Sexuality Shock


Bisexuality was never on my radar, until I came under the influence of Marcus, the brother of Jade..a past girlfriend and a period of high sexual activity.

I was 26 at the time, staying over at Jade’s house, her parents had gone to Spain for a friend’s funeral and Jade was ‘volunteered’ to mind the house, make sure her brother didn’t bring his girlfriend home for sex and not to mention that she should “behave” as well.

It was a Friday night and instead of going out on the town, as per usual, Jade suggested food at home and the promise of sex aplenty, as long as her brother played ball and stayed out until late. It so happened that wasn’t an issue as he was going to a gathering with his girlfriend and would not be home until the early hours, on the condition that he could bring Keira, his girlfriend, home with him. The deal was struck and I looked forward to fucking Jade in every conceivable position, in every hole and in every room of the house, starting with the dining table where her parents liked to spend their evenings quaffing wine.

Jade was a law student, working every Friday in a solicitor’s office, which was good because it meant that at least for one day of the week she would wear a skirt and heels instead of pumps and jeans. I let myself in with the key she gave me and waited for her to arrive home. She was no sooner in the door, her tight, silk blouse fighting with her tits and her fitted skirt slightly ruffled from the day, and I pounced on her. I guided her, quite roughly, into the dining room and in spite of her protests of not being ready, bent her over the table then yanked her skirt up over her stocking tops, whilst tangling with my own pants. Once my cock was free of entanglement and proudly pointing to her pert little ass, I tugged her panty crotch to the side, nudging my rampant cock into her neatly shaved pussy.

What followed was no less than a one-sided fuck. I grabbed her thighs so hard that she swore at me, while I pummeled her cunt with hard, quick strokes, as Betturkey well as grabbing handfuls of her silk-covered tits. The quickness of the cum was surprising, even to me, exploding from my balls and spurting lustily up into her young belly. Needless to say, she was slightly put out by the swiftness and brutality of my ravaging her body like that, but I really needed to empty my balls and her pussy was always so, so tight..it was irresistible. Anyhow, I made it up to her by cooking food, pouring the wine, pampering her feet and then whisking her off to bed, intending another rampant fuck session…but we were both so exhausted, once we relaxed, we ended up falling asleep.

We were later awoken by her brother’s return home, we heard Keira trying in vain to muffle her giggles, which was followed by short silence and then a slight knocking sound on the wall. “The dirty bastard, he’s fucking her!” Jade exclaimed in a harsh whisper. I replied that he had every right to and we should go back to sleep. But no, Jade had to put a glass to the wall and listen in! Wide eyed, she beckoned me to listen, which I did and hearing Keira’s moaning was not really helping my growing hard-on. Jade couldn’t help but notice this and called me a “filthy bastard”..then she went back to listening!

I was really horny by this time, imagining Keira lying on the bed, tits bouncing while Jade’s brother pounded her cunt with his hard cock. I reached for the hem of Jades nightshirt and pulled it up over her hips, she wasn’t wearing any panties, so, slipping my fingers between her thighs was relatively easy. She squirmed at first but soon started to get lost in the moment. I dropped my underwear down and pressed the tip of my throbbing penis in between her thighs, feeling the puffy lips of her pussy give way to the hardness of my shaft.

It didn’t take her long to orgasm and I had to quickly hold my hand over her mouth, stifling the noise she was about to make. Once she had finished, I removed my cock and told Betturkey Giriş her to get back into bed while I went to the bathroom. I had to pass Marcus’s room, the door was slightly ajar and my heart thudded when I took a quick peek through the gap. The lamp was on, thankfully, and I had nice view of Keira sprawling back over the bed. I couldn’t see her bottom half, but her arms were stretched up against the headboard and her gorgeous tits were bouncing up and down with the pounding she was getting. I stayed as long as I dared, even dipping into my underwear, wrapping my hands around my cock while I lusted over her nubile body. I tugged at my prick but realized that I would shoot my load too quickly and a mess of spunk outside the bedroom door would be rather difficult to explain.

Back in the bedroom was disappointment, because Jade was flat out. I decided on going back to the bathroom to wank myself off. When I got there, Marcus was just about to close the bathroom door. I gestured that I would wait but he whispered “Come in”. I gave him a confused look, he just grabbed my arm and ushered me in, locking the door behind him. I must confess, I was slightly concerned at our semi-nudity (just boxer shorts) and my cock was still erect, although I had my hand in front of it.

Marcus grinned and nodded to my crotch. “Been having fun, have we?”

“Haha, your sister is flat out!”

“Keira too” he replied, “although she did tell me that she caught you looking through the doorway, you naughty boy!” in mocking tones, I might add.

I blushed, “Ahh, errrm…”

“No worries, but you must be frustrated with that hard on?”

“I am, kind of, but I can’t do anything about it now.”

He looked at me with a sort of wickedness, he was quite a good looking boy, slightly effeminate and with a trim, tight body. “I can help” he said.

“What?? What do you mean? I’m not gay…you are not gay!! For fuck’s sake!”

I turned to go and he stopped me, his hand on Betturkey Güncel Giriş my arm.

“You don’t have to be gay, I’m not..I just like it both ways, if you see what I mean.”

“You’re Bi-sexual?!?”

“Yes, so let me do you, no one will ever know!”

“I’ll know.”

“Come on”, he whispered, “You won’t be disappointed, just relieved of all the spunk that is building up in your balls.”

I don’t know quite what it was that made me move my hand away from my groin but he took that as a “Yes”. I trembled when he took hold of the waistband of my underwear and pulled them down along my thighs. My cock was so swollen with lust, pre-cum was dribbling down the head and onto the underside of my shaft. I twitched involuntarily as his fingertips played along the sack of my balls..I had to hold onto the sink to steady myself, a small groan escaped my lips when his delicate fingers wrapped themselves around my cock and started to gently tug on the hard shaft. “Oh shit!” I hissed, though a harsh whisper, “I think I’m…oh shit!”

Unbelievably, it took just about twenty seconds of his delicious masturbation before I shot an absolute bucketful of cum all over the tiled bathroom floor, the splattering sounds filled the small room so loudly that I thought it would wake the girls. Finally, after what seemed an age I ceased ejaculating, my sack drained of spunk, and with legs of jelly, I lolled back against the sink. Marcus smiled “There, it wasn’t that bad, was it?” I shook my head, too breathless to speak.

Marcus wiped his hands on a bath towel and unlocked the door.

“Wait, what about you?” I whispered “don’t you want me to..you know?” I nodded toward the bulging erection in his shorts.

“It’s ok, not now, there will be other opportunities for you to return the favor.”

With that, he left, I re-locked the door then cleaned up myself and the mess on the floor, with toilet tissues. I slipped back into the bedroom, Jade was still zonked out. I began drifting into a satisfied sleep, smiling as I heard the headboard in Marcus’s room begin knocking against the wall again. “Dirty bastard” I thought, but allowed myself to imagine wrapping my hands around his hard-on and pulling him off to a massive spunk-up.

The rest, as is often said, is history.

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