Shade Ch. 01

Big Tits

Hello, My name is Matt Colton. A few years ago I had gone through a hellish rough patch in my life. The factory I had been working at for nine years had closed its doors for the last time, leaving some 420 people out of work. This didn’t sit well with my wife, and of course, I lose my car, my three-bedroom house, my kids, hell, even my dog in a nasty divorce. I go from the American dream to a one-bedroom efficiency apartment, a beat/up panel van, and a part-time job at a wannabe Hot Topic store called “Shade” I hated my life. Thirty years old living worse than I did after High school. I mean shit, I couldn’t even get more than a flip phone, so I didn’t even have access to internet porn. However, there was one ray of sunshine in my life. Her name was Trina. She was the sarcastic dyke chick at Shade.

Katrina or “Trina” for short, was my best friend, or only friend for that matter. We were both hired on the same day, and usually ended up working the same shift. There were only five of us that worked there. Nick, the owner was a lazy D-bag who only showed up to raid the til when he needed to buy pot. Danielle his daughter, was no better. Lazy entitled and rude was the essence of Danielle. Then the was Trent, or “Raven” as he would like to be called.

Raven was a stereotypical stuck up piece of millennial emo trash. I would assume of everyone working at Shade that Raven has probably handled the most cock. I couldn’t stand working around so many lazy people, and that was the first thing I found myself having in common with Trina. We both also grew up in broken homes, both of us were floor leaders in factories before we started at Shade, and both had the same dark sense of humor.

Trina was a petite Cuban goddess. She stood 5’5″ with dark tanned skin practically covered in tattoos which were normally a turn off for me, but she owned the shit outta it. Her 32c breasts were round and perky, and her firm voluptuous round ass has made plenty of appearances in my jerk-off fantasies. She had a natural fierceness in her deep brown eyes. Her hair was cut high and tight making her many ears and facial piercings all the more visible.

I wasn’t a guy that normally found such features attractive. I always gravitated to the blonde bimbo types, however, Trina had natural confidence that would make anything hot. She was ridiculously hot, making all the rainbow pendants and rainbow tattoo on her hand all the more heartbreaking. My kid brother is gay, so homosexuality never really bothered me. It just didn’t seem fair that Trina had to be too. However, the Apple festival would definitely change my outlook on Trina, on Shade, and on my life forever.

Apple festival was the bread and butter of tourist revenue in town. Three solid days of parades, beer tents, and carnival un. Three solid nights of fireworks concerts, and whatever kind of party you could get yourself into. For me, it was shit traffic, outrageous prices, and a bitter reminder of what I had lost in the past year. I used to take the family out every year. Last year I instead get served divorce papers, and on this magical morning, I hear my ex-wife is getting re-married and moving out of state. Now I am going to be more likely to get blown by Angelina Jolie during a Super Bowl halftime show than I am to see my son and daughter again. Yet, even with all this bitterness, I found myself oddly optimistic.

I knew why. It was because tonight was the last night of the festival, and I would get to work overnight with Trina doing inventory, and re-pricing all the festival merchandise for clearance. I hated the job, but hanging out with my buddy all night was well worth it. I never had much of a life, socially at least, so this was a big deal to me.

I pulled into work at 9:45 pm knowing that we close at 10:30. Of course, Danielle was outside smoking with a store full of customers and Raven all alone at the register with 8-10 people in line. Danielle was cute in her own right, thick with an impressive rack and ghetto booty, but was just too much of a bitch for me to find hot. She halos had the bad habit of trying to dress provocatively with tight outfits that served to accent her few extra pounds.

Big can be beautiful, but when it looks like a sausage on the verge of splitting. By this time I could see her throwing me the stink eye for not sprinting in to clean up their mess. I heard the roar of the engine as Trina pulled up in her Black 66 charger. “Man, could this girl get any cooler?” , I thought to myself. Even her car was boner inspiration. However, it was weird seeing her out of her uniform.

I had never seen casual Trina before. She emerged from the driver’s seat with authority with a cigarette in her mouth and mirrored aviators hiding her eyes. She was wearing a black tank top with the Deadpool insignia, black denim shorts that stopped mid-thigh, and Nike flip flops. I realized that not only was I an asshat for showing up in my khakis and Shades Polo knowing that we were going to be the only people there, but that Trina was pretty much covered in ink. Hell even her bahçeşehir escort feet had tattoos on them. I got out of the van as Trina approached.

“What up Steve McQueen!” I said, trying to sound clever.

“What up Bitches! Just so you know, McQueen rocked the 67 in Bullet.” she replied flicking her half-smoked cigarette out into the lot.

“I can’t tell you how cool you are for knowing that. Ready for a long night of counting $40 shirts and sorting glass pipes?” I replied as I met her on the sidewalk.

“I’d rather be smoking with them.” She laughed.

She had a bit of a masculine walk as we entered the store, and I could have sworn that she was wearing perfume, something she had never done before. Danielle and Raven were clearly flustered, as they were trying to wrap things up with ten minutes to closing. I ended up working the floor trying to clear out those last-minute shoppers, as Trina jumped on a register trying to expedite the check outlines. It was almost 10:20 p.m. by the time we got the last customers out of the building. We were all hanging at the registers while they were counting out their tills, the store an utter wreck.

Normally I would have given them shit, but it was obvious that they were slammed. Even with Danielle taking a smoke break in the midst of the ensuing shit storm inside, I couldn’t help but feel bad for them. I was the only guy who had the previous day off, and they both worked open to close to compensate for Trina and I working the overnight shift. I had worked plenty of nightmare shifts in my life and knew that it wasn’t worth arguing about.

“Matt, did Nick talk to you?” Danielle asked with a clear tension in her voice.

“About what?” I replied.

“You don’t know dude? Nick had a big ass meeting about it yesterday morning.” Raven interjected his voice getting high.

“No Trent, he wasn’t here, and we aren’t supposed to talk about til Nick talks to him.” Trina said somewhat sharply.

“My name is Raven! And why the Fuck does Matt get a day off during the festival?” Raven questioned, now shouting.

“Chill out man, I was in a custody hearing. Now, what’s going on? What was this meeting?” I asked now getting some bass to my voice.

“Calm down Matty, we were told not to talk about anything Nick talked to you first. It’s nothing to worry about, and nothing bad.” Trina said calmly, with Danielle nodding in agreement.

I took a moment trying to calm down thoughts of the store closing flooded my mind. However, Trina said it wasn’t anything bad, so then what? I thought. The next thing I knew everyone was gone. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I hadn’t noticed everyone moving the conversation to the stockroom. I could hear giggling and low muffled voices in the back. Shade was not a big place, so aside from the tiny office in the back, the stockroom was the only other place they could be. It was more like an 8’x9′ closet but Nick insisted that it be referred to as the stockroom. Even with my curiosity peaked as to what all was going on I still found myself cleaning up the store, rather than joining the others.

I had always been a workhorse and preferred to be busy. As I shuffled rack to rack re-organizing the various products I couldn’t help but notice that all the pricing had already been done. This would certainly speed my night up but I began to wonder when Danielle and Raven suddenly decided to be employees. The muffled voices and laughter from the stockroom was getting pretty loud by this point. However, before I could head back there to join in the fun, they had already begun to roll out in a cloud of smoke. Their eyes dried, and the skunky weed smell filling the air clued me into exactly what all I had missed.

“Buh bye Matty, TTYL!” Danielle gleefully said, breezing through the store, and even winking at me as she passed.

“Goodnight man, sorry about the mess.” Raven said s the two of them slipped by.

It was odd, even stoned neither of them was ever really nice to me or apologizing for a mess they left.

“No worries guys, have a good night!” I responded, always at least trying to sound friendly.

Trina was leaning over the counter, her sexy round ass sticking out seductively, looking at the store PDA sizing up the nights’. workload. I have locked up after Danielle and Raven pulled off, was trying hard not to stare. She was hot, but also she was my friend, and never I wanted her to feel alienated on my account. Yet, in the back of my mind, I was confident she knew I looked. How could she not know? Gay, straight, or whatever, she had t know that a body like that would draw attention. I saw a sly grin forming as she looked over everything set for us to do.

“So what’s the plan?” I asked, breaking the silence of the room.

“Million dollar question.” she said softly under her breath before She continued.”We actually did most off the inventory yesterday while you were off, but you could scan in the stockroom, I will finish up out here.” Trina bakırköy escort said back in work mode.

“Yeah, I can do that, but will we have enough work to fill our shift? I really needed the extra money.” I said now feeling somewhat concerned.

“Of course, there is plenty around here to keep us busy, and besides I wouldn’t leave my Matty to come up short.” she replied, a gentle smile on her face.

I made my way to the stockroom, a bit flustered, but otherwise calm. I didn’t have any sort of intentions for the night, and I may have lied about needing the full shift, but I was more concerned that my hanging out uninterrupted with Trina would be cut short. I was indeed broke and desired the extra money, but I was by this time used to being broke. I could hear her phone blowing up with various text notifications as was digging through the boxes, counting the merchandise.

I found myself wondering if she had something else lined up. A hot date, or festival party. Something cooler than working overnight with a damaged loser like me. I had to stop and remind myself that I was there for a reason. I was there to work, and if Trina had something going on, then as her friend I should be helping her get out of here. I could hear her shuffling through the store. I couldn’t exactly tell what she was working on, but I could certainly recognize that she was busy, and moving fast.

I was counting the last box in the stockroom when I heard the bell from the front door opening and closing. Maybe a smoke break I thought. After all, it was already 12:36 a.m. and should even catch a glimpse of the fireworks erupting overhead. However, only a few seconds later I heard the door again. By this time, I had just finished with the stock room and was heading back to see what was left. Trina had moved all the hanging racks against the wall. There were two collapsible lawn chairs in the center of the floor angled toward the wall-mounted flat screen tv, and a large black duffle bag sitting between them. The TV was on and set to “input” I plugging the PDA into the computer in the office when again I heard the bell chiming from the front door. I came back out only to see Trina wheeling in a huge blue cooler with a white lid.

“What’s all this?” I asked.

“You really wanna know Buddy?” Trina asked with a smirk as sat the cooler down, the clinking sound of what could be bottles resonated from within the cooler.

“Yeah, what’s up?” I questioned, my curiosity definitely peaked.

“Well, I um… to be honest, I didn’t feel like working all night, and uh… I just thought it would be cool if you and I hang out instead, so I did the inventory yesterday after the meeting, you know, off the clock. I got a ps4, all kinds of drinks and snacks, I even got a couple of surprises in store for later. I hope you’re not mad, I know you are serious when it comes to working.” Trina said, sounding uncharacteristically nervous.

I never seen knew Trina to ever come off as nervous, or give a single fuck about the opinions of others.

“No, I am not mad at all. Honestly, more than anything, I am just surprised. I was really looking hanging out with you tonight. I just not very good with social situations.” I responded.

There was an innocence to her smile. I had never seen her like this, leaving me decided inside. A part of me was happy that I had a friend that wanted to spend time with me. I was relieved that we were more just work buddies. Maybe worth a knob at the grocery store, or one of thirty other Facebook friends I never talk to. Two or three likes and shares later, she’ll fade into utter obscurity. Another part of me, a darker part was looking into her gentle yet fierce eyes with a hunger. This more primal part of me was sizing her up as a lion would a gazelle. For as much as I tried to ignore these baser instincts, my desire to be wanted, and specifically wanted by her ran deep.

I took a deep breath and reminded myself that if I were to move and fail, the resulting fall out would cost me the one shred of joy I had left in my life. I would return to being alone. As much as my financial woes haunted me, they were nothing compared to the numbing coldness that comes with being truly alone. Guys like me don’t get to win. We work hard always trying for the sake of others. We lack the instinct to gain leverage on a friend or to manipulate our way into various social circles and beds. Then, when we do fail, when we do fall short, everyone leaves. “Be a friend! Be a really good friend, and never lose this friend.” I thought to myself.

“You wanna beer Matt?” Trina asked in a surprisingly chipper tone.

“Oh my god yes! I want a million beers. I haven’t had a cold one since the plant closed.” I practically cheered as she opened the cooler.

“That’s the spirit Mutha fucka!” she shouted and she popped up, a corona in one hand and a silver bullet in the other, her perky tits giving me a little bounce as she stopped.

I took the Coors Light from her hand, quickly başakşehir escort bringing my eyes back up to meet hers, only to see an amused smile on her face. I knew I had been caught checking her out but decided to play it off.

“So what’s in the duffle bag? It looks big enough to hide a body.” I had asked, chuckling?

Trina was practically glowing at my asking. She had a slight blush to tan cheeks. Her eyes trailing down and to the left, as if she were trying to think of an answer. She was pressing her lips together almost like she was applying lipstick. She drew in a deep breath throne her nose and exhaled slowly through her barley parted full lips.

“Well, let me think. There is the PS4, a few games, some chips, snacks, a change of clothes, or two, a book bag with some personal items, and uh um wigs.” she responded casually but trailing off slightly.

“Wigs?” I questioned, definitely puzzled.

“I went through a dating faze. I know I am a lot to take in, the attitude, the tattoos, the piercings, but oddly enough, it’s the hair that dudes can’t get past. It’s bad enough that I don’t look like a girl they wanna date, but apparently, I have to wear a wig to even get fucked!” She answered the irritation in her voice made abundantly clear.

“Please don’t kill me for asking, but you date guys?” I asked without even thinking about how ignorant I sounded.

She stared back at me with a combination of anger and confusion. I felt as if my heart had stopped. She put her hand together in fists, bringing them up toward her face and closing her eyes as if she was in intense prayer. Her eyes opened again. In an instant, they went wide as if she were surprised to see them there. All the anger in her posture seemed to fade away.

“Ahhh shit Matt!” she burst out laughing before she continued.”I ain’t gay when my piece of shit stepdad finally got tired beating my mom’s ass, he left. She ain’t been with a man since. I’m not gay, my mom is. The rainbow shit is for support. (still laughing) I’m a fucking R-Tard.” she said laughing almost hysterically as she dropped this bombshell on me.

I couldn’t help but laugh too. However, this revelation had created an opening for that darker, more animalistic part of me to make its return. I was smiling, being friendly, drinking my beer. All the while, my eyes were lustfully scanning her body. Then the question surfaced. Flooding into my thoughts, demanding my attention. Almost roaring from within to be asked. Doing so with such intensity, such ferocity, that my lesser, as well as, my more noble instincts commanded an answer.

“So, why did you bring the wigs then?” my voice calm and low, almost making me feel like a predictor by asking.

“Why do you think? I like you, and I want you to like me.” she said, gently taking my hand.

I ran my right hand over the top of her head, around to her temple, resting cozily behind her ear. Even staring into her beautiful brown eyes, I could see the rapid rising and setting of her breasts as her breathing intensified.

“You really wanna make me happy Katrina?” I asked her in almost a whisper.

“More than anything.” she replied placing her other hand firmly on my chest.

“Than leave the wigs in the bag, you don’t need them with me.” I boldly proclaimed.

Her eyes widened, almost tearing up as she sprang up for a kiss. We paused for what could only be a second but felt like ages before our mouths were mashed together in a frenzy. Our tongues violently invading each other’s mouths. Her arms were wrapped tightly around me, as I grabbed a firm hold of her firm round ass with both hands hoisting her up onto the counter. I found myself vigorously kissing down to the small of her neck, her moans of pleasure only fueling my lust.

I could feel her nails digging into my back like talons, my hands creeping up her black tank top. As if on cue she raises her arms allowing to pull her top. Her tits were even more amazing than any of my jerk-off fantasies, dreams, or any other acts of my imagination to which she was always the star. They were round, full and beautifully decorated with her tattoos, exquisitely displayed in a black strapless bra with a hot pink trim. Her hands were frantically undoing my belt and working open the top button and fly of my khakis. Meanwhile, I was yanking and sliding her shorts from under her plump lushes ass. She was on the counter in her bra in panties, moments away from freeing my now throbbing cock, when we were interrupted by vehicle lights flooding into the room.

We scurried over the counter like mice trying to hide our activities from our unexpected visitor outside. It was then that I could make out that it was Nick’s white Yukon. “Shit,” I thought, as I heard the Yukons door open then close. Shade had tinted windows, so with the dim setting, we had on the lights, that it was possible he didn’t see anything. I whispered for Trina to hide under the counter, while I try to lose Nick.

I grabbed Trina’s clothes off the counter and began folding them neatly as Nick staggered through the door. He was obviously in a good mood because he never partied angrily. A fact that he was quick to inform people of. My heart was racing as his eyes scanned the store the evidence of us partying was blatant. He was almost floating when he made his way to the counter. “I can do this, just gotta be cool.” I thought as Nick continued to scan the room.

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