Philadelphia, Texas Pt. 03


Mei and us

A work of fiction


This is the third installment of my “Philadelphia, Texas” story.


Being a work of fiction, everything is made up, even the stuff that isn’t.


Including the fictional sexual activity all of which occurs between characters at least 18 fictional years of age.


I was really enjoying my new ritual of morning coffee with Mei on my non-school days. It was warm and we lived in the country. So you would have to be on our property to see me as I took off my leather apron and walked almost naked wearing only my sandals between our kitchen and the garage door in front of the stairs to the apartment Meiko now called home. Once at the top I rapped upon her door. Mei opened the door wearing like a robe an oversized faded red soft flannel shirt that had lost all of its buttons. Her adorable bare ass played peek-a-boo with me as she walked into the kitchen area to make a couple of cups.

“I was serious about getting pierced,” I said in reference to yesterday’s conversation. “Could you?”

“Maybe, what were you thinking of doing. I mean I would be happy to if I felt I could do it properly. But I don’t have a lot of experience.”

“I really want what you have, what kind of healing process is there?”

“I won’t do a Triangle, I have never done one and I don’t want to practice on my sister.”

Oh my it felt really nice finally having a sister to go along with my two hunky brothers.

“For majors…”

“Majors take a few months to totally heal, about like a deep nipple. Minors are much quicker a few weeks and they also don’t hurt nearly as much.”

“But I like pain.”

“Fine, your choice,” she said with a playful grin, “In that case I will use a dull needle.”

Giggles filled the small breakfast area.

“How long will my coochie be out of commission?”

“Really you can have sex once its comfortable to do so. Since you are monogamous,” she said with a sly grin and a quick flash of her tongue, “there really isn’t any fluids issue to deal with. Just don’t tug or pull on the jewelry why?”

“I couldn’t deny our brothers their daily ration.”

“Wow you really are theirs aren’t you.” It was an appreciative statement not a question.

“Totally and completely. Probably when it gets down to brass tacks it’s not so different than the relationship you had with Master. I belong to them.”

“In how we played no. But what you have is so much more, your relationship has one huge, gigantic advantage over the one I knew.”

“Which is?”

“You guys have a permanence, an underlying love filled relationship. You will always be their sister and they will always be your brothers. If you stopped playing or playing with each other, you would still have that. That is something that cannot ever be taken away. I enjoyed being part of the scene and belonging to Master. But what we did as playtime, that’s all that we ever had.”

“Sorry… I know you really miss him, and it really hurts.”

“It does.”

“He just what, put on his pants on one day after fucking you and told you to leave?”

“No, it wasn’t like that.”

“But once he finished his masterpiece he moved on.”

“He was always straight with me. He told me what his thing was before we started on my front-piece and before he moved me into his house. He never said it would be more than what it was, and I went along with it hearing and understanding what he said. I was the foolish one, I wanted more than what he was offering me, and I thought I could change him. Golly don’t I sound like some jilted old lady now. I was his canvas, once he completed his work on me, he found another canvas.”

“But you wanted it to be more than that.”

“Oh, escort kartal not so much more than that, what I had was enough. I wanted it to be the same thing forever and ever.”

“I think girls like forever, it’s sorta tribal, you know from when we just wandered around in the desert. We girls gathered the berries and had the babies, the boys hunted and protected us…”

“I have never experienced forever,” Meiko said somewhat sadly.

“What would you think about staying here forever?”

I walked to the old Philco phonograph in the living room and put the Harry Chapin ‘Sniper…’ vinyl 33 1/3 that I had lent her on the turntable. Gently dropping the synthetic diamond needle to play ‘A Better Place to Be.’

“You know, you can spend a week in Philadelphia, Texas one afternoon, and then decide to stay here forever. It’s not much of a place but if you have family here then it’s home.”

She looked at me questioningly, I looked back at her my face happy and smiling. Her doubt and concern seemed to fade away as her facial expression softened and became every bit as happy as I imagined mine to be.

“I just might do that,” she said as her eyes welled up and Harry started singing “All my life’s a circle…”

“You should… Sister.”

As the waterworks began, I hugged her. Just two essentially naked girls hugging, two happy sisters.

“Can I look at your majors?” I finally asked

“Sure,” she said standing.

“Oh, yes I definitely want four just like that.”


“I have this wicked thought and I am just going to spill it all out… Let’s open you up, Meiko.” I said gently touching the captive balls on her two labia rings. “Take those two rings halfway out. You must have two more, don’t you. You can have a nice hot bath while I clean the table and shower and then you can pierce me. If you are interested in some really nice penises, I know of a fine pair that will be here about three pm.”

“Really, but they are yours…”

“Maybe I am doing this wrong. I never had a sister before, I just thought that since we were sisters then I should share what is mine with my sister.”

“Shouldn’t we ask them?”

“It’s a wild guess, but they just might be ok with fucking you.” I said playfully grabbing her ass cheek.

“So, my pussy is good enough…” she said jokingly.

“Well it’s not nearly as good as mine, but it will do,” I said before grinning like the darned Cheshire cat.

Mei shoved me and we both broke into the giggles.

“If we take these out,” I said gently touching her two labia rings, “can you wait until the boys get home to come.”

“I don’t know, you know it’s been months since I have had an orgasm. It would be really, truly nice to have one…”

“It would probably be really cool if the boys gave it to you though. Months without one it’s…”

“Its going to be a great big one,” Meiko finished my thought.

“I could help out…”

“Oh, so you DO know Bobbi…” she said grinning while playfully covering her breasts with one hand and her pussy with the other. “I KNEW it.”

“No, well that’s not what I meant,” I said while thinking that can we could certainly explore that idea later. “I meant that if I helped you and was there with you it would give you a reason to not do yourself in the bathtub and then it would be, like a whole lot better for you this afternoon.”

“You want to keep me chaste for your brothers, how cute.”

“Our brothers,” I corrected her.

“Our brothers… Oh, those words… That did it, I just came,” she said in jest.

“Ever have two penises in you at the same time,” I asked.

“Sometimes Master shared me… Why have you?”

“All the time, it’s my absolute fave.”

“Wow, uğur mumcu escort my new baby sister is so intense.”

“Mei, I want to make you totally pop today. My thought is to have them both do you fast and hard right from the start. If we have you ready to go for them, and then bring them in… POP. Once you recover, we can bring you down to your new normal with a few encores.”

“Oh my, and my new baby sister, she has very, very nasty thoughts.”

‘Why thank you. Just remember that I am the brains of this outfit.”

I reached over to take off her shirt. “Let’s get you cleaned up so that we can get me all ‘dorphed up,’ I said.

“Di, shouldn’t we be getting dressed to walk over to the house, not undressed.”

I stood and turned three hundred and sixty degrees around while holding my arms out. “Awww, I got all undressed for you.”

“You’re an exhibitionist.”

“Nope, I’m a nudist, that means that I am as I am and I don’t care if you watch me or not.”

“So, if I just walk across your driveway to the house naked you won’t look at me.”

“Not any more than I am currently doing right now.”

“Pervert.” She said playfully.

“Oh, just figured that out did we. You have been here how long.”

She grabbed a couple of stainless steel rings from her fancy little box before we stumbled and giggled our way down the garage stairs and through the door the driveway and the kitchen on our way to the hall bathroom. Once there I turned on the water and Mei stood before me as I sat on the toilet and opened the captive rings.

Master had obviously trained her well, as she stood the perfect distance from me, feet placed her shoulders-width apart, knees just ever so slightly bent. Hands behind her neck with their fingers interlocked. I removed the little balls and separated my new sister’s labium putting the two new rings into her pierced holes and making her two become four, as she stared over my head at the blank wall.

Once she was opened up she sat in the bathtub’s inviting warmth, and I lovingly kissed her atop of her head.

“Don’t play with yourself.”

“Make you a deal.”

“What’s that.”

“I won’t touch me if you promise to touch me.”

I leaned down again to kiss her, but this time it was full lip on lip and long not brief and to the top of her head.

“Wow,” she said looking at my Christina as I stood beside the tub.

“Yeah, Bobbi did me and Darcy but Mave and Lydia chickened out. All four of us had agreed to get Christinas for graduation.”

“Bobbi was such a perv.”

“Really, you mean she didn’t have to fist-fuck me in order to properly pierce me?”

“Did she, I mean fist you?”

“Kinda… Sorta… Well maybe, it was kinda nice, I mean when Bobbi did my Christina she put three or four fingers inside of me to ‘hold me still,’ but it didn’t really make me still, it just kinda made me horney.”

“Yeah, to keep you still, that’s EXACTLY why Bobbi did it.”

“But it did feel nice, she got everything all filled up with blood and tingly before sticking me.”

“OK Di, you know you are the first girl who ever told me that ‘getting a Christina felt nice.'”

I shook some of the lavender sea salts into the hot bathwater. Just two sisters, one taking a bath and the other sitting on the nearby throne talking to her.

“You know I nearly killed Chris in that bathtub.”


“You asked how I ‘took possession’ of Christopher and Robert, my first time with Chris was in that bathtub. But I hadn’t thought it out so well.”

“Oh, should I be concerned…”

“My first time with Robbie was in this room as well…”

‘Oh, now I really am worried,” her facial expression çavuşoğlu escort putting a lie to that statement.

“Maybe I will take you as a trophy tonight, after the boys or maybe tomorrow morning, would that be bad.”


“So, if it would not be bad it would be what… Good?”

“Yeah, it could be. Really good.”

“You know I do think about what I do,” I said, “I don’t do anything I know empirically to be wrong. But I also don’t feel the least bit constrained at all by popular opinion. I think and I care.”


“In practical terms what that means that I really think about and I care about you Meiko. I offer you forever, do you accept.”

“Oh dear God yes, yes… Yes.”

So once her bath was over, I gave her a soft terrycloth towel and kissed her small but oh so perky colored and pierced breasts and her neck and her tummy but made certain to preserve the main event, her coming explosion, for our two brothers. We sat in the kitchen and had another mug of ‘ole joe and then retired to my room. Mei went and got her fancy box and the piercing needles within.

Soon I was flying high and had four new holes in my Betadine colored Outer Labia with four new to me stainless steel captive ball rings where none had been before.

“Good?” Mei asked.

“Way better than good, I am cruising,” I responded.


“Yeah, see, touch me.” I said.

“Wow,” Mei said as she encountered the literal pond of natural lubricant leaking from within me.

If I didn’t already love her the way she licked my juices from her soiled fingers would have made me love her. For absolutely fuckin’ ever.


I heard our truck on the gravel driveway, and I stood up. Meiko followed my lead. I took the two pieces of black ribbon that I had previously cut and incompetently tied Meiko’s hands behind her back with one and symbolically more than effectively blindfolded her with the other.

As Chris and Robbie burst into the house laughing about something, I looked at the wall clock. It was three eleven and I had not had one article of clothing save Chris’ leather apron upon me all day. The boys were used to walking in on my nakedness. But today I was in the living room holding Meiko. Meiko standing there naked her hands tied behind her back and kinda, sorta blindfolded, holding her by her smooth pale Alabaster shoulder. They may have noticed the Betadine stain on my outer labia or the four stainless steel rings that had not been there this morning.

But they should be forgiven had they not. For standing before them naked was their new sister Meiko, in all of her God given glory. Her pale slightly built body with a huge oh, so realistic tattoo of the dying earthly body of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus, upon her. The tattooed Christs’ hands affixed to the tattooed Cross by large nipple rings with Meiko’s Triangle piercing his feet completing the scene.

The boys had seen parts of her epic tattoo before and could infer the unseen part from the seen part. But actually seeing it in its entirety with their own eyes was a powerful thing. Something that mere inference could not possibly compare to.

“In just a minute,” I said, “I want both of you to go get a shower, today is an important day. Today we are going to make Meiko a Saunders.”

“What is going on?” Chris asked.

“We are adopting Meiko as our sister today.” I said to him.

He stood dumbfounded as I asked Meiko, “do you want to be a real and permanent sister for all eternity to your new sister Diane and your new brothers Christopher and Robert?”

“Yes, I do,” she answered.

“Meiko will you give and pledge your body and your soul to Christopher and Robert, to love them in every way that is conceivably possible for all of eternity?”


“And what does our sister Meiko want right now.”

“I want my new brothers to fuck me long and fast, hard and deep, and to do that forever and ever until the very end of time.”


Lisa Ann

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