Keep Quiet


I sat frozen in place, staring at my phone. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the picture of his hard cock. I got up from my seat and walked quickly to the toilet, locked the door and wondered how I was going to calm myself down. I looked over the sink at my reflection. Without really thinking about it, I pulled the clip from my long, dark hair, letting it cascade over my shoulders and down my back. I remember him telling me in one of our flirty exchanges that he preferred my hair down. At that moment I realised that I’d already made my decision. In the back of my mind as I walked down the corridor, I thought that it was lucky that no one had tried to talk to me, I doubted if I’d be able to even string a sentence together. And as I continued towards him I thought of my boyfriend, of his wife, of the repercussions if we were caught here, at work. But I couldn’t feel guilty. I couldn’t even feel concerned about the consequences. All I could feel was the wet throbbing need in my pussy, my heart in my throat, my pulse in my ears, adrenaline coursing through my body. It felt as though almanbahis the corridor had doubled in length, but at the same time it was all too soon that I had made it to the door. I tried to look inconspicuous as I pulled the handle of the door down. As soon as I had, it was obvious he was right behind it, as it opened much more quickly than I anticipated, and suddenly I was looking at him. “I thought you weren’t coming.” He breathed as his lips found mine. I didn’t have time to reply. He shut the door and within seconds I was against the wall with his weight pressed up against me. His kiss was unrelenting, his fingers were unbuttoning my blouse as mine were loosening his tie and opening his shirt to reveal his perfect chest. I ran my hand up his chiseled torso, pushing his shirt back and down over his shoulders and holding on to his muscular arms. It felt as though I was on fire where ever his skin touched mine, leaving a trail of flames on my body. From my face, down my neck, my collar bone to my breasts, pulling my bra down and exposing them, and then lingering on my erect almanbahis yeni giriş nipples. His hands continued down across my stomach and then back up, over my shoulders and down my arms, taking my hands in his and pulling them up above my head. With one large hand on both of my wrists, he held my arms against the wall above my head. His other hand caressed my face and he ran his fingers through my hair as his lips found my neck, making me moan as his stubble grazed across my skin. I pushed my hips forward desperately trying to grind myself against the increasingly large bulge in the front of his trousers. When he reciprocated, pushing his hips back into me I let out an audible moan. Then his hand was across my mouth and his face was in front of mine. “Keep quiet,” he murmured, more aware of our surroundings than I was at the point. He leaned forward and took my earlobe gently between his teeth, his chin brushing against my neck. He let his hand fall from across my mouth and rubbed my pussy through the fabric of my skirt.  “I need to taste you,” he whispered almanbahis giriş seductively into my ear, and with that he let go of my wrists and was down on his knees in front of me pushing my skirt up and revealing my now soaking wet panties. He took his time working his way up my right thigh with his lips, by the time he got to the top I was almost ready to come. But rather than give me the release I so desperately needed, he turned his attention to my other leg. The feeling of his stubble against my inner thigh was exquisite. As he got higher up my smooth, toned thigh I wound my fingers into his hair trying to guide him to where I wanted him. When he got to the apex of my legs it seemed as though he was not only teasing me, but himself too. He yanked my little white panties down to my ankles and started licking my juices from my smooth, soft slit as if he couldn’t possibly wait another second to taste it. And then, finally, his tongue flicked over my swollen clit. He took his time, it seemed like he was savouring the moment, slowly and firmly running his tongue over and around my clitoris. I thought I was going to explode into the most intense climax of my life. He must have sensed that I was on the brink as seconds before I was going to let go he pulled his face away and looked up at me. “Do NOT come,” he commanded.

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