New Year’s Eve 2019


I chose to work on the last day of the year, again to let family members have time off and to stay out of trouble I suppose.

Not many on the bus but most who were, were like me going to work and I see most days.

“Good morning Mr. Pilkington, hope you had a good weekend Sir.”

“Only spoilt by not seeing you Poppy dear, any particular reason?”

“I will tell you about it Sir, would you like me to make you a coffee?”

I made Mr. Pilkington his coffee and stood in front of his desk and told him about my seconds of madness which earned me a strapping off dad and spanking off Daisy.

“And what are your real, deep down thoughts on your punishment Poppy, including the spanking you got off Daisy?”

Oh, he knew everything.

“Sometimes in a girl’s life she does not think Sir, she knows every action has a consequence but just sometimes I think we get a blank in our minds. Regardless of all that Sir, I think I got off lightly.

Oh and Sir, apologies for being sent to my room and not meeting you and Mrs. Pilkington, I would have done it in a heartbeat, and maybe, just maybe my Daddy was too lenient.”

“You really have grown up this last few weeks and months Poppy, now, get about your business.”

“Yes Sir.”

I was pretty excited all day as Daddy said I had a surprise when I got home, as I was having my break I got a message from Mr. Pilkington’s secretary, in had to be at his office at 4.30.

Beggar it I so wanted to get home.

I bet it was for the spanking was owed, yes, that was it for sure, I had to be logical, I earned it and deserved it.

Just before 4.30 I went for a Pee and put my knickers into my handbag.

I knocked on his door;

“Come in Poppy.”

Wow he knew it was me.

“Good afternoon Sir, you wanted me, is it about the spanking I am due?”

“Ah, you remembered, no Poppy it’s not, something much more serious!”

“Oh sorry Sir.”

“No need to apologise, it is something work related, as from Thursday your temporary trainee status with us at the bank becomes a permanent one.”

I threw my hands round his neck and kissed his cheek.

“Now hurry you will still catch your bus.”

I ran to the cloakroom, put my knickers back on and grabbed my coat and ran on air for my bus.

When I opened the front door my overnight bag was waiting for me in the hall.

Daddy and Daisy were also stood there.

I must have had such a puzzled look on my face till Daddy explained.

“Brian will pick you up at 6.00 Poppy, you will spend escort bayan New Year’s Eve with him and his family, and sleep over.”

I was so excited I almost Peed.

“Daddy, please may I have my bath now and Daisy please may I have some of your gorgeous bubble bath in?”

“It is all waiting for you, and a surprise in your bedroom.”

“Please Sir, will you bath me?”

“Of course sweet pea.”

I ran upstairs and saw a dress cover from a famous Leeds store, JL. I opened it and cried, it was like a princess’s dress, all flowy, sparkly and in the most stunning lemon.

Daisy came in first and hugged me and undressed me, Daddy followed, and I had the most sensual bath, ever.

Brian collected me, and we went straight to his mum and dads house in Ilkley.

After chatting with them Brian took me to his bedroom to leave my case whilst his mum finished off dinner, we got back down as it went on the table.

I knew them from church, not well but they both had voluntary jobs, his mum helped with refreshments after Sunday service and his dad was more hands on, both in the do it yourself meaning and being on the panel sometimes with my Daddy

I think he may have tanned my bottom a few times growing up but had so many can not quite remember why.

We went to change, I knelt before him as a dutiful future wife should and awaited instruction.

He unzipped, and I followed my routine taught by Daddy.

I fumbled him out of his unders, licked his shaft full length, and sucked each of his balls in turn whilst rubbing his shaft

I knew he liked the top of his shaft concentrating on so worked him stiff, then took him fully in.

I used my cheeks, teeth, gag and hands to bring him to a climax and slowly sucked him dry.

He put his index finger under my chin and lifted me to my feet and kissed me so passionately I nearly fainted.

He undressed my slowly, “Just checking on my property Poppy.”

He cupped and titted me up, he squeezed each nipple in sequence to the sound of my moans.

His index finger once again came into play as he split my lips and fingered me to dizziness.

I was laid on the bed and he pleasured me to ecstasy with his tongue and fingers before putting me over his knee for a spanking, I hardly felt a thing, my mind was so well away from that space.

We walked down the stairs arm in arm and his parents stood at the bottom and applauded, I was so embarrassed, the taxi was waiting, his mum gave us both a kiss and his dad kissed me and hugged tuzla genç escort Brian,

“2.00am Brian.”

“Yes Sir.”

I had no idea on where we were going, we started at the roof top bar in the T centre to meet up with some of his friends.

Some I knew, some I did not but they were all really charming.

At 10.00 a fleet of taxi’s took us all to this great big house in the country, not sure where but as we got out I heard music playing, I was so excited, we could dance.

The Champagne flowed, I just had fruit juice but was soon intoxicated with the evening the clock struck 12 and we hugged and kissed everyone around us and just carried on dancing till the early hours of the morning.

I cannot tell you how happy I was, how my dress flared with being spun my knickers must have been on show to whoever was watching but I did not care, I was under the supervision of the man I loved more than I had ever loved before.

One of Brian’s friends who was stopping the night gave us the keys to his room and we made the most wonderful love to bring in this special new year.

We were not away from the party long and returned to the dancing until our taxi came.

We crept inside and to our bedroom and I knelt before my Sir as I knew I would be accustomed to be doing.

Once hard he lifted me onto the bed and fell asleep in each others arms, he woke me twice more with his cock in me ready to go.

I do not think I had ever had a more perfect 24 hours.

We got up and I showered him and gave him one last suck.

Daisy had packed me my new jogging suit, so I popped in one with no underwear nd we went down to breakfast.

It was only 8.15 and his parents waited for us.

We all hugged again, and his mum wanted to know everything about our evening.

After breakfast Brian’s dad took him to onside and did not look happy, they both excused themselves and left.

I must have looked confused;

“Don’t worry my dear, Brian has to visit Fathers study for a punishment, he was nearly an hour late in getting you home and I was worried sick.”

“Please excuse me Ma-am.”

I rushed out of the room and at the third door found his dads study.

Bran was naked bent double just as his father was bringing down his cane on his bottom Whoooooosh Crackkkk

I quickly stripped naked and bent over next to Brian, “Please Sir, I too deserve the same as Brian as I was with him and am under your roof and should be punished.”

Neither argued, “You will be strapped tuzla kendi evi olan escort after Brian’s caning.”

I kept down and held his hand. He got pretty heavy strokes along with a lecture between each one.

“Now young lady, come here,” He was unbuckling his belt, a view I had often seen.

“Stand up Brian and witness your future wife, who asked to be caned, and whom I will belt, go over my knee.”

His belt off, him sat, I never tried to cover up but went to stand at his left side, I had noticed at breakfast he was left handed, and waited my instruction just as his mum arrived.

She was all too used to going over her husband’s knee, he was quite a Disciplinarian according to Brian, so he sure knew his way around a girl’s bottom.

Ah, Mother, just in time, poppy joined Brian, naked and bent over and asked to be caned, I decided that’s his job and not mine but agreed to strap her, over you go Poppy.”

I laid over his knees and gripped the bottom rail of his chair till my knuckles turned white.

My legs just astride, I glanced round and saw him doubling his belt, I took a deep breath, WACK, WACK, WACK, owww, I was crying at the 4th, I got 10 wacks, the same as Brian got.

He put his belt down but I waited.

“You may stand Poppy.”

Mrs. Green walked forward, Mr. Green nodded and I gratefully accepted her cuddles till I had stopped crying.

Mr. Green stood up and re fastened his belt, I waited till he had finished then went and cuddled him, “Thank you for your leniency and understanding Sir, and hope in the future you will deal with me as compassionately, I never do anything naughty on purpose but sometimes get a little giddy.”

They all laughed but it was not supposed to be funny and set me off in tears again this time Brian consoled me.

It was time to leave Brian’s for home.

“Poppy, you realise now I will need to have a word with your parents and Mr. Brown.”

“Yes of course Sir, I would not have expected anything else.”

“I will tell them as far as Mother and I are concerned, they can set the wedding date whenever they wish, and you can both live here until we find you your own home.”

Yep, tears again and I cried most of the way home, well, I stopped when we called at a drive through for a coffee and a chat.

He hugged me and said how much he loved me and add to that the respect I deserved, and he could now add loyalty. We ended up in the back of his car, neither of us ready to lay on our backs and so we introduced sideways shagging, a couple of times till we perfected it!

We went into Daddy’s and he and Daisy were stood waiting for with party poppers.

“Happy New Year and dare we say, happy engagement to you both?”

I welled up again, “Oh Daddy.”

Fair to say, that was the best time I have had in my whole life.

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