After commencing my final year at high school I encountered Percy, a new pupil in our school who also happened to be in my class. First of all let me ask, who the hell would call their child, Percy? What a nerdish name! As if that wasn’t bad enough, Percy was one of the most awkward individuals I had ever met. Physically, he had absolutely nothing going for him. Percy was a large lumbering oaf. He wasn’t really overweight, but he had a really big backside that made the top of his body pear-shaped. Percy waddled rather than walked with his enormous out-turned feet in the ten o’clock/two o’clock position. All the features on his face, including his ears, were oversized, giving him somewhat of a dumb looking demeanour. Percy, however, wasn’t stupid and it soon became clear that he was one of the cleverest kids in our class.Percy lived with his parents in the new trailer park they had recently moved to after his father was relocated to our part of the world. His three older brothers had all left home prior to the move and were working in various trades. Percy was the bright spark of his family. His home environment, coupled with his scruffy appearance did not make him an instant hit at the school and in fact, everyone avoided him from day one. Given the roughness of his upbringing and his large physical size, however, nobody looked for shit with him.By the second day of school, Percy began gravitating toward me. I was also a bit of a loner at school because it was known that I was gay and therefore, not Mr. Popularity. Although I was initially apprehensive about my new best friend, within three days I had taken a liking to Percy. He was interesting to talk to and also had a great sense of isvecbahis humour. Percy did not seem taken aback by my homosexuality and told me outright that it didn’t bug him at all.On the first Friday at school, we attended what was referred to as our fitness training class. Being the middle of summer this entailed swimming. That morning in the change room as we putting on our swimming trunks, there wasn’t a single pair of eyes not focussed on Percy’s dick as he removed his underpants. If one were to refer to a guy’s penis as a tool, then Percy was endowed with the entire toolbox. There was a universal look of astonishment in the room, as the boys literally gawked at Percy’s unbelievably huge uncut knob.Another surprise followed, albeit a smaller one, when we got into the pool later. Percy was actually a good swimmer and I wondered if his large backside gave him natural buoyancy. When we hit the showers after class, amazed eyes once more fixated on Percy’s dick. I was incredibly proud of him because the ugly duckling had its detractors standing around gaping in awe. Percy was the main man and all the little boys had been put in their places.It amused me how differently Percy was treated after that. Nobody was exactly queueing to become his friend, but all the former looks of disdain had given way to a far more respectful demeanour towards Percy by all the guys and most of the girls. One of the girls, in particular, Linda, who was known to put out regularly, kept coyly smiling at Percy whenever she encountered him. Percy, however, appeared totally disinterested.When I teased him about Linda, he replied, “I’m not interested in girls.”I didn’t press him further on the matter but wasn’t isveçbahis giriş sure what to make of the statement. I wondered if it meant that he wasn’t interested at the moment, or if he wasn’t interested in women at all. I didn’t trouble myself on the subject too much, nonetheless, because there simply couldn’t be any way that Percy was gay.Two weeks later we were given a biology assignment. For the project we had to couple up with a classmate and with Percy and me now fairly good friends, we naturally decided to work together on the assignment. Because I lived near to the school we made the decision that we would work on the project at my home.Percy had his own vehicle, more accurately put, a jalopy. It was a very old pickup but he assured me that she was in good working order and that he personally serviced and took care of her. Living as far away from school as he did and with no public transport to rely on, the pickup was essential to him.When we arrived at my home the look of wonder on his face was incredible. You would have thought that he arrived in Buckingham Palace. He told me that he grew up having to share a room with his brothers and that the best thing about the new place they were living in, was that he finally had a room to himself.Shortly after consuming sandwiches and a cold drink, we got on with our project. After an hour we decided to take a short break. As we did so I decided to tease Percy about an earlier incident at school that day.“Looks like ‘Loose Linda,’ was giving you the eye again at school today.”“Well, she’s wasting her time. As I told you, I’m not into girls,” Percy replied. Then, after a brief pause, he continued, “You and I have more in common isveçbahis yeni giriş than you think.”I was stunned by what he said and took a few moments to process it. “Are you saying that you’re gay?” I asked, incredulously.Percy simply shrugged initially, and after a few moments he answered, “I don’t like tags.”“But… are you saying that you’ve had sex with guys?” I stammered.“Just one guy,” Percy replied, before resuming, “At the previous trailer park we lived in there was a guy who had a night shift job. When I got home from school he was always sitting outside his trailer. One day, he invited me in for a cold drink and the next thing I knew, I was fucking him.”“Jesus, could he walk the next day,” I uttered, with a laugh.Percy smiled bashfully and then replied, “Much as he moaned about the size of my dick, he couldn’t get enough of it.” After a short snigger, Percy resumed, “All the men in our family are well-endowed. In fact, my oldest brother’s cock is even bigger than mine.”“No fucking way,” I answered in disbelief.“His girlfriend always moans about it and the only time he gets to fuck her is when she’s slightly drunk.” Percy began laughing before continuing, “I reckon that by the time they marry, she’s going to be an alcoholic,” he concluded, as I joined in with the laughter.After the laughter subsided he looked at me with a more serious gaze and asked, “Have you been fucked before?”“Yes,” I replied before I related the following story:A couple of months before I had spent my first ten days of my summer holiday at a summer camp. While there, I had met a guy with whom I had proper sex for the first time. He was a good-looking guy and fairly well-endowed. Of course, he was definitely not in Percy’s league where size was concerned. After I concluded my tale Percy extended his arm and placed his hand on my forearm. As he gently caressed me he looked at me intently, and then said, “I want you to be my lover, Sammy.”

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