Never too young to learn


Never too young to learnI looked at Gabby, and she, with the most sincerest of statements, confessed her Father, had the ‘Hots’, for me.To say I was not flattered by her revelation, would be a lie, on my part, because he was a handsome man, and his presence around me did make me feel special, and sexually aware of myself, because he did arouse me in a sexual way.We were sitting up in her bedroom and we were chatting. I was staying for the weekend, at the insistence of her father, so I was high on expectation he would want to have time with me and I was feeling sexually charged with that prospect, and Gabby had said as much too.Her mum had left home years before and Gabby and her Dad were close, much closer than even I imagined, but as events unfolded later on, I got to know more and more about both of them, especially his desire for younger women, and his daughters help in procuring her new chums for his sexual appetite, hence my inclusion, but by then I did not care, as what I was doing with him. fitted into just who I was, the only problem with all of this was our ages, we were thirteen and f******n respectfully, and he was in his late thirties.I looked at Gabby as she say cross-legged on the bed, ‘Has he fucked you’, I asked with curiosity, feeling a slight pang of jealousy, before she confirmed my fears, she nodded in the affirmative, before confirming verbally, ‘Since Mum had left, I have been fulfilling hiltonbet yeni giriş his needs’, and at that I surmised he was into her since she entered her teens, ‘Fuck Gabby, did it hurt’?She smiled at my concern, ‘Dont be stupid’, she answered mockingly, ‘We are built for them at that size’, she continued, slowly warming to my interest, ‘Besides Mariel, licking and sucking is his preference’.’Blow jobs’, I laughed somewhat relieved, ‘Older men always love to be sucked’, I sounded like a pro, but in reality I was as nervous as shit, I had sucked cock before, but only for a short while as ‘Men always cum quickly with me’, I told her with a smidgen of honesty, the only cocks I had sucked were family cocks, both in the shape of my brothers, and I was the instigator in both instances.’Dad with love you’, she added, ‘That’s all he talks about is getting you to bed’.’I’m looking forward to it too’, suddenly my knickers felt wet, really wet, ‘I’m horny now’, and we both laughed. Gabby suggested I take them off, ‘Daddy would love to see yours’, meaning my girly bits, ‘OK’, I added before jumping up and peeling them off, and showing Gabby my pussy in its glory, ‘Fuck M,you look delicious’, and at that she reached out and touched me, her long fingers parting my labia and slipping inside my wet Cunt.I lay back on the bed and let her continue probing me, which when she realized I was relaxed with her hiltonbet giriş doing it, started to masturbate me, slowing inserting her fingers and withdrawing them in a rhythmic motion. She searched my eyes for any sign of disapproval, there was none, instead I responded by peeling my top and brassiere off, and lying back, tugging on my nipples, ‘Lick me’, I gasped between clenched teeth, raising my bum off the mattress, to make it easier fer her to reach in and use her lips and tongue, I was nearing an orgasm and wanted to have mine on her mouth.Gabby nestled between my open legs and began licking my cunt, I held her firmly in place with both my hands, my wetness smeared onto her hair as I did so, I was humping her face, my eyes closed tight, feeling her tongue working wonders on my clitoris and anal orifice as she reached back and tongued that particular hole.I was completely lost in her administrations and was only jolted out of our lesbian encounter when she thrust herself up onto my tummy, but she did not do so voluntarily, or under her own desire to mount me, she was thrust forward by her fathers insertion of his cock into her cunt and thrusting deep into her, causing her tongue to rasp across my cunt, my bare pubes and onto my soft tummy.I opened my eyes to see him naked and fucking her from behind, looking down on my own open legs, with his beautiful daughter mouthing between my legs, hiltonbet güvenilirmi now she was servicing both of us, as he towered over us, looking down on my nakedness and outstretched arms, as if surrendering myself and beckoning him to crush her and lie on top of me, but his cock was so snugly inserted, my own needs could wait, as he ingratiated himself, inside his daughters cunt.He took hold of my ankles and held my legs open, ‘Suck her titties’, he barked to his daughter, and she complied by crawling atop of me and inserting my small breast into her eager mouth, her neatly rowed perfect teeth grazing across my pink hardened nipple, sending wave after wave of pleasure, through my young body.She moved higher as my legs were opened wide and slipped from her and into me, and once fully inserted, he crossed my legs and held them tightly in the position, as he fucked me.’Gabby my balls, my arse’, he moaned loudly, his daughter dismounted me and he fell forward onto my naked body, both my legs remaining crossed but over his shoulder, and mine too, as he lay full on my bent double position, but I was pliant, and accommodated this awkward position during our intercourse, looking to my side and into the wardrobe mirror, Gabby, ever dutiful, was massaging his balls, and licking his ass-hole with her long pink tongue, no wonder he came with such force, as my cervix felt his force, as his sperm shot deep into me. Two teen girls enjoying a mans’ cock together is not a new experience, there is safety in numbers and I am sure many men in here have experienced two girls having fun on him.There is more from that night debauchery, pain and humiliation, I am sure you will want to read about it.

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