Scratching an Itch


Boy oh boy did I ever get my itch scratched today…

(A quick note: I recently posted a short recollection in the GLBT Chatter forum about the first time a guy took my ass. Just writing about it and reading several hot PMs people sent me got me itchin’ to get fucked again after several years of semi-retirement from the bi world. So, I e-mailed a buddy from my past and he said he’d be happy to help me out. Here’s what happened exactly as it happened. Enjoy!)

I drove my Jeep through the latest “Storm of the Century” about 25 minutes to head over to his place. He has a nice home in the burbs, a great career and a mission in life to top masculine, mostly straight guys like me.

I parked at the curb and trudged through the snow up to his door. I was a little nervous but also ready for a nice submissive afternoon. I have a very cool but demanding job and a girlfriend who loves me to be in charge, so the idea of just giving up all of that every once in while has great appeal to me.

I hadn’t seen him in a couple of years and he greeted me at the door with a big smile and tent pole jutting out inside his robe. I pulled the door shut behind me, reached under his robe and grabbed his cock. He proceeded to jump about a foot in the air because my hands were freezing from the walk up his drive. I said, “Shit, sorry…let me warm that up for you.” Then I got down on my knees right in his foyer and took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could.

He doesn’t have a long tent pole…maybe 6″, but it’s thick and has a slight upward curve and a perfect triangular head. Exactly the kind of cock that fits my ass. I reached up under his robe and cupped and squeezed his butt cheeks while I worked his cock as far as I could into my throat. I’m not big on the gagging thing but he really seemed to appreciate the effort. I looked up and he had his eyes closed and was just murmuring “Oh fuck…Oh fuck…Oh fuck…Oh fuck.”

After a minute, he pulled me to my feet and led me through the house to his bedroom. He plopped down in a big chair in the corner and told to me to undress and that he wanted to watch me. He particularly seemed to enjoy the fact that I wasn’t wearing underwear and my hard cock popped out of my jeans when I slid them down. I stood naked in front of him and stroked myself for a few seconds. He was kind enough to compliment me on my 48-year-old body. I’m lousy about working out, but I still look pretty good for an old dude.

By the way, he’s a bağdatcaddesi escort good-looking guy. Just hit 40. Married and divorced 10 years ago. No kids. Not tall, but handsome face and a compact sort of gymnast body. Dark hair and dark-skinned due to an Italian heritage and the tanning booth. A little hairy, but not a candidate for the primate building at the zoo. Nice smile, smart and funny. I like him.

I walked over to him and told him my cock was a little cold too. He kissed the head and licked the shaft a little and immediately reached between my legs and started fingering my hole. That made me shudder a little because it felt fantastic and I suddenly remembered he was going to put that fat hard cock of his in there in a bit.

We moved over to his bed and crawled under the covers together, both kind of shivering from being cold and excited. We made out…kissing and exploring each other’s bodies. I slid all the way down under the covers and got his cock back in my mouth again. I tickled his balls with my fingertips and ran my nails lightly up and down his taint going back and forth between his balls and his ass. I know it feels good on me and I guessed (correctly) he’d like it too.

He was moaning a lot but then said clearly, “Lick my ass.” So I did…but not right away. I worked down slowly, sucking his balls and then just using the tip of my tongue down his taint (which was shaved, thankfully) to his anus. I spread his ass cheeks and just barely flicked his asshole with my tongue for a looooong time.

He was, as you might imagine, going crazy from the light teasing touches. I caught him offguard when I stuck my tongue into his asshole as far as I could and gave it several big swirls. His ass was nice and wet with my saliva and I happily ate away at it for a while. I started to slip the tip of my finger in along with my tongue and it slid right in. He was going wild from the ass play and I started to think it might be fun to fuck him too.

I guess he read my mind because he pulled away from me and said, “I need to fuck that ass of yours now.” I sucked his cock quickly one more time before emerging from under the covers up to face him. I looked him in the eyes, swallowed hard, and took the submissive plunge: “I’ll do whatever you want me to. Treat me like your little fuck toy this afternoon. Just please fuck my ass.”

He smiled and rolled me over on my back and grabbed a few pillows and shoved them under my beykoz escort ass. He reached over and grabbed a condom and lube from his bedside drawer. He poured a bunch of lube over my cock and into his hand and proceeded to grease up my cock and rub it down between my ass cheeks. Every time his fingers went across my asshole I breathed harder.

Without warning he slid a finger all the way into me. Ohhhh…felt fucking great. Then a second finger. He found my prostate and started probing it. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Here it comes, I thought.

But instead of continuing to finger fuck me, he climbed up and straddled my chest and put his cock inches from my lips. I tried to reach up to guide it into my mouth but he grabbed my wrists and pinned them back behind my head. I barely opened my mouth and he pushed his cock in hard and started thoroughly face-fucking me. Spit was flying everywhere and I was gagging and trying to suck all at once.

He rubbed his wet cock all over my face and “slapped” my cheek with it a few times. “You like this don’t you, cocksucker?” I quietly said, “Yes.

He reached around behind him and gave my cock a few quick pumps and then slid a finger back into my ass. I really wanted his dick instead and told him so. He got down between my legs and put two fingers in me and pulled upwards hard enough to almost lift me off the pillows. My hole was well stretched. He grabbed the condom and rolled it on and put another gob of lube on the tip of his cock and said, “What do you want me to do?”

“Fuck me please,” I heard myself say.

He put the tip of his cock up against my ass and began to slowly work it around my hole and tease me. He totally owned me at that point and he knew it.

“What do you want?” He’s looking down into my eyes with my ankles up over his shoulders and his cock poised right at the point of going into me.

“I want you to fuck me with that big beautiful cock…please.” I was nearly begging.

He reached down again and put his thumb all the way inside of me and wiggled it. “Are you sure?”

“Yes…fuck me right now.”

And he did. He slid his cock into me in pretty much one motion and held it there, completely inside me, for probably 30 seconds. It felt like a a beer can in there but that feeling of being completely full is indescribable.

Then he started to fuck me slowly, rotating his hips around and grinding his pelvis against my ass cheeks. He lowered his chest down to mine caddebostan escort and kissed me…deep…while his cock pushed even farther up into me.

Then he pulled out and sat up and sort of adjusted the pillows under my ass, raising me higher, and positioning his cock at my hole again and whispered, “You’re going to be my little bitch now.” I just said “Yes, please, yes.”

He started fucking me in earnest. Fucking me for himself, not for my pleasure. And it felt amazing. I looked down and watched his dick go in and out of me and saw that my cock was dribbling precum all over my stomach. I wasn’t completely hard but I felt like I could cum at any second because he was smashing against my prostate with every stroke.

“Tell me how much you love this,” he said.

“I love it…don’t stop,” I said.

“Tell me you’ll come down here and be my personal cocksucker whenever I want.”

“I will…any time…just call.”

“This is my ass now isn’t it?”

“Fuck yes, it’s all yours…you own it.”

“Next time I might tie you up and fuck you all night…do you want that?”

“God yes!”

“I might even invite a couple more buddies over and let them fuck you too…”

That did it. Between having my ass pounded and the incredibly hot talk, I just started shooting cum all over both of us. I’d only done this once before when being fucked so it kind of surprised me. He felt it and reached down and stroked me hard until I finished with a shudder.

Suddenly, my entire body was overstimulated and I tried to pull away from his cock. But he wasn’t done. He grabbed my legs and held and kept fucking me hard even though I was sort of writhing around from having waaaay too much pleasure at one time.

He finally started going over the edge and pulled out, ripped the condom off and slid up next to me, furiously jerking his dick over my face and chest. The first spurt hit me in the chin and neck, but plenty of it got into my open mouth. A little hot salty treat on a cold afternoon. I can still kind of taste it hours later as I write this.

We pretty much collapsed together for a few minutes and talked about how fucking great it had been. He asked me if I wanted a shower but I turned it down, partly because I sort of liked the idea of having the dried cum all over my chest and neck the rest of the day.

We got dressed and he was walking me to the door. I asked him if he was serious about wanting to tie me up or have other guys come over and use me. He said, “Hell yes. Your ass is mine now. So’s your mouth.”

With that, I hopped back in my cold car and headed home to write this story and think about having three or four or five guys do whatever they want with me the next time I need to scratch the itch.

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