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My teen ass fucked by older manAs soon as I finished school I left my home village for the big city. Alone in my one room flat out in a mixed industry-housing suburb, I could live out my fantasies. I loved watching porn. Especially movies where young, good looking but stupid teen-girls were being fucked in their shaved pussies and asses by huge cocks. I always identified with the whores instead of the cocks., and why not? I was relatively small for my age but with a firm, athletic body and a really nice, round ass of which I was really proud. My skin was completely clear and smooth, and I always kept it well tanned. In spite of my fantasies, I had never “done it” for real. I did, however, love to fuck my ass with smaller objects while filming it. I even had a small dildo, which was frequently used. I simply loved the feeling of the strange object sliding up in my pink, hungry asshole and I used it as often as I could, liking the idea of training my ass for bigger and better things. This morning I came home at 6am, having partied all night with my classmates and I was still drunk when coming home. As soon as I entered the door, I undressed and went in front of the computer to watch my favorite anal scenes. I had been dancing with a chubby, big titted teen with a belly piercing who was coming on to me, but since I had not responded, she had went home with a big farmer instead. The thought of him now fucking her on all fours made me extremely horny, and I pictured myself in her place, my ass stuffed by a strangers cock as I slid up my dildo in my horny hole. I sighed with pleasure as my tight ass tried to close around the dildo, sucking it even deeper into the hole. Today I was hornier than I could ever remember, and I needed to live out my anal whore fantasies to the fullest. But I needed something more, something bigger to stretch my ass like a real whore. Also, in order to be an anal whore, I needed to look like an anal whore. I was already a good deal on the way with my good, almost girlie looks, and my smooth and tanned body and my round tight ass. But I needed the slut-gear to perfect the picture. I needed the skin-tight clothing and the body jewelry. I looked at the watch and it was already 9am and I knew that the shopping mall on the other side of the industrial complex would open at 9.30 on Saturdays. I put on a pair of white tube socks, a pair of tight training pants that accentuated my ass, and a hoodie. It was spring outside and warm enough. I put a baseball cap front-side-back over my blonde hair and went out. I arrived at the shopping mall just in time for the stores to open and went straight towards the erotic-store that was located in a corner on the top floor. On my way up, I was very aware of the cloth from my clothing against my bare skin. Not wearing any underwear made me feel very dirty. Entering the erotic store was like entering paradise. There was everything in there a slut like me needed. By the rubber-dildo sectin I hesitated for a while between a medium-sized and a large-sized cock-shaped dildo. Which one would fit my ass? In the end, I took both, too horny to be a ble to resist. On my way to the register I noticed that I was not alone in the store. Back in the corner was a tall, fat and bald old man, looking straight at me, the look in his eyes saying more than a hundred words: “ I wanna fuck your ass.” Who was he to stand there looking like that at me? A dirty old man like him wouldn’t’ have a chance on someone like me. Simultaneously, however, his dirty thoughts made me horny. After all, I was an anal whore. Knowing it was crazy, but unable to prevent it, moved deliberately to show him the shape of my ass while walking towards the counter. I even stopped by a monitor and slowly bent down to watch, shoving my ass out against him so he could enjoy its roundness. I could feel his eyes burning in my back and it made me feel so dirty behaving like I did against a disgusting man like that. I noticed that my dick was hard when I reached the counter. While paying, I also bought 1xbet yeni giriş a lube designed for anal sex and then walked out of the store. Before leaving, I risked a glance over my shoulder. The dirty old man was still standing there, watching me. His attention made me feel sexy, but now it was time to do some more shopping. I went in to the H&M girls section and bought a couple of really sexy, leopard-patterned g-strings and a tight, pink, short tank-top that said “swissgirl.” Finally I went to the store where I knew that teenage girls bought cheap body jewelry. In there I bought a fake, golden belly piercing and a fake tattoo to apply in the lower back. Way to excited to be able to wait until I got home, I walked into the handicap toilet and undressed. Watching myself in the mirror, I then applied the slut gear, one of the other. When I was done, I felt that all that separated me now from a full-blown anal whore in a porn movie, was a pair of tits. My dick was standing out rock-hard in the mini-g-strings and the piercing glittered while I put on the training pants and finally the hoodie. Now it was time to go home and fuck the shit out of my ass with my new toys. Down at the bus-station I noted to my annoyance that the bus was coming in 25 minutes. Being way to horny to just sit and wait, I decided to take the 20-minute walk instead. After only a few minutes, however, I started regretting this as it started to drizzle. Just as I entered the small street leading through the deserted industry complex, I noticed there was a car driving slowly behind me. A quick glance over my shoulder confirmed my suspicion; it was the fat man from the erotic-store. Instead of making me scared, however, it made me feeling provocative. Once again, I started swinging my ass while walking. Surely, he was just driving by, wanting to tease a little. He couldn’t possibly imagine, that he had a chance of scoring with me, did he? Did he think that I would step into his car, take his dirty cock in my mouth and then let him fuck my sexy ass? Let that disgusting pervert defile me? No way! Then why did the thought of him fucking me make me horny instead of disgusted? Why did it feel like my ass was lubricating itself by the thought of his old, stinking dick, and why did my cock grow hard thinking about it? I adjusted my hoodie slightly, knowing that this exposed the upper part of my leopard g-string. I wanted him to know that I was defenseless and that he could use my body and my holes in any way that he wanted. I heard the car coming up closer and for a wild moment I felt both relief and disappointment as I thought the car would drive away, before it stopped and the window was lowered. I bent down and faced him. “Need a ride?” He asked, the expression behind his rimmed glasses one of absolute horniness. I nodded and climbed in, not caring that the hoodie slided upwards and exposed my tanned, smooth belly and a little of the piercing. He watched me, then said. “I saw you buying two big dicks before. Big dicks turn you on?” I only nodded, I was so aroused by the situation that I couldn’t speak. “I’ve got a big dick too. You want me to put that in your mouth and your ass?” I only nodded again, barely believing what I was doing. He grabbed my chin lightly with one hand, his fingers warm and rough and smelled cigarettes. “I need you to say it. Say that you want me to stick my dick in your mouth and ass.” “I need you to stick your dick in my mouth and ass” I repeated whispering, still unable to comprehend what I was committing myself to, but totally unable to resist. “Fuck yeah” he said and bent forward to, I wouldn’t say kiss, because he more started licking my mouth, still holding my chin. I stuck my tongue out and let him lick it, feeling his warm, hard breath, smelling cigarettes and alcohol on my face. His licking became more and more intense and it almost felt like he wanted to eat my face but it felt good. His excitement made me even more horny. His grip tightened on my chin and he asked me “I make 1xbet giriş you very horny, don’t I? I can do anything I want with you, can’t I?” I nodded. It was true. He could do whatever he wanted. I wanted him to defile me. To treat me like the anal whore I was. He put two fingers in my mouth. “You want me to fuck this hole for you? You want me to put my dick as far as it can reach?” He put the fingers further in, making me gag a little. He pulled out his fingers all wet with my saliva and wept the of on my face. “That’s it. Nice and sloppy, just like I want it.” He said. “I can’t fuck you here though, to many cars. But I know just the place.” With that, he turned to the wheels and started driving. “While we’re driving, I want you to put that dick out. Show me your cock.” I obediently pulled my pants down a little and pulled my dick out from the side of the g-string. It was still hard. Right now I had the feeling it would never go down. “G-string and belly-piercing” he muttered “sexy sexy whore.” I looked at him while he was driving. It was difficult to say how old, but I’d estimate 50-60. He was a great deal bigger than me and surely weighed around 100 kg. He met my look. “Such pretty eyes, such pretty cock, such pretty mouth, such pretty ass” he said more to himself. “When I’ve finished fucking your mouth and ass, I’m gonna put all my sperm in your mouth and I want you to swallow it. Is that clear?” I had been drinking my own sperm on a number of occasions and really got turned on by the salty, warm stuff in my mouth. “Yeaah.. I’ll swallow all of it…” I said, unable to hide the excitement in my voice. We drove for another 10 minutes until we had reached a totally deserted old factory. “I used to work here” he said. “There’s not gonna come anybody here, we’re all alone” and he turned of the engine. “Now go on and get your teen-pussy to the backseat.” I didn’t need to be told twice and as I climbed between the seats he slapped my ass hard, giving me what I deserved. In the backseat I sat down and immediately pulled of my pants so that I was now dressed in my hoodie, the g-string and socks and shoes. Meanwhile, the old man put the passenger seat to the front so that there was more space in the back and then, being less agile than me, went out of the car to come to the backseat. Sitting with my feet up on the seat so that my ass and cock were exposed, I watched him open his pants and pull out his dick before entering the backseat. Positioning himself with one knee on the seat and one foot on the ground, he shoved his rock-hard and surprisingly big dick towards my face. No words necessary. I wanted this fat old man to fuck my teen throat. The age difference and his ugliness making me even more horny. His cock smelled fishy, but I still opened my mouth and let him put the tip in between my lips, the warmth filling my mouth. While fucking it in my mouth further and further, he put his hand down towards my ass. With one finger he pulled the string aside and started entering my asshole with the finger. Since my ass was already a little warmed up from the mornings dildo-exercise, his finger easily slipped in and I moaned as he shoved it all the way in. Perhaps a little surprised by the easy entrance, he started finger-fucking my hole with rapid strokes. When one finger wasn’t enough, he soon shoved a second and then a thid finger up my ass. Fucking it intensely he was stretching it and making it more ready for each thrust. Meanwhile, he was trying to fuck my throat ever deeper and my mouth and parts of my throat was covered with my thick saliva. I loved it being treated like this, I was hornier than I had ever been and as his shaved, old man’s cock filled my mouth my dick was hard even without anyone of us touching it. “Don’t use your teeth” he said suddenly when he tried to go deeper than before and my teeth touched his cock. He bitchslapped me, not to hard, and when he noticed that I didn’t complain he slapped again, this time a little harder, while shoving his dick almost to the root and 1xbet güvenilirmi I felt how I almost puked. When he pulled his dick out, a pool of warm, thick saliva followed it and splashed down on my stomach. While I fought for air, he only seemed to get more excited by me puking out saliva and as soon as I regained breath he shoved his dick all the way in again. Being throatfucked like this was a new experience and I was a little overwhelmed. However, I kept my mouth open like a good boy and let him fuck my mouth until my jaws were numb and I had spit and thick saliva all over my face and chest. He was now finger-fucking my ass with four fingers and seemed to have decided that it was ready to get fucked by his cock, because he pulled his dick out of my mouth and positioned himself on his knees between my legs, forcing my legs up on his shoulders. He grabbed my hair with both hands and asked me if I was ready to get my ass fucked. I whispered to him please to fuck it and then he spat in my mouth and chuckled happily as I swallowed his spit. With his dick being all wet from my spit and my ass being completely exposed and properly warmed up from his fingers, he shoved his dick all the way in on the first thrust. The feeling was indescribable as my ass tried to close around his long, thick dick. He pushed it and held it there for a while, watching me moaning, before he started fucking me with force. With my legs up like that, he had the perfect angle to slam away at my ass and he fucked me furiously. With his face just above mine, thick drops of sweat were falling down in my face and my hands were not free to wipe them away. He pounded me like that for a while before he abruptly pulled his dick put with a “pop” and sat down next to me, his dick standing right up. “Take your shoes of and sit in my lap with your feet on my legs” he ordered. I took my shoes of and removed the hoodie, now completely naked except for the socks, my g-string had been ripped apart sometimes earlier without me noticing. He was still fully dressed, his pants only down to the knees. Me being naked and he still dressed only increased my feeling of being his dirty whore. I sat down on his lap with my feet on his legs, my wide-open asshole easily swallowed his dick once again and I sank down to his balls while he held my hips with both hands, lifting me up and down, faster and faster. In the rear-view mirror I saw my brown belly and my piercing bounce up and down and I thought to myself “I’m being assfucked by an old perverted stranger in his car. I’m naked and horny and I’m loving every fucking second of it.” As he fucked me like this I started feeling how my dick started shivering. “I’m coming!” I thought. However, before I could ejaculate, he suddenly pulled me of him and held my head to his cock. I just had time to open my mouth before he came on me, his dick releasing portion after portion of his salty, warm sperm into my mouth. I wasn’t prepared for so much sperm and when I tried to swallow it, I almost chocked, but was able to get it all down. Breathing hard, he sat down beside me and pulled his pants up. I was still kneeling on the floor, feeling my open asshole trying to close, when he opened the door and went out. He also took my pants and my hoodie with him. “Come on!” He said “I haven’t got all day, I need to get out of here. Get out of the car!” I didn’t get it, did he want me to get dressed outside the car? I crawled up on the seat and then out of the car. He had put my clothes on the ground, which was still wet from the rain, and lighted a cigarett. “Come on, aren’t you getting dressed? Doesn’t matter to me anyway, I’m out of here.” “What, are you leaving me here?” I said, while bending over to put my pants up. I felt my exposed asshole widening when I went down. “You can walk or take the bus” he said. “I only drive whores to the place where I fuck them. I’m no taxi.” With that, he went into the car and started the engine and took of, leaving me standing, half naked with one leg in my pants, the other outside, and my dick still hard. This was the final and ultimate humiliation. Luckily I lived not far away. On my way home, every step I took reminded me of the pounding my ass had taken and my dick wouldn’t’ go down. It had been worth every second of it.

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