ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #5


ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #5iCarly/Victorious: If Wishes Were Hornets #5 – Beck”I wish that Nate never came to California.”Beck’s alarm was going off loudly and he sighed angrily because the annoying piece of shit was all the way across the room. He rolled out of bed groaning, his head swimming with the hangover he brought on himself at Jade’s party. He didn’t even know why he was there in the first place. Since their much deserved breakup, he had barely gotten along with his insane ex-girlfriend, but of course she was head over heels with the iCarly k*d. Andre and Robbie begged him to go, he really just wanted to go for Tori but that was really stupid. Tori and Nate seemed really solid and nothing about that seemed to be changing anytime soon.He smacked his alarm hard enough to break it, but it took the hit and the alarm stopped. In retrospect, he couldn’t even recall why he set the alarm, but filed it under the ever increasing “Shit I Did While Blitzed” file in his brain. He groaned and looked at himself in the mirror. It was shitty days like this that made him really miss the sweet pills that took all the pain away but now he just alcohol to heal his wounds. He grabbed a quick shower where he stumbled around under mildly hot water and thanks to his lack of memory and alertness, washed his hair twice. He checked his phone while drying oft and saw a text from Andre that the group was meeting at the Taco Bueno place. Beck sighed as he shrugged and texted him back that he’d be there. He really didn’t want to deal with any shit from Tori and her Neanderthal of a boyfriend, but he was hungry, and maybe they wouldn’t be there, he thought.As he pulled his car into the parking lot, he saw Andre and Robbie getting out of Andre’s van. The three guys headed inside and Beck looked out to see Trina Vega’s car sliding into two spaces, signalling that she was definitely driving, which meant Tori, which meant Nate would be here too.Fuck, he thought.The two girls came in and Tori apologized for being late because of Trina. Tori then told everyone about how she lied about her s*ster’s pancakes being not being fat free and how she flipped out, earning a laugh from almost everyone at the table.”So… is this all that’s gonna show up?” Robbie asked, hoping Cat would come.”Yeah,” Andre said. “Cat said she was busy this morning with something, which was pretty weird for that girl. And Jade never responded. I assume she’s busy with the… iCarly people.””Or one of them, at least,” Beck chimed in. He listened to see if Andre was going to mention Nate, but he never did. Finally, he decided to just flat out ask, “So, Tori, where’s that boyfriend of yours?”Trina punched him in the arm as hard as she could, “Asshole.””What?” he asked, hoping that the response was due to a bad breakup and everyone else got the ‘don’t mention’ memo.”Don’t act like you don’t know,” Tori said, glaring at him. “You knew Jason stood me up for the party last night. You made fun of me for it, remember?””Sorry…” he said, “I guess I was pretty buzzed… my bad.”Tori rolled her eyes, and sighed. “I don’t know why I ever liked you.”The friends sat in silence for a bit longer until Trina started reading things out loud from the menu. “Ooh, I think I’m going to get this California burrito,” she announced loudly.”That’s cool…” Andre said, eyeing Trina and then looking to the others for a laugh.Beck tried to look at the menu, but he was really confused. Why is no one talking about the redneck? Did he miss something?”Hey, um… did you guys ever meet that big guy… came to Hollywood Arts from Texas this year?”Everyone looked over at Beck wondering what the hell he was talking about.”From Texas?” Robbie asked, incredulously. “Don’t think so. I had to do work with all the new people and teach them some technical theatre stuff and there were no Texas people. One was from Kansas, but I don’t know who you’re talking about.””Really? His name’s like Nate or Nathan something. Last name Shepherd or something.””Umm… I know a guy at Northridge named Nathan,” Andre said, thinking back, “but that guy is a basketball player.””Huh…” Beck recoiled back in his seat, and the idea hit him like a truck. His wish came true. Nate was gone. He never even came to the city, which means that nothing was in the way of him getting Tori back.”I wish Jade was here,” Tori said quietly. “I’m gonna text her.””Ugh, again with that gank?” Trina rolled her eyes in exasperation. “I went through all the trouble of finding you Jason and you’re still wanting to spend all your time with the trampire.””Jade’s not that bad,” Robbie chimed in. “I mean, she used to be a nightmare, but for the last several months, she’s actually kinda tolerable. Not sure what clicked.””She fucked that obnoxious web show guy, for one thing,” Beck chimed in.”Can you ever not be a prick?” Tori said, shaking her head. “She dumped you which probably did more help than harm for her attitude.””Tori’s got a point,” Andre said. “You two were always pretty rough for each other.””Why’s everybody ganging up on me?” Beck said, raising his hands as if to surrender. “I didn’t do anything.””Umm… yeah you did, Beck,” Robbie said, trying to stand up to one of his best friends. “You started keeping secrets. You started abusing all those pills. You hurt Tori a few times both emotionally and physically. You punched me for talking to Tori without your permission. And you tried to steal from Jade’s house to make money for getting more dr*gs. You really lucked out that Jade talked her father into not pressing charges. And once the pills were out, you started drinking every day? You’re lucky that we care enough to try and help. Are the last few months just a blur for you or something?””You left out the time he got me high and made me have sex with him,” Trina said quietly, still embarrassed by the event.”Well, you had some control over that,” Robbie shot back, clearly not quite over her betrayal. “Are you high again, man?”Beck shook his head, trying to take in all the stuff he had supposedly done. Was that really what he had been doing? He looked over at Tori, who just looked down at her menu, trying to hold back the tears as the memories of the monster her boyfriend had become washed over her. She whispered something to Trina before rushing to the bathroom to collect herself.All eyes turned to Beck, angrily glaring at him, wondering if he was really back on dr*gs, and why he would be this way. Finally, Andre put his hand on his shoulder and said, “Maybe you should grab yours to go.”Beck was pissed but still conveyed a sense of apology as he slid from his chair and walked out of the restaurant in a mighty huff. As he walked to his car, he passed Jade’s vehicle in the parking lot. He walked over a bit closer and saw Jade sitting on Freddie’s lap in the passenger seat and making out with him.Beck walked back to his car and after punching it to let out some anger, got back in and headed back to his trailer.* * *Tori had just sat back down in her seat when Jade and Freddie came in and sat down next to her. Both of them looked a little worse for the wear, but no one chose to mention it.”Sorry… we got caught up in stuff at the house. Took us a while to get ready. And I was going to cancel when Tori texted me and I rushed over.””Uh huh… I can imagine,” Andre said smirking while Freddie blushed a bit.”Well, you can stop imagining perv. Right now.” she shot back coldly. “So what’s good here?””We were just talking about that,” Tori said, smiling a bit that her friend was here. Secretly to everyone except maybe Trina, Jade and Tori had spent at least two nights together a week since the school year started. Tori was considering whether she was actually a lesbian for a while, but guys still did it for her so for now, she was settled on ‘bi’.”We just kicked Beck out,” Trina blurted.”Good,” Jade said. “That guy is an ass. Can you believe he had the nerve to show up at the party last night?””That was my bad,” Robbie interjected, “I told Andre that we should invite him to try and make him feel like part of the group again. If he isn’t treated like such an outsider, then he maybe he won’t act like one. Which none of us really helped today, I guess.””I say good fucking riddance, right Tori?” Jade said, scratching her friend’s back while holding Freddie’s hand under the table. “Sorry if this is all kinda boring, babe,” she said kissing her boyfriend’s head.”It’s fine,” he said. “I just wish that the others would have wanted to come with us. More the merrier and all that.””Oh yeah… what a shame that your be*st of an ex-girlfriend, along with her best friend the antisocial bookworm, her br*ther who is never around, and that weird pudgy k*d couldn’t make it to our nice lunch because they wanted to go sightseeing. Damn shame is what that is…” she said, sarcastically.Finally, the waiter came over and through some thick broken English he took everyone’s order and the friends sat around talking and laughing as if this really was the best holiday ever. Tori looked over at Jade every so often, and smiled at her lovingly, which Jade responded in kind. It had been four days since the two girls had last hooked up and Tori was antsy about tonight. She was going to do something she had never done before and she felt extremely nervous but the idea of having Jade with her made everything a little bit better.* * *The pillow on Beck’s bed had taken a serious pounding in the last hour, as the dark haired teen punched it as hard as he could every few minutes, imagining Nate’s face, which he was finding harder and harder to place for some reason being the target. He also imagined Robbie and Andre on the other side of the pillow as he struck it over and over, desperately trying to work out this rage he was experiencing. The ride home was bad enough, as he barely could make it in his emotional state.Who the fuck were they to tell him what he did? He didn’t do that shit. He knew that he had lost Tori to the country bumpkin asshat, incesu escort so he got his shit together. So he wasn’t the guy who did that stuff they said.The idea of trying to explain the truth baffled him, and he sat down on his bed and took his head into his hands. He just needed to prove to them that he was better than whatever they thought of him. He was clean. He would stop drinking if that’s what it took for them to give him a real chance and prove he never did any of that stuff.The frightening truth crept over him slowly, as he realized that the problem was never Nate or the people. It was him. He was guilty of most of that stuff. He did take dr*gs, he reacted violently a few times and he definitely slept with Trina. Hurting Tori was just an accident, but they were right. The fact was, he would have turned out a lot worse if Nate hadn’t shown up.Part of him thought that the wish was a mistake, but his mind was focused on one thing in particular. If Nate wasn’t around, then there was nothing stopping him from getting back with Tori. He just had to prove that he was better and she’d surely take him back with open arms. Beck tried to figure out the best way to do what he needed to do to win her over, but he just couldn’t find the right words. Flowers, maybe, he thought, but shrugged it off for being too typical.”Ugh!” he shouted at the ceiling, cursing his situation and inability to find the answer he needed.* * *Finally, after nearly four hours, he settled on just dressing up and heading over to see her at her house. He raced over to the Vega house, and seeing that her car was still at the house gave him hope that she’d be inside. He took several deep breaths as he got out of the car and headed to the front door. He knocked a couple times before Trina answered the door, and quickly slammed it shut.”Hey,” he said, catching the door with his hand “I was just stopping by to see Tori.””I figured. That’s why I shut the door. Go away, Beck. Nobody here wants to talk to you.””Fair enough, but is Tori here? I just-“”No!” Trina said, getting angrier and angrier. “You get the hell out of here. If dad comes home, he’s going to shoot you. Thought you learned your lesson from last time. Fucker…””Wait, Trina… please. I don’t know why I’ve acted the way I have the last few months but I’m better. I really miss your s*ster, and I love her. Please, just tell her I’m here.”Trina stood with her fists on her hips and stared into Beck’s eyes. She didn’t see the bl*odshot anger and depression that normally filled his empty eyes. Trina actually thought he meant this apology and she hadn’t seen a genuine look in his eyes since the night he talked her into trying the mix of Vicodin and alcohol. She couldn’t explain it, but she believed in his sincerity tonight.”Look, I don’t know why I’m fucking telling you this, but… Tori’s out with Jade tonight. Probably going to spend the night with her or something. I don’t really want to know what those two are doing.”Beck groaned, and sighed. “Ok then… thanks, I guess.””Just… don’t come back here for a while, Beck. Not until things are, you know… different.”He gave her a slow nod and sauntered out of the house and got back in his car, and punched the wheel over and over. How could he have been so dumb? Of course she was busy and doing stuff with Jade. Beck summoned up some courage and drove over to Jade’s, going over in his head how he could talk Jade into coming out with him.As he pulled up outside her house, Jade’s car was nowhere to be seen. Son of a bitch, he thought to himself, Trina lied to me. But then as he heard her again in his mind she never said they were at Jade’s just that they were out. Fuck… how could he know where they’d be.He called her phone hoping she might pick up, but after it going to voicemail twice, he let it go. Beck decided the best idea was just to go hangout somewhere and wait for her to call. Maybe he could get to her before she went home with Jade and he risked losing one ex to another.A few hours went by as Beck floated to every restaurant and joint that he thought Jade might go to, but there was no sign of her or Tori. He got back in his car, and called Tori again, but got no answer so he left a message. Figuring hanging outside Jade’s house wasn’t the worst thing he could do, he started driving towards the mansion as fast as he could. As he cut through some back roads, his phone vibrated and he saw it was a pic text from Tori.He looked down for a second and opened it up and nearly threw up on the spot as his stomach tightened into a Gordian knot, and things went blurry from there.* * *If it weren’t for her timing going to the bathroom, Tori never would have heard or felt her phone’s vibrations in the loud and busy club. She flipped it up and saw a text from Trina.-Beck came by a while ago. Said he was sorry. Pretty sure he wants to talk to you. Told him you were out.Tori’s fingers shook a bit as she texted back in a hurry.-K. I really don’t want to deal with him tonight. Not after today.Tori finished up in the bathroom and headed back into the club where she could see Jade and Freddie dancing together. There was some techno sounding song playing that sounded like some weird video game music. “Nightcall by Kavinsky” her Pearphone quickly identified. She slowly approached the couple, as Jade grinded her back softly against Freddie’s front, the closeness between the two of them was insane, Tori thought, what the heck am I doing?Tori stepped up in front of Jade who reached out and pulled Tori close and as the music went on, Tori was dancing face to face, grinning at Jade as the Goth teen was sandwiched between her partners. This positioning continued through the next song as Freddie’s hands shifted not only to Jade, but also to Tori. His hands were strong and he was so nice and gentle as they danced. Tori had dreamed of finding a guy who was big and strong and would protect her, and she could definitely see the appeal of Freddie to Jade.But that was the problem for her. Jade was completely head over heels for him, and Tori was pretty sure he felt the same way about her, but that left Tori out in the cold. Tori would just be the replacement for him when he had to leave for school. Maybe that was the point of doing all this stuff tonight.Her deep thoughts must have been obvious as Jade leaned forward and kissed Tori softly. “You ok, Vega?””Yeah… sorry. Guess I’m just having a really good time.””You don’t look it.””Yeah… do you want to sit down, and we can all rest?” Freddie asked leading the girls closer to the bar so they could talk.”Sorry… Beck went to my house tonight looking for me, wants to talk and-“”Barkeep!” Jade interrupted. “Three vodka tonics.””You got any ID?” the middle aged bartender asked.Jade scoffed for a moment and pulled her shirt down a little bit. “You think I got any room for an ID in these tight clothes? And,” she bent over the bar a bit displaying as much cleavage as humanly possible, “do these look like the tits of a minor?”The bartender guffawed, shook his head and rolled his eyes and quickly made their drinks.”You’re insane, Jade,” Tori said, laughing as Jade shot her that sultry and devious smirk she had mastered so well. She looked over at Freddie to make sure he was cool with Jade doing this, and he seemed to be just as surprised and amused as Tori.”Yeah, Vega,” she said turning around with the three drinks in hand, which the other two grabbed, “I’m the crazy one. I believe you were just about to tell us about you considering attention from the guy who pushed, bruised, cheated on, and then broke your very soul.”Jade downed her drink in a flash while Freddie and Tori took their time.”Trina said he seemed different.””Oh, fuckin’ A, Vega!” Jade screamed through gritted teeth, earning an eavesdropping look from the bartender. “Oh mind your own shit, dude… and I’ll take another one of these.” The bartender rubbed his fingers together signalling wanting some payment. She looked at Freddie and nodded him towards the bar.”You’re rich and live in a mansion, and I still have to pay?””You’re my shining chivalrous knight, babe,” she said sweetly, and he rolled his eyes as he fished out his wallet, signalled for another drink for himself, and paid the bartender.”I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that high school ID, and you and your girlfriends are not gonna order anymore drinks. Deal?”Freddie gulped and nodded.”Good,” he said, pouring three drinks, confusing Freddie. ”Here’s another on the house because I tip my hat to you, k*d.”Freddie smirked and looked back at the girls who were standing close together and giggling in each other’s ears. He trotted back to them and greeted his girl with her drink, which she quickly took and sucked down before planting a big kiss on his cheek. Jade turned his face and kissed his lips softly, smiling through it as she couldn’t help but be happy when their lips touched.Tori, feeling excluded, finished her first drink and let the couple have their moment. Jade then grabbed the top of Tori’s shirt and pulled her in for a deep kiss. “Wow, Jade… those drinks really did a number on you…””Nope… I just love you two… like a lot. You,” she said poking Tori’s sternum, “need to let Beck go. I did, and he was remotely likeable when I dumped him. He may be changing, Vega, but he doesn’t deserve you. Not gonna tell you what to do, but I would never give a man a chance to hurt me like he hurt you.”Jade’s devilish attitude turning to sincerity was always a weird experience for Tori, but the look in her green eyes was so comforting, that she just nodded and sipped on the second drink.”And you…” Jade said turning towards Freddie, “You sir, are in for a surprise after I take Tori home.””I thought I was…” Tori started but Jade stopped her. “Or never mind.”With Jade taking each of their hands and leading them, the three teens headed back out onto the dancefloor to enjoy themselves.* * *An hour passed before Tori, Jade, and Freddie left the club. They had been cut off at the bar, and having a good hour to sweat the drinks out, Freddie was able to drive. He asked for directions to Tori’s house, but Jade sent him on the path to her house, and as the mansion came into view, Freddie was very confused.”Thought we were taking her home?””Tonight, she’s right where she needs to be.”The two girls exchanged laughs and Tori pecked Jade on the cheek, the night’s drinks really doing a number on her happiness. They walked into the house, each trying not to stumble as they crept past Gibby and Sam, who were passed out on the couch. They headed up the stairs towards Jade’s room, and Freddie headed into his room as the girls broke off for Jade’s.”What are you doing?” Jade asked, looking at him like he was nuts.”Figured you two probably wanted to spend some alone time together tonight. Didn’t want to-“”You’re dumb as shit for someone who is supposed to be a genius,” she said. “Get your ass in my room, and don’t you dare argue.” Her f*rceful tone was certainly persuasive as he headed into Jade’s bedroom where Tori sat on the bed, and Jade shut the door behind him.Freddie had been praying that this would be how the night ended, but he never actually believed it would happen. He looked up and down Tori’s body, thinking about how much she looked like that Shelby Marx chick that Carly fought once. Her tight jeans displayed her thin and fit legs which led to her taut stomach and perky chest, clearly straining against her shirt. Her long brown hair framed her tan face and her eyes explained her personality- genuine feelings, honesty, and innocence. And she looked really nervous as she looked over at him, and she immediately looked down as if she was embarrassed.Jade was rummaging through her dresser and grabbed a pair of furry handcuffs and slipped by Freddie and kissed him and like magic, hooked him into one of the cuffs. He gave her a look to say that he liked where this was going, but she hooked the other cuff on the nearby coat rack.”What?” he exclaimed as she backed away from him slowly, grinning evilly as she sat down next to Tori.”Benson, my dear friend Tori here needs to feel good, and I know you can help her with that, but she needs to feel comfortable first. So you’re going to stay on the side-lines until she says so.” Jade took her jacket off and tossed at Freddie as she cozied up to the nervous Latina, whispering in her ear. “I meant that, but don’t wait too long… I need his attention too, y’know.”Tori smiled nervously as Jade dove her face into the crook of Tori’s neck, licking and suckling on her exposed jugular. Tori purred at the feeling that she knew would leave a mark behind but she didn’t care as her eyes closed and she cupped Jade’s face.Feeling Tori’s touch, Jade pushed it a bit further, using her teeth on her vulnerable skin as Tori pulled on Jade’s hair while her other hand drifted down Jade’s chest, her nimble fingers toying in her generous cleavage.Jade worked her way up to Tori’s earlobe, nibbling it and licking it, causing visible goose bumps to appear all over Tori’s arms. Tori gripped Jade’s face and pulled it over to her own and kissed her, running her hands through Jade’s hair, and savoring the taste of Jade’s mouth. Their tongues met in battle as they embraced a bit closer, breaking only for a few moments to catch a breath.Freddie couldn’t believe how hot this was. He’d seen Carly and Sam do stuff like this, but there was something about seeing this moment and being unable to get involved that drove him absolutely crazy.The feeling only got worse as Jade bit her lip between the kisses and took her dress off with one swift movement, revealing a red and black bra that was barely containing her ample tits. Tori followed up with the same movement, losing her shirt as well. Freddie marvelled at how hot she looked underneath, her bright blue bra making her chest look glorious.The two half naked girls continued to kiss each other, grinding against one another, moaning softly into each other’s bodies as they slowly explored each other’s bodies as if this was the first time. Tori couldn’t help but glance over at Freddie who stared at her with lust in his eyes. Jade noticed and looked over at her boyfriend whose erection was obvious against his pants.”I left you a free hand for a reason, Freddie. Show us how much you are enjoying the show.”Freddie undid his belt and unzipped his pants, letting them fall to the floor while his member strained against the soft cotton of his boxers. Tori just stared at him and what he had between his legs and suddenly she felt a rush of both fear and excitement. Jade’s hand drifted downward between her legs and against her dampening jeans. Jade unbuttoned the tight denim, and released Tori from the jeans, sliding off the bed and pulling so that Freddie could see her panties and how damp the royal blue cotton had become.Even from a couple feet away, Freddie could smell her sex, and it was intoxicating. He reached inside his boxers before he even realized it, and pulled himself out, revealing his hardening cock to the girls and slowly stroking it.Tori bit her lip as she looked at his meat, imagining all the things that he could do to her. The last time she had sex was with Beck and was over three months ago, and the last time she enjoyed had to be several weeks before that. She was getting wetter by the second and Jade definitely noticed, her pale hands rubbing all over Tori’s tan skin, toying with the waistband of her panties.”Like what you see, Vega?” she said, her fingers reaching inside her wet panties. “I think you do… you’re so wet. I think you see that cock and all you can think is how that thing could fit in your mouth, or how much he is going to stretch that sweet little pussy out. Is that it?”Tori wasn’t even looking now, her eyes clenched shut as she fantasized what Jade was saying was really happening. In a flash, Jade shifted and reached inside her ample bra and tossed something at Freddie. He managed to catch it and it was a key, he released himself in a hurry, letting the cuffs fall as he slipped his shirt off and stepped out of his pants. He looked up at the girls and Jade had spread Tori’s legs on the edge of the bed, blocking her ability to see him, and Tori’s panties were quickly being lowered to the floor.Freddie kneeled in front of the bed between her legs and had a direct attack with his waiting tongue to her glistening lips. The sudden and unexpected feeling of someone eating her out caused Tori to sit up with a start in shock, but Jade pushed her back down, her hands firmly on Tori’s chest. A quick unclasp later and Tori’s B cup breasts were exposed. Jade leaned down and sucked on the sensitive peaks, rubbing her tongue in circles, causing Tori to moan softly.The two part oral assault continued as Freddie found her clit and licked and sucked on it, sending wave after wave of fire into Tori’s nubile body. Tori’s pussy tasted really sweet and he found himself enjoying eating out Tori a lot more than he had any other girl. His enjoyment showed as he reached corners and crevices that Beck had not even dreamed of exploring inside her. It felt like pure electricity as she felt an orgasm building already. When Freddie introduced a single finger, because she seemed too tight for two, Tori couldn’t handle it and let out a shriek that would have woken the house if Jade hadn’t put a pillow over her face just in time.Freddie licked up all the juices from his hard work and kissed her supple thighs softly while she came down from her orgasm. Jade grabbed his arm and pulled him up onto the bed with them. She whispered in his ear as she licked his earlobe. “You full or did you save some room for dessert?” she asked, reaching inside her own thong and getting some of her wetness on her fingers and putting them to his lips.He responded by grasping her thong and sliding it aside as she climbed on top of his face and leaned down so she could service him as well. She licked the head just as his tongue raked against her inner walls. Reaching behind her, she unclasped her bra, and tossed it across the room. She took him deep into her mouth and bobbed her head several times as his tongue reached all her favorite places as he gripped her ass.”Can I…” Tori said weakly, her eyes glued to Freddie’s member, Jade smiled with his dick in her mouth and slowly pulled herself off his hard cock.It was not free for long as Tori nervously adjusted her mouth to take him inside her mouth. Beck always complimented her blowjobs, but this was a completely different circumstance. Her tongue slid over the head and licked him like a lollypop, the flavor almost tasting like one between his actual taste and Jade’s saliva. Tori braved herself with a quick breath before attempting to suck him off. How could Jade do this, she thought, this is really hot but it’s also really hard.Freddie loved the feel however as it inspired him to vigorously attack Jade’s core with his tongue as she grinded on his face. With a mighty gasp, he felt her insides tighten and she came for him. As she rode her orgasm, she climbed off Freddie so he could clearly see Tori with his member in her mouth. She stroked his base as she managed to get a couple inches into her mouth.Tori was really getting into it, still remembering how he devoured her pussy in ways she had only had dreams about, and hoping to share that feeling with him. There was a loud buzz which distracted them, but Tori managed to say, “Just my phone,” before going back down on Freddie.Jade reached inside Tori’s jeans from the floor, her curiosity taking the lead, and saw that it was Beck calling again. She was going to text him back when she had a great idea. She looked down at her boyfriend with his hands on Tori’s head, trying to get more of himself in her tiny mouth. She snapped a picture of the sight, making sure it was clearly Tori and that was clearly a way bigger cock than his. And sent the pic to Beck with just the words:-She’s got her hands full right now.She shut the phone lid and tossed it back onto the clothes pile before leaning down and licking Freddie’s shaft where Tori hadn’t reached yet. Freddie groaned knowing that if they kept this up, he was going to lose it. Jade whispered something in Tori’s ear and Tori agreed with it, and slid her lips off the cock and climbed up to face Freddie. The two shared a very simple kiss while Jade took over for Tori.Tori honestly felt like snuggling into Freddie’s strong arms when he held her close, the two kissing softly and intimately, his hands exploring her body. The way he cupped her face and looked her in the eyes every so often made Tori feel things that she hadn’t felt in a very long time. He pulled her on top of him and looked up at her beauty, and how her hair fell perfectly on her body, he pulled her down to kiss her again as her body slid downwards on his until she felt Jade’s head. Jade quickly stopped her blowing task and licked Tori’s pussy all the way up to her pretty little asshole.The feeling felt so good as Tori slid back a bit more until she felt his hard cock nestled between her ass cheeks, grinding a bit so it toyed with her entrance. For the first time, Tori felt really unsure about all of this, as he was clearly larger than anything she was used to. Jade climbed behind her as Tori leaned her body upwards, looking down at Freddie. Jade’s hands explored Tori’s body heavily, paying special attention to rubbing her clit and her breasts. Tori’s flexibility allowed her to lean a bit more and kiss Jade deeply.Tori finally took a deep breath and lifted her abdomen and lowered it slowly, impaling herself slowly on his member. She had barely gone down when she had to stop, her eyes wide with the intense feeling. She felt like he was going to tear her in two. Freddie looked up at her, clearly in pain and looked apologetic.”We don’t have to do this,” he said. “This is probably going a little too fast for-“Tori silenced him by getting another inch and half inside herself. She was being filled for sure, and Freddie thanked God for her pussy being so wet because if it was any more dry, she really would be in pain and he probably couldn’t even fit in there.Tori’s smile was plastered over her face as Freddie filled her more and more and after a sudden push from Jade, the last three inches disappeared inside her. Tori couldn’t believe what this felt like, and looked down to see if she could see the impression of his cock through her stomach.”How do you feel, Vega?” Jade asked, suckling on her tanned neck while kneading her breasts, her tiny nipples between Jade’s fingers and she twisted them like she was looking for a radio station.”Sooo… full,” Tori managed, unable to lift herself up, still in utter bliss at the feeling. “I cannot even remotely describe how good I feel right now, Jade.””I have a pretty good idea,” she muttered, helping Tori lift up, watching as Freddie’s member came out of her and once she was two thirds of the way off, she thrust herself downward faster. And from there, she starting grinding and bouncing faster and harder. Jade fondled Tori’s chest as she rode her boyfriend, kissing her friend’s neck and scratching down her back as Tori’s hands reached to her hair to grip it tight as she experienced pleasure in ways she never thought possible.With Tori’s rhythm, Freddie knew he was getting close and f*rced his hips upwards with her bounces, and he announced that he would come soon. Tori stopped moving as if his words snapped her out of some lust driven mental state.”He’s close, Vega…” Jade whispered, nibbling on her neck. “You got him that way from start to finish…What do you want him to do? You want him back in your mouth giving you his sweet cream right down your little throat? I always love that. Maybe cover that pretty little face of yours in his cum? Decorate that tight little body with those thick white ropes? Or do you want to feel the real thing- when he fires deep inside your very core, painting your insides with his seed?” Jade was clearly getting turned on by her own words.Tori climbed off of Freddie for only a moment and turned around to face Jade. “I want to remember this moment. The best moment of my life. I want you to touch and kiss me Jade… I want to see your eyes as Freddie… does the thing.”Jade wanted to laugh at Tori for using such simple words, but the idea turned her on so much, she jumped for it. Tori and Jade kissed more passionately than they ever had as Tori lowered herself, facing away from Freddie. She didn’t impale herself as slowly this time, but Freddie did get to observe the 8th wonder of the world what was her ass. He gripped her tan peach of a bottom, massaging it as she bounced up and down, Freddie’s cock filling her up and hitting all different places.The angle hit her g-spot right no point and Tori screamed into Jade’s mouth as the Mo girls were entangled in one another. Jade rubbed Tori’s clit as she grinded as Tori latched her mouth onto Jade’s heaving breasts, sucking her nipples hard, which only turned Jade on more.This whole new feeling was sending waves of immense pleasure to Tori’s brain as colors started melting into just one blur of sounds and tastes, and Tori could not have been happier. Some grunts from Freddie gave the signal that they were nearing the finish line, and Freddie began bucking his hips so that the f*rce of his penetration was much more intense and Tori’s mounting orgasm was taking hold.A gasp followed by a throaty groan gave the signal that Freddie was releasing and Jade gripped Tori tight pushing her down onto the rod, kissing her deeply as Tori moaned as her own orgasm turned her pussy into a vice, milking the spurting cock until Freddie was utterly spent. Tori’s face was frozen in pleasure as Jade helped her off and laid her on the bed next to Freddie.Jade couldn’t wait to taste the flavor of Tori’s pussy, mixed with the cum from Freddie that she absolutely loved to taste. Her mouth enveloped the exhausted member, sucking softly and talking in the whole plethora of flavors that her mouth was experiencing.Once Freddie was cleaned off, Jade moved to Tori’s exhausted pussy which was pulsing with utter exhaustion. Jade licked it up and down only needing to spread her lips apart a little bit to reach her tongue deep inside and taste her boyfriend’s tasty deposit.”Can I…Taste?” Tori asked nervously, as Jade slid her body up to Tori’s mouth, and kissed her deeply, the contents of her tongue dripped into Tori’s mouth as her eyes rolled back tasting the fruits of her efforts. The two girls kissed deeply, smiling and savoring this moment as Freddie pulled the girls closer to him, with one on each side. Every fibre of Tori’s being felt like it was on fire and her body felt utterly drained, but she had never felt more invigorated.Jade, however, was still needing some fulfilment and she kissed her boyfriend deeply and let her tongue wrestle his. She took a look at Tori and the weakened Latina just said “Jade, I can’t do anymore.”The porcelain skinned girl smiled back at her. “Relax, I’m tagging in Vega… and if you want to in, you might have to fight me for him because I have been needing this for waaay too long…” Jade licked her lips and ran his recovering member through her fingers. “Though… if you did want something almost as good, you should open that box,” she said point at Freddie’s Christmas present for her. “Though maybe I’ll save that one for later.”Tori wanted to respond but she was beyond tired and as she nestled into Freddie’s strong arms she couldn’t imagine anywhere else she’d rather be. And one look at Jade’s green eyes as she fiercely started to kiss Freddie’s chest, Tori realized that there’s no one she’d rather be with.* * *Beck couldn’t take his eyes off the text he’d just gotten. Was that Tori? Who was she with? Couldn’t have been Jade, he thought. But then who sent it because the angle was all wrong for either Tori, if that was Tori, and whoever she was with to have taken the picture. His mind was racing and he had just put the possibility that it was Jade and Freddie she was with when he finally looked up and just saw bright headlights as they crossed the yellow lines.The crash happened so fast that Beck didn’t even know what had happened until much later. He just remembered the sudden stop, the flying glass, and the searing pain of his seat belt cutting into his chest and shoulder.He wasn’t sure how long he’d been sitting there, but his head was swimming and he was pretty sure he was bleeding. Beck had little doubt that his car was totalled and it was so dark and the headlights were so bright, he couldn’t even see the other driver or anything besides the wheel, pressed metal, and a flash of red. He could hear sirens in the distance, but he was slipping from consciousness. He tried to keep it together but variations of the same thought kept popping up.I wish I could take this all back, he thought. I wish I had a second chance, even if I had to deal with Nate.* * *It took several minutes and a number of tools, but they managed to safely get Beck out of his complete wreck of a car. The ambulance loaded the badly injured teen into the back while the police questioned the driver of the black Hummer that had apparently crossed over lanes while he was trying to answer his phone.”It was an accident, I swear. I was on my way to the airport to fly home and see my son for the holidays and he called me, and I looked down to answer, and I don’t know what happened. I’m so sorry… I can’t believe… Is that boy going to be ok? I will pay for whatever the damages are. To him and the car, I just want to make my flight so I can see my son. I knew I should have just moved here and dr*g him with me.”The officer looked over the insurance and the license the driver had handed over and looked at the carnage of Beck’s car and the minor damage done to the Hummer.”Well, I hate to ruin your plans, sir, but you’re going to have to come with us. We’re going to have to place you under arrest for distracted driving, Jeremiah Shepherd, you have the right to remain silent…”

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