Now Mother’s Gone Pt. 03


Chapter 1, Close Encounters with Old Friends

Your daughter begged you not to go to school on Monday. Used every dirty, teasing trick in the book to try and get you to submit to spending yet another day rolling around inside her. She woke you up with a blowjob. Dragged you into the shower for an hour. Sat on your cock during breakfast… All while bending and stretching and generally failing to get dressed. When she finally seemed to be wearing her full uniform it was so late that you had to give her a ride to the gate, at which point she ‘realised’ she’d forgotten to put on any underwear…

You sent her off anyway. Guessing, quite accurately, that she’d enjoy the risque experience of spending all day without them. Your drive home was occupied with thoughts of her constantly and self-consciously tugging that short, pleated skirt down and nervously crossing her legs lest any teacher or fellow student glimpse her naked pussy. Thank the heavens she hadn’t worked out just how close you’d come to letting her play hookey once more. That would have been a slippery slope to no good end. The summer holiday was already a looming threat upon the horizon. How on earth were you going to keep her entertained enough to survive it?

Still as you stomped about the empty house, trying to get some work done, nothing you could do seemed to reset your focus… All you thought about was her. Her perfect little ass. Her budding breasts. The small, sly smile she wore just as you shot cum across it. So smug in receipt of proof from her titillating efforts. Those big, innocent eyes that sparkled with a thousand not-so-innocent thoughts. By the time the end of school came round you could barely sit still, waiting for the instant she came through the door and could be at the mercy of your deviant urges. You half-daydreamed about masturbating yourself to the very edge of orgasm. Holding yourself there just for that sublime moment, greeting her entrance with an immediate faceful of sticky surprise.

It was a good thing you didn’t… Though the fact that you were thinking about it did nearly enough damage. When you heard the lock turn you were already halfway down the hall… Where you were greeted by not one, but two, smiling young faces. You had to awkwardly swing into the kitchen doorway, as if that had been where you were heading all along… Just to hide the throbbing erection pyramiding the front of your pants.

The surprise visitor was a thin, ginger-haired girl you vaguely remembered from previous glimpses into your daughter’s social life. A timid, hideously-polite creature that seemed incapable of mumbling more than two words to an older man she didn’t know… even if they were a parent of her closest friend. A situation that did not seem to have improved as she appropriately shuffled through a hello in answer to your own, forcefully-cheerful greeting.

Why had your daughter invited her round? Was it because she knew exactly what state you would be in and wanted revenge for forcing her to go to school? Surely she couldn’t be faring much better? Having spent all day with the wind sweeping between her legs. The exuberantly cheeky kiss on the cheek she gave you seemed to confirm your suspicions. As did the quick flip-up of the back of her skirt once ‘Jane’ had passed by. Showing off that she was, indeed, still bare-assed beneath.

In fact for the whole period of her friend’s visit your child seemed to do nothing else but search for moments to flash herself at you, taking every opportunity she could. Meanwhile, you had absolutely no chance to chide or challenge her. Not with the poor, shy hostage of her game present. It wasn’t until they had both settled down to watch a movie, one of them waving her bare-legs out behind quite frivolously… that you finally got a chance to talk.

Upon hearing your daughter loudly excusing herself to go to the toilet from the next room, you quickly followed her in. Apparently she expected this… for she immediately turned round and kissed you, while dropping a hand to free and grasp your erection. You pulled your tongue out of her mouth as quickly as you could, and began a hushed interrogation. Though doing nothing to stop the stroking down below.

“*What are you doing? Bringing her here now?! What if I had been… undressed?! Is this some sort of kinky, little game to you?!*”

“*I’m Sorry! No… it’s not like that!*” She seemed to think for a second, still pumping her arm towards herself. “*Well, maybe it is a bit kinky… But that wasn’t why I invited her! There was an… incident at school… She gets bullied a lot. I used to look out for her, but lately… I’ve been a bit distracted, you know.*” She looked up at you with slightly accusatory eyes… as if any of this was on your intentions. But then pulled up her top to unveil her round little breasts and squeeze your cock between them.

“*Her home life sounds… awful… and hanging out with yalova escort me after school used to be how she avoided it. After today… Well I thought she really needed somewhere to go… I am really sorry, I should have taken her to the mall or something… I just really needed to see you. It’s been awful, running around all day without any panties… Trying not to leave little damp patches wherever I’ve sat…*”

A wave of forgiveness swept through you. Your girl was just trying to be a good friend. While you had been so obsessed with your paranoid delusions about her relationship with you, as to forget how much that relationship was affecting her teenage life. Why shouldn’t she bring a friend round after school? She shouldn’t have to check whether you were in too much of a perverted mood that afternoon to risk company. All your indignation faded away… Though your horniness did not.

“*Well, okay then… Sorry I doubted you. You’re a good girl to look out for her like this. But you really should get back to her before we get caught. We can play later.*”

“*But you haven’t cum yet?! And you clearly need to! I’m not going to make you wait any longer… Look, it’s dark in there, I have an idea! Why don’t I go in first and lean over the back of the sofa. Just like I’m stretching my legs while watching the movie. Then you can come in, slip up between my ass cheeks and cum on my back. Like you used to before we started fucking. She’ll never notice… and you can’t be far off now.*”

She didn’t give you time to decide, pulling her top down and tugging you by the cock; which seemed to be just her leash to drag you by these days. Concealing this with her body she entered the darkened lounge, smiling a brief greeting to Jane… Who did indeed seem to be too engrossed in the film and intimidated by your following presence to give more than a glance. So it was that you slipped yourself up under the hemline of your daughter’s school skirt. Using her as a washboard for your pleasures while her unsuspecting classmate sat just in front. You tried desperately to keep your breathing low and quiet… Only failing to stifle a single grunt, as you shot a load all up the inside of that pleated covering.

Then tucking yourself away you left the girl’s to it. Your daughter awkwardly hanging over the sofa edge for the rest of the film. When it was finished you came to see Jane off; coughing at the damp patches above your daughter’s ass as she stood at the door and waved her friend away.

Chapter 2, Academic Progress

After that day, things began to settle down around your home once more. A balance reached upon this new level of your familial relationship yet again. Your daughter made no further attempts to get out of school, guilt over her negligence to a friend perhaps… or simply content in the knowledge that this was the final week anyway. Surprisingly you also got her to agree to a rationing limit on your encounters, to protect each other’s health after that weekend of excess: You would only cum in each of her orifices once per day, in any order but with no exceptions.

The way you span it was that you missed the more tantalising build up of pleasuring each other… without constant, actual penetration. Which was, to be fair, true. Those weeks where you had both been dancing around your own taboo desires had had a specific delight to them. A morbid fascination in how far the other was willing to go, and a grimy joy to finding unconventional ways to pleasure yourself using your daughter. You could never quite go back to creeping into her room to tangle yourself in her hair… Your own bed would feel too empty then. But the return of movie-night thigh-fucks and surprising her with a sudden facial were sweet enough.

She had also taken it upon herself to learn some more advanced massage techniques: both sensual and conventional. Watching video lessons while practising on your tired, old frame. It was an occasionally painful, but ultimately rewarding and intimate way to spend an evening. She even gave you one when Jane came round again. The two girls able to chat away quite innocently while your daughter sat atop you. Clothed this time and careful to keep her hands in sensible places… while in view at least. Her flame-haired friend actually seemed to enjoy the close-knit nature of the pair of you. Opening up a little to talk to you while you lay upon the mat. She seemed a nice girl. A lot more naive than your daughter perhaps, but with that shy politeness of those who have been trodden on too many times to make any assumptions about others. You hoped your little girl wouldn’t abandon her again come the summer.

Yet the week passed faster than you could grasp… and suddenly you found yourself driving to their school on possibly the hottest afternoon yet. The sun blasted down on the mulling throngs as students and their parents milled about the schoolyard for the last time this semester. All those of your daughter’s yalova escort bayan age group were being called in for a final meeting about their grades and future before embarking on that last summer of true childhood.

Your daughter’s slot was one of the last in class, assumedly doled out at random. Thus most of the crowds were drifting away by the time you arrived. Various parents dragged their children through hurried goodbyes to their friends while simultaneously throwing out boasts to anyone they recognised: About where they were headed on holiday, or how good their spawns grades had been. You waded in with trepidation, never having been the best with crowds… but also painfully aware of the constant swish of short, pleated skirts against your legs and the unavoidable bumps with nubile young bodies. None of this would have affected you in the slightest before, but such things held new meanings now you had torn your daughter out of just such an outfit so many times. You glanced around at all the other proud and leering fathers present and wondered how many of them fantasised about doing just that to their own little princesses. More than would admit it… That was all you knew.

Once inside the main building, things quietened down. The halls were rapidly emptying as the last few dregs of education escaped… Those who’d had longer conversations to get through. Chided looking teens shuffling after families in various states of veiled fury… Looks that said “Wait till we get home…”

You began to wonder if perhaps being so low on the list was not such an aspect of chance. Had the teacher held you back specially for something? Your heart began to beat a little as you found the right classroom. The door swung open just as you reached it, pushed by the wide hands of a thick set and grumpy-looking man. His spindle of a wife quickly followed, flashing you a loose smile but not bothering to hold the door for their daughter. Who turned out to be Jane, looking particularly hard done by this afternoon… and dragging her heels glumly.

Still, she recognised you and gave a shy, little wave. Genuine warmth in her face, rather than the forced grin her mother had flashed. Once again you were struck by a wave of pity for the girl, to whom it would seem life rarely gave a break. You waved back at the pretty creature. Trying to convey some all-encompassing encouragement that things would, somehow, get better someday… Whatever she was facing. Then you had to enter the classroom yourself, half-dreading what awaited.

Chapter 3, A Meeting with Ms. Fae

The scene seemed relaxed enough. Your daughter was perched on the edge of the teacher’s desk, the woman in question being in her chair behind. It was the curly-blonde lady you had encountered before: Miss Fae. Dressed in a smart, but tight-fitting top and similarly fashioned skirt. She had her legs crossed casually and appeared to be chatting away to your girl quite amicably, no hints of tension within the room. They both smiled as you approached, though you had to admit your daughter’s version looked a lot more forced than her educator’s.

“Ah, and here you are.” Said the prim-looking vision, biting the end of her pencil slightly. “Father of my most promising pupil.”

This was new. Your daughter had always been smart, no doubt about that, but traditionally her… free-spirited personality… didn’t win her much praise from her teachers. She got her work done, sure, yet tended to do so at her own pace and with little interest in jumping through hoops that didn’t interest her. Up to now the general academic consensus on her had been ‘Good, but could do better if she’d just pay attention!’ Perhaps the added freedom of being a high-school senior had turned this around… or perhaps it was other things.

What followed was the usual formal run-through of all her grades. What the inane jumble of numbers meant and what other teachers had commented about. You sat through it, trying to focus and ignore the casual swish of your girl’s leg, which kept surreptitiously bumping against your own… and flashing slight glimpses of her worn-for-once panties. The only moment of note came when Miss Fae asked about the future, or more directly: which colleges your daughter had applied for.

“Oh, none!” The creature chirped quickly. “I’m gonna stay here and help Dad with his work for a while instead!”

The teacher looked as surprised as you felt. Clearly this was the first either of you had heard of that plan.

“Really? A family-internship kind of thing?…Well I suppose if that’s what you want to do… But I really think you’d be missing out on a lot of your potential…” The woman clocked your own surprise and clearly made a mental adjustment.

“Well, maybe that’s something for you two to discuss over the summer… There’s still time to apply, or consider a gap year maybe? I know you rely on each other for support at the moment. Anyway, we’re almost done here and I’m sure you both want to escort yalova get back out in the sunshine. So could you just be a dear and run to the office to get your new timetable? I seem to have forgotten to pick it up.”

Your daughter looked a little taken aback by this request, as if she didn’t want to leave you here alone for some reason. Yet she couldn’t seem to find a reason to refuse while her tutor smiled casually from across the desk. With a “hmph.” she hopped down from her perch and scurried off.

Almost immediately the older woman stood up and slid round the wooden structure with feline grace.

“While we’ve got a moment… May I just say how inspired I am by the close…” She sidled up right next to you, skirt brushing your leg and hopped up to take the position just occupied by your daughter. “-Relationship you have with your daughter. The devotion she shows for you is something quite special. To come out of a difficult situation with such a bond and be raising her all by yourself… well it makes me think you must be quite the gentleman.”

You couldn’t quite formulate a word in edgewise to respond to this escalation. You just mumbled some incoherent thanks, while she leaned in and plucked at your tie.

“I do wonder if you’re expending too much of your energy on her… and leaving no time for yourself. It’s quite a small town, yet I never see you out and about in the evenings. A man can’t stay cooped up being a house-husband for too long, especially when his little girl’s old enough to look after herself. It can’t be good for either of you…”

She had reached the top of your tie by now, with long, slender fingers… and used them to slip something into your shirt pocket, before lightly caressing your cheek with their tips. A knock at the door caused her to quickly pull these back, but she stayed perched above you, black-tighted legs mere inches away. You turned to see your daughter hovering in the doorway, trying very hard to keep a look of deep suspicion off her face.

“Well it was very nice to meet you again.” The teacher cheerily stated, completely returned to her previous formal manners. “I hope you both have a lovely summer and I’m sure I’ll see you soon.”

And with that, you were excused. Standing up and walking over to where your daughter waited, her eyes burning holes in your chest, as if trying to scorch right on through toward the woman behind. You were still not quite sure what had just happened, but you were without doubt it was going to lead to trouble.

Chapter 4, Like Dancing Lights above a Swamp

As soon as you closed the door she leapt at you. Her small frame hanging off yours as she shoved her tongue into your mouth. By automatic response you began to return the kiss, before sanity kicked in and you remembered where you were. With great effort you pried your daughter away from your face, her lithe body still wriggling to press itself against you.

“What are you doing! You know we can’t do that here! What if someone sees?”

The girl ignored your whispered complaints, cold fury still burning in her eyes. Instead rebutting with her own interrogation. “What were you and Miss Fae talking about while I was gone?!”

You spluttered on an answer, which was all the answer she needed. Spry fingers quickly reached up and plucked a piece of paper from your shirt pocket, while the other set pushed something into your own hands. She stared you right in the eye for a moment, then turned to run off, further up the corridor and into the school.

Looking down at what you had been given, you realised it was a full set of young ladies underwear. Glancing up again you were just in time to catch a glimpse of your daughter kicking off her shoes as well. She skipped forward in just long socks, skirt flapping up to bare all, skidding across polished floors. You rushed forward to catch up, pure panic in your veins, but had to pause to gather those discarded shoes. By which time she had removed said socks as well, flying them behind her like ribbons for a moment before casually discarding them as well, turning round a corner ahead. You began sprinting in all earnest now, scooping up both socks in pure terror of what scene might be unfolding if a bystander was in the next corridor.

Luckily no-one was, but the passage was half-walled with great windows its entire length. Windows which beamed sunlight in from a wide view of the playing fields. Various silhouettes could be seen running across these, hopefully far enough away that they could not discern your daughter’s prancing madness. For she was now cartwheeling along, amateur gymnastics allowing long, graceful looks at her bare legs and unconcealed pussy as she span through each patch of sun. It was mesmerising, both in beauty and pure recklessness. Sure, the school was mostly empty by now, but any passed classroom or uncurtained window could contain a stray teacher, lost parent or honest caretaker. How on earth would you explain this, desperately trying to find a way to hold half her clothing in a way that suggested innocence. You had to catch her and stop this rampage, before she got you both locked into a spiral of social services and guilty consciences.

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