I Double Dog Dare You!


I Double Dog Dare You!About two weeks ago my husband and I went out with another couple. We went to a club and did alot of drinking and dancing. The other woman and I were very drunk and having a real good time. The other couple, some neighbors of ours, are the same age as we are-in their 40’s. She is named Wilma and she is not very pretty but has a real nice body. Fred, her husband is okay, nothing to write home about. My name is Sam and my husband in named Troy. I have dark hair, average looks and try to have a nice body. Troy is a fine looking guy. Anyway, we tired of the club and were going to look for a bar. Wilma and I were pretty horny and I was thinking of calling it a night and going home and fucking Troy and going to sleep. We had stopped at this little store to get smokes. A couple of teenage boys walked by our truck and went in the store. They came back out with beer. Fred and Troy were standing outside and started to talk to these boys. The men got back in the truck and said that these k**s were having a party and we should go. We followed them to the house and went in. It was a big house with a pool. There were maybe twenty teenage almanbahis yeni giriş boys here and two teenage girls. Everybody was feeling pretty buzzed. the four of us stood there with a beer. I told Troy this party is lame and we should go. Troy said that Wilma and I could really liven it up. I told him no! Troy then said “I double dog dare you” followed by “strip down naked and swim in the pool and then fuck all these guys!” I looked at Wilma who was already taking off her clothes and I then removed mine and we went to the pool and jumped in. Several boys got naked and jumped in also along with the two drunk girls. Now, I have only fucked two guys at once twice in my life and maybe at the most four guys in the same weekend. I have never done more than that and have never really wanted to but when Troy dares me i have to follow through. Wilma is the same way about dares. Wilma has never had more than one guy at a time.We swam and flirted and soon I had made out with several guys and even jacked two guys off. Now we were out of the pool and inside playing pool. I think most of the guys were folowing us around. almanbahis giriş Fred and Troy were watching the whole time. I knew they had a bet on when the fucking would start. I have to admit that all these naked young guys with partial hardons only made me more horny. Finally, I grab one guy and started to kiss him, his hands were are over me, then I grab somebodys cock. Wilma hit the floor and took a cock in her mouth. With in minutes me, Wilma and the other two girls were on the pool table surrounded by guys, hands were every where-my boobs, my cunt, my ass, everywhere. Finally a boy climbed up on top of me and mounted me. He slid easily into my wet cunt, he started to thrust into me hard and forcibly. I loved it, the feeling of this young boy thrusting into me with everybody watching, his hard cock pushing into me, then he pushed into as deep as he could and I felt his hot cum flow into me, his pumping for all it was worth. I did not think he would ever stop! He got up and somebody else climb onboard. Then i got a cock in the mouth, but only for a minute as it exploded quickly which made it hard to swallow it all. I noticed almanbahis güvenilirmi Wilma was on all fours with a cock in her cunt and one in her mouth. She had a stream of jizz leaking from the corner of her mouth and a stream running down her leg. The two young girls were just as gooey. I caught Troy with a cam corder recording this event. I was really enjoying myself, one hard cock after another and plenty of hot sticky cum. Those boys must have called some of their friends as there seemed to be plenty of fresh cock ready to penetrate my pussy. Two more girls joined the group, Wilma even ate cum out of one of their cunts-they ended up in the sixty-nine position. The boys went crazy!! Then a couple of older women joined in, I think they must have been somebodys mom, they were very, very drunk. Fred and Troy did fuck a couple of the girls and then the older drunk ladies. We left well after five in the morning. The boys were still lined up to fuck those girls and the older ladies. I bet those women will be really sore the next couple of days. I really hope they were on some kind of birth control. Wilma and I lost track of how many boys we serviced. I know that I was leaking jizz out of my pussy most of the next day. When we got home we had a little orgy of our own, I got to fuck Fred and Troy banged Wilma. Troy and Fred are going to keep in touch with those boys and we all want to have another party real soon.

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