My Easter in San Clemente


I’ve lived in Indiana my whole life, I grew up in a small town where everybody knew everybody and once you were in a relationship you were expected to stay with that person. I was seeing Jason he was a good looking guy but he never wanted to experiment with sex, anything other than the ordinary missionary, he never went down on me and never tried to give me an orgasm. Ever since the Internet my outlook on sex has changed. I see very beautiful women filled with very large penises. Jason’s penis is 5 1/2 ” and about 1 3/4 ” thick. We don’t have any Afro-American or Hispanics where I’m from and in some of the Internet movies I’ve watched they seem more aggressive and spontaneous. I would masturbate at night thinking of getting fucked by one of their large dicks.

On April 15th I had a relative pass away, he lived in California and had a very expensive house on the hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean in San Clemente. We went out to the funeral, April 16th and stayed through to April 24th. My family decided to go to Las Vegas on the Easter weekend, I decided to stay at my uncle’s house for the weekend.

The Thursday they left all I could do was think about getting fucked. I got on the internet and joined a chat room discussion (sex session) this one girl was taking on 3 guys 2 black and 1 Samoan they spoke of their size and I was amazed by what they typed and how quickly everybody typed. After their sex session I asked the 3 men if they were kidding about their size and they said they were all telling the truth. I found it hard to believe that they could as big as they said.

One of the black guys, Jesse, asked where I lived and I told him I was visiting California, he said he lived in LA and had no plans, I invited him down a Hotel walking distance from my uncle’s place. I told him I was19yrs old 5’8″ and weighed 119lbs, a red head with a 38d-24-34 body and green eyes. He described himself as 6’5″ 235lbs and as black as “night” he told me he played football for a college down there in the area. I discussed about my boyfriend and how my situation was. He said he’d have it all taken care of. The only request he had was for me to where a white tank top, no bra, and a pair of bicycling shorts.

I was up all night masturbating about what Jesse would do to me; I had butterflies in my stomach about something going wrong. Oh well, time for bed.

I walked down to the Hotel and shortly after 11:00am I got a suite with a jacuzzi the hotel manager told me there was no one else near my room. Jesse pulled up in black 2000 Mustang with 2 friends. Come to find out they were the other 2 guys who “took” the girl the other night. I got wet right there on the spot when these MEN got out of the car. Jesse told me how good I looked and I was speechless by his mass all three of these guys played on the same football team. Jesse was as he said, he stood 6’5″ he had his head shaven and was a very good looking man. The Samoan, Carlos, stood about 6’3″ and was about 250lbs. His nickname was “Tiny”, the other black guy, Marcus, was about 6′ even and a lighter 195lbs.

I walked in front of everybody, showing the way to the room. I told Jesse how his friends were not part of the plan and they had to leave, or wait until we were done. Jesse understood my concern and said only kürt porno if they could in the room. O.k fair enough. I suggested we take a shower together, he agreed. I got naked and was wearing a robe, I told Jesse I wanted to see him undress, obliged be very slowly taking every thing off except his spandex shorts. He said I had to do that.

He could see the my throat jump and my hands shake as I reached at the elastic band on both sides of his hips the lump beneath was quite terrifying, I closed my eyes, pulled his shorts down and opened my eyes it was as he described 7 1/2″ long, soft, and about 2″ thick. It was the first black and uncircumcised cock I had ever seen. I stood up and had Jesse remove my robe, he was very satisfied to see my trimmed bush. We took turns washing each other, his large and powerful hands giving my tits a very good cleansing, he had me wash his cock, I started with the balls, they looked like black tennis balls and hung very low in the hot shower. I could feel the heft of them and was thinking only of them emptying deep in my pussy.

I started on the shaft rolling the skin away from his massive purple head. It began to grow Jesse told me to turn around, bend over and grab my ankles, I rested my head against the wall and looked between my legs, I could see him guide his soapy fingers toward my cunt. As he put the first 2 in he asked how many partners I had. I told him just 1, Jason. He worked the soapy fingers in and out of my pussy, I just relaxed and enjoyed the stinging of the soap. Jesse accidentally massaged my asshole with his thumb, I told him it was virgin but to be careful. He grabbed his cock and set it at the entrance of my soapy pussy, I was so afraid, he could go so deep and I had no control of his thrust, I told him to wait till we got on the bed. He picked my up and set me on his shoulder like a caveman carrying his kill. He kinda set me on the bed, kinda tossed me on the bed. I laid down in the missionary, he put a pillow under my ass for leverage. I looked around and noticed Tiny and Marcus sitting next to the bed, naked only with towels covering their groin.

Jesse got on the bed with his massive cock poised right at my entrance, come to find out it was 11″ long and 2 1/2 thick, he put some spit in his hand and massaged that onto his cock, I tried to look at it as it went in the first 2″ as it went in but the girth was something I’d never handled before, he most have noticed me wince with pain, but to no avail he grabbed both of my ankles and spread them as far as he could. He started to pick up the pace with powerful thrusts, with each thrust my pussy got fuller and fuller my ankles got pushed farther back the relentless pounding continued until my ass was off the pillow and my knees were pushed into my chest my cunt was on fire, nothing had ever penetrated me like that before. I was yelling at the top of my lungs for more Jesse was giving it to me hard and good he has bouncing his fat prick head off of my cervix.

After working my pussy like this for about 15 minutes, he let go of my ankles my legs just laid on the bed he looked at my and said he was getting ready to go deep. OH MY GOD what was deep. He rolled me on my side pulled his dick out and gave it a slap off of my ass, I was beginning qiqitv.info to wonder if I could him back there. I looked at Jesse and told him not to leave me a virgin. He understood. He put his dick back in my sore pussy, he pulled my legs apart and began to fiddle with my clit, he put his fingers in my mouth and told me to suck on them, they were delicious they tasted like me and him.

I closed my eyes enjoying the flavor and his rhythmic thrusts he had about 7 in me and was trying to go deeper but I liked where he was at so everytime he’d lean forward so would I to, he was almost laying on top of me when my lips were being parted my Marcus’ cock, I immediately started sucking it, it was about 9″ long and thinner than Jesse’s by about an inch, (1 3/4 ) the head was smaller and gave his cock a very tapered look, I decided Marcus would be the one to take my rosebud. Marcus wrap my hair around his hand smiled telling me this was the first time he had fucked a red head, I told him he shouldn’t have a hard time by fucking my ass then either, Jesse stopped and got up, he told me to think about what I just said. I was too hot and horny to stop, I told him he could either fuck me or leave.

He got off the bed went into the other room, I continued to suck on Marcus dick pulling on his balls he began to smear my juices from my pussy to my ass he stuck his middle finger in my bum, no prep just jabbed it in there goose bumps went all over my body my tits tightened and my legs instinctively spread open. I got on my hands and knees, my feet were hanging off of the bed I buried my face in a pillow. Jesse walked back into the room with a bottle of E&J brandy he took a big swig and handed it to me, Marcus waited I could feel his cock poised at my asshole. I took two big drinks my belly burned he told Marcus to wait a second Marcus stuffed his cock in my cunt to get his cock lubricated, buried it in to the balls smacking my ass making me tighten around him.

Jesse came back into the room smearing soap onto my rectum, he jammed 2 fingers in there to get the nice and deep. Marcus rubbed the soap all the way up and down his shaft, he told me to get ready, I leaned back and told him not to stop until I said no anything else means yes. He shoved my face in the pillow telling me I was a whore who never had the chance. I was so fucking hot I wanted all of them in me, he was right though. He leaned forward and grabbed my hair like an Indian riding a horse bareback. He put his tool at the entrance and told me to relax and he would go at the count of 5, I was relaxed at 2 and he stuck me like a pig, my knees got weak I collapsed on the bed he followed me down to the bed. He was in the push up position, dick still inside, and told me to relax I kept my cries muffled in the pillow he lifted my hips up and stuck 2 pillows underneath, my ass began to relax a little I could feel his cock making me feel so ripe for the taking he rolled onto his side and lifted my right leg straight in the air with that same arm he pulled my leg into my chest using that hand to grab my tits, his left hand found itself wrapped around my hair telling me I had nowhere to escape to.

The alcohol was beginning to kick in. Marcus took it easy at first pulling his cock almost out then he would glide latin porno it back in after about 10 minutes I found myself in heaven with a black cock buried all the way in my ass, his balls were resting on my leg, Marcus told me the good thing about anal sex was there was no chance of getting pregnant he began to fuck me again starting slow pulling my hair harder and harder fucking harder and harder he began to loosen his grip and moved around until we were in the missionary position his cock still buried in my ass. He had my legs pushed into my tits my ass was gaping open and he was plugging it his heavy balls slapping off of my ass with each thrust and without warning he threw his cock deep into my ass coating my insides with cum so much, so deep.

Carlos got up almost on cue and laid down on his back, his the was the monster of this crew, it was measured at 14″ and 3 3/4 ” thick, I would never forget this weekend. He laid there stroking it trying to keep it hard. Marcus pulled out of my ass, with a long slurping sound following it I climbed on to Carlos’ chest facing away from him. I had to lean to one side just to get it lined up at my hole he aimed it off to side getting it lined up with my shredded cunt, and it wasn’t getting any better. I put my leg back down on the bed his cock sank 4 inches in me and I had nowhere to go but down. He raised his knees up to give me support and something to rest on his cock stretched me past Jesse’s fucking. I concentrated on rocking my hips back and forth, Marcus stuck his dirty cock in my mouth, the taste of blood semen and soap was fitting of my fucking. I cleansed the head first and Carlos grabbed my hips and began to pull my on his log I had 6″ in me and was feeling the burn of the brandy in my stomach and this Samoan cock in my cooch.

Jesse picked me up and had me face Carlos, I laid on his sweaty stomach and began the process all over again, this time there was no hesitation, Carlos pushed me down on his cock I could feel the head push past my cervix and into my uterus, I began to mumble and shake about being full Jesse told me not yet. I didn’t pick up on that right then, Carlos was beginning to thrust in and out the feeling was unbelievable Carlos found my mangled tits and pinched them both really hard and at the same time, Jesse thrust his cock in my burning asshole I jerked back back into their dicks from my tits being abused and found myself buried be men, Carlos was pushing me down by my shoulders making me go farther onto his dick, Jesse was pumping my ass with incredible thrusts I was beginning to black out from the pain of Jesse’s unlubricated dick plowing my asshole.

Marcus found the last empty hole muffling my cries with his dick. Jesse was pulling my hair out the roots, I could feel his cold sweat land on my back as he hunched deep into my ass. He let go of my hair and pushed down on the small of my back with one hand keeping me on Carlos’ dick, I tried to cry out loud but Marcus was fucking my face with the same fury he did with my ass. Tears were flowing down my face, Jesse came deep in my ass exhausted he laid on top of me squeezing the air out of me as Carlos pumped his dick all the way in my cunt the cum was shooting out with so much force I thought it was in my lungs. Marcus spent his load in my mouth I had no choice but to swallow it I needed to catch my breath Jesse rolled off of my taking me with him, Carlos was fast asleep and Marcus got in the shower.

When I awoke they were gone, and behind was a copy of a videotape of me getting fucked.

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