Rachel’s Point of view


Rachel was in the second semester of her first year in college. Originally from the Pittsburgh area, she was attending Boston U, and living with her friend Tanya and her parents. This arrangement was saving her money, teaching her some independence, while giving her a safe place to live. She had attended a party with some friends, but left early, having had just a few drinks while there. Things were getting a little “crazy”, and she was able to hitch a ride back to her place. She often referred to her friends Anadolu Yakası Escort house as home, even though it was merely a short term home.She was surprised to find the suburban house was dark as she arrived, as normally Tanya’s folks were up late on Friday night. She entered the house quietly, not sure yet if they were out or asleep. She went to her bathroom to brush and freshen up for bed. While she had only had two drinks, she felt the affects on her.After Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan throwing her shirt and skirt into the laundry basket, she kicked off her shoes and socks and started removing her makeup. She still was mad at Jeffery. She had such a crush on him, and she thought he had on her, but tonight he just didn’t show it.After she finished up in the bathroom she headed for her room. The Simpsons had a modest three bedroom ranch, with all of the Escort Anadolu Yakası bedrooms on one end of the house. As she approached the master suite, something made her stop. “What was that?” She thought.Rachel soon found herself standing just outside of the open master suite door listening to a mixture of giggles, moans, as well as an occasional, wait, what was that? A slap? Knowing she shouldn’t, she peered closer to the door.Inside the master suite she saw the glow of a soft light from a nightstand. What she saw next made her catch her breath. Leaning closer, she saw Mrs. Nicole Simpson up on her knees on her bed, naked, while Mr Mark Simpson was fucking her from behind. She felt her throat go dry as she watched, knowing she shouldn’t.She nearly jumped when she saw Marks hand draw back and then slap his wife on the ass.

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