How I lost my virginity


My mother had let me have a sleepover with my best pal . After supper we went to bed and I found that  she had a King size bed all to herself. She also had an ensuite bathroom with a bidet.  I laughed when I saw it and  came in to find out what I was laughing at.  She then dropped her jeans and panties and sat astride the bidet and showed me how to use it..  She then left me to get ready for bed.  I decided to have a shower and I then put my pyjamas on.  I went through to the bedroom and  said she was also going to have  shower. She said I could put the DVD on that she had put in the DVD player.  When I switched it on I was taken aback as it was about lesbian schoolgirls.  I had never seen a porn film before. I watched as the girls sucked each other tits and pussies.  My right hand was now in my pyjama bottoms and I was starting to stroke my pussy. I was so engrossed in watching the film I did not hear  return to the bedroom.  As she pulled back the bedcovers I quickly turned round and saw  was wearing a see through baby doll nighty .  saw where my hand was and she eased of my pyjama bottoms and moving my hand away from my pussy she lowered her head and began to slip her tongue into my tight pussy.  Soon I was gasping and she then stood up and removed her baby doll nighty and helped me take off my pyjama top.  She then straddled me and lowered her pussy onto my mouth and she then began to lick my pussy again,  I started to lick her and soon we were both have orgasms. Jane then got off me and went to her bed side cabinet and produced  a vibrator and began to rub it Gölbaşı escort all over me and then began to tease my clit.  Soon I was have the most wonderful orgasm.  Jane then asked me to do it to her and then she asked me to slip the  sex toy up her pussy.  I was shocked and asked what about her hymen.  She replied that her hymen was broken when she was about to start secondary school and she had been attending the family planning clinic since then.  I was amazed and began to ask her questions as to who had done it and had she consented and did she like sex. Jane smiled and told me that she had been pleasuring herself and her mother had come into her room to wake her and found Jane with her legs apart and two fingers just inside her pussy. Her mother then woke Jane and asked her if she knew what she had been doing.  Jane told her mum that her baby sitter had showed her what to do.  Jane’s mother smiled al little. Unknown to Jane he mother had asked the babysitter t tell Jane the facts of life as she thought it would be better for her to tell Jane the facts rather then her mum. Jane’s mother reached over and removed Jane’s fingers and inserted her own and began to bring her daughter to an orgasm.  After doing this she told Jane not to tell anyone and told Jane to get up and get ready for breakfast. After breakfast Jane and her mother went shopping and Jane’ mother bought her some sexy underwear and a basque.  She then went into a café and told |Jane that she would be back shortly.  Jane’s mum returned with a plain looking bag and Keçiören escort bayan said they were going home.  On reaching home Jane was told to go and put her basque on and the matching panties and also put her school uniform on over it.  Her mum also gave her black stockings and showed her how to attach the stockings to the suspenders of the basque.  It was then that Jane realised he mother was also wearing suspenders.  Jane went off to her room and got ready.  The panties were tight fitting and she could see her mound in the mirror.. There was some pubic hair peeking out from the sides of the panties.  She then put her school skirt and blouse on and she then herd her mother call from her bedroom.  Crossing the corridor she entered her mothers, room and saw her mother was also standing there with a matching basque and panties with stockings. In the room also was Jane’ babysitter and she was standing with just small pair of black panties on.  Jane’s mother told Jane that they both had a surprise for her,  Jane noticed on the bedside cabinet was tube of KY jelly and  the baby sitter was removing something from the plain bag that Jane’s mother  had brought into the café.  Jane’s eyes opened wide when she saw the babysitter produce a strap on dildo.  Jane’s mother helped the babysitter fasten the belt. The dildo was about 6 inches long.  Jane’s mother then began to lubricate the dildo with the KY jelly. The babysitter came over to Jane and slowly began to strip her and as the basque was removed she began to kiss Jane’s Escort Kızılay breasts.  Jane was feeling a lovely ache between her legs.  She then felt her panties being slipped off.  And the baby sitter began to slowly stroke the entrance to her vagina.  Her mother told her to lie down on the towel that she had put on the bed and part her legs.  Her mother then sprayed some shaving foam on to her hands and then this was applied to her pubic hair.  Her mother then began to shave her pubic region and soon it was nice and smooth like her mum’s pussy and that of the baby sitter.  Her mother rubbed some after shave balm into the newly shaved pussy. She then asked Jane if she would like to watch her being shafted by the babysitter and Jane agreed..  The babysitter removed her mother’s panties and told her to bend over and hold onto the bedside cabinet.  The babysitter then began to enter her mother’s pussy and began to slip it in and out.  Soon her mother was having an orgasm and Jane was stroking herself .  As then orgasm finished Jane’s mother turned round and asked Jane if she would like to be deflowered by the babysitter.  Jane agreed and her mother placed a pillow under the small of Jan’s back and rubbed some KY jelly into her virginal pussy.  The baby sitter was also lubricating the dildo.  Jane’s mother told her to spread her legs as wide as possible and then she used her hand to part the Jane’s vaginal lips .  Jane watched as the babysitter kneeled on the bed and began to insert the dildo into her pussy.  Jane’s mother then took her hands away from the vaginal lips of her daughter and then held Jane’s right hand.  Jane asked her mother how much of the dildo would she be able to tale.  Her mother assured her that her vagina would stretch and take it all.  Jane felt the dildo slowly pushing the muscles in her vagina aside and then she felt a slight pain in her vagina.

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