My Elderly Neighbour

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My older neighbour.

The following is fiction, any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, all persons are over the age of eighteen.

I had been the next-door neighbour to Jane Johnston all my life, my parents had moved into the house before my birth and had become incredibly good friends with Jane and her husband Bob.

Jane and Bob were about 20 years older than my parents so Jane would have been around 40 years of age when I was born, two people who were never blessed with children of their own so it was inevitable, I suppose that they kind of adopted me.

I was about fourteen, I guess, when Bob suffered a massive coronary and Jane became a widow at 54.

Five years later tragedy struck again, both my parents were killed in an auto accident, at 19 I found myself alone.

Insurances took care of the mortgage, so I became a house owner shortly after I began work but I was far from prepared to step out into the world on my own.

I need not have worried, my surrogate mother next door stepped up and helped me navigate the sea of life.

Jane taught me to cook, until I was proficient enough she had a hot meal prepared for me every evening when I returned from work, she did my washing and ironing.

Naturally, I gave Jane a spare key to the house so she could let utilities’ in for meter readings and any workers I employed on renovations.

About 5 years into this I received a knock on the door one evening, If I was in despite having a key Jane always knocked.

I let her in, and we both sat in the lounge, before she sat down she placed a key on the table in front of me, looking at my puzzlement she spoke.

“Alex,” she said, “that is a key to my house which I want you to have.”

“But why Jane,” I started, “I am at work each day, I cannot let people in?”

“It’s not for that reason Alex,” she began her explanation, “I’m not getting any younger, after what happened to Bob I do not want to be left in the position of a stranger finding me dead.”

“Jane, you’re not that old,” I began but she stopped me and continued.

“I’m hoping that you will check on me and if the unthinkable happens you, someone I love, will be the person to find me.”

I could see that this was of great concern to Jane, so I readily agreed and placed the key in a drawer next to other keys.

By now I was around 25 years of age, unmarried with no girlfriend on the horizon, there was a good reason for this, girls around my own age just held no interest for me, however, their mothers and even their grandmothers were what interested me!

I had found out early that I was more comfortable around older women, I could talk to them without becoming tongue-tied as I did with girls more my own age.

I was not a virgin, I had been successful with a couple of mothers, one I had a six-month affair with, and I had even managed to lose my virginity and bed my best friend’s grandmother one night after attending his birthday party, but they are different stories and hold no place here.

As I have already said Jane looked after me, my unpaid housekeeper really, but I did not take this for granted, birthday gifts and Christmas presents were the order of the day.

One Christmas eve I knocked on Jane’s door carrying her present wrapped in Christmas paper.

As the door opened I spoke, “Merry Christmas Jane.,” and offered the gift to her.

“Oh Alex, how kind, thank you,” she took the present from me, and I was about to turn away when she spoke again.

“Alex, I don’t suppose you have time to come in for a drink do you”?

“Of course, I have time Jane,” I replied, “that’s kind of you to offer.

I always had time for Jane, not because of all the little things she had done for me over the years, for which I was grateful, but because Jane was an attractive woman who had figured prominently in my masturbatory dreams over the years.

A little over 5-foot tall, short brown hair with a figure most younger women would kill for, for her height her breasts seemed large, she was a looker.

The only reason I had never tried in on with Jane was the respect I held for her, she had been my rock when I needed one most and to simply fuck her and walk away after was not what she deserved.

We went into Jane’s lounge, and she produced a bottle of vodka from the cupboard.

“This ok Alex”? she said.

“Of course,” I replied, “as long as there is something to go in it.”

“How about coke.”

“Perfect,” I said.

We spent the next couple of hours chatting and drinking the vodka, we chatted about nothing really until Jane changed the subject completely.

“Alex, can I ask you something?” she said.

“Of course, you can, ask away.”

“Well, it is a bit personal and I’m not sure it is any of my business really,” she said.

“Jane, I have known you all my life, you could never offend me, ask me anything.”

I was wondering where this conversation was heading, had the alcohol given Jane the courage to ask and what was she going kaçak iddaa to ask.

After a pause Jane began.

“Alex…..do you like girls……I have never known you to have a girlfriend…..are you gay?”

Inwardly I was smiling at this, Jane was showing real concern for me, almost motherly in fact, but it also proved that my discretion about the affairs I had with older women were still a secret.

I was trying, in my head, to formulate an answer to the question, Jane deserved nothing but the truth but how do I explain to her that I liked my female companions older without offending her because I had never tried to bed her.

“Jane,” I began, “You are partially correct, I don’t really like girls.”

The look that appeared on Jane’s face was one of confusion, so I continued.

“I’m not gay, I just happen to like my female companions to be a little bit older than myself.”

“Oh, thank God,” she said then, “how much older?”

I poured us both another drink before regaling her with the tales, without naming names of course!

“I know these women do I?”

I nodded.

“You do realise that now you have told me I’m probably not going to sleep tonight for trying to work out who your conquests have been,” she replied laughing.

But then becoming serious.

“Why not me then?” she queried then, “No, you don’t have to answer that, I’m not attractive or sexy or anything like that.”

I simply could not leave it there, so I poured my heart out to Jane, telling her how much I respected her, how much I had grown to love and appreciate her all the years of my life.

There were tears in both of our eyes, I decided it was time to leave but not before we both held each in a warm embrace.

A few days after Christmas in the evening there was a knock on my door, it was Jane.

I invited her in and asked if she would like a drink.

“Yes please,” she said, “I think I’ll need one, a big one.”

I gestured for her to sit and went and poured her a generous vodka and coke, returning to find Jane sitting on the sofa.

I sat myself down with a drink in a chair opposite her.

Jane could see the apprehensive look on my face and spoke.

“Don’t worry Alex, I have not worked out who you have been having sex with….not yet anyway,” she joked.

I smiled, “Well what is it then, you seem serious.”

“I’ve thought long and hard about what we talked about the other night, but first, are you seeing anyone at the moment?” she asked.

“No, not for a few months,” I replied.

“Good,” she said, “well no, not good from your point of view, your young and probably missing sex on a regular basis.”

I was but I was not going to let Jane know how frustrated I was becoming.

“It’s ok, I can manage.” I spoke.

Jane was gulping her drink fast, so I indicated with the bottle a top up which she gratefully accepted.

“I had a speech all prepared,” she said, “but now I’m afraid I’m not very coherent.”

“Take your time, there’s no rush,” I said.

“I will, please don’t say anything until I have finished,” she implored.

I nodded my agreement and Jane began what would be a long and tumultuous speech.

“I’ve known you all your life, God knows you’re the son I never had, I love you dearly, so this is very difficult for me to think never mind say.”

Jane paused, I just sat quietly watching her wondering, and hoping, where this speech might lead.

“I know how you men deal with no sex; women aren’t that different in that sense.”

WHOA!! Jane was talking about masturbation, more to the point was she admitting she masturbated?

There was now an image in my head, a very graphic image of a very naked Jane lying on her bed with her fingers flying furiously in and out of her pussy and my cock was reacting to this.

“I want to help you!”

That sentence brought me back down to earth, was I about to attain my holy grail?

Jane read the expression on my face and continued.

“I’m not prepared to have sex with you, that wouldn’t be right.”

“Bummer,” I thought but waited to see what might be on offer, truthfully I would have accepted anything just to be close to her.

“I thought, if you would like I could replace your hand with mine and give you hand-jobs whenever you wanted, what do you think?”

My cock was now hurting in the restraint of the jeans I was wearing, I would rather fuck Jane but if a hand-job was all that was on the table then that would be acceptable, it could lead to other things if I played my cards right.

Jane was sitting patiently waiting for me to process the speech she had just delivered.

“Er.m.. well, yes,” I was trying to be as cool as I could, “I’d like that very much, I think it could help.”

“Good, then it’s settled then,” Jane seemed almost relieved at my acceptance, then she totally floored me with her next words.

“Would you like to start now?”

My cock certainly would, it was going to get relief from somewhere so it may as well be from Jane.

“Yes. Yes that kaçak bahis would good.” I stuttered.

Jane then switched to her matter of fact, get things done mode.

“Right, you go get a towel or something and I’ll wait here for you.”

I headed for the bathroom for a towel pausing only to collect my bottle of lube from the bedroom.

“What’s that?” Jane asked as I re-entered the room.

“Bottle of lube, it usually helps.” I replied.

“Yes, of course, how silly of me.”

Jane patted the sofa to her left explaining.

“I’m right-handed so it will be easier this side, now take your jeans and underwear off and sit down.”

Jane’s eyes widened as my 7.5-inch cock came into view.

“Oh my, that’s big, Bob didn’t have anything that size in his pants.”

I sat down beside her, pleased with the complement just paid.

Jane squeezed a large dollop of lube onto my cock then her hand closed around it gently making up and down motions as she worked my cock.

Her touch was sensational, far better than I had dreamt of and I had dreamt of this moment for a long time.

All too quickly I felt a familiar sensation.

“I’m Cumming,” was all I could muster before thick jets erupted from my cock spraying upwards covering the sweater I was wearing.

When I had subsided Jane quickly wiped her hands with the towel and after handing it to me stood up saying.

“I’ll leave now goodnight.”

I cleaned myself but could not help dwelling on the speed with which Jane had left.

Was she feeling regret and remorse with what we had both got up to?

I did not hear from Jane for a couple of days then one evening about 8 o’clock the phone rang.

I answered and it was Jane.

“Alex, I’m so sorry about the other night, the speed at which I left, with no explanation.”

“Jane,” I interrupted, “it’s ok, if you have regrets I understand perfectly, above all I truly value your friendship and hope it can continue.”

What Jane said next totally floored me.

“Alex, no, it’s nothing like that, to tell the truth I got a bit emotional about the whole thing and felt I couldn’t cope with the situation there and then.”

I could feel relief flowing through my body, our friendship seemed intact, and I had hope that what we had started would continue so I let Jane continue.

“I enjoyed it, I have not had my hands on a cock for over 15 years now and it felt so good, watching you cum like that brought back so many happy memories and feelings.

Well, I certainly was not expecting that but part of me was really pleased, I felt we had crossed a bridge and hoped that this re-awakening in Jane would lead to other possibilities.

“So, you want to continue?” I tentavely enquired.

“Oh yes,” came the reply, ” I think this is helping both of us now, but I would like to make a change or two if that is ok with you?”

“Yes, yes, whatever you want.” I agreed immediately not wanting to lose what we had both started, “what changes?”

“Well, I think I would be more comfortable in my mind if you came round here, it’s silly I know but please just humour me on this.”

I immediately acquiesced and then inquired.

“Anything else?”

“Yes, one more thing.”

“Yes, of course, what?

“It gets rather messy so I think it would be better with your clothes off then when you cum I can direct it onto your chest and save your clothes.”

Inwardly I was laughing, I had been wondering myself how to broach this subject but now it had been taken from me.

“Jane,” I replied, “that is a great idea, wish I had thought of that.”

“That’s settled then, do you want to come round now?”

I did, until then I had not realised that listening to Jane had begun to make me quite hard and I really needed some relief.

“About 5 minutes ok then?” I queried.

“Great…….don’t forget your lube!!”

The next few weeks fell into a bit of a routine, every two or three days I would pop round to Jane’s where she would give me a very stimulating hand-job, I felt as though I was in heaven.

Around this time, I began to detect subtle changes in Jane, she became more tactile with me, touching my arm frequently, her left arm draped around my shoulders.

“It’s more comfortable like this.” She explained.

I was greeted every time with a peck on the cheek, this also happened after just as I was leaving but there was one more striking change.

Jane rarely wore make-up, occasionally when going to a function she would wear a little mascara and lipstick, now every time I went round she was wearing it and her dress code altered slightly.

All my life when I had seen Jane her upper clothing was up to her neck, never so much as a hint of cleavage now there were scooped necklines, cardigan buttons left undone.

When Jane was tugging my cock my eyes were fixated on this area, never having seen anything remotely connected to her breasts I was totally fascinated.

One evening when I went round Jane was already sitting on the sofa wearing a cardigan illegal bahis exposing her cleavage, I. as usual, began to undress.

“Alex,” Jane began, “On your last few visits I have noticed that you stare at my breasts a lot.”

“Oh God Jane I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

“No darling, that’s alright, I was just wondering if it would heighten your enjoyment somewhat if I sat here just in my bra?”

WHOA…would it? I had spent years wondering what her breasts may be like and now they were up for grabs, so to speak!

“I think that would really enhance everything Jane, if you’re sure about this.”

I was now standing naked in front of her, and my already hard cock was twitching like mad.

“Of course, I am sure,” Jane stood up unbuttoning the garment and shrugging it from her shoulders, ” now sit down and I will start.”

I sat and Jane grasped my cock, her tits, although encased in a white bra, looked amazing, much bigger than I had imagined, full and round.

My excitement was such that after about a minute I began to cum, boy, did I cum?

I could not help it, but my hips lifted off the sofa causing Jane to loosen her grip on my cock, my juice sprayed everywhere some of it catching Jane, her skirt and, best of all, drops hit her tits.

Jane quickly regained control and directed the last onto my belly.

Laughing Jane was the first to speak.

“That certainly heightened your enjoyment somewhat didn’t it?”

Reaching for the towel she wiped the cum first from her tits then her belly before handing it to me.

“I don’t believe I’ve ever cum as intensely as that ever before.” I replied.

“Well then,” Jane laughed, “I’ll have to see what else I can think up to top that then.”

In my head I knew what I desired most but I was more than happy to let Jane lead, I felt sure that something was awakening deep inside her and I was happy to wait for it to materialise.

A couple of days later I went back round to Jane’s to find her sitting on the sofa this time clad in a black bra and matching pants, no skirt.

“The skirt was a bit messed up last time, I thought this would be better, easier cleaned.” Jane smiled up at me.

I took my usual position beside her but before she started she spoke.

“I’ve been thinking about that last time and how we could try to enhance it further and I may have come up with an idea.”

“I’m open to any suggestion you make, I’m in your hands.”

We both laughed at my unintentional pun then Jane continued.

“Well, if you’re willing with an old woman, I thought if we had a bit of a kiss and cuddle whilst I masturbated you it might help.”

This was getting better and better with every visit; I could not have planned it better.

“Jane, I’ve told you before you are not an old woman, as for kissing and cuddling with you I can’t think of anything I’d rather do with you.”

The last part was a little lie on my part, there was something I would rather be doing but this just was not the time.

Jane snuggled closer to me, her hand reached for my rapidly expanding cock and her face tilted towards mine.

Our lips met, a beautiful, warm kiss held for a long time whilst her hand gently and slowly stroked my cock.

We broke for air then kissed again, I was in heaven, the woman I had lusted after for years was kissing me and stroking my cock.

I decided to gamble a little, the next time we broke for air I smiled at Jane, the smile was reciprocated so I decided to go for it.

As our lips met again mine parted slightly and I let my tongue gently rub along Jane’s lips, she did not immediately pull away.

When we parted I looked for any sign in Jane’s face but all I could see was her beautiful face smiling back at me.

I thought it was now or never, as we kissed again my tongue began to probe a little, surprisingly I thought, Jane’s mouth opened, and her tongue began to seek out mine.

Our tongues danced together, each subsequent kiss deeper and longer, wet with our saliva.

We kept this up for about 15 minutes, the slowness of Jane’s technique on my cock slowing the need to cum but building up to a point where it began to ache.

“Jane, I really need to cum, it hurts.” I pleaded,

Jane said nothing but came in for another deep, wet kiss, her hand speeded up and I felt the relief flowing through me and out.

If we thought the last time had been exceptional this was totally on a different level.

Because of our position all my cum fired at Jane, when I had finished, and we broke her belly was covered and dripping with cum.

“WOW,” was the first word from Jane’s mouth, followed by, “I can see you enjoyed that but so did I, it has been so long that I had forgotten how nice kissing like that was.”

We cleaned ourselves, dressed and just before I left there was no peck on the cheek, it was replaced with a deep, sensuous wet kiss.

Back home, thinking about what had just happened, I realised that I was close to achieving my goal, making love, not fucking, with a woman some 40 years my senior, a woman whom I had loved all my life but now that love went deeper, I was totally in love with Jane, what had started as a sexual encounter had developed, on my part, into love.

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