faster and faster. Then all of a sudden you pull me out of nice hot mouth, you lay my dick against my stomach and begin to service my nuts. First, you flick your tongue all over my nut sack and then you take one ball into your mouth while gently jacking on my dick. As you let my nuts flop out of your mouth bounce against my thigh, you take your tongue and slide it up the entire length of my shaft and place it back into your hungrily waiting mouth. After some more sucking and jacking with your hand, I pulled you and let you know it’s time that I treat you grand. As, you lay back I begin to kiss you hot and long and let my tongue begin it’s journey to your Hott, Sticky, and Wetttttttttttttttttttttttttttt gapping love nest. Once I begin kissing your now heaving breast, I gently lift them up and begin to kiss the underside of them as well. Now as I kiss your belly I make sure to give your navel extra tongue lashings while I use the palm of my hands to massage those beautiful charcoal-nipple breast of yours. My head continues to move down pass your belly button and began to kiss and lick the inner thigh of both your legs. Now as I reposition myself, I take my hands spread your legs as I get set to drink the tasty sweet nectar from your fountain of love. I take one finger and expose you clit and then let my tongue greedily greet it. Then I grab it between my lips and let my tongue created its own erotic rhythm with it. Out of jealousy my tongue begins to intervene with more gusto now and starts to press grandbetting güvenilirmi hard against you clit, this sends you to new heights as you began to buck your hips and your breath is steadily increasing. I now begin to taste your juices that are coming in floods as I can feel your hands on the sides of my head and you are increasingly grinding your hot dripping snatch into my face. As I drink the sweet sweet nectar that is flowing from you cunny, you begin to say my name and ask me why am I treating you so good. As your grinding begins to slow down, I sit back and just watch you move your body. I then insert a finger into your very wet and hot pussy and watch you fuck it for a few seconds, but now it’s time for us to do the wild thang and my dick is hard enough to crack concrete. But, I don’t want to just fuck you in a regular manner; I want to really put some pipe in that steaming pussy of yours. I suggest that you sit on the edge of the bed with you feet on the floor; after doing this you are sitting with my hard right in your face, you take hold of it and give it some loving licks and take the head and make popping sounds with it back and forth out of your mouth. I ask you to lay back and I then place your ankles on my shoulder. As I enter the head into you, you give let out a gasp of enthusiasm while waiting in anticipation of me putting all of my meat into you. I push about two more inches into that hot pussy of yours and then pull back until just the head is resting inside the folds of your pussy. I then begin to push more dick into you at a steady pace as you begin to gyrate your hips to meet me stroke for stroke. I lean forward and have your feet and ass facing me and the ceiling and start to really pound into depths of your love nest. As I rise up on my toes and begin to stroke furiously in and out of your slippery love slot I can feel the warm wetness of juices beginning to flow again. This excites even more so now I drop your left leg and keep your right one raised and the left curve of my dick finds its sweet spot in love tunnel and begin to really hit that spot. We are both sweaty now and letting moans of ecstasy escape from the deepest parts of our throats. As I feel my balls filling up with my juices and getting closer to cum, I hoist your left leg back up and start to really drill your hot, wet, dripping pussy until I can’t hold back my nut anymore. As I release my exploding balls into the deep crevice of you love valley I let out a moan of satisfaction that is match equally by your own moans joy as my white lava splashes the walls of your womanhood. As lay down beside you on the bed with my feet resting on the floor, we chat a minute and roll some more weed and you know the rest of the story.

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