My Life Ch. 06


The rest of that summer was much like the beginning. It was not only a summer of near constant sex, my relationships to my friends was changing. Bobbi and I were becoming much closer and we would get together as often as we were able to go to the beach or spend the night together, sometimes Lynda would join us but her and Bill were becoming an item. Rick and I didn’t get together all that much and when we did, the spark seemed to dull a bit. I recall the day our relationship made a drastic change.

Rick would leave to go back to collage a week before I went away to UCB and before he left we planned to spend one last night with each other. I hoped to make it a party. My parents were out to one of their swing parties with their friends Susan and Tom. Bobbi and Lynda had come over earlier that day and Bill was home. The four of us had been sunning all day, drinking beer, smoking some nice herb and as usual, fucking. It was mostly Lynda fucking Bill and me with Bobbi. When Rick walked in he was treated to a very sexy scene. Bobbi and I were laying there naked on a blanket, curled in each other’s arms and snoozing. Bill and Lynda had just finished fucking and were on a chase, Bill’ s shiny, wet cock laying on his leg, oozing the last of his cum as was Lynda’s freshly fucked cunt.

I woke when Rick walked over to where we were. He had stripped off his shorts and was standing over me naked with his rigid cock standing up as he took in the scene. Smiling, I reached up and wrapped my hand around his stiff shaft, “is that for me?” I asked as I stroked the warm flesh. Bobbi turned and watched me stroking his hard cock.

“Well, it is in your hand.” I got up on my knees and slid my lips around the smooth, throbbing head, as I did I felt Bobbi’s hand reach between my legs and start probing my clammy, wet cunt, first one then two of her fingers finding their way into and massaging my tight, little brown, puckered anus.

I continued to suck his hard throbbing cock, my tongue finding its way into and under the tight foreskin, circling it around the head like I knew he loved as Bobbi pulled and pinched my throbbing clit with one hand as she finger fucked my asshole with the other, several fingers pushing deep into my rectum. Just as I was about to cum again from Bobbi’s exploration inside my vagina Rick pulled his cock from between my lips to lay down on the cool concrete pool deck so he could relax as I sucked his hard shaft of flesh. As I bent over to again slide his warm shaft into my mouth, I noticed as Lynda push up on her elbows so she could watch us. Her legs were open toward us, her freshly fucked cunt flaring open. As she lifted the tightening of her muscles caused more of my brother’s sticky cum to ooze from between the engorged lips of her nasty pink slit and down to slide over her puckered pink asshole. This was what I watched as Rick’s cock slid in and out over my tongue. I soon felt Bobbi slide her head between my knees to to get into position so she could suck my hard little clit, sucking the pussy lips into her mouth, her tongue probing deep inside me, fingers continuing to slip in and out of my now slightly looser anus. I loved sucking Rick’s flesh covered cock; it wasn’t overly big like my brother’s so I could get most of it into my mouth and into my throat, the soft skin of his uncircumcised cock filling my mouth as I slipped my tongue around the smooth sensitive skin covering the head feeling the soft, firm yet smooth head under the loose skin covering it.

I was lost in the pleasure I was getting with a cock filling my mouth, Bobbi doing her best to satisfy my aching cunt when I felt her shift and her fingers slide from my ass, quickly being replaced by the pressure of something much larger. I was familiar with that feel, it was Bill’s hard cock pressing, trying to enter my tight little rosebud. Bill had fucked me in my pussy many times over the last couple of years but I have only been able to take his large cock in my asshole once before and that was after I had already had a couple of other guys in there and it was slick with the sticky slime from their cum dripping out. I could feel the pressure as that large head pushed harder on my tight rear opening. I pressed out like I was trying to shit, hoping to open my sphincter more to allow him entrance, I wanted my brother’s cock inside my bowels. There was some pain as the slick head of his cock pressed Beylikdüzü Grup Escort harder. Suddenly, my anus opened as the round head of his cock slid into me. My sphincter tightening around the base of the throbbing head as it entered my rectum. “UNUGH” I moaned around the cock in my mouth as the pain/pleasure shot thru me. My knees slid down and in doing so my cunt pushed down on hard Bobbi’s face, Rick’s cock coming out of my mouth and I laid my face down on his hard shaft and full balls as I caught my breath. Bill stopped there holding his cock still as my anus relaxed, stretched around that large knob until the discomfort began to pass.

“Ok,” I finally said “just take it slow.” Lynda had at some point moved over and was squatted over Rick’s face, he busy was sucking her sloppy, cum dripping cunt. I took his cock again between my lips as I felt Bills cock slowly easing into me, I could feel it slowly filling my insides as it was pressing itself deeper into my entrails.

Rick’s cock was again sliding in and out of my mouth as Bill slowly began to pull his cock back and along with it stretching the tight ring of my anus. As he reached the end so the head was the only part of his large cock still inside my asshole he pressed it back in now moving his large cock in and out of my tight back door. The pain had passed turning into pure pleasure, Bobbi still sucking my clit, my brothers cock pumping in and out of my asshole inches from her face while I had my mouth filled with Rick’s hard cock.

He began pumping in and out pressing faster, harder, deeper. His cock repeatedly filling and emptying my rectum as I felt my orgasm approaching. My head was lost in the pleasure when someone, I wasn’t sure who, I didn’t care, but someone grasped my nipple and pinched it… hard. I went over as the waves of my orgasm washed over me and as I was cumming my mouth was filled with hot sticky cum, pumping down my throat as I sucked his cock as deep as I was able, his cum was dribbling out of my lips as his cock spewed his sperm into my mouth. At that same moment I felt my brother jerking his hips against my ass before slamming his entire cock deep inside me and filling my intestines with his boiling spunk. His hips involuntarily jerking with each hot spray of cum inside me as his balls emptied.

I was done and sliding down I laid across Rick’s body, my breasts now pressed to his cock as the last drops of cum dribbled out of the little hole in the head, wetting them with his slimy, white fluid. Bill’s cock pulling out of my ass with a pop as I laid down. I could feel the slippery cum oozing out of my now much looser, relaxed anus and between the cheeks of my ass.

That day was the first time any of my friends, including Lynda, had seem me fuck my brother. Lynda knew we had been fucking for several years and I had been there a couple of times when she and Bill had fucked but I wasn’t sure if any of the others even knew that we did it.

Once I had caught my breath I shifted off Rick and sitting up noticed Bill laying beside Bobbi, his fingers playing between her legs and I realized that in all that she was the only one of the naked pile of bodies that hadn’t cum. She seemed to be enjoying what Bill was doing, I know he understands exactly what it takes to make a horny pussy have an explosive and satisfying orgasm. As I sat there watching Bill work Bobbi closer to her orgasm Rick sat down beside me handing me a freshly loaded bong and along with Lynda joined me in watching the show.

As he fingered her cunt Bill moved down and started sucking on her large brown nipple which somehow triggered the other to start leaking milk, she was still breast feeding and it had been several hours at that point since she had fed. This made Lynda move to suck the other nipple. It wasn’t 30 seconds after Lynda started sucking the other nipple before Bobbi started to cum. Her ejaculate was literally pouring out of her cunt and pooling between her legs as she moaned repeatedly.

“Is she pissing?” Rick asked as we sat there watching.

“No she just cums … a lot.” We moved so we could see better.

It was over in just a few minutes and Bill took his fingers from between her legs and licked the juice from his fingers. Bobbi soon had relaxed and opened her eyes, I handed her the bong and sitting up she hit it deep. Getting stoned right after Beylikdüzü İranlı Escort cumming is almost as good as doing so just before. We moved over to sit naked on the edge of the pool, Bobbi between me and Lynda, our feet in the cool water as we passed the bong around and just enjoyed the high. The guys laid back their soft cocks laying with their balls between their legs.

A few minutes later Bobbi leaned over and whispered ” I need to pee, be right back,” and started to get up.

I grabbed her arm, “there is a pool right here,” I said motioning toward the pool.

“You sure?” and without waiting for an answer she slipped right in. She turned and laid her head on her arms folded on the poolside, her legs floating up behind her a little and as Lynda and I watched, the water between her legs slowly turned yellow then in after a couple of moments, quickly dissipated.

“My turn” Lynda said and without getting in, propped her heels up on the pool edge and started pressing. Of course this caught the guys attention and as they sat up an arch of warm, yellow piss started to spray from her little pee hole and into the pool splashing probably 10′ from the edge. Just as her stream stopped, Bobbi slid over and planted her lips to Lynda’s cunt and sucked. I know Lynda and she still had a few small, squirts of urine inside her and I knew Bobbi was the recipient of those last salty drops. Lynda started to moan loudly almost instantly and within less than a minute was grunting loudly as she came in Bobbi’s mouth.

“Watch this” Bill said standing beside the pool and grasping his cock in his hand’ “I can pee further than she can.”

“No fair, if this is a contest, no hands.” I said and somewhat dejectedly, he let his large cock just hung there and soon the dark yellow fluid started to drain just past the edge of the pool forming a yellow spot before dissipating in the water.

Rick got up at that point and put on his shorts. “What are you doing?’ I asked.

“I gota go,” and he started for the door.

I got up and caught up to him just as he reached the door, “What’s up, where are you going we just started having fun.”

“You know, when Bill fucked you it was a little strange but sort of a kinky turn on, but this pee thing, I just can’t see that. Sorry I just don’t think I can do this,” and with that he was out the door.

While I have had a lot of dick over the years and his uncircumcised cock is still one of the ones I think about when I finger myself, that was the last time I was in a regular relationship with a guy. It was several years later before I saw him again, soon after his first failed marriage, and he admitted to me that the scene of that day was fodder for masturbation many times over the years and memories of me was part of what split him and his wife up, she just wouldn’t do things I would. Rick and I have gotten together from time to time since and he now has a wife (his third) who is willing to play, I have joined them a couple of times, but he still confides in me that I am the one he thinks about even when fucking her.

The party was over at that point and everyone except Bobbi left. We went up to my bedroom and lying there naked holding each other, I cried myself to sleep.

The Saturday before I was to leave for collage my parents had a barbeque and party at our house. Bill had invited Lynda as they had become quite an item and I invited Bobbi. Sue and Tom were attended as did several of my parents other friends. There were probably 20 people at that party, a couple more men than women which I learned was preferable because we girls could fuck as long as there was a hard cock available but for the most part, the guys needed a break between orgasms.

Everyone was soon naked out at the pool, getting some sun, having a drink or smoking a joint and in general just relaxing while my dad was cooking up some great tri-tip, ribs and some corn on the cob on the grill. Every now and then someone would start their own little party, a woman sucking some guy’s cock on the other side of the pool or sneaking off to fuck somewhere comfortable, but for the most part the sex part of the party was planned for later.

The food was served about 4 in the afternoon and there was a lot of food there. Along with the meat there were pies, cakes with lots of frosting, Jell-O and several Beylikdüzü Manken Escort fruit deserts. The nice thing about eating ribs or anything messy naked is that if you drip some barbeque sauce or something, you don’t have to worry about staining and there is always someone there to lick it off for you, I soon found that was the intent. Everyone was sitting around eating and I was noticing that people were much sloppier with the way they were eating than I would have thought. Like I said, not a bad thing because it encouraged others to lick it off but it quickly started to get messy.

Sue was the one that really just gave in to the moment. My dad was standing beside her where she was sitting so she reached over, scooped out a hand full of white cake covered with thick frosting, wrapped it around my dad’s cock and started sucking. As she sucked his cock she reached around and smeared the frosting from her hands all over his ass, the cake now smeared around her mouth and covering my father’s balls. There was a very thin woman there and she dipped a rib into the barbeque sauce and started to rub it between the lips of her pussy and I saw it disappear inside before Tom got down buried his face between her legs, I never saw what happened to that rib. It was on. There was food going everywhere and being used to slick everything and lube every opening.

I was sitting on the ground watching when someone came up behind me and with both hands full of Jell-O began to massage my breasts and nipples with the cool, sticky gel. I laid back and my head went between a pair of soft thighs. It turned out to be Bobbi and I eagerly sucked those wonderful full lips into my mouth and that large clit of hers. I felt something warm and a little crusty being smeared between my legs and being pressed into my cunt before whoever was doing it pressed their face down there and ate what I later found out to be cheery pie from my pussy. I reached up as I sucked Bobbi’s clit and squeezed her nipples like I know she loves. As I did this I felt some liquid leak from the tip and down over my hand and as I sucked her lips, someone pulled my hand from one of her breasts and started to suckle on it. Before the party was over everyone knew Bobbi was still breast-feeding and I am sure there wasn’t any milk left in those tits when she left that night.

Sometime during the night I recall looking over and there was Bobbi straddling my dad as his hard cock slid in and out of her pussy and my brother standing in front of her with her head in his hands fucking that large cock in and out of her mouth. This was the first time I had seen Bobbi doing anything with a cock and there she was with two of them, my brother and my dad. As I watched, Bill jerked and his cock emptied, filling Bobbi’s mouth, the cum was in such a quantity that it dripped from around his cock, down her chin and over those wonderful full breasts.

It was a night of sex and sticky food. Of all the things that I saw and did that night the one that mostly stands out is when I saw Tom on his knees bent over eating some woman when my mom came up behind him and slid a slick, warm, butter covered cob of corn into his dark asshole and fucked him with it, a long yellow corn cob sliding in and out of Tom’s smooth black ass is a picture I will never forget. I tasted combinations of things that night I never thought I would, barbeque sauce, cake, pussy and cum mixed together. A cock dripping with some sort of ranch dip and things I can’t even imagine.

When I woke up the next morning I found had slept on one of the lounge chairs out by the pool and I was covered with some very nasty mixtures of stuff, much of it starting to dry. My dad stood there with a camera and took several pictures of the mess, my hair matted with something, my body covered with a mix of reddish brown sauce as well as several other colors of sticky food. I still have those to this day. I remembered that before anyone left, they would get hosed off and then either rinse off in the pool or go inside and take a shower but since I didn’t have anywhere to go I laid down and passed out right there. We spent most of the next day hosing down the pool deck as well as me and even that night when I was sitting on the toilet, I managed to pull one last sticky cheery out of my cunt.

My dad drove me down to collage that following Monday on the way we stopped at a nude beach to have a picnic and enjoy the water one more time before I went away. That afternoon there on a mostly deserted beach I sucked my dad’s cock for the first time ever, that was the only time he and I ever had any sort of sex alone together. He drove me the rest of the way down to where I would spend most of the next five years studying.

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