Nudist Family Holiday Ch. 01


DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. All characters are over 18 and none of the events described are real. It is not the intention of the author to condone or encourage incestuous activity, this is a work of erotic fiction and should be seen as such. It contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature including incest so if you find such material offensive please do not read any further. Finally this story is based very heavily on a similar one I read some time ago, I don’t remember the name or the story or the author but I hope they forgive me borrowing their premise and re-booting it.


The Winnebago Grand Tour glided serenely along the blacktop highway, seeming to float on the heat haze like some futuristic pleasure yacht. Inside, the air con. kept the temperature at a comfortable 24°C; but right now Angela Brentmeier was feeling anything but cool and collected.

“Yes, I see… Well, if you have any cancellations please do let me know. Yes, I understand. Thank you.”

She ended the call on her cell-phone and half-heartedly tossed it onto the dash in frustration.

“That’s the fifth place I’ve called Roger. Everywhere is just booked solid! Some family vacation this is going to turn out to be. We should have just gone to Honolulu for two weeks like I suggested.”

“Aw, come on Honey. It’ll be fine.”

He smiled at his wife. Even in her late 30s, she still turned heads; and in her shorts and tight t-shirt, she had the same voluptuous figure that had caught his eye when he first worked up the courage to date her.

“In this baby, we can stop anywhere and have a different view every day.”

“Yes, I know that’s what the sales brochure says; but they don’t mention that you need to find places to be able to empty the tanks. It’s starting to get rather funky back there,” she glanced towards the restroom.

“Yes well, we couldn’t know they’d have flash floods at the holiday camp and have to close for repairs.”

He mused for a while. Roger had been a rugged athlete in high school and didn’t say a great deal, which led many to assume he was lacking in brains. In fact, he was smarter than many gave him credit for. It turned out that in addition to being a jock, he a good head for business; and with that, and a lot of hard work, he had built Brentmeier Pools into a successful company. And now he was able to enjoy the fruits of his labours. He was darned if he was going to let their family holiday be ruined by a little bad weather.

“It’s a shame we can’t go to Camp Sunshine. It’s right on our route,” he muttered to himself.

“What did you say?”

“Oh, nothing. I was just thinking Camp Sunshine isn’t far from here. It’s just a shame.”

“Of course! Sweetie, that’s a great idea.”

“What is?”

“Let’s stop there!”

“Angela, I didn’t mean… how can we?”

“Well why not? We always said we’d go back one day.”

“Honey… the kids!” he hissed, nodding his head back towards the lounge area where their two teenage children were sprawled out.

“Well, they’re both eighteen now; and we said we’d take them there one day.”

“One day, but we didn’t say on this trip. I mean, we haven’t discussed any of this with them.”

“Well, we can do that now then. KIDS! CAN YOU COME UP HERE? WE NEED TO TALK TO YOU!”

Bethany groaned and put down her MP3 player as she heard her mother’s voice. The RV was spacious enough; but being trapped with her bratty brother made anywhere feel confined. Right now he was engrossed in some movie with his head-phones. She didn’t need to look to guess it probably featured some naked girls; so she kicked his foot to get his attention.

“What is it?” he looked up, annoyed.

“Mom wants to talk to us!”

He glowered, but closed his laptop; so he could sit forward and hear his mom.

“Now listen, the camp we were going to stay at has had to shut for the next few weeks because of flooding; and everywhere else east of the Rockies seems to be booked solid at the moment.”

“Oh great, so we’re just going to keep driving around for the next 2 weeks?” pouted Bethany.

“I didn’t say that. There is a camp that’s a little off the beaten trail we could probably get into; but, well, there’s something you should know first.”

“What’s to know? Anywhere we can stop has got to be better than just driving, hasn’t it?”

“Well Beth, the reason it’s not fully booked and off the beaten trail is that it’s… um…well, clothing optional.”

“Clothing what?” asked Kevin.

“Wait a minute! You mean it’s a nudist camp?”

“No Bethany. Clothing optional means you can stay dressed or undressed. There are some areas that are mixed and others that are nude only; so you can choose where to go.”

“You mean there’re naked girls there?”

“Now Kevin, this is not a sexual atmosphere. Naturism is about being comfortable with your body,” Roger reprimanded his son.

“It’s alright Roger. It’s only natural for him to be curious. Yes Kevin, there will be naked girls there, as well as naked boys.”

“So I can go naked if I want?”

“Well… yes Dear, if that’s what you want.”

She tuzla escort was a little surprised by her son’s eagerness, but wasn’t about to discourage him.

“Ewwwww, gross!” Beth remarked in disgust.

“Now Bethany, it’s not gross. It’s quite natural; and you don’t need to participate.”

“I wasn’t going to! Anyway, how come you and Dad know about this place?” She paused before the realization began to dawn. “Wait, did you…”

“Yes Bethany, your father and I were regulars here before you and Kevin were born.”

“No way!”

“Yes Kevin, way! Look, we can try it for a day or two; and if you aren’t comfortable we can move on, and try to find somewhere else. What about that?”

“I tell you what: we could get one of those private family areas. They’re closed off from the rest of the resort; so we’ll have plenty of privacy. If you kids want, you can stay there, or just go to the clothing optional areas,” Roger suggested.

“Count me in!” Kevin stated with relish.

“What a surprise! So you get to see some naked girls, apart from the ones on your laptop you mean?”

“No, I just want to experience the natural relaxed atmosphere. Anyway, you’re just pissed because Tommy Mayer won’t be there so you can check him out.”

“Shut up you little retard!”


Roger didn’t often raise his voice but when he did people took notice. Everyone went quiet for a few moments before Angela broke the silence.

“Look Beth, if you’re not comfortable, we won’t go. But I doubt we’ll find any other resorts within a few days drive; so why not give it a chance for a day or two?”

“I guess.”

“That’s the spirit! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it once we settle in.”

Angela found the number for the camp and, sure enough, was able to get them a family plot. The mood in the RV lifted considerably, as everyone looked forward to the opportunity for a little time to relax. Even Beth had to admit it would be better than being cooped up in here for another 2 weeks solid. They arrived by late afternoon; and after Roger had completed the paperwork at the main desk, they drove through to their allocated area. Kevin had discarded his lap top; and was eagerly looking out the window. Initially, they passed some older couples fully dressed; but after a few minutes his patience was rewarded, as he saw a trio of girls a little older than himself, all naked.

“Holy shit!”

He couldn’t believe his eyes as he was able to check out 3 pairs of naked tits.

“Mom! Kevin’s being a perv and looking at naked girls out the window!”

“I am not! I’m checking out the camp!”

“Yeah, right!”

“That’s enough you two! Now you both know there will be people here who are undressed; and it isn’t polite to stare,” Angela gently scolded.

“Yeah, Kevin!” added Beth.

“But it isn’t polite to call your brother names either; and he’s entitled to look around the camp the same as you are. This is a family holiday; and we’re here to relax. So let’s try to be nice to one another and get on; and things will be more pleasant.”

As his mom turned back to face front, Kevin beamed at his sister in satisfaction, which she returned with a dirty look and flipped him the bird.

They found their parking area. Roger set about connecting the RV up to the various cables for power and pipes, to replenish the water supplies and empty the restroom tanks; while Angela began preparations to fix dinner.

“Hmm, not much left in here. We could really do with some more shopping. Beth, Kevin, would you go down to the camp store and pick me up some shopping, if I give you a list and some money?”

“Yeah, ok, Mom.”

Beth was looking forward to getting a chance to stretch her legs; although she had wished it would be without her brother.

“Is the store part of the nude area Mom?”

“You perv!”

“Beth! I’ve told you it is not appropriate to speak to your bother like that. It is clothing optional, so you can go there fully dressed.”

“But if I want to go nude can I?”

“Um…well, yes Kevin. It’s optional, so that’s up to you. Are you sure you don’t want a chance to settle in first?”

“No, I’m fine with it.”

“Mom!! I’m not going with him if he’s naked!! That’s gross!!”

“Bethany, optional means just that. Your brother has the right to choose to go nude, just as you can choose not to. Now let’s see. We need bread, milk, some bacon…”

Angela finished hurriedly writing out a list of the most urgent supplies and handed it to Bethany, along with some money, before turning back to the kitchen area to start fixing dinner. Kevin had disappeared to the back of the RV; and his mom called him forward.

“Kevin, your sister is ready to go to the store. Hurry up, they close soon.”

“Ok, coming!”

?Kevin strolled back up to the front of the RV wearing his sneakers, a pair of sunglasses and nothing else, apart from an erection.

“Oh my God!! Mom!! Kevin’s naked and he’s got a hard-on!!”

“Beth, will you keep your voice down and calm down? For the last time, this is a clothing optional resort; tuzla escort bayan and if your brother wants to go nude he is allowed.”

Angela turned ’round to speak to her daughter and was confronted with the sight of her son, indeed naked and sporting a very large and very hard erection. She’d not seen him naked since he was younger, and was unprepared for the fact that he had clearly developed a lot since then. His cock was curved and pointing up vertically, the head level with his belly button; and his balls were drawn up tight under the base of his cock. Angela paused for a moment, taken aback at the sight, before turning away to hide her embarrassment

“Um, yes. Now, I have a list here for you. Just some basics to pick up, we can do proper shop tomorrow. Here’s $50. It should cover everything.”

She turned round and handed the list and money to Beth, purposely avoiding looking at her son’s erection.

“Now stay together. It’s only a 5 minute walk down to the camp store, so I’ll expect you back in 30 minutes for dinner.

“Together? Mom, you can’t be serious! I’m not walking around with Kevin like that!”

“Now Beth, I am not arguing. It’ll take two of you to carry the shopping; and for the last time, if your brother wants to be nude here he is allowed.”

“But Mom! He’s got a boner!”

“Beth, again for the last time, this is a clothing optional camp; and some men get erections. It’s a natural bodily function, especially when they are Kevin’s age and it’s their first time here. The polite thing to do is just ignore it. I’m sure once Kevin gets used to the environment here, he will calm down.”

“I doubt it!”

“Well, regardless, you are both going shopping; and I’m not discussing it any longer. Now hurry up before the store closes!”


Beth pouted and headed out the door, with Kevin wandering after her. The truth was, he doubted he was going to calm down either. He found it a turn-on walking around naked at home when everyone was out, and invariably got hard, sometimes masturbating in the lounge or kitchen, imagining his sister or mom watching him. The idea he could now actually do that, apart from jerking off, was too good to be true. The fact there were naked girls here was even better; and if he got to annoy his sister to boot, life couldn’t get much better.

She walked several feet ahead of him, clearly not wanting to be seen anywhere near him if she could help it. He didn’t mind, though. One thing he couldn’t deny about his sister, was that she has a great ass. His friends always commented on it; and he guessed she knew it as well, since she dressed to show it off as much as possible. She was currently wearing a pair of cut-off jeans that allowed her cheeks to peek out of the bottom. As she walked, her ass swayed; and he couldn’t help but admire the view.

It was getting late, so there weren’t many other campers around. Most were back at their RV’s or tents eating dinner. Kevin saw a couple of girls approaching and flashed a smile at them. They were both nude and, he guessed, in their 20s. They were both pretty and quite well built too; and he couldn’t help but admire their big boobs as they jiggled around. The girls smiled back. He caught them glancing at his erection and nudging each other as they passed him.

The store was empty apart from a couple in their 30s doing some shopping; and Beth grabbed a basket and started collecting the items Mom had given her. Kevin took his time wandering around the store, looking to see what there was. He hoped he might find some girlie books; but then he guessed there wouldn’t be much demand for them, when the real thing was in such plentiful supply.

He remembered the sexy girls he’d seen on the way here; and hoped he would see them again. Walking around nude in the store was a turn on anyway; but he wished there was a few girls around he could show off his big dick to. He reached down and gave it a couple of idle strokes. He was proud of his cock; and the fact he had the chance to show it off excited him. Somehow the fact that he was able to do it in front of his mom and sister was an extra turn-on.

He wandered ’round to where his sister was shopping. She was reading the label on a product, probably checking it for calories to keep from putting on any weight he guessed. She was obsessed with her figure, like most of her friends; and he had to admit she did look hot in her daisy duke cut-offs and a little tube top. The chiller cabinet was pretty cold, making her nipples stand out. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra, he noted, not that she needed to. He knew this because he’d walked in on her in the bathroom once, when she’d forgotten to lock the door, and caught a glimpse of her before she covered herself. The image of her perky little boobs and pink nipples remained burned in his brain. His dick gave a lurch at the thought; and he sauntered up next to her.

She was studying the packet of food in her hand so intently, she didn’t notice him approach, until she became aware of something rubbing up against her forearm. She glanced down, and to her horror, saw it was escort tuzla her brother’s stiff cock that had been touching her.

“Ewwwwww!! Jesus! You pervert! What are you doing??”

“I’m helping you shop,” he replied shrugging his shoulders and feigning innocence.

“You rubbed your weaner up against me on purpose, you sicko!! I’m telling Mom and dad about this when we get back; and you are going to be SO grounded!!”

“Ok, fine. Guess you’ll be keeping me company then, when I tell them about your party last Saturday.”

“What?” she faltered, looking less confident.

“You remember. The weekend before we left, you snuck out of your room and didn’t get back in ’till 4 am?”

“You little creep. You were spying on me!”

“Nope. Just happened to see you.”

The last part was actually true. He’d been watching the girl opposite, who’d taken to walking around with her top off and her bedroom light on. He’d been stroking one out while watching her, when he’d caught a glimpse of his sister climbing out the window, and jumping into her friend’s car. Getting some blackmail dope on his sister had been an extra bonus.

“You’d better not breathe a word about that.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t, as long as you don’t.”

“God, I hate you!”

She finished up shopping and started walking back to the camping area. She was pacing out ahead, clearly wanting to put as much distance between herself and her brother as she could.

“Mom and Dad said we should stick together, remember?”

He saw her pause and tap her foot impatiently, as he took his time strolling up to her. She glanced down and saw he was still fully erect.

“God, can’t you do something about that?”

“About what?”

“Your hard-on, you idiot! It’s sick. If people see us together with you like that, they’ll think I’m your girlfriend.”

“You mean you want me to make it go soft?”

“God! Yes, obviously! You look like some pervert walking around like that.”

“Oh, OK.”

Kevin reached down and started stroking his cock, running his hand up and down the thick long shaft of his cock, and massaging the head.

“Oh my God! What are you doing????”

“You wanted me to make it go soft.”

“I didn’t mean start whacking off!!”

“Well how else do I make it go soft?”

“I don’t know… think about something else.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know! Stop doing that, will you! Jeesus, what’s wrong with you??”

“Nothing. I’m just enjoying being at one with nature.”

“You’re copying what Dad said!”


“So he didn’t say walking around with a hard on is part of that… or whacking off… God, will you stop that!!???”

She turned her face away so she didn’t have to see him stroking his cock any longer.

“Mom said it’s a natural reaction; and you asked me to make it go away. And that’s what I’m doing.”

“Well go in the woods or somewhere!”

“Mom said we have to stick together.”??

“She didn’t say anything about you jerking off in front of me! Can’t you wait ’till we get back??!!”

“Well, I don’t think Mom and Dad would like me doing this in the motorhome, do you?”

The fact he had been cooped up with his parents all day, and shared the sleeping area at night with his sister, meant his opportunities to beat off had been severely limited. And right now getting his rocks off seemed too good a chance to miss. Somehow, doing it in front of his sister added an extra thrill.

“If someone sees you doing that we’ll get thrown out! Or arrested! Or Both!”

“There’s no one around; but if you’re that worried, why don’t you keep watch while I finish? I’m almost there,” he suggested, stroking his cock faster now.

“Oh God!! Hurry up then, will you!”

She stayed with her back to him, looking up and down the path for any other campers approaching, while Kevin continued to jerk off, now using both hands on his dick.

As he beat off, he took the chance to admire his sisters ass once more, her butt cheeks peeking out the bottom of her cut-offs. He started imagining what she’s look like naked. “God, I wonder if she’ll go nude?” he thought. The image of his sister naked made his dick throb. He thought back to the glimpse he’d had of her titties that day, and remembered how they were cute and perky. He tried imagining seeing all of her naked and being able to take his time. God, if she went nude, he really would have some whack-off material. Right now that didn’t seem too likely, then another thought struck him. He wondered if his mom would get naked while they were here. He wondered what her big knockers would look like. He felt his cum beginning to rise as he imagined her big tits bouncing around in the open. “What if my mom and sister got naked?? Fuck, that would be really hot.” He focused once more on his sister’s cute ass and long tanned legs, felt himself beginning to cum, and pumped his cock for all he was worth.

“Hey sis! Check this out!”

“What?” she said, turning ’round just as the first spurt of cum erupted from his dick and splashed on the path, followed by an even bigger jet that actually splattered on her leg, before several more jets squirted onto the ground, finally reducing to a dribble. Kevin surprised himself with the size and force of his load. His enforced abstinence had built up a bigger amount than he had realized.

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