Our new chubby neighbour


Our new chubby neighbourA new neighbour moved in four doors down from us, she was asking us the logical questions over the fence, when does the trash cart come? Where’s the nearest store? Etc, etc. As it was a lovely day and the sun was shining I invited her over to our house, saves shouting over the fence. I opened the front door and she came through our house into the back yard, sitting at our table I made her a coffee.It turned out she was a lot chubbier than Donna, I’d say 15 stone easy, 48D tits and a really pretty face. It turns out she was 28 years old and had moved here from around 50 miles away to escape form a violent partner who was serving time for his attack on her. She was single and called Kay.It also became clear that she’d turned towards girls as she couldn’t trust another man.I told her that not every man is a bastard like her ex boyfriend, and she acknowledged that. Donna went upstairs for a wash round as she was sweaty and she could see what might happen, also Kays hair was also wet, when I’d called her round she’d just got out of the shower and thru something on.As she sat at the table I told her how pretty she was, she smiled and brushed my leg, çankaya escort as I leaned forward and touched the inside of her thigh just above the knee through her black leggings. Donna appeared and sat down as I brushed my hand on her hand, she looked a little embarrassed until my wife did the same, she smiled and relaxed, accepting another coffee.We all talked for another 30 minutes or so, when suddenly it started to rain, we rushed inside and sitting in the front room, Kay was sat between Donna and I. Knowing that she preferred women I told this to Donna and she ran the back of her hand down her cheek, Kay turned around and kissed her, something which Donna doesn’t do with anyone else but me, but this time they were snogging.What a turn on for me watching my chubby wife snogging another chubby girl, I was nearly coming and I was rock hard in my pants. I leaned over and started to feel Kay’s large tits, she moaned, I did this for a few minutes, I was making my way round to feel Donna, when I saw Kay do just that, Donna was sighing as her tits were being felt, I lifted up Kay’s top and unclipped her black bra, her tits fell out into cebeci escort my hands, I rubbed her nipples and cupped her tits.Kay lifted Donnas top off and unclipped her white bra, as her tits fell down she rubbed them in her hands, bending down and gently licking her nipples, as she fell back into the settee moaning as Kay continued to feel and lick her nipples, I ran my finger on the outside of Kay’s legging, she opened her chubby thighs to allow me to rub the front of her crack, as I did this she put her hand up Donnas skirt and rubbed the front of her white knickers, she sighed all the more.I pulled down Kay’s leggings and her chubby belly fell forward covering her black knickers, she was spreading Donna’s thighs and kneeling down in front of her spread legs she got on the floor and started to run her tongue up the inside of her thighs and straight onto her slit, licking her through her white knickers, Donna was really moaning, as I was slipping my finger over Kay’s slit and onto her clit.As Kay pulled my wife’s panties down I opened her legs and as she licked my wife off, I licked her off, everyone was coming fast and I was as hard demetevler escort as I’d ever been before, suddenly Donna was coming, screaming and gasping as was Kay, at the same time, I pressed my tongue hard on Kay’s clit and she squirted all down my face, standing up watching the two girls gasping from a massive orgasm.I walked round to where Donna was gasping and undid my pants, pulling them down she grabbed my cock and fed it into her mouth, licking me all over the shaft and inviting me to fuck Kay, I pulled her black panties down and spreading her legs, fed my chunky 6 inch into her from behind, she gasped as I entered her, Donna was feeling Kay’s tits as I pounded her fat cunt at top speed.I pulled out and turned Kay around and laying her on the floor re – entered her in the missionary position, Donna was leaning over and sucking her nipples and also rubbing her clit as I shagged her, Kay was fingering Donna’s cunt and her ass at the same time and I knew she was coming again as was I, Donna told me to just fuck her, so I did, she said she was coming as was my wife, as was I.I pulled my cock out of her snatch and rubbed it on her clit, she gasped and Donna wrapped her fist around my cock and wanked me off over Kay’s chubby belly, shouting loads of hot steaming spunk over her fat tubby belly it ran down towards her hairy cunt. We got dressed and she said how much she’d enjoyed that and we’ll have to do it again sometime. Fancy a coffee I said…………..

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