Neal and Tara Ch. 01

Double Penetration

Neal Chopra boarded the plane, shoving his cabin luggage in the overhead compartment. Next to him was Jai Singh, who’d quickly become one of his best mates. They’d started out as freshmen in Columbia, bonding over their shared love of FC Barcelona, the outdoors, and their Indian heritage- Jai was from Mumbai, the first of his wealthy business family to study abroad. Neal was half Indian- his father had migrated to the US as a graduate student, and eventually settled down with his Irish mother, who at the time had also been a student of Columbia.

As Neal’s friendship with Jai deepened, Jai had invited Neal over to spend winter holidays in India, with him. Neal was only too happy to go along with Jai’s promise of fun, great food, trekking in the mountains, parties, and girls, taking care to hide his ulterior motive of going- reconnecting with the land of his ancestors. He had never been to India- his grandparents’ disapproval of his father’s marriage had embittered his father- and was eager to get a chance to explore the ancient country. And so it was that he found himself on a plane to Mumbai, where Tara picked them up from the airport to their house.

Tara was 44, and gorgeous- one of those classy ladies that had aged gracefully. Gorgeous, curvy frame, and light brown skinned. She had long dark hair, beautiful brown eyes, a very pretty face, and round, large breasts. She welcomed Neal to India with a warm smile, who was taken aback by her beauty.

As they pulled out of the airport, with Neal next to the driver and Jai and Tara chatting on the backseat, Neal’s eyes kept flitting back to her attractive frame. Jai had told Neal quite a bit about his family- his father had passed away when he was young, leaving Tara to take up the reigns of the family’s packaged food business. Under her, the business had gone from strength to strength. Smart, classy and gorgeous, she was the perfect package. However, Neal didn’t get many chances to interact with Tara as the week unfolded. Jai took him hiking, trekking and partying, while she was busy with work.


One thing that Neal was undecided on was Jai’s cousin’s party. It was going to be this big bash that had plenty of family and family friends, and Neal didn’t know anyone here except Jai and Tara, and though Neal wasn’t shy he wasn’t looking forward to moping around while Jai socialized. He also wasn’t looking forward to the long ride to the venue through Mumbai’s notorious traffic.

But what he looked forward to the least was having to spend an evening around Tara without ogling her, which was getting harder by the day. Tonight, she was wearing a soft saree that showed off her stomach and accentuated her curves and her light bronze skin, causing a stirring in Neal’s pants.

The party turned out exactly as Neal had thought. While Jai mingled around, Neal grabbed a drink, loaded up his plate and looked around to get a table. “Lonely?” Neal heard a deep, soft voice from behind him. It was Tara, with a glint in her eye, looking like a goddess in gold. Neal felt his dick stiffen again- the things he wanted to do to this lady! Instead he nodded stupidly, fairly certain she knew what he was thinking, and followed her to a table in a quieter part of the room. “Lonely?” she asked again, sitting down.

“No not really,” he replied.

“It’s fine, you don’t have to lie, these things usually are boring, you know. What, has Jai abandoned you?” she asked.

“No he did his best to show me around, but seeing as he’s busy” Neal gestured to Jai, who was chatting up a pretty girl “and I don’t know anyone else, yeah I’m bored.

“You know me though, don’t you? Any friend of Jai is a friend of mine,” said Tara smiling. “I’m not some boring old lady, you know.”

“Old lady? You’re probably the best looking one here,” Neal blurted out confidently. Horrified for a second, he thought he’d gone too far, but he hadn’t; Tara smiled at him, taking a sip of her drink.

“Can’t imagine you have too much trouble with the ladies, Neal. You sure push the right buttons,” she replied, giving him a sultry look; his erection was threatening to leap out of his pants now.

“Thanks Mrs. Sing-” he started, but she cut him off.

“Call me Tara, Neal. We’re friends remember? And thank you, Neal, compliments from a handsome young man are always welcome,” she said.

“Compliments come easy when you look like this,” replied Neal, flirting back. She was enjoying herself, clearly, thought Neal, and what’s a spot of harmless flirting?

“You’re making me blush Neal!” said Tara, leaning in, “The younger girls will like your confidence, Neal, go for it if you find someone pretty.”

“Oh they’re pretty alright” replied Neal, his confidence soaring, “but older ladies are altogether more mature. Refined femininity, you know? I mean look at you. You look fantastic, you’re running a successful business, you’re a great cook, and have tons of admirers. No one here’s as good a catch.”

“Quite the charmer, aren’t you?” she giggled.

Just then, their tokat escort conversation was interrupted by Jai, who staggered onto a chair next to Tara, evidently drunk- heavily drunk. He wasn’t a lightweight, but Neal knew that Jai was more than fond of his liquor, having gotten sloshed together over the course of many a memorable evening. Tara, who hadn’t seen this side of her son, looked merely annoyed.

In any case, Jai’s punch-drunkenness put an end to the evening for the trio. Neal helped Jai into the car, and as they drove back to the house, reflected on his conversation with Tara earlier- the fact that she had flirted back piqued his interest, but also her allusion to loneliness also stuck out in his mind. Clearly, there was a lot more going on with this beautiful, charming lady than she let on at first.

When we eventually got back to the house, Neal helped Jai, who was completely inebriated by now, into his bed. Neal got changed, settling into his bed and thinking of the evening’s conversation with Tara, and knew he had to let off some steam. Her curvaceous body, and luscious lips were starting to have their effect on his thick cock, as it swelled to it’s usual 7 inches. He threw off his blanket, stripped naked and started stroking his dick. He thought of her lips on his dick, his hands on those large, brown tits, kneading them while thrusting his dick inside her and driving us to an orgasm….

I heard a rustle and got up with a start. Unknown to me, Tara had entered my room with a couple cups of coffee, and going by her amused expression, had clearly been there for quite some time, hair open, wearing a soft satin purple nightgown that showed off her amazing cleavage, “Having fun?” she asked, giggling softly.

“S-sorry I wa-” stammered Neal before he was cut off.

“Need help?” asked Tara, setting down the coffee, “I’d come up with some coffee, but this looks better” she said with a sultry smile.

“N-wait what?” asked Neal disoriented. Sure, he knew she wasn’t conservative and crabby, but did she just offer to get him off? His mind spinning, he chose his next words carefully, “What if Jai sees us?”

“Jai won’t be waking up for a long time, Neal, and quite frankly a beautiful young man with a hard body is not quite a common sight!” she said, sitting down beside him. “That’s quite something, Neal” she said, looking at his engorged dick. “Maybe, it’s not such a bad thing after all that you didn’t find someone else to be with tonight” said Tara gripping his dick gently and stroking it.

“I told you,” said Neal, “you were the most beautiful woman at the party tonight.”

“Were you thinking of me, Neal?” asked Tara, stroking him, “were you thinking of pleasuring me? Did you picture us making love together?”

“Yes,” said Neal, “all that and much more.”

She leaned in, and her lips touched Neal’s. He traced them with the tip of his tongue and then entered her mouth, seeking her tongue. They stayed in that position, their tongues gracefully dancing in the soft moonlight wafting in from the windows, her left hand on his muscular chest, her right hand stroking his hard dick. Neither had any idea how long they made out, but both grew more and more aroused as it carried on. After what seemed like hours, she leaned back, breaking the kiss. She took off the flimsy shoulder straps of her nightgown, and slowly pulled the top half of it down to reveal the most beautiful, full breasts Neal had seen, topped by beautiful, brown, hard nipples. The fact that she was not completely naked somehow added to the allure, her lower half covered by the nightgown, while her breasts now swung free in full glory.

She took his right hand and placed it on her breast, whispering, “Suck on them, Neal.” He didn’t need to be told twice. Pulling her in, he took her left nipple in his mouth, sucking as he caressed her breasts with his hands. Eventually he wrapped his left hand around her, and then slowly trailed down to her ass, but she gently put her hand on his and stopped him. “That would be… a bit too far” she said, gently caressing his face.

“I’m sorry” said Neal, quietly.

“You are sweet” she laughed, leaning in and kissing him again, as he continued squeezing her breasts again. Breaking the kiss, she breathlessly whispered “Sit up Neal.” She continued kissing him, slowly moving downward, nuzzling his neck, biting, caressing and licking her way down to his muscular chest and torso, and then further down, until she got to his swollen dick.

Then, spellbound, Neal watched she joined him on the bed, lying on her stomach, and her warm mouth engulfed his dick. He continued kneading her breasts and playing with her nipples as she sucked him off, occasionally popping his dick out of her mouth to lick the veins on the underside, before getting right back at it, her tongue, lips, and fingers working in perfect unison as she blew him. For a moment, they made eye contact; there was a fierce and determined look in her eyes. Neal knew from Jai that tokat escort bayan she had never openly pursued a romantic relationship after his dad had passed away, and the men who she might’ve had sexual relationships with on the sly couldn’t have satisfied her like the naked, hunky, athletic sophomore from Columbia was at this moment.

But she had been with other men over the years; Neal was sure of it. She eagerly and skillfully blew him, taking care to let the sexual enjoyment ebb and flow over him so that he didn’t cum too quickly, something she couldn’t have learnt to do without practice.

Neal had lost all track of time and being. None of the girls he’d been with in high school or university had half the skill Tara did. Her beautiful hair was hanging down, scattered over him. Slightly leaning over, he gathered it in one hand, squeezing her breast with his other. A look of surprise flashed across her face; she then took his cock out of her mouth and gave him a playful wink as she continued to stroke it. There had been a subtle albeit noticeable shift in the room; Neal had exercised his dominance for the first time that evening.

A split second later, though, Neal was quite sure that Tara had liked it; her head bobbed up and down furiously, as she devoured his cock, sucking it deeper and deeper into her mouth, until he felt it hit the back of her throat. She was determined to make him cum, and he was getting there. Neal felt his cock swell and his balls tighten. “Tara, I’m cumming!!” he announced as softly as he could.

She let go of his cock, continuing to stroke it wildly as she said “Cum for me, shona, cum as hard as you can for for your fantasy girl!”

And cum he did. Glorious spurts of it, all over his stomach, almost reaching up to his upper abdomen, chanting one word- “Tara!” over and over and over again, all fears about his friend walking in on them having evaporated a long time ago. He lay there, in his soft bed, panting, in disbelief of what had just happened- his friend’s gorgeous mother had just given him the best oral sex of his life.

When he opened his eyes, Tara got up and leaned in “Kiss me, Neal” she said, “taste your juice on my lips.” They had another make out session, by the end of which, his erection had popped up again.

“I forgot that younger men recover fast” she chuckled. “You’ll have to take care of this yourself if you want, handsome,” she carried on, “we mustn’t let this escalate any more, okay?” she said. Neal nodded, smiling admiringly at Tara; she did up the straps on her nightgown, kissed him goodnight and left. As he cleaned up and drifted off to sleep, Neal wondered what else was in store for him this winter.


When Neal woke up the next morning, Tara was already up, and had prepared breakfast, by the smell of it. He walked into the dining room and grabbed a chair. Tara, looking up smiled “Good morning” she said.

“Good morning” replied Neal. He was taken aback; he had expected the the conversation to be awkward, and Tara to avoid him. But she was as friendly as ever.

“Toast?” she asked, passing it over.

“Yeah, sure” said Neal. After a eating a couple of bites in silence, he said “Tara, about yesterday, it was..” he trailed off quite unsure of what to say.

“Fun” said Tara, “harmless fun between two adults. But we can’t go any further, Neal. I mean, you’re Jai’s friend, and I shouldn’t be fooling around with his friends, right?” asked Tara, sounding as if she was trying to convince herself as much as Neal.

“Well, when you say we can’t go any further” said Neal carefully, “Do you mean I’ll get at least as much as I did last night, or nothing from now on?”

“Mr. Neal Chopra,” said Tara giggling, “you’ve got some nerve, teasing an old lady.”

Just then, Jai walked in. groggy and evidently hungover. “Some party, eh?” he asked, smiling around.

“You-are-absolutely-shameless” said Tara, whacking him with a rolled up newspaper over and over, “What were you thinking, getting drunk in front of the whole damn world!”

“What? I didn’t cause a scene, did I?” said Jai, as Neal laughed.


The next couple of days provided no indication that Neal would get an encore of last night’s performance. In any case, there was never a time when he was alone with Tara; the boys spent their time socializing and exploring Mumbai, and she was, as always, busy at work, although she did give him a sexy wink occasionally, when Jai wasn’t looking.

One evening, Neal walked in on Jai and Tara having an argument. Tara had just returned from work, and the boys had been at home, having a movie marathon, too lazy on a fine winter morning to venture to the outside world. “What’s up?” asked Neal.

Throwing Jai a dirty look, Tara said, “Your friend has, as usual, forgotten the one help I needed from him.” Looking at the quizzical expression on Neal, face, she carried on “I needed someone to come with me to the opening of a friend’s new restaurant. But Jai has other escort tokat plans.”

“I was planning on going camping!” said Jai angrily, “You know I’d planned this a long time. Two days and 1 night,” he said, turning to Neal, “it’ll be epic!!”

“And I had this lined up for a long time too, Jai!” said Tara, angrily. “And this is a plus one event! How will I find someone to go with on such short notice? Can’t you push back the camping trip by one day?”

“Well it’s a packaged deal, so…” Jai trailed off, as if hoping to avoid the conversation.

As he lay in his bed that night, Neal wasn’t any more enthused about going camping with Jai than Tara was. The only reason that Jai had arranged the trip was because Neha- the pretty girl he had been chatting up at the party- had also agreed to come along. A freshman at UCLA, she seemed just as into Jai as he was into her, and Neal wasn’t looking forward to being the third wheel while Jai tried to get into her pants.

Closing his eyes, he thought of Tara. He’d never had sex with a MILF, and could now see what he had missed out on. She hadn’t been like the sort of inexperienced college girls he’d been with, with a buxom, curvy body, and a comfortable sexuality that could make any man weak in the knees.

Feeling thirsty, he got up and went down to the kitchen. The light in the terrace was on; curious, he poured himself a glass of water and stepped out into the terrace, where he found Tara, deeply engrossed in something on her iPad. She smiled at him as he came outside. “Busy? I didn’t mean to interrupt” said Neal, desperately trying not to sneak a look at her. She was wearing a lacy white nightgown, showing off the cleavage of her large, succulent breasts. The thin nightgown rested lightly against her body, showing off her curves- the light bump of her stomach, her graceful hips, and her lithe legs. She certainly took good care of herself, he thought. Neal felt his dick harden, as he thought of her blowing him the other night, wondering if the situation was going to repeat…

“NO, Neal” said Tara giggling, evidently having read his mind, “that was a one-off, and I was rather tipsy. And you shouldn’t ogle a lady like that.”

“You shouldn’t look like that” said Neal, winking.

“Like what Neal?” asked Tara huskily.

“Sensual” said Neal, “You look sexy, there’s no hiding it.”

“You’re cute, but we mustn’t get carried away,” said Tara, a mock strictness in her voice.

“Of course” said Neal, the bubble of hope inside him deflating. “Anyway, did you find someone to take along with you the opening?”

“No” sighed Tara, “it’s in 2 days, and how am I supposed to fix my idiot son’s goof-up in the meanwhile?”

“Tara, couldn’t you just skip it?” said Neal, “just tell your friend it’s not convenient?”

“The trouble is, she’s not just a friend, Neal,” said Tara “she’s also someone I’m looking to get into business with in the future. Won’t look good if I can’t turn up for this right? Anyway, looking forward to camping?”

“No not really” he said.

“Why not?” she asked.

“Well,” he said, taking a pause as if he was about to reveal information he’d rather not “well, the truth is, I’ll mostly be a third wheel,” telling her about Neha.

Tara listened with an amused expression on her face, saying “Well, I know he’s good looking, was only a matter of time since he put it to use, eh? He always was beautiful, ever since I had him,” she said, smiling to herself.

“Tara,” said Neal quietly, “have you even tried asking someone to go with you?”

“No, Neal,” she sighed. “I haven’t. In fact, I haven’t allowed men to get close to me in a long time. Most men I’ve met only want me for my money or my body, and their wives don’t want me around them.”

“Is that why you were avoiding everybody during the party?” he asked.

“Yes” she said. “Many in our own family disapproved of me taking over the business when my husband passed away. Since he’d made it clear he wanted me to take over, though, there wasn’t much anyone could do. Nothing makes me happier than Jai, but it does get lonely, you know.”

“You’re not lonely, Tara,” said Neal. “You’ve got a friend you can confide in.” She looked puzzled for a split second, then just smiled at him.

“Wait,” she said slowly, “why don’t you come to the restaurant opening? You can skip the camping trip. It’s not like you want to go anyway.”

“2 minutes ago, a very pretty lady was telling me something about boundaries,” he replied.

“Neal! We’re not a couple of teenagers. I’ve let you under my roof under the assumption that you can keep your hands off my body,” she said with mock seriousness.

“But Jai-” he started, but was cut off.

“I’ll convince him, don’t you worry about that. Will you come?” she asked.

His mouth dry, Neal wordlessly nodded yes.

“Good boy. Goodnight, then” she said, walking off, her hips swaying, Neal’s eyes on her beautiful derrière.

The prospect of spending 2 days alone with Tara Singh while keeping his hands off her was torture. But surely if she was trying to get him alone, why had she just told him to keep his hands off her? Mixed signals, Neal thought to himself, typical of women, as he stroked himself off to sleep that night, his mind full of images of Tara riding him as he exploded inside her.

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