Kyle , Robbie


KyleI grew up in a most unusual family that most people would refer to us as very, ‘liberal.’ From my earliest recollections I could recall seeing dad, mom, and my sister, naked. Nudity was simply the norm in our house. We lived on a fairly big property in a large four bedroom house. In our backyard, we had an unattached apartment consisting of a lounge, dining room, kitchen, and en-suite bathroom. When my sister Shelly and I were younger, visiting family and friends usually stayed in this unit.Once my sister Shelly turned sixteen, however, she moved into the cottage. From that age when boyfriends visited her, my parents were not concerned if the guys stayed over. My parent’s philosophy on this matter was; that they would rather know their daughter was being screwed safely at home than in some remote and dangerous back alley.When Shelly, who was three years older than me left for college, I begged my parents to allow me to move into the apartment. The proviso was that when Shelly visited from college, I would have to vacate the unit and move back into the main house.In Shelly’s final year of college, she arrived home for a two-week break with her new boyfriend, Kyle. Naturally, I had to move back into the main house during their visit.I was completely gobsmacked when I met Kyle. He was an artist of sorts and made the most peculiar headgear made of leather, which apparently sold very successfully. Kyle had been cultivating dreadlocks for six years and his medium brown locks extended halfway down his back. He used one of the locks to neatly encircle the rest of his trusses at the back of his head. Kyle was lanky and scruffy, but even as slovenly dressed as he was he was very sexy and had the most riveting green eyes I had ever seen. His hands were grubby and the extremities of his fingers were stained up to the second knuckle, because of the dyes and polishes he had to use for his hats.Kyle also exuded a pungent man smell, which was a total turn-on for me. My father owned a building supply business, so I had grown up with men who didn’t give a shit about smelling like roses. Upon meeting Kyle he embraced us all warmly and my parents took to him instantly. Kyle was very touchy-feely and constantly hugged everyone. What threw me during his entire visit was the way he caressed my back as we stood around chatting, with his fingers virtually pulsating on my back. Everyone knew I was gay, but this did not seem to trouble Kyle at all.On the first night of their visit, Kyle, Shelly, mom, and dad, almost smoked themselves into a coma. I was the only person in the household that didn’t smoke dope. As the evening wore on I became unsettled and simply had to get to bed early, because Kyle was driving me crazy. That night I had the displeasure of listening to sexual sounds emanating from the cottage. My room was across from the apartment’s bedroom and it was clear that Shelly was getting a really good fucking. I almost dismembered myself with frustration as I listened to the horny moans from next-door.On the second morning of Shelly and Kyle’s visit, they arrived in the main house for breakfast in the nude. From then on we were all naked, isvecbahis all the time. I was totally mesmerized by Kyle’s substantial knob. Kyle had a long foreskin overhand that extended way beyond his dick-head and which looked like a rumpled fleshy tube. Kyle had the habit of constantly tugging on his balls, before scratching his crotch. As if that wasn’t bad enough he would then lift his fingers to his nose and take a good whiff. It took all my self-restraint not to grab his hand and then sniff and lick his fingers.After breakfast, Shelly elected to take Kyle on a tour of our town. My father had decided that in honour of Shelly’s visit, he would also take a break from work. Dad loved the garden and spent most of his free time nurturing his passion. Shelly’s visit was, therefore, a blessing to him.The following morning, Shelly and mom decided to go shopping as dad mowed the lawn. At around nine I plated up some anchovy toast and coffee for Kyle and took it to the cottage. Announcing myself at the door, I entered after hearing Kyle inviting me through to the bedroom. Kyle was lying naked on the bed and the room hummed of dope, man smell, and sex. There was no mistaking that some serious fucking had taken place the night before.I put the tray down on the bedside table before he invited me to sit next to him on the bed. Seated aside to him his hand again caressed my back. As his pulsating fingers went to work on me, I fought with all my might not to pop a boner. Occasional glances at his dick also left me in no doubt that an enlargement was underway but when he guided my hand onto knob, I got a shock.“But aren’t you straight,” I apprehensively asked.Laughing, he said, “Straight, bi, gay, these are all just stupid words. Sex is sex, and with your sister and mom gone I think we should have some fun.” Picking up on my unease, he continued, “Relax, bro, it’s all good.”His hand then gripped the back of my neck before he pulled my head towards his face. Kyle had the softest lips I had ever kissed. Twirling his tongue in my mouth, he was providing me with the most sensual experience I had ever had. Lying next to him with Kyle’s body half over mine, we continued kissing. I could not resist and had to feel his locks. I had wanted to do so before but feared that my request might seem inappropriate. The dreadlocks were rather spongy to the touch and felt softer than they looked.Kyle then moved his hand between my legs, before his middle finger located my manhole. I gasped in his mouth when his finger began pushing into me.After lifting his head he said, “This is where your sister won’t allow me,” before continuing, “There’s nothing better than a tight arse.”Next, Kyle moved his crotch upwards towards my head and announced that it was time to lube-up his cock. I finally got a close-up look at the dick that was about to fuck me. As I tried to retract his foreskin it wouldn’t slide back. Kyle laughed, before explaining that he had phimosis and that the foreskin, therefore, couldn’t retract.When I asked how he normally cleaned his foreskin, he said, “I don’t, it cleans itself with piss cologne.”“But doesn’t it stink?” I asked, isveçbahis giriş incredulously.“Well,” he said, with a smirk on his face, “Why don’t you tell me if it does?” Kyle then twirled his index finger in his foreskin before sticking it under my nostrils. The smell was pungent.Holding my head fast, Kyle began to rub his finger into my nostrils. Laughing, he then said, “Now you will be reminded of my cock every time you breathe.”Although I pretended to be disgusted, I was incredibly turned on by what had just happened. Finally, placing his cock in my mouth, I was instructed to get on with my lube job.Afterward, I was instructed to turn onto my stomach. His entry was uncomfortable at first but as his knob began stimulating my arse juices the discomfort quickly dissipated. Once our natural lubrication took its full effect, the sensation went from good to great in no time.On outstretched arms, Kyle now began fucking me like a man gone berserk and I fully understood why my sister had sounded like a whore at a bachelor’s party the previous evening. This guy had unbelievable stamina and it felt like he was out to set a new push-up record. When Kyle later sprayed into my tight arse he snorted like an excited boar.For the following few days the occasional back rubbing from Kyle continued, and the nightly sounds from the apartment next door drove me to distraction. I even got further nostril reminders of his pungent foreskin essence on a few occasions during the week, when the others weren’t watching. I also got the feeling that he loved tormenting me.A day before Shelly and Kyle were to depart, dad decided to join Shelly and mom on another of their shopping expeditions. It was like a dream had come true for me and I was in the cottage in a heartbeat after they left.Lying naked on the bed with a smirk on his face, Kyle asked, “Did you miss my smelly cock?”As I stood nodding, Kyle placed his hands behind his knees and after lifting his legs ordered me to give him a rimming. When I began licking his manhole Kyle sighed hornily. I slurped and prodded his hole like a feasting anteater. Ultimately, after lifting my torso I commenced rubbing my knob against Kyle’s pucker.Smiling at me, he then said, “Go for it, buddy” and I did. With his legs hooked over my shoulders, I began pummelling his arse.Kyle now placed both his hands behind his head before instructing me to clean his armpits. Licking and humping, I was soon in full cry. When I had taken care of both armpits my mouth attacked his lips. As we savoured his funk on my lips I got so excited that I began unloading into his backside, and I could not ever recall having such an intensive orgasm. As I shuddered, he held me tight while his arse muscles drained my balls dry.Hopping off the bed Kyle announced it was time to have a shower. After we entered the shower I was about to open the water when he hit my hand away from the faucet. Then, pushing me to my knees he lifted his dick and began spurting piss all over me. I was riveted by the way his foreskin spout sprayed its liquid out. After my body mist, his knob entered my mouth and Kyle began skull-fucking me.Finally, after isveçbahis yeni giriş pulling my body upward Kyle spun me around and thumped his cock straight into my arse, before I was given the pounding of a lifetime.“Do you like this Fulton? Do you like my filthy dick in your arse?” Kyle intoned, as he fucked me.“Yes, fuck me, fuck me harder,” I grunted.After bashing into me for several minutes he pulled my body down and scooted up my body, before erupting into my mouth. For good measure I got a few more throat-thrusts just to end off proceedings.We did shower after our encounter and our timing was perfect, because the shopping trio arrived back home ten minutes later. Mom was slightly concerned by a sore throat that I had developed during the morning. What a big surprize.The following day Shelly and Kyle departed. Sadly, they broke up several weeks later because as mom informed me in confidence, Shelly had discovered that Kyle was actually bisexual. Another huge surprize!A couple of years later I did see Kyle again, but that’s another story.***RobbieTwo years after initially meeting Kyle, I was attending the same college my sister had gone two. My father had a stroke of genius five years before and purchased an apartment for my sister to live in while attending college. Not only did this save him a fortune in residence fees, ultimately, for both his kids, but the value of the unit also escalated considerably during this period. This accommodation setup worked seamlessly, because after Shelly finished off at college, I was just beginning.Fortunately, the place had been tastefully decorated thanks to Shelly and mom. It was a comfortable apartment one bedroom apartment. The lounge, dining room, and kitchen area, were open-planned. It was also very practically located near to the college.On the afternoon that I bumped into Kyle, again, I was sitting on a park bench after college. It was in a lovely little park close to the apartment and I often relaxed there, before making my way home after classes. As Kyle approached we immediately recognized one another. Kyle had lost the dreadlocks and his hair was cut quite short. He had also cultivated a neat beard and moustache. He was a lot defter and handsomer than what I remembered from two years before. Seated next to him, I gave Kyle a brief update on my life and how my folks and Shelly were doing.Kyle then told me his history of the past two years. Nine months before he had gone to rehab after his life had fallen apart. Apart from the dope, he had also been into all other kinds of stuff. His leather hat business had dissolved and his life had spiralled out of control.For the past six months, he was living with an old buddy named Robbie. Robbie had organized a job for Kyle, at a plant where Robbie worked as the foreman. It was a machine shop, which produced metal parts for; as he put it, “Everything.”Although he and Robbie had sex occasionally, they weren’t an item. Both guys had an aversion to the word gay, and simply referring to their sexual activity as; ‘doing the man thing.’Kyle’s demeanour had also changed considerably from when I had last seen him, and he seemed a lot less cocky. We spent a very enjoyable hour in each other’s company before going our separate ways. I invited him to dinner the following evening, and as he had dated my sister previously I didn’t need to furnish him with my address details.

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