I would lick you


I would lick your lovely ear lobes I would lick your slender neck I would lick along your shouldersand then lower I would trekI would lick your upper bodyI would lick across your chest I would lick my way most slowlyright across each fulsome breastI would lick your ripened nipplesI would take them in my mouth I would give them so much pleasurethen isveçbahis once more I would head southI would lick across your belly I would feel your body shakeI would tease you til you cried out ‘Lick my cunt for goodness sake!’ I would slowly smile up at youI would move down to your feet I would slowly lick back up againto where your thighs isveçbahis giriş do meet I would pause then for a second I would breath your heady scent I would gaze upon your pussy right before the main event I would lean in oh so slowly I would lick along your pout I would gladly delve so deep inside and lick the sweetness out I would isveçbahis yeni giriş place my hands beneath you I would raise your trembling hips I would lick and lap so deep between those pretty pink wet lips I would feast upon you greedily I would flick your swollen clit I would make your juices flow hard and I’d lap up every bit I would relish every single taste I would make you scream and cum I would lick that little bit between your pussy and your bum I would lick you as you trembled I would lick you as you bucked I would lick you til it was the time for you to be well fucked!

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