House Hunting Ch. 03

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House Hunting Ch.3

As the trio quickly dressed, they all were panic stricken, yet were all glancing at each other with a certain giddy laughter. They felt like they all almost got caught, but couldn’t deny how much fun they had. As they quickly scanned the room and straightened the bed, they were glad the homeowner had some candles burning as they made it nice for the showing.

Kris quickly dressed and descended the stairs, making her way out of the house before the homeowner had a chance to really see who it was. Kris was just glad to have gotten out and in her car, where she took a deep breath and sigh of relief. As she sat in her car, she couldn’t believe what just took place. While she always had an active sex life, she had never participated in a 3some before. Her college days gave her a few opportunities, but she always chickened out. She would fantasize about other women from time to time, but never acted on her feelings. Her career then took over, and she concentrated her efforts on becoming a top Real Estate salesperson in her hometown. Over the course of the past few years, she has had her share of relationships but none that lasted more than a few months. The variety was just what she craved, at this point in her life. But today, that variety was the greatest experience she had, and her mind was rushing with thoughts of how she could repeat this. While sitting in her car, Kris glanced in the mirror checking her makeup. At that very moment, she noticed she was wearing two different earrings . She must have grabbed the wrong one in the haste to get dressed.

Paul and Linda kept strolling around upstairs, making it seem like they were still inspecting the house, as the homeowner came into their house. Descending the stairs, they met the owner, and went through the introductions. While Paul had met her before, Linda couldn’t look her in the eyes, knowing she just had sex on her bed. Linda was almost blushing and made an excuse to look at another part of the house while Paul and the homeowner chatted about the house. Linda made her way to the living room away from everyone and caught her breath. She called over to Paul that she’d meet him outside. On her way to the door, she noticed Kris’ business card and slid it into her purse.

Paul was trying to stay as calm as possible as he kept talking to Carla, the homeowner. He wanted to leave before Carla noticed his flushed face, or even possibly could smell the pussy juice that had covered his face not 5 minutes earlier. Paul quickly said his goodbye and headed out the door.

Upon reaching his car, Paul saw the smirk on Linda’s face and they both started laughing as they finally had a chance to breathe. As Paul looked at Linda, he knew something was wrong. She looked at him with a questioning look, as he told her that she was missing an earring.

Linda’s stomach lurched at the thought that her earring was somewhere in Carla’s house, and what might happen to Paul, if the homeowner reported him to his company. She discussed with Paul what could be done, and they both thought it would be better to just let it go, and see what happens.

As they got nearer to Paul’s office, Linda made sure she was presentable, in case there were other people in the parking lot. Pulling into the space next to her car, Linda noticed there were very few cars around. She thanked Paul for “showing” her the ankara escort bayan

house, but he wasn’t letting her go that fast. As she turned to say goodbye, Paul was there with a kiss, and not just a peck. Linda was caught slightly off guard, but certainly welcomed the kiss. She was still feeling the effects of her orgasms, and the kiss got everything slowing all over again. While her tongue was dueling with Paul’s, she slowly began to rub her legs together to get some friction going. Another two minutes and she wouldn’t be able to control herself. She quickly pulled away from Paul, apologized, and thanked him for a great day, and that she would be calling him soon.

Linda quickly jumped out of Paul’s car and got in hers, started it up and headed home. Her mind was swirling from everything that just took place. She remembered the business card in her purse, and a shiver ran down her spine. She was glad she only had a mile or so to go to get home, as she was still excited, and felt that she had to take care of things.

Upon entering her house, Linda quickly headed for the bathroom and started the Jacuzzi filling it with how water, and some bubbles. She quickly disrobed. Looking at herself in the mirror, she now looked at herself in a different light. She noticed a few marks on her breasts and a few red spots where she pictured hands and mouths that were there minutes earlier. She eased herself into the tub, feeling the warm water sooth her muscles. Her mind wandering as the jets started the water swirling. Her mind and hands began to wander. Cupping her breasts, teasing her nipples, remembering how Paul had been eating her from behind. She maneuvered her body so her pussy was lined up with one of the jets and Linda now just had to keep it in line to feel the water rush over her clit. She almost felt that it was a non-stop orgasm as the water jet kept steady pressure on her clit. She had to let her fingers slip inside her to give her even more stimulation than the jet was providing. Her orgasm building and building, until the climax hit her and the feeling of release washed over her. She now felt alive, after a day of firsts, trying to figure out what is going to come next.

Kris had gotten herself home and now had a chance to relax. She was relieved that she got to sneak out of the house as fast as she had. She really enjoyed herself earlier, but now thought about what could have happened. Her cell phone rang brining her out of her dreamy state. Answering the phone, Kris wouldn’t make out the voice until she heard the words “did you lose an earring?”. Kris asked who this was, and the voice replied, “Carla, whose home you were at”. Kris had a quick panic attack, wondering how she was going to get out of this one.

Kris had made plans to meet with Carla to get her earring back, and tried to come up with some story that would sound plausible. When she rang the bell, Carla answered quickly, and with a big smile welcomed Kris into her home. Kris was taken aback at first, but as the conversation continued, she was quite at ease.

Carla tried to put Kris at ease, before she brought the truth forward. She brought Kris into the kitchen and fixed some coffee and tea. While Carla and Kris got to know each other, Kris was becoming more and more relaxed. As they chatted, the conversation came around to the earring. Kris was almost blushing knowing escort bayan full well what took place. Carla was asking Kris all sorts of questions about the earring and the like. Kris was now becoming a bit more nervous. Carla asked Kris to follow her upstairs a minute as she wanted to show how she had re-arranged something upstairs.

As the duo climbed the stairs Carla told Kris to go look in the room, as she would be right along. As Kris entered the room, she got the biggest surprise of her life. On the big screen TV in the bedroom, Kris was watching her afternoon at the house play out on screen. She was frozen in her tracks, and was suddenly jolted from her trance when she felt a warm breath on her neck. Kris didn’t know what to do. She could hear Carla whispering to her.

Carla began to tell Kris about the cameras that she had put in since she had a couple of times stolen in the past. She told Kris that when she found the earring, she backed the tape up to see who might have lost it. Carla had gotten so excited when she watched the tape, she had to lie on that exact same bed, and masturbate to many orgasms. Carla then began her seduction of Kris.

Carla kept whispering to Kris that everything was going to be ok, she kissed along Kris’ neck, feeling Kris shiver. She reached around and began to unbutton Kris’ top. As Carla was a little taller than Kris, she felt a power come over her. A dominating feeling, and was going to have Kris be her slave, at least for the afternoon.

Kris was about 5’6″ tall and 120 lbs. Slim and fit, working out a couple of times a week. She was proud of her body, but not sure of how she felt about being stripped by Carla. She felt Carla’s hands slip her top off, and begin to unclasp her bra. Her pert B cup breasts stayed in place as her bra was removed. Carla took Kris’s arms and raised them over her hear, and told her to stay that way.

Carla took a step back and admired Kris. She then took a step closer and began to unzip Kris’s skirt, letting it fall to the floor, amazed at Kris’ figure. Kris had left without panties, and Carla’s breath gasped as this fact came into view. She couldn’t help herself as she crouched down and kissed Kris’ ass cheeks. Licking one side, and then the other, Carla’s tongue just teased the skin. She saw the goose bumps form on each globe.

Carla pulled herself from Kris, and slowly walked around her. Kris couldn’t open her eyes. She was embarrassed yet fully aroused her nipples hard and her pussy swollen with desire. Carla stood and stared for a minute. Carla then quietly told Kris to open her eyes. They looked at each other for what seemed like hours, yet was only about 20 seconds.

Carla told Kris to undress her. Kris timidly walked to Carla and started unbuttoning her blouse. Carla was a bit taller yet was still quite slim, with larger breasts than her own. She was mesmerized at Carla’s beauty, and wanted to show her how good she could be, hoping that this would make Carla forget about the whole earring thing.

Kris began to kiss Carla’s exposed skin, dropping the blouse to the floor. She kissed down between her breasts, along her belly, teasing her belly button on the way. Kris could feel Carla’s hands on her shoulders, giving her some slight pressure to move downward. Kris unsnapped, then unzipped Carla’s slacks, slipping them down her legs. She was delighted escort ankara to see Carla had gone commando and her smooth naked pussy lay In front of her. Kris leaned in and smelled Carla’s arousal. She then teases her, running her tongue down along Carla’s legs.

As they were a couple of feet from the bed, Kris slightly pushed Carla back toward the bed. When Carla felt the bed at the back of her legs, she sat down, reclining back on her elbows, jut looking at Kris, admiring the gentleness she saw.

Kris kept kissing and lightly licking Carla’s legs. Sliding her tongue up one leg, and down the other she continued to tease Carla. When she reached Carla’s foot, she began massaging it, putting pressure on her pressure points, making sure she wasn’t tickling her. She noticed how nicely her nails were painted, and had the urge to take her toes in hers mouth. Kris began to suck one toe at a time, hearing Carla sigh and moan slightly.

Carla lie back enjoying the treatment she was being given. As Kris sucked on her toes, she couldn’t figure out why she never let this happen before. The waves of lust continued to grow, as she lie back completely. She could feel herself becoming wetter and wetter, as her hands traveled down her own body. Teasing her nipples, and running her hands down along her torso. When she reached her pussy, she was amazed at how wet and aroused she was. Her lips were swollen and her clit was hard as she ever felt it.

Kris glanced up to watch Carla’s hands travel down her body. She would see her nipples standing erect. She helped Carla move her legs further apart, and saw Carla’s pussy open like a flower. She noticed how swollen her lips were, just begging to be sucked on. While Kris watched Carla begin to finger herself. She doubled her efforts on her toes. Sucking on her big toe as if it were a small cock, Kris began to give her toe a “blow-job”. In and out the toe went in Kris’ mouth, and Carla was sliding fingers into her wet pussy faster and faster. Just when Kris thought Carla was going to cum, she stopped sucking and quickly moved to cover Carla’s pussy with her mouth, thrusting her tongue deep inside the bare ripe pussy before her. Licking and sucking for all she was worth, Kris attacked Carla’s pussy like it was her final dessert, sweet and tasty.

Carla couldn’t believe how good her body felt. First her toes, now her pussy was under Kris’ tongue. Feeling her tongue sliding inside her, and feeling fingers reaching deep inside to stimulate the walls of her pussy made her scream with delight. But she still wanted more stimulation. As that thought was passing through her, she felt one of Kris’ fingers begin to play with her asshole. She felt a wetness, and realized her juice was lubricating her ass nice and good. Kris slowly slipped one finger just inside the rim of her ass, and quickly slid it out. Carla screamed as this happened, and Kris then knew she was hers.

While Kris’ tongue was attacking Carla’s pussy, and now her finger was penetrating Carla’s ass, Carla was raising her hips of the bed more and more. Kris had all she would do to contain Carla’s thrashing about. She slid her finger deep into Carla’s ass, her other hand now holding Carla’s pussy open, and her lips sucking Carla’s clit. She then heard Carla Scream out “Don’t stop licking me, and fucking me, I’m cumming”.

In that instant, Carla’s body tensed up, and more juice flowed from her pussy as her orgasm overtook her. Kris now had her mouth completely covering Carla’s pussy as she felt the ripples flow through her body. She couldn’t wait to cum herself, and hoped this was going to continue.

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