Living Large Pt. 01


This story is dedicated to all the Big, Beautiful and Sexy ladies out there.

Chapter 1

Jenny Thompson sat at her desk and watched a steady stream of sexy women parade by. She watched every morning as they hurried to receive their daily modeling assignments… and, they were always late. They had two things in common; they were beautiful and slim. That wasn’t unusual since it was a modeling agency. Still, she wondered where they all came from since they didn’t look like most of the people she knew. They were not the typical women that one saw on the street, but rather the kind you saw in every magazine or TV ad… a fantasy world.

Jenny had worked for The Davenport Modeling Agency for two years as a secretary or, as they called it, an administrative assistant. It was all the same. While she handled all the menial tasks for the managers, like getting plane reservations, setting up power lunches and gift shopping, she also planned meetings, set up agenda’s and structured contract negotiations. The truth was that she knew more than most of the managers about what was going on in the organization and figured she could do their jobs better then they could. However, she wasn’t a complainer and she liked her job… with the exception of shopping for gifts.

A sigh escaped Jenny’s lips as she turned and gazed out the window wistfully. It was a pretty summer day and the trees lining the parking lot, three stories below, swayed in the breeze. It was the kind of day that always made Jenny nostalgic. She had moved to the city after graduating college, filled with the desire to make it in the fast paced world of fashion. She had a plan… she knew where she wanted to be; one day she wanted to own her own agency. Some of her friends thought that she was reaching for the impossible. But she didn’t agree. Then again, many of her friends thought that she was selling her self-short when she took the administrative assistant job at the Davenport Agency. However, she didn’t feel it was beneath her to start at the bottom… she wanted to learn everything there was to know about fashion and modeling. And, she was learning quickly.

However, while Jenny’s plan for her career was going well, her personal life was another matter. She was twenty-eight years old and, while she had a nice circle of friends, she didn’t have a boyfriend or anyone that she was dating regularly. It wasn’t because she was ugly; on the contrary, she was quite attractive. However, she was what some referred to as big and beautiful. Not fat mind you… she was a big boned woman with large but firm thighs and very large breasts at 38D. Her waist was only 34 inches and that tended to make her breasts look even larger. Her hips, which she thought were fine, were 40 inches and her butt was shapely. Her weight was… well she hadn’t been on a scale in a long time. It only depressed her. However, she was well proportioned and was taller than average at 5′ 8″. That made her somewhat imposing… even to some of the men. However, like every one else she knew, she wanted to be thinner. And like everyone else, she had tried all the fad diets: Atkins, Slimfast, Low-Carb and so on. She even exercised religiously at the gym… but nothing seemed to work. Eventually she had to conclude that she was always going to be a large woman. Both her mother and father were large people and, with exception of her skinny sister, every other member of her extended family was large.

Still, it bothered Jenny to see all the pretty and trim women every day looking beautiful and getting attention in their form fitting clothes. On the few occasions when she would go out for happy hour after work, she would watched all the men hang around the gorgeous women like flies. And while she sometimes envied the women, she really longed for a solid relationship with someone that took her as she was. If she ever found that person, she knew that he would see that she had a lot of love to give… not to mention that she was sexually insatiable.

Although her sexual experience was limited to a few guys-three to be exact-she had read every sex manual there was and knew all there was to know about sex. Moreover, she was willing to try it all. Unfortunately, she didn’t have anyone to try it on… it had been a year since she had broken up with her last boyfriend. Even then, he wasn’t much of a lover. Since then, she relied on her favorite dildo… it didn’t have any baggage and only required fresh batteries occasionally. Still, it wasn’t the same as a flesh and blood penis.

“Jenny, have you set up my lunch with Dan Burroughs yet?”

Jenny looked up and saw her boss, Tom Bradley, standing at her desk. He was always friendly and in fact, she thought that he almost flirted with her on occasion. Sometimes she would catch him looking at her butt when she bent over the filing cabinets. Other times he would make remarks about how good she looked on a particular day. However, she discounted it as just his outgoing personality. Tom wasn’t married Bostancı Escort but she knew that he dated several of the models.

“Yes sir… it’s at 12:15 today.”

“Great, can you come in and take some notes for me?”

“Sure,” Jenny said and grabbed her note pad. As she stood up, she knocked over a pile of papers on her desk, scattering them to the floor. “Damn,” she said and got on her knees to pick them up.

Tom stooped down and began to help her retrieve the papers.

As she reached for the scattered sheets, Jenny looked at him and saw that his eyes were staring directly down her top. She had on a rather baggy sweater and when she was bent over, the V-neck top bulged out. She knew that he had an unobstructed view of her large, bra covered breasts. Because she could never find a bra that fit, she knew that quite a bit of flesh was showing above the bra. A chill of excitement rushed through her and she froze, allowing him to stare for some time. She felt her nipples grow hard and realized that when she stood up they would be poking through her sweater.

“Uh… uh… sorry,” Tom said and his face turned red when he saw her looking at him.

Jenny raised her eyebrows and smiled.

When the papers were back on the desk, Jenny followed Tom into his office. She took a chair across the desk from him, sat down and crossed her legs. Her skirt, while not short, had a split up the side, allowing a substantial portion of her thighs to show. Again, she was surprised to see his eyes go to her legs. He must just be really horny, she thought, figuring that all the sexy models must not be satisfying him.

As Tom began to dictate his notes, he stood up and walked around the room. He always said he thought better when he was on his feet.

Jenny made notes on her pad and watched the 30 something man move around the room. He was tall and handsome with broad shoulders and a movie star smile-just the kind of man that would never look at her. Yet, she could feel his eyes go to the top of her sweater whenever he was near enough… and that seemed to be all the time recently. At one point, he stood at her shoulder, his groin almost touching her. Jenny could almost feel the heat from his body. If she moved her shoulder just an inch, she would be touching him.

Jenny had no idea where she got the courage but she did move her shoulder, turning to the side as if to say something to him. Suddenly, her shoulder touched him. Jenny started to pull away but to her amazement, he moved forward. She froze as her heart was suddenly pounding in her chest. Then, incredibly, she felt him begin to get excited. The room was suddenly alive with electricity and Jenny’s head began to spin with excitement.

Not a word was said as the handsome man began to move his groin slowly on her shoulder. When Jenny looked up, she saw that his eyes were closed. She had no idea what to do next. However, Tom solved that for her when he whispered, “Take it out.”

“Huh?” Jenny gasped, thinking she hadn’t heard him correctly.

“Take my cock out.”

Her eyes opened wide. She heard that correctly. She hesitated as fear and excitement rushed through her in waves. This was crazy and dangerous… but oh so exciting. She wondered if she were dreaming.

“Take it out… hurry,” the excited man said again.

As if in a trance, Jenny reached toward his groin with trembling hands. It had been a year since she had touched a real penis. She couldn’t believe it was happening now. With fumbling fingers, she pulled the zipper down, startled by the loud sound it made in the otherwise quiet room. Then she took a deep breath and reached inside. Her fingers struggled with the opening of his boxers as she searched for his now hard penis. When she found it, a gasped escaped her lips. Her fingers wrapped around the hard shaft and she tried to pull it out.

“Wait,” he said and began to open his pants.

A second later, Jenny had easy access to his shorts. With a tug, she pulled his shaft from the opening. Her heart almost leaped out of her chest when she saw the long shaft in her hand. She didn’t have a lot to compare it to, but Tom’s penis looked beautiful. It was long with a large purple head and had veins bulging from the sides. It took her a second to realize that she was squeezing it so hard that the blood was trapped in the head, making it shaft pulse. She stared at it as if it were a charmed snake.

“Suck it,” the excited man hissed.

Jenny opened her eyes in shock. She knew how to suck cock, her last boyfriend would let her do it occasionally and she had read all about it, but this was different… this was her boss and she was sitting in his office. She hesitated.

“Please suck it,” Tom said and reached for her head, pulling it toward his shaft.

Jenny allowed him to pull her head gradually closer until she could actually smell him. It had heady combination of male musk and fragrant soap. Jenny felt excitement rush through Bostancı Escort Bayan her and she trembled. She stopped when her face was an inch away until she felt him pulling harder. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth. When the tip of his penis touched her lips she almost climaxed. A moan escaped her lips and she moved her head forward, taking it into her warm mouth.

“Ohhhhh Jesus,” Tom moaned as her lips closed around him.

All of Jenny’s senses were on overload. She could taste the slightly salty taste of his penis and the somewhat sweet pre-cum juice. Her heart was pumping blood so fast that she could hardly breath fast enough through her nostrils to keep up. A moan escaped her lips when he started to sway his hips back and forth, sawing his penis in and out of her mouth. Another moan escaped her lips. She couldn’t believe that she was happening… or that she was letting it happen. Nothing in her sheltered life had prepared her for this. She was sucking her boss’s cock in the middle of his office!

“God, that’s good,” Tom moaned.

Jenny barely heard him. All kinds of emotions were rushing through her. Her brain told her that this was wrong… wrong for many reasons, but her excitement egged her on. She didn’t seem to have the strength to stop it. Instead, she held the shaft in her hand and pumped her fist while sucking on the swollen head.

“Oh God Jenny I can’t last long,” Tom warned.

Jenny felt adrenaline rush through her at his words. However, she wasn’t sure what to do. She knew what was coming but had never tasted semen. Her last boyfriend always pulled out before he came. Now her boss wanted to cum in her mouth. Should she swallow it or spit it out? She was still trying to think when she felt the head swell. Suddenly the swollen head began to spit the thick cream into her mouth. It came out in torrents, filling her mouth until her cheeks began to bulge.

When the cream began to slip from the corner of her mouth, she had to swallow or risk getting it all over her clothes. A second later she felt the warm cream begin to coat her throat. It was salty and thick but not unpleasant. Before it had reached her stomach, she felt her swollen clit flutter and she squeezed her legs together in excitement. Then incredibly, without touching herself she began to climax. With each squirt into her mouth her climax intensified until she could barely remain on the chair. She was still trembling when Tom pulled away, pulling his penis from her mouth with a loud pop.

“God,” Tom gasped as he staggered to his chair and sat down, his limp and wet penis still hanging from his pants.

Jenny finally opened her eyes and wondered where she was. She saw her boss sitting in his chair with his head back. She reached up with back of a trembling hand and wiped a string of sperm from her lips. She looked at the smeared juice as if to prove that it had really happened-had she just sucked her boss’s penis? The answer was on her hand-yes. Even more incredible, she had swallowed his cum and climaxed.

“Ummm, ummmm,” Tom said, clearing his throat and getting Jennie’s attention. He had put his penis back in his pants. “Now where were we,” he said as if he had just been interrupted by a phone call.

Jenny looked up at him and then back down at her pad. “Uh… uh… we were talking about the letter to the Cromwell Agency.”

“Oh yes,” Tom said and began to dictate to her again.

Jenny’s hand was trembling so much that she could barely write. Her mind was on anything but the notes she was supposed to take. She could still feel his penis on her lips and taste his salty sperm in her mouth… not to mention the slick residue now drying on the back of her hand.

Somehow she got all the notes down and stood up to leave. As she turned to walk out of the room, Tom said, “Thanks Jenny… uh… for everything.”

“Uh… you’re welcome,” she responded and her face turned bright red.


Chapter 2

On her way home that evening, Jenny stopped in a local bookstore. She was a voracious reader with a particular interest in history. This evening though, she was looking for something different. She headed for the ‘self-help’ section. She has seen a book on a previous visit written by a woman who was big like her. The cover said something about being “big, bold and beautiful”. It was a book about how women with large figures should accept themselves for who they were and not someone else’s image.

“Yes,” she whispered to herself when she saw the book. On the front was a pretty woman that was similar to her size with pretty blue eyes and blond hair. She was dressed in a revealing top and tight skirt.

As she stood in line at the checkout counter, she found herself feeling uncomfortable. She felt like everyone was looking at her. She quickly paid for the book and hurried out of the store like a pre-teen girl buying her first romance novel.

It was after nine when she finally got all her Escort Bostancı chores done and had a chance to relax. She got a glass of wine, ran herself a bubble bath and lit some fragrant candles. A moan escaped her lips as she sunk down in the warm bath water. She laid her head back and went over the events of the day. She hadn’t dared let herself dwell on what had happened in her boss’s office. However, it had never been far from her mind. As she relived the events, she felt herself getting excited all over again. Her hand slipped down to play with her already hard nipples as she recalled how his penis had felt in her mouth and how it had tasted when he had climaxed. She slipped her hand between her legs and found her already swollen sex. A second later, her hand became a blur between her legs, creating a froth of bubbles. She could almost feel her mouth filling with cum again. “Oh Jesus,” she gasped as she began to climax.

When Jenny had recovered, she sat back up with a sigh of pleasure and reached for her book. She skipped through the introductions to get to the first chapter. It only took a few pages to realize that she could readily identify with the author’s point of view. The woman spoke of the intentional and unintentional discrimination against large ladies, which permeates our society. Jenny nodded her head in agreement. She had experienced first hand all the snubbing and rude treatment. However, unlike some, she didn’t believe that there was a conspiracy of discrimination against large people. In fact, she was sure that most people didn’t even realize that they were doing it. And, amazingly, even other large people did it. It was just how things were, and that was sad.

Yet, Jenny wasn’t bitter. On the contrary, she believed that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and she was stronger. She was a good person with a lot to give. However, she also knew that while, in a business sense she was aggressive, on a personal level, she lacked self-confidence. And, she knew that her size and lack sexual experience had made her shy if not introverted at times. That in turn had led to her lack of confidence with her body. It was a vicious cycle that she knew she had to break. Until now she didn’t know how.

As she continued to read, Jenny nodded her head in agreement. The author described in detail how the American media prized slim and trim women, ignoring the real world. Television commercials and magazine advertisements always depicted slim, even skinny women. Yet history showed that women with flesh on their bodies were thought to be beautiful. Most of the great artists of the Renaissance, who painted nudes, depicted women with well-rounded bodies.

When Jenny was about halfway through the book she decided that she was tired and would continue tomorrow night. She got out of the tub and dried herself. As she walked out of the bathroom she glanced at the full-length mirror on the inside of a closet door. She stopped and opened the door, standing naked in front of the mirror. She rarely spent the time to look at herself like this… in fact she didn’t like to look at herself… it made her remember the failed attempts to be something she wasn’t. She looked at her pretty face and smiled. Her smile was broad and friendly, showing unusually white and even teeth. While her lips were full and naturally pouty, she generally tried to downplay that aspect by wearing subdued shades of lipstick. Her eyes were ocean blue, round and inquisitive with just a hint of naughtiness.

Her gaze went to her large breasts. She lifted them with her hands and looked at the smooth white flesh. They needed little support and were firm to the touch. The nipples were very large, brown and would stick out a full half inch when hard. Her eyes moved lower, across her stomach. It was slightly rounded but there was no flab there. She was wondering if she should get a belly button ring. She giggled. Then as her eyes moved lower to her pubic mound, she remembered the day she had shaved herself. It was the result of the need for some minor surgery and she figured that she would do it before some anonymous person did. That was five years ago and she hadn’t let her hair grow back.

She stared at her baby smooth pubic area. The pubic mound was pronounced and the outer lips were quite large. However, the inner lips were huge. Maybe that was because she was shaved but from photos she had seen of other women, her lips looked much larger. Although she wasn’t currently excited, her inner lips were still very prominent. They were thick, pink and fleshy. In fact, they were long enough that she could even tie them in a knot. Another giggle escaped her lips when she remembered the time she had done that and gone shopping. The friction of her panties on the sensitive lips had made her climax in the middle of the grocery isle. She had to rush home for fear that her juice was going to leak through her panties and run down her legs.

With a little sigh of remembrance Jenny turned around and looked over her shoulder at her buttocks. “Very spankable,” she said out loud as she looked at her large, firm ass cheeks. While she had never had a spanking, she thought it might be fun. Her butt cheeks were smooth and well shaped and she secretly thought that they were her best “asset.”

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