Old Black Carl (part 2)


Old Black Carl (part 2)Old Black Carl (part 2)As Carl drove with his arm around me, and me stroking his meat through his pants, he told me that a year ago his wife had died, and that there weren’t many Black women around, and the white girls didn’t like him because he was older. So his plan was to make do with what he had. He would just make me into his white girl. It was pretty shocking, and scary to me. I wasn’t sure how far I wanted all of this to go. But as he pulled into the Adult Bookstore parking lot, he took me by the face and made me look into his eyes. “Are you serious about this? I don’t want to be wasting my time!” I had no idea what to do or say…but I nodded my agreement. It was as though someone else was in control of my body now, making me respond. “Wait here!” he said, pointing his finger in my face.He was in the bookstore for about 20 minutes, and finally returned with a fairly large bag, which he tossed in the back seat. He said we were going back to his place, and started the car. Again, he put his arm around me and growled, “Get on that dick.” I immediately returned to my duty of rubbing his crotch. “I sure hope you like getting fucked.” He said. I told him that I never tried it. That was MOSTLY true. No one had ever fucked me, but I had shaved a dildo up my ass a few times when I was jerking off, and I liked it. “Well, don’t worry. I’m going to break you in GOOD!” he told me. Again, the feelings of anxiety were flooding through me. He told me that he liked the fact that I didn’t talk much….that I should only talk when it was necessary. The fact was, I didn’t talk much because I was just m*****ed by this Black man, and he was making me his GIRL….I was too IN SHOCK to talk a lot. We arrived at his house. It was a small place, but nice, and in a secluded location. I was happy that no one I knew would be anywhere nearby, as we türbanlı trabzon escort walked to the door. Once inside, Carl took the bag and went into the bedroom, saying “Sit” as he closed the door. I sat on the sofa, and waited, nervously. After a few minutes, Carl returned and told me to go in the bedroom and get ready. He had laid my “things” out for me on the bed. He leaned into the doorway and said, “Let me know when you are ready.” And closed the door.Carl had bought a nighty, a garter belt, and some stockings. I stood there, in shock, staring at the lingerie, wondering if I should climb out a window and run away. But my hands weren’t cooperating with my brain, and I started removing my clothes. I put on the lingerie, and put on some lipstick that he had also left for me. I looked at myself in the mirror. Two things occurred to me at once. Carl was right…I did look a lot like a girl. And I felt very aroused and ashamed that I was being transformed into a girl for a Black Man’s pleasure. My cock was so hard that it was straining to jump out of my panties, and was leaving a dark spot where the precum was oozing through. I was standing there, looking at myself, wondering what would happen next . “What is taking so long?” Carl shouted. “Just a minute.” I replied. I couldn’t believe this was happening.I pushed open the door and slowly stepped out, my head down, looking at the floor, feeling ashamed and emasculated…yet excited. Carl was sitting in a recliner, nude. His massive cock lay across his leg, flaccid, and his enormous balls d****d down to the cushion of the chair. I saw his cock twitch as he looked at me. “Turn around. Let’s see you.” He said, and I did a little spin. He smiled and shook his head. “With just a little work, you are going to make a fine woman!” he said. I felt dizzy. türbanlı trabzon escort bayan “Now get your ass over here and get on your knees in front of my chair.” I moved to him and lowered myself to my knees. “You want that big dick in your mouth again, don’t you?” He started to stroke his cock, and I watched as the foreskin slid back and forth over the head. “Yes, I do.” I muttered. Carl leaned forward, grabbed my hair and pulled my head to his cock, holding it inches away from my lipsticked mouth. “Tell me you want to suck it.” I hesitated, and he started slapping the head of his cock on my chin. “TELL ME!” I looked up into his eyes knowing how pathetic I must appear and said, “Please let me suck that cock. I need to suck it now!” Carl pulled back his foreskin, put the head against my lips and forced my mouth down over it. Once again, I was jacking, licking and sucking that huge slab, and I was loving it. I could feel myself on the verge of cumming, and was moaning and slobbering all over that beautiful cock, lost in my own world, and Carl said, “Whatever you do, DON’T CUM!” I wasn’t sure if I could control it, but I fought it as I sucked. Carl forced my mouth to his balls, and I sucked and licked them…I had them dripping with my spit. Then he lifted up his legs and pushed me down even further. This was different. I knew what this old Black man wanted. He wanted me to lick his asshole. And even if I didn’t want to do it I was going to. I placed my tongue on it, and he started jerking my head back and forth, making me rim him. By now my cock was jutting out of my panties, and the drool was clear to the floor in a puddle. Carl jerked my head away from his asshole and stood up. Keeping hold of my hair, he led me, on my knees, to the bedroom. Once at the bed, he pulled me to my feet and türbanlı escort trabzon told me to get on the bed on my elbows and knees. Now I was scared. Very scared. How did this happen? I am in stockings and a garter belt, on my elbows and knees on the bed of a Black Man I just met, and I am waiting for him to violate my asshole with his huge cock. I hadn’t even considered how I was going to take all of it before. The dildos I had used were tiny compared to him, and they hurt going in. But it was too late. Carl was behind me He had pulled my panties down a bit, and was dripping lube onto my asshole, and all I could do is submit to him. He put his cock against my asshole, and I tensed up. He slapped my ass, and said, “Relax Bitch! I’m going to be gentle.” He put pressure against me, and worked it around, and dripped more lube on his cock head and my asshole. I felt myself give way, as I relaxed and the head stretched it’s way into me. It was painful. But I told myself that I promised to be his girl, and I had to take it. He started rocking back and forth, sliding more and more into me with every few strokes. Eventually it became tolerable, and the expression on my face must have changed, Carl saw this, and told me, “OK…get ready.” I braced myself and Carl slid the rest of that monster up into my guts. I swear it went into my stomach. He immediately began slowly stroking me, pulling it out to the tip, then sliding it back in to the balls. I was moaning, and going crazy, grabbing the sheets and squeezing, as he plowed that ass. He made it HIS ass. His property. He fucked me for a long time before he flooded that hole with his hot sperm. I could feel the heat hitting my worn out insides as he sprayed blast after blast of his thick nut juice into me….and I came. I came HARD. Carl pulled his spent cock out of my raw ass, and lay next to me with his arm around me. I just stayed on my stomach, feeling like you could drop a bowling ball into my asshole. I had my belly filled with Carl’s seed from both ends, today. I spent the night in Carl’s bed, still wearing my new lingerie. He woke me up and had me suck and fuck for him twice more by morning. Both times, he pulled out and made me eat his sperm.To be continued.

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