Hottas i grab your waist to pull you closer, you wrap your arm around my neck…we begin to kiss as your tongue goes as far in my throat as possible. as i shut my lips on your tongue and you slowly drag it out.my hand begins to slide down your body. ripping the buttons off your shirt i snap off your bra. and throw you on the bed..i unbutton your pants i make my way up…kissing your neck and you begin to push my head down. as i massage one breast i have my tongue play with your pierced nipple. and gently sucking on it as my other hand moves down..i begin to prod my fingers on your pussy as you softly moan. i rub your clit with my thumb. as on of your hands grabs the sheets the other is rubbing my dick. as you begin to get wet you stick your hand with mine forcing two of yours in so mine will go in..as you pull digitalbahis yeni giriş out your fingers you have me lick your cum off. as i add more fingers you lift up and suck on my neck hard but pleasurable. i then make my way down dragging my tongue on your hard body. having my tongue do circle around your belly button. as i suck on your clit rubbing it between my lips you start moaning grabbing my head and pressing in against your pussy as i stick my tongue in your soaked pussy circulating it all inside of you cum on my mouth. as you flip me over to tie me to the bed arms and legs you Begin to slowly prod my pick in you. as i thrust up you give out a moan and throw your head back. as you move your hips back and forth slowly as you ride me you begin to go faster and faster moaning digitalbahis giriş louder you untie me and i pick up your legs to put on my shoulders and i stick it in your ass… as i begin to thrust you start to rub your clit as i finger you…as you start to scream because your pussy is so numb. you tell me faster and harder. as you keep cumming on me with it running down my thigh. i pull out to switch holes…but i keep the same speed..as you put your legs down off my shoulders i flip you over still inside you. with you on your hands and knees you try to look back and smile from pleasure. as i grab your waist and pull and push as fast as i can. i pull out to put you against the wall. sticking it back in you grab me from behind you. you begin to moan loud. as cum is running down both our digitalbahis güvenilirmi legs you turn around and put your hands to my back and scratch all the way down. biting my arm but still able to hear you trying not to scream with your eyes closed. i pick you up off the ground with your arms around my neck with my dick sliding in and out your wet numb pussy i begin to tell you im about to cum you get down and slide it out…vigorously sucking on my cock you choke on it as far as possible. as you lick the tip you stroke it looking up at me in the process i try to tell you that im about to cum but cant because im in a daze. but you knew.. as you stroke faster and faster on your knees you stick it in deep feeling me jerk. as i cum in your throat you pull it out as i cum on your mouth on your chest and stomach. as you look at me with lust in your eye and a smile. you lick the tip of my dick where there still was some cum left. as i lift you up. your legs are soaked and trembling as are mine. i lay you on the bed. as i lay down you lay on top of me as i feel your heart beat rapidly you slowly fall asleep

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