Owned part 1


Owned part 1We met online, I placed an ad in a online site looking for a older Dom Male who is seeking a relationship. I explained that I was 40 and recently discovered my fem side after a failed marriage. I had always been attracted to older Men but always repressed it. I now keep myself smooth with painted toes and I am always in panties but I still worked as a male. I was searching for a special Dom Male who was seeking a submissive CD for long term relationship and He would train and develop her into a full time housewife. I received a dozen responses but one stood out from all the others. He was 58, retired trucker, living comfortably but needed a special girl in His life. He live in Missouri on some secluded family land miles from the nearest neighbors. He was very handsome and rugged in His pics with a huge cock. His last pic was Him sitting in His big chair smoking with a huge dog sitting next to Him. God this Man was so hot! I replied to His email and we chatted and shared pics for a week and then He asked me to cam for Him. He wanted to watch me with my toys wearing only heels. I was so nervous but He made bahis siteleri me feel comfortable and at ease. He was firm but polite. We agreed to meet but since I am not ready for anything public I only agreed to meet Him as a male. We met for coffee one afternoon, I arrived a half hour early and He was already there sitting at a table in a quiet corner. He spotted me right away and His smile grew as I approached the table. The waiter came to greet me and asked my drink order and before I could say anything Master said, ‘she will have a glass of white wine and I would like a Budweiser’. After some small talk He placed His hand over mine and said softly but sternly, ‘I will be as direct as possible, from your pics and webcam I knew You had great potential to be a full time housewife but after meeting You in person I know I could make you into a trophy bitchwife. I am looking for a special girl who will fully give herself to me. I will love, honor, protect and cherish her and she will be become a happy, fully owned housewife. When I am done with you people won’t know You weren’t born a female and You will never canlı bahis siteleri be able to be a male again. Now, i want to see how well You follow directions, go to the restroom and bring me back the panties I know You are wearing. I smiled and excused myself and went to bathroom and removed my light blue panties and returned to the table.Master was signing the bill when I returned and as I sat down He held out His hand and I gently placed my panties in His big waiting hand. He smiled and placed them in His coat pocket and said lets go. I followed Him and He held the door for me, such a gentleman!! He said for me to ride with Him, He wanted to take me someplace special. He drove several miles on the interstate and pulled off at a busy truck stop. I began to get nervous and He placed His hand on my knee and said don’t worry, we are just here to park for a bit and watch the big trucks. He parked in a far corner of the big lot and turned to me and said, ‘now show me how much You want to be my sissy’. I smiled and massaged His big bulge in His pants. I moaned and unzipped His khakis and a big huge cock head canlı bahis met me. I marveled at its size and kissed the tip and along the thick shaft. I sucked on the tip then darted my tongue in His big pee hole. ‘Suck it,’ He said. I nursed on that fat cock head and then began to suck Him deeper. His huge cock was hot and throbbing in my mouth. The sound of the big rig trucks close by makes my pussy clench tight on my plug as I sucked this real Mans cock in a truck stop. He pushes my head down further forcing His big cock head down my throat. He feels my resistance and says, ‘ok bitch I see we will need to give You some hardcore training to get You ready. I will take it slow and easy on You tonight and but soon You will learn to take all of this cock.’ I smiled up at Him and did my best to suck all of His big cock as He smoked. He told how to suck, lick and kiss His fat cock. And after 20 minutes He grabbed my head and eased His cock all the way down my throat and held firm as He moaned and shot His hot seed deep in my belly. He eased back with just the tip still sealed between my lips as I savored the last of His creamy delicious gift. He said, ‘I knew you had great potential, now give me your number and will drive you back to your car. As soon as I was back in my car I was so proud that I had pleased Him and wondered when He would call me.

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