Now Go Home to Your Wife


It’s 11:45 PM on a Wednesday and you’ve had a long day at the office. You know you should go home to your wife, but you decide to stop for a drink instead. You stumble upon an upscale bar not far from the office, so you go in for a drink.It’s been an hour and as you’re finishing your second drink, someone catches your eye. She is about five feet, and dark-skinned, a petite woman, with a nice round ass that you could get lost in. And her titties, lord… They weren’t huge, but they were still perfect. There was something about them, the way they moved. You could tell through her shirt. You could see her nipples, hard, poking through her shirt.She seemed to be a little upset, güvenilir bahis so you offer to buy her a drink. You introduce yourself and ask if she’s okay. She tells you about her day. She’s a teacher and had a rough day in her classroom. You then mention having a rough day at the office also, so she offers to buy you a drink. By this point, you both are three drinks deep, and ordering a fourth. Before you know it, hours have passed of you both talking. It’s last call, you pay the bill, both, and you both stand to leave. But neither of you wants to end it there.You look down at her to ask if she wanted to come with you, but before the words leave your mouth, her mouth güvenilir bahis siteleri is on yours. Tongue down your throat. You reached down and grab a handful of her ass. You can feel your dick growing inside your pants. It’s time to go. By the time you make it outside, it’s so hard that it’s throbbing. You grab her hand and start to lead her to your car. She tells you “don’t worry about it, I live close by.”Once at her house, you follow her straight to her room, watching her ass move the whole time. She tells you to sit on the bed, stands in front of you, inches away, and slowly pulls off her clothes revealing a lacy black thong. You reach out running your iddaa siteleri hands down her body, pausing at her nipples and running your thumb across them. Thinking to yourself, “did her tits grow?” As you reach her pussy, she stops you and says “not yet.” She reaches down and slides her panties down to her ankles. But you’re done waiting. You stand abruptly, grabbing her throat, pushing her against the wall, and shoving your tongue down her throat. You pause, spitting in your hand then start finger fucking her pussy. The hand on her throat moves to her nipples and you feel something wet. You look down and see a white liquid. Realizing it’s milk, your dick gets harder than it’s ever been, and you start sucking her tits dry. You feel her breath deepen and quicken and you know she’s close. Suddenly your hand is drenched and you can feel her juices running down your hand, and down your throat as you drink her milk.

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