Naruto Lemon Series Part 8


Naruto Lemon Series Part 8It was another lovely day in a base filled with wanted criminal and not to mention the criminally insane. Tobi was off on a mission with Deidara leaving you partner less. You made your way to Leaders room to see if he had a mission you could do with another member since you didn’t really feel like staying in the base. You knocked on his door as his deep manly voice said for you to enter and you opened it smiling brightly.”Morning Leader-sama, is there anyway I can get a little mission…I know Tobi is not here but I don’t want to stay inside all day.” you said crossing your arms as he looked towards you then to some papers.”I suppose so… Itachi isn’t doing anything so he and you could deliver something to one of our spies in the Hidden Mist Village.” he said holding up a rolled up scroll as you eyed it waiting.”Alright, I’ll tell Itachi.” you said excited to finally do something with Itachi.He handed you the scroll and told you where the spy lived and you skipped out towards Itachi’s room. It was always nice to have some alone time with Itachi, he may have been silent and emotionless towards the other members but you had known him before all the blood shed and pain. You were one of very few who ever got to see his inner softness that he locked away from the world and for that it made you love him even more knowing he cared enough to show it to you.You reached his door and knocked lightly as light footsteps reached your ear and the door opened revealing his soft onyx eyes.”What is it Yami?” he asked in his usual quiet voice as you smiled lightly.”We have a mission together… Leader-sama said to leave as soon as we could.” you said holding up the scroll as he nodded replying, “I’ll meet you at the exit then.”You nodded lightly as he closed his door and you walked to yours getting some supplies you may need. You slipped on your Akatsuki cloak and walked towards the exit to see Itachi was standing patiently and his regular eyes were replaced with his bright red ones.”Ready?” he asked looking towards you as you nodded lightly smiling.You both made your way out of the base to see it was a rather beautiful day. You both began your way towards the Hidden Mist Village as you walked beside him in a nice silence. It wasn’t unusual for Itachi to not talk so you didn’t mind it at all in fact you quite enjoyed it since his company was all you really needed.”So what’s the mission?” he asked snapping you out of your thoughts as you looked towards him.”Just to deliver a scroll to one of our spies… Leader-sama gave me all the information so you don’t have to worry Itachi-san.” you said patting the scroll that was in your pouch.”There’s no need to be so formal Yami I’ve known you since we were Genin.” he said as you smiled lightly towards him.”Hehe good to know you haven’t lost all your charm.” you said as you could have sworn you saw a light smirk grace his lips.After a long quiet trek you finally made it to the hidden mist village as you and Itachi put your hats on to keep yourselves hidden more. You both made your way towards the spies house and knocked waiting patiently.The door open as he saw your outfits and held great fear in his eyes while you stepped forward.”Our Leader has asked us to deliver this.” you said using your deep mysterious voice as he nodded quickly.”Thank you.” you said his voice slightly squeaking adiosbet yeni giriş as he closed the door.You let out a little giggle, having power was a lot of fun sometimes. Though now that the mission was over you realized how boring it actually was.”Let’s head back.” Itachi said turning away but you bit your lip and grabbed his arm lightly.”We just got here… it will be night soon… why don’t we just stay for the night.” you said trying not let your desperateness show.You saw his bright red eyes look at you from underneath his straw hat as his eyes seemed to flicker slightly.”Fine.” he said as you smiled lightly letting go of his arm.You both walked towards a little hotel where you could stay for the night as you placed some yen on the table.”We’d like one room for the night.” you said as Itachi looked towards you for a moment then back at the man behind the desk.”Alright, we’re a little full today so I hope you don’t mind a room with one bed.” he said as you blushed under your hat and said, “No that’s alright.”You got the key to your room as you sensed a little unsettle ness from Itachi and sighed.”I would have asked for two rooms but Kakuzu has been hassling me about not spending so much money…” you said reaching the door.”If you had any trouble with him you should have let me know.” Itachi said sternly as you smiled lightly under your cloak.”Do not worry about me Itachi, I can handle myself.” you said softly unlocking the door and walking in.You put your things down next to one side of the bed and threw your hat on a random chair plopping on the bed. You quickly unzipped your cloak, it was way to hot out to wear the thing and you only wore it when you had to. You heard a zipper to your side to see that Itachi took his off as well as you saw the very nice muscles in his arms. Yum… I wonder what he looks like without the shirt…? You blinked at your thoughts and blushed hoping he didn’t have the power to read your thoughts. His eyes were back to there normal onyx color giving them a much more gentle look to them.”How have your eyes been Itachi…” you asked kindly as he looked towards you.You knew a lot about the Sharingan from Itachi and you knew how much it took out of him to use it so frequently.”They’ll last me for as long as I need them.” he said watching you carefully as you sighed and nodded.You wished it wasn’t so hard for him to open up to you, like back when you were both still loyal to your village. You remember seeing his smile and knowing it was real, now though he just shut everything out. You didn’t blame him though, you knew it was what he had to do to keep his defense up and be undetectable towards the others.”I’m taking a shower.” he said walking swiftly towards the bathroom as you watched the door close.You heard the water begin to run as you collapsed on the bed and let out a sigh frowning. Why can’t I just tell him? You had been in love with Itachi since you had met him. You knew his deepest and most darkest secrets and yet you couldn’t even open up and tell him how much he meant to you.I can’t not tell him forever… I don’t know how much longer he’ll be around… he has to face him soon… we both know that. You sat back up making up your mind that you had to tell him before it was to late. You couldn’t let him leave without him knowing you cared more than he could even adiosbet giriş imagine.You didn’t even notice the water was turned off till the door opened to reveal Itachi in nothing but a towel and his hair out of it’s usual pony tail soaking wet. Do you have to come out looking like that?You watched him walk to his bag as you stood up and ran behind him hugging him not caring about getting wet.”Itachi… I… I need to tell you something.” you said against his back as you tightened your hold around him.”Yami… I know what you want to say… but it can not be… I won’t be here for much longer an–” he began as you closed your eyes saying, “Exactly… I know you won’t and I want to tell you before it’s to late.”You felt his hands grab a hold of yours as he turned around facing you while you fought to not let to much of your emotions take you over.”You were never good about hiding your emotions around me.” he said as you crossed your arms stubbornly.”You make it hard… I can’t help it.” you said looking away sighing.”Yet you feel these things even knowing that I won’t be able to truly return them for much longer.” he said eyeing you curiously as you nodded saying, “Showing you for even a little bit of time is enough for me…”You felt him grab a hold of your chin as he made you meet his eyes making your body melt just looking deep into his onyx eyes.”I always found it hard not giving in to you… even now.” he said honestly as you smiled saying, “Then don’t fight it.”His soft velvet lips pressed against your own as you instantly clung to his body feeling water leak through your own clothing. He wrapped his arms around your waist as you tangled your fingers through his long soft hair.He pulled away from you as he looked into your eyes making your body shiver with want. His hand reached down to your mesh shirt as you gladly lifted your arms for him.”We can’t let the others find out.” he said seriously as you trailed your fingers over his towel.”I wont… I promise.” you said as you pulled off his towel with ease smirking.This time when his lips met yours they hungered for more as his tongue forced it’s way easily past your already parted lips. He began exploring your mouth as your hands were fast at work memorizing each and ever inch of his upper body. You felt his hands travel towards your butt as he lifted you up allowing you to wrap your legs around his bare hips.You felt your back hit the soft bed as Itachi towered over your body and his lips left yours and traveled to your neck. His hands gripped your tank top pulling it off with ease showing your dark green lacy bra underneath it. You reached up and began kissing down his neck with your piercing grazed against his skin causing a light shiver to travel though his body.His hands traveled farther down your body as he began undoing your pant button and zipper while you helped him take them the rest of the way off. You didn’t know he could be so gentle and you rather liked it while you sighed content as his fingers danced over your skin towards your back. He unclasped your bra strap sending your breasts free while his eyes gazed at them as you laughed lightly.”Is the great Itachi Uchiha in awe?” you said sarcastically as his eyes snapped back up to yours for a moment and smirked.His head dipped down as he kissed around your breasts then slowly took your right adiosbet güvenilirmi nipple in his mouth making a little moan escape your lips. Your nails raked along his back as he nipped and sucked at your breasts earing moans of pleasure from you.He stopped suddenly as your eyes opened to pout at him but he began sliding down your panties so you were completely bare in front of him. You felt him wiggle a finger inside you as you bucked up towards him moaning louder while your eyes closed in pleasure.”Keep your eyes open.. I want to see them.” he said smoothly as your eyes reopened to look at him.His finger began pumping inside you as your eyes opened a little wider and you moaned while his eyes bore into your own making you feel helpless under his gaze. You knew Itachi loved being in control and if that’s the way he wanted then he deserved it… for now anyway.Once he thought you were ready he removed his fingers from inside you and positioned himself as you looked down hoping it wouldn’t hurt as much as you’ve heard.”Relax I wont hurt you.” he said quietly as his voice seemed to put your mind at ease and you took a deep breath nodding lightly.You felt him push inside you as you kept your eyes open boring into his own as he looked at you comfortably. You readjusted yourself as you smirked up at Itachi bucking your hips letting him know you wanted him to move. He didn’t waste any time and began moving inside you at a quick pace as you moaned grabbing onto his shoulders.He grabbed onto your legs and wrapped them around his waist as you felt him go farther inside you causing a loud moan from you. You were getting tired of him having all the control so you mustered up all your chakra and flipped him over as he looked up at you while you smiled innocently.You began riding him as it was his turn to let out little noises of pleasure but you knew they would have been louder if he was someone who actually liked talking. He grabbed your breasts gently groping and massaging them as you moaned smiling at his soft touch. Unfortunately that was just a distraction as you were swift filly brought back to your original position with a smirking Itachi above you.”Oh..you cheater.” you moaned as he pressed his lips to yours silencing you.You could feel the sweat build up on your forehead as his pace began quicker and more frantic. Your legs squeezed his hips tighter earing a grunt from him as he looked towards you challenging. His pace suddenly slowed as you groaned not liking his little game.”Itachi…” you said biting your lip as his breath was against your ear and he said, “What’s the magic word?””Damn you… please go faster… I want you to make you scream your name.” you said seductively as his body seemed to freeze for a moment.He suddenly began pounding into you uncontrollably as you cried out while your toes began to curl in pure pleasure. With every thrust you said his name as he panted against your ear letting his hot breath hit you.”Ita…OH Itachi!” you screamed clawing into his back as you came seeing stars behind your eyes.The sound of you crying out in pleasure sent him over the edge as he grunted your name while releasing inside you while his head fell. You both laid motionless catching your breaths as you moved the hair of his face smiling at him.”I love you Itachi…” you said as you saw a small smile spread across his lips.”I love you too Yami… even if it will only be for a short time.” he said as you hugged him tightly and said, “Even through death I will love you always.”You both stayed in each others arms cherishing the warmth you shared knowing it could very well be the last ever.

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