My Anal Princess

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I could not believe my fucking luck. Here I was sitting on my couch watching wrestling when in walks my girlfriend. She’s so fucking hot I cannot believe she is even with me. I’m Ryan. I’m twenty-three and I’m a tattoo artist. I’m tall and thin and have tribal tattoos on my arms and ribs. I’m not super sexy but I’m not a geek or anything.

So yeah I’m sitting on my couch in shorts when in walks Arianna. She has that look on her face and I know that I’m in for a treat. She’s wearing tight white shorts and I know she had on a pink thong this morning. At least she was when I banged her in the kitchen.

Her blonde hair is cut short and curly. She looks so innocent. No one would guess the things we do. I like it that way. It’s our little secret. Every one of my friends thinks I’m crazy to be dating a secretary but I’ve always said you have to be careful of the innocent looking ones.

She walks over and removes her shirt. Her huge breasts bounce and I gasp. No bra. Her breasts are so amazing I could suck on them for hours. She had a boob job when she was eighteen. She regretted it because it was just the first step of her fucking ex-boyfriend trying to control her but she got out of that relationship and rebounded right into my arms. I love her tits and she’s finally gotten to the point where she loves them too.

“Hey baby.” I say quietly. I know I’m smirking and I know I’m driving her crazy because I’m only glancing at her. My eyes are really still watching the gaziantep escort bayan wrestling match. She hates wrestling.

She does not say a word. She doesn’t have to. She stands in front of me, blocking my view of the television. My cock is telling me that the view of this busty blonde wiggling out of her tiny shorts is a better choice but I’m stubborn and try glancing around her.

“Pay attention.” She only has to say those words and I do as she says. I pretend that I’m in control. I play along telling her she’s my fuck toy. In reality I crave her body so much it’s an addiction.

She turns around and bends over. She hooks her thumbs around the thin strap of her thong and begins to tug. I notice that the tips of her nails are the same pink shade as her thong. I also know it’s the same shade as her pussy and I know she’s done it on purpose. She probably used my fucking credit card to pay for the nails, along with a shit load of clothing.

My mind is racing but I cannot say a word. Her ass cheeks jiggle a bit as the thong slides down to her knees. I want to reach out and smack them but she does it for me. Her round cheeks are tanned perfectly and her hourglass shape just begs to be fucked hard.

“I want your ass.” I say. I’m forceful about my request. She won’t say no and I always get what I want anyway. Her perfectly manicured fingers spread open her ass cheeks and I see her perfect pink hole. Her pussy is dripping wet but I don’t care. I’ve never really cared about fucking her pussy. It’s her beautiful pink blossom that I want.

As she spreads her ass for me I yank down my shorts. My cock is hard and oozing precum. I was hard before she came home. Hell I’m hard most of the day. I start my day with a hard fuck from my little blonde toy and I know that when she gets home I’ll get her again. My cock is thick and seven inches long. I’ve measured and thankfully never have to fib. Sometimes it only gets to six inches but in the ten months I’ve been dating Arianna it always gets this hard. I’m cut and I love how the mushroom tip throbs as I rub my hand up and down the shaft.

“Climb on baby.” I say. I reach out and grip her hip. Pulling her backwards to sit on me. She knows to rub her pussy juices on her asshole. When I need her ass I will not wait. My eyes are glued to my cock and I watch as she slowly lowers down on my cock. She knows I love watching the rosebud stretch open and then watch each inch of my cock disappear inside her naughty hole. Her feet are planted firmly on either side of my legs and I hold her waist for balance.

Once her round butt cheeks touch my stomach I let her adjust. She is whimpering and breathing hard. She loves her rosebud stretching but still isn’t a fan of being full of cock. I’m a fan. Her ass is so tight my cock is already throbbing, on the brink of orgasm.

I’m about to start sliding her up and down on my pole when she starts her bucking. I grin and decide I’ll let her have her fun. I know she loves grinding back and forth, feeling her ass stretch. She can cum that way and so I just hold on and watch her. It feels good and I know she’s close because her pussy juices are dripping on my balls.

“Fuck!” She cries out. She’s quiet when she cums but always screams out profanities. She rarely swears but I know I’ve had an effect on her. She swears every once in a while and I love knowing the power I have over her.

She’s had her fun so now it’s my turn. My big hands wrap around her hips and I begin to fuck her. I’m never slow or romantic or soft. I need it hard. My hands hold her meaty hips and I fuck her hard. I know her tits are shaking and I know the cute stomach flab is quivering. I love just seeing her ass take my cock. I don’t need to see her face to know how much she’s enjoying this.

I grunt loudly. I always think I can last longer then I can. I wish I could last much longer but her ass is just so tight. I suddenly explode in her ass. I can feel my cock swell and feel my cum rush up and then coat my cock. I hold her tight. She hates cum in her ass but it’s her own fault for being so sexy. Once I’ve calmed down enough I let go of her hips. She stands up and spins around.

“I went shopping today Ryan. I figured I needed some punishment for what I bought.”

I glare at her. I knew she had spent my money but her ass felt so good it’s worth it. My little anal princess has way too much control over me and I can’t help but let her. As long as I get her ass every single fucking day she can spend my money all she wants.

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